Review for The Arc Solutions

Review for The Arc Solutions

Review for The Arc SolutionsThis is my review for The Arc Solutions. Here is their information below and yes, they are from India.

91 95549 46321
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

So I found this company from a freelancer on Upwork who gave me the link to their YouTube Channel to choose which intros and outros I liked.

Once I hired the freelancer, he then supposedly did the work and didn’t use ANY of the numbers I told him I liked. Their Youtube video lets you pick which graphics you like by number.

Then a day later he starts asking me questions I had already answered and still NEVER sent me anything I could use.

That’s when I started to get upset and came across Arc Solutions and their site.

I thought that they sell the software for people to create intros and outros for YouTube channels, and you just buy the software and sell the finished product to clients. There are a ton of companies out there who have this business model where they sell an easy to create video or system and then people sell that service to clients.

I asked them if they knew of any other freelancers who could create my Youtube intro/outro for me.

They said they didn’t.

I contemplated trying to do it myself, but I had custom music, so I didn’t know how to deal with that.

They had 3 different packages, but the package for the 10 second intro was $99 and I needed 15 seconds, not only 10. Plus I didn’t want to pay that much. The less expensive ones were only 5 or 7 seconds long which is way too short.

That’s when they wanted me to message them privately which I did.

The guy told me he could expand the intro to 15 seconds which I thought was very nice, and he started asking me for my logo, music, etc. The next thing I know he’s saying he can do this for me for $49.

I wanted to confirm that any future intros I would have done with the software would also be 15 seconds because I knew something didn’t seem right.

That’s when things got all confusing and I now realize it was my fault. I didn’t read that in their list of pricing it said, “delivery within 5 days.” That would have told me it’s not software you just download. So I take full responsibility that I didn’t read that, BUT that still doesn’t explain why the guy on Upwork was selling their intros which is WHY I thought it was automated, he had the software and he was just selling the service to do it for clients.

Back to what happened…

The guy didn’t understand me and I had to repeat myself. We were going on almost 30 minutes of my time at this point.

He also wasn’t able to figure out what I thought was going on and EXPLAIN what his company offers. I literally figured it all out on my own while writing this.

Then he wanted the name of the freelancer. Then he starts saying that the intro sample I sent him (see above) wasn’t his channel. This confused me even more.

I said I can’t believe I just wasted my time, I find what you are saying very confusing, told him I have to go find another solution for an intro and outro, bye.

Then he writes this… “Sorry to say but you get confused very easily. “


I said back that NO, when someone understands me and is clear, I understand everything very well. He even denied he ever told me that his YouTube channel wasn’t his.

When I pasted what he wrote, “Not our YouTube video.” Of course he had no response for that.

I wanted to know why he didn’t tell me 30 minutes ago that this wasn’t his channel.

Then he says yes it is his channel LOL

Then despite me clearly NOT wanting to speak to him anymore, he writes me this like a little child, “It’s funny because I found you rude when I was trying my best to help you and answer every question of yours”

Never ONCE was I rude to this guy. It wasn’t until the end when I realized I wasted all this time and sure he didn’t know what was in my head, but he DID know that the freelancer didn’t do the work for me and that’s how I came across him. I told him this.

So then I reviewed him on his Facebook page with one sentence saying he’s rude.

That’s when things got worse. He messages me again saying … “You left us bad recommendation
May I ask when I was rude to you.
This is not fair you left us bas review only because I refuse to offer you free service”

So he’s a liar too. He accuses me of wanting something for free when I NEVER asked for anything for free. I just wasn’t willing to pay $49 for one intro and outro. He wanted to know how many I was going to want & I told him I needed at least one more and maybe more down the road.

Had he just let it all go when I said I have to go find someone else now instead of saying, “Sorry to say but you get confused very easily, ” I never would have left him a bad review OR write this review for The Arc Solutions on this site.

Now he’s complaining and saying he tried to answer all of my questions and he can’t help it that it didn’t work out in the end. He doesn’t even get what he did wrong.

Again, I ONLY decided to write my review for The Arc Solutions because of him accusing me of being the problem and talking to me that way.

I guess this freelancer was stealing their intros, and I just assumed The Arc Solutions was selling the software that creates them.

I had to yell at him to stop messaging me, but he didn’t. He kept messaging me over and over agian.

He did apologize, but we were already too far gone at this point.

Then he starts asking me how would I like it if he gave my site a negative review, so I took that as a threat. He was NOT my potential customer. If he was, I never would have said the things he said to me or continued to harass the client.

So is he going to lie about me an my site to get back to me?

When trying to block him, I came across the review option (I don’t know what that other thing was that I did), and this time I gave more details about what happened and stopped him from responding.

He took something that was a misunderstanding and wasn’t his fault (granted he doesn’t understand what’s going on which was his fault) or my fault 100%, and made the situation very bad.


Review of Namecheap

Review of Namecheap

Review of NamecheapSo here is my review of Namecheap, the hosting company.

I haven’t used them for buying domains, only for hosting.

Review of Namecheap on 09-24-18

Fucking moron from Namecheap doesn’t get that I’m using webmail to check my mail. And of course this was after I told her. Tech support name was Maria Morgunova.

It’s been 50 mins. and I’m STILL no closer to getting this issue solved that when I check my webmail the e-mails don’t show up. They show up when I send it from that account to that account, but not when I get it from someone else.

She even sent a test that I asked her to and it never arrived, but she says it’s showing up.

I asked for a manager 3 times.

Every time She says please wait 7 minutes. Please wait 10 minutes.

Review of Namecheap on 09-27-18

Takes the live chat person 5 minutes to authorize my account. It’s now 1:10 minutes later and we STILL aren’t finished the conversation. I put money into my topup area in my account and this live chat person Andrew Rudyk is discussing this with the billing department and they STILL can’t pay the accounts I have from the money I put into the topup area.

OMG, Namecheap is TERRIBLE.

Last time they never told me that I have to fill out my profile address in order to be able to add the accounts to the shopping cart, which supposedly will then take the money from the topup amount.

I filled out that form and had I had this option from before because Namecheap hired people with BRAINS, it would have taken me 2 minutes to make the payment.

I’m STILL waiting and it’s been around 6 minutes and they should be faster than me because it’s their SYSTEM.

Review of Namecheap on 09-28-18

I went from paying for a full year of Namecheap to paying monthly until I could find another hosting company I can move to. When I tried to log into my main hosting account (I have 7), it said I had the wrong login.

2 of the accounts I had had been changed to a different type of hosting account. I thought the logins were the same. I tried to reset my password and the system couldn’t find my user name or my e-mail address. <sigh>

I started a live chat and got Lilia Rudenko.

She was clueless. I asked for a manager right away and she wouldn’t give me one. She kept telling me the user name doesn’t exist and my e-mail address doesn’t exist.

Then I had to start DEMANDING a manager over and over again. It’s now 28 minutes later and I’m FINALLY getting a manager. She solved the problem within 10 minutes or less. Part of it was my fault, I forgot to change the drop down from domain to hosting. Why they have domain as the default is beyond me, but the other techie should have asked me if I had the right department when she couldn’t find my account. Of course that requires brain cells.

Review of Namecheap on 10-13-18

I started a live chat and this time decided NOT to write what the problem was because their inept site cuts off the text and it doesn’t tell you it does.

So all I gave this tech person was the 3 details they needed to confirm my account because that’s ALL Namecheap EVER cares about is confirming you, NOT hiring staff that have brains, are fast and don’t cause stress.

I got Sergey Vorobyov and right away my blood pressure went up.

After waiting several minutes he asks me for the 3 things he needs to confirm my account even THOUGH I already gave it to him.

So right away I asked for a manager.

This is after I wasted my time typing out what the issue was which OF COURSE still hasn’t even been read or discussed because this complete moron doesn’t even read or understand English.

I get silence, so I finally said HELLO???

It’s now been 22 minutes and he tells me there’s no managers and I can send my complaint to this e-mail [email protected]

I told him that’s ok, I’ll wait and in the meantime I wrote to that addy and screamed in the e-mail.

27 minutes into the live chat he says he’s transferring me to a manager and I may have to wait as IF I haven’t already been waiting almost 30 minutes for NOTHING!!!!!

I know you will say I should look for another hoster and TRUST ME, I have tried to find a hoster within my budget for my 7 different accounts, but I haven’t found one yet.

I will keep adding my Reviews of Namecheap to this post as I have to deal with them.

I got this manager (shift leader) Eugene Y. very quickly. It was obvious that he had a brain when he knew exactly why I wanted to speak to him.

He got everything sorted out within 5 minutes.

I DID ask if there’s a way to get American support or shift leader support if I pay extra and he said no, so there’s no way in HELL I can stay with Namecheap.



ACN Digital Phone Service

ACNThis is my review of ACN which provides digital phone services plus Internet. It’s also an MLM (multi level marketing) company which may be one of the reasons for their terrible customer service and people with below average brain cells.

I’ve been a long time customer of ACN since 2012 when I moved to Panama and needed a way to have a US phone number and service with crystal clear reception.

So long as your Internet is half decent, you should have no problems with the phone.

I don’t call ACN often thank gawd, but EVERY time I do, there’s always a problem with their staff.

At one point I found someone in tech support with a brain, but he’s long gone.

So considering ALL the issues I’ve had with ACN, I finally decided to create a review so every time I stress myself out dealing with them I can write about it here.

I’ve tried to find an alternative to ACN, but amazingly their product does work fairly well most of the time, AND it works outside of the US and Canada AND they also allow you free long distance to any landline in almost all countries.

The last part I don’t care about anymore, but the other things I do.

I’ve called around to other VoIP phone companies and they either won’t allow you to have service outside the US which is STUPID, or they charge a fortune for a single residential phone line.

I will say that 99% of the time when I do speak to a manager in ACN’s customer service department, they are nice, have a brain and I get things resolved, but their first level staff is ALWAYS a problem.

So here are the ongoing issues I experience with ACN

  1. A few years back tech support for ACN started being difficult saying they won’t help me fix problems with their phone adapter because I’m outside the US. I NEVER had this issue before, but one day this just started.

    Most of the time they help me, but if I get a person who could care less about customers and has to follow the RULES because they have no empathy or brains, they won’t.

  2. Their website was designed by a 3rd grader. It’s not clear how to get to my account area, the actual design of it looks like it’s from the 90’s and they didn’t even have live chat buttons available on certain pages. They’ve since fixed that after I complained.

    I also couldn’t find the area to tell me how many outgoing and incoming minutes I log each month and I was given the wrong information when I called to ask for that information.

    Even changing the shipping address in my account was a total NIGHTMARE. Their site wouldn’t let me change it AND the girl kept making it seem like I was a moron and didn’t know the address.

    Get this… She kept looking it up on Google maps saying that if Google can’t find the address then you are SOL. (rolling eyes in the air)

    Turns out their site wouldn’t allow for 2 lines of text and I needed the phone adapter to be sent to my package forwarding company where there’s a Unit AND a box number.

    And what’s worse is the girl couldn’t figure out how to fix it and continuously made it seem like I was just plain stupid. It was clear she didn’t give a shit AT ALL about resolving the issue. She was prepared for me to be WITHOUT a new phone adapter and phone service.

  3. It used to be that I could get live chat to have someone in tech support call me when my phone adapters stopped working, but there were a few times when they were very difficult and refused to accommodate me. This means I had NO way to contact them since I had no phone and I was outside the US, so I couldn’t use my cell phone.
  4. I used to be able to get ACN’s customer service on the phone right away, but now they have screwed up their IVR so you can’t even get to ACN via the telephone number I’ve been using for years which is 1-888-414-1958. I told the manager Thai this and she didn’t even ask me what phone number I was calling in on to troubleshoot the issue.

    The ONLY 2 options are tech support and billing. When I choose billing, it tells me my account is up-to-date and to press the * key to go backward.

    Several times now I’ve had to call tech support and have them transfer me to customer service if you can believe that.

  5. When I DO reach their customer service, they won’t let me speak to a manager. I have to wait 24 hours to get one.

    The last time I spoke to a manager after being treated like garbage by the girl in customer service, she was at least nice. Her name is Thai. We resolved the issue immediately and it was clear she knew what was going on within the company.

  6. Fast forward to 10-03-18 I started to get extreme static on the digital phone adapter so I called in. I made the mistake of talking to Vadim in Montreal Quebec, Canada. I remember speaking to this guy before and he wasn’t smart then either.

    He couldn’t figure out how to do something in my modem, so I finally asked for a manager. I spoke to Philip who REFUSED to even try to solve the problem, of course citing that I was outside North America and they don’t know how to fix things when you are outside North America LOL Yes, because that would require brain cells.

    ISPs worldwide are basically THE SAME. Yes this modem appeared to be a bit different than the one my ISP gave me initially, but he couldn’t even tell me WHAT the issue was. They just GAVE up. Didn’t want to do their JOB.

  7. I hung up on Philip and called back and got tech support in the US. He also refused to help me, so I called customer service and asked for Thai.

    Of course they wouldn’t get her for me, so I had to wait 24 hours.

    She ended up calling way after the 24 hours when I was already gone and she left this number 877-226-1010.

  8. On 10-04-18 I called that number hoping to get her, but INSTEAD I get customer service in Canada AND (get this) they CAN’T transfer me to the US LOL

    I called again and AGAIN got the same guy, swore at him and hung up.

  9. I proceeded to reach out to live chat where I got Kadesha. I told her that I couldn’t reach customer service in the US and Canada can’t transfer me, so what does she say, LOL (I told you NO brains) she tells me to call customer service. I asked for someone who speaks English. She says that’s all she speaks. I should have asked someone with a BRAIN instead.

    She said she COULDN’T get the supervisor to call me and that once AGAIN I’d have to wait 24 hours.

    Then even though I told her that Thai had already called me so it’s OBVIOUS I had already reached out and we missed one another, she wouldn’t put in the request unless I gave her a reason.

    And twice she told me to call customer service even THOUGH I told her twice I can’t get customer service in the US.

    They really have NO brains over there.

    I’m HOPING she put the request in because I ignored her after she asked if there was anything else she could help me with.

  10. We’ll see if I get a call today or even tomorrow. I can’t BELIEVE I’ve been a customer for 6 years and this is how they treat me, but even if I was a customer for a DAY this is RIDICULOUS.
  11. Oh, and their live chat is horrific. The transcript of the live chat has no paragraph structure, so it was one LONG wall of text that all ran together.

Prints Pics n More

Review of Prints Pics n More

Prints Pics n More does passport photos which is why I went to them back in October 2015.

I am sorry for the delay in writing up this complaint about Prints Pics n More, but I forgot about them, I tried to get Yelp to add them to their site, but considering Yelp is a terrible company that removes complaints whenever they feel like or if they are paid off by companies, they never responded back to my e-mail. There’s several times when they’ve ignored my e-mails.

Unfortunately I can’t remember exactly what happened with Prints Pics n More. I remember the owner was an okay nice guy. A Canadian who lives in Las Vegas and has for years.

Most people in Vegas are clueless and they had NO idea how to do Canadian passport photos which aren’t the same as American passport photos. They tell you they can do it, but in the end I found out they CAN’T.

Canada is a ton more strict about the photos, their background colors, and their sizing is slightly different as well.

I wasted minimum 2 days and time with Costco twice. I wasted time at another passport photo place and finally came across Prints Pics n More after calling place after place. They had the software to do it.

While I was about to get the photos done, the guy who if memory serves me, was really a doctor (this should be a warning sign when a doctor also sells services to do passport photos) tells me I shouldn’t have to spend tons of money on FedEx. He said just snail mail the photos through USPS.

My original intent was to FedEx them over as I was concerned they wouldn’t get there.

Due to this guy telling me that he snail mails letters or something to Canada all the time, I unfortunately believed him and just sent them regular mail.

They NEVER ended up getting to my mother’s, and it took weeks before Canada post figured out it was the sub mail courier who was to blame. At least it wasn’t USPS.

Prior to me finding out this was the issue, I had to go back to Prints Pics n More to get them redone again, and I had remembered seeing the pricing on the wall. To get a second set done was much less expensive.

This time I either couldn’t see the pricing on the wall as it had been removed, or I just assumed the woman behind the counter KNEW the pricing.

She said he didn’t have to do anything, she would do it and she was already giving me attitude and busy talking socially instead of doing her JOB.

I had someone who was driving me waiting outside, so I was stressed thinking I was going to be in and out within 10-15 minutes because that’s how long it was last time.

I knew my photos were still inside the camera and it was just a matter or printing off new ones.

All of a sudden after waiting FOREVER, she tries to charge me full price.

I’m like nooo, the second set is XYZ price.

She starts to get angry at me, saying that’s only if you order them at the same time. I refused to pay the full price.

I guess she went back to talk to the doctor and he finally told her to charge me the second set price.


She had been a total bitch from the beginning, wasted my time and THEN tries to overcharge me.

That was the jist of it.

Prints Pics n More

3520 E Tropicana Ste D-1
Las Vegas, NV 89121

Mind Media

Review of Mind Media

Mind MediaHere is my review of Mind Media and in full disclosure, this happened in 2010. It was in my draft folder and I decided to finally edit it and post.
849 Almar Ave.
Santa Cruz CA

[email protected]

So I happened across this forum, and I started inquiring about advertising. I started speaking to a very nice guy called Michael. This was via their ticket system. Every day he’d respond to my questions until I was convinced I should go for it and see if it produced any sales.

The day I made my decision, he had responded to the ticket within 30 minutes, I responded back saying I purchased for a month. I was surprised that he didn’t get back to me right away, but figured he would a few hours later.

A few hours went by & nothing, so I thought maybe he only responds to tickets once a day.

I waited to do anything with the URLs I was sent because I wanted some questions answered first.

Next day comes, no response, so I reply to the ticket again.

Next day, nothing AGAIN.

Finally after the 3rd or 4th day, I had to register to the Mind Media forum so I can try and post to get an answer as to WHAT is going on.

I sign up and I respond to the welcome e-mail. I know it’s going to a moderator because I see his handle all over the board. NOTHING.

The next day I posted in one of their forums and still NOTHING. The following day I went to check my sent box and my e-mail wasn’t there.

Then I tried to find the posting, and I couldn’t find it. I thought OMG, they’ve deleted it because I stated how disappointed I was.

Then I wasn’t even sure the post went through because when my browser rebooted the post window was still open and it said I had no privileges to post. That and the post was now all gibberish (not text). Their forum software is archaic, so I can’t even click on “list subscriptions” to find the post or confirm on whether it went through, but I had already contacted Mind Media enough times that it shouldn’t have mattered.

I was already VERY suspicious days earlier because I had also called Mind Media’s phone number and got some automated system that is trying to get people to claim a gift or coupon or something. I don’t remember exactly what was said, all I know is that it had NOTHING to do with the forum I was on or advertising. It was also clear you couldn’t reach any live human or leave a message.

Finally after several days had gone by I replied to the ticket again & told Michael that if I didn’t hear from anyone within 24 hours, I was going to reverse the charges by doing a chargeback.

Well, you guessed it, NOTHING!

This has got to be the strangest experience ever. The guy was so nice and informative, why in the world would they just disappear and ignore a customer.

Your guess is as good as mine.




Review of Vipkid

VipkidHere is my review of Vipkid, the site for English online teachers.

How I came across Vipkid

So I am part of a Facebook group for jobs when I came across this post on how to teach English online.

I had heard about teaching English online for a couple of years now, but hadn’t come across a site or looked into it seriously.

Started Asking Questions

I started asking questions of the woman who posted the job.

She claimed that you can pick your own hours, but when I went to the Vipkid site, they said it’s best you be available Chinese hours.

Then on her next post underneath the one I saw (she was spamming the online English teaching job opportunity), she stated you had to have a Bachelors which I don’t have.

Poor Communication Skills and Mistakes

I got upset that I had just wasted my time because in the post I responded to, she didn’t mention one needed a BA.

That coupled with her not divulging the range of hours you should be available to make this work, I said, “poor communication skills” and left. She never did apologize. I’m not even sure she was swift enough to understand what she did.

Contacted Vipkid

I decided to contact Vipkid to tell them about my experience and see if maybe they would make an exception. I was also interested in their affiliate program. I figured I could get others to sign up and I would do a much better job as I’m very thorough in my communication skills.

Vipkid did sort of apologize, but ignored it when I said I often speak better English than some people who have a degree. I didn’t even press him further because that’s when I found out that you ALSO have to have one school year of traditional teaching experience or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education.

That woman in the Facebook group hadn’t even told us that, so that was two things she left out.

In the next e-mail this time I inquired about the affiliate program, but the guy who responded didn’t get most of what I said.

  1. He stated, “For now we only accept english online teachers.” I don’t even know what that means. He had already told me that you have to have experience, I don’t know if he was repeating himself or now they’ve changed it to only hiring people who have online teaching experience.
  2. He starts talking about the hours which if he understood what I said before doesn’t matter because I DON’T have the qualifications they need. I guess he didn’t understand me when I told him I don’t have a BA.
  3. He once again ignored my mention and this time interest in their affiliate program.

I got pissed off at him and decided that people should know what I experienced just in case they are looking to make money teaching English online.

Both their Americans and Chinese staff don’t even know how to communicate properly and make mistakes.

Vipkid’s Facebook and Website

Vipkid’s Address and Telephone

23 Doufuchi Hutong, Hongenguan Building, Dongcheng district
Beijing 100009
Highlights info row image
+1 347-349-5384


Viddyoze Review

ViddyozeSo here is my Viddyoze review after purchasing one of their packages. It was actually their $67 package.

I did post my review on Warrior Forum because I purchased it through Warrior forum, but when I saw that he tried to hide my review by just continuously posting marketing material over and over again to bury my review and didn’t even respond to what I said, I knew I’d have to post it here so others can find it.

Warrior forum used to be a lot worse than it is now, but it’s still just a lot of terrible “shove down the throat” sales pitches where all the guys stick together and support one another so they can all make tons of money off of one another with low quality products or customer service. The odd time I will find something on there that’s useful to purchase.

1. Excited this Viddyoze video creation software

I had been really excited about purchasing this video creation software from Viddyoze. I wanted to start offering this service to clients who need this done, plus use it for creating my own videos.
Viddyoze’s sales pitch shows their BEST videos which aren’t all within this package. In fact a lot of them were overlays which I didn’t even understand, but from what I learned, they go over the video, so I believe those overlays take away from the total amount of videos by at least 25-50%.

Also, a lot of the videos from Viddyoze in one category were ALL for social media. Sure, we need that too, but they would showcase one style video for each social media company, so that would be four or five videos just pointing to a different social media site. Again, it may be necessary, but it skews the amount of amount of different video templates you think you are actually getting.

2. Poorly Designed Site

Viddyoze’s site is poorly designed in my opinion. I would go click on a video template to view it, and there’s no way to right click, so every time I wanted to view another video template, I’d have to hit my browser’s back button to get back to the original list of video templates available.

3. No Proper Categorization

The videos weren’t categorized properly in my opinion. If I needed to find a good video based on the client’s industry or what they are looking to do, I would have had to memorize EVERY video Viddyoze offers or guess what category it was in just so I could start the work. It was either that, or I’d have to waste time clicking every video template sample over and over again until I memorized what it looked like, which category it was in, etc. That is NOT an efficient use of my time.

4. Choppy

The samples were choppy. I tried several & they were all like that. I did report that to Viddyoze’s customer service.

5. Poor Customer Service Experience

I reached out to Viddyoze’s customer service right off the bat with questions. I had a poor negative experience.

a) Text Field Space

The girl I spoke to couldn’t tell me which videos allowed how much text space. Meaning, if I have to tell my client they can only give me X words or X characters, I can’t. I’d waste my time going back and forth with the client telling them what they sent me wouldn’t fit, please give me less text. And I wouldn’t even know if the next submission would fit. Viddyoze hadn’t written down how many characters were allowed for each video in the text field. This would make me look bad because I should know this ahead of time if I’m a professional, right? The customer service girl had no clue about any of this.

b) Images

It appeared you could upload more than one image to the videos. When I asked, she told me some videos you can upload more than one image, and of course she couldn’t tell me WHICH videos those were.

c) Doesn’t know the Viddyoze product

When it was clear to me she really didn’t know all that much about the Viddyoze product, I asked to speak to a manager 3 times, and 3 times she kept asking me to tell her why. Then she refused to let me speak to a manager.

Well that was it for me, once you as a company REFUSE to let me speak to a manager, I no longer want to deal with that company.

I asked for a refund. Of course I had to ask twice, and then threaten with my credit card company before she’d give it to me.

Too bad. Had things worked out, I could have purchased their monthly package which while expensive, may have been doable once I tested out the flat rate package.

They also lost my business for their other products, but it’s clear to me they just don’t care.




Review of BedaBox

This is my complaint about BedaBox which is a package forwarding company

BedaBoxWhat package forwarding companies do, is allow you to forward items you buy in America to their address. They then remove packaging, invoices, boxes the items come in, and then consolidate all the items into one box and ship it to wherever you are outside the US.

This way it costs you less because shipping each box individually is way more expensive and these boxes often come heavier do to the packaging inside.

So this was my first time using a package forwarding company, although I have a lot of experience with mail forwarding companies.

First of all, these are the details of BedaBox

[email protected]
2305 NW 30th PL Pompano Beach, FL, 33069 USA

Jan Bednar
Chief Executive Officer
+1 (954) 882-7539
[email protected]
Deerfield Beach, FL
[email protected]
They recently moved to:
402 Hillsboro Technology Drive
Deerfield Beach, FL

I joined Bedabox back in July of 2016.

BedaBox is owned by Jan Bednar from what I understand and it’s a fairly new company, so I tried to be patient with them. Sabina is the girl I spoke to 90% of the time. There didn’t seem to be anyone else there whenever I e-mailed them. She’s a sweet girl, but most of the time it’s VERY hard to deal with her from a communication standpoint.

Positives about BedaBox

  1. They were very good at going the extra mile (or so I thought) when I asked them to wrap things, find me a smaller box so the cost wouldn’t be so high, etc.I had a certain budget for the shipping, and I didn’t want to go over it. Or if I had to go over it, not go over it by more than $5.
  2. Sabina was pretty nice the last time I used their service in December 2016. She found a smaller box that fit something long and the cost dropped by 50%, so I was very happy. At that time she also waived a $1 storage fee, as I didn’t get all my packages consolidated quick enough.I know $1 doesn’t seem like a lot and it normally wouldn’t be, but shipping overseas is VERY expensive, not to mention I was spending a lot of money on all the items I just purchased, as I didn’t want to ever ship overseas with only one or two items, so I’d wait until I had the money to buy about 6-10 packages. Just so we are clear, I’m NOT rich at all.
  3. Their pricing structure isn’t bad at all, especially compared to other package forwarding companies.
  4. They were very good about submitting a claim to DHL for something that broke during my first shipment, but it was also an issue on their end, as I stated that anything glass should be wrapped and it wasn’t. It was left in the original box glass touching glass.I believe now they won’t take any more claims and you have to submit the claim yourself. I read something after this last shipment in July 2017. 

Negatives about BedaBox

  1. BedaBox “claimed” that the return address (who the packages were from) weren’t always clear, so I’d often get something like, “unknown,” or some other obscure word that didn’t tell me who it was from. This can be stressful since you have to make sure you receive every box you ordered and they have to match up.I find it very hard to believe that the sites I purchased from didn’t have their company name on the return label.
  2. There were some site issues which I did tell them about and it sounded like they would fix them. Unfortunately due to how they coded things, one of those issues caused me major stress with my first shipment.
  3. Their payment system is on the strange side where you have to add a credit card first, and only then after it’s pinged your credit card company and it’s been verified on BedaBox’s end, can you use it.I get that they are protecting themselves from fraud, but the first time I used it, one of my credit cards wouldn’t go through even though there was nothing wrong with it, so I was forced to use Pay Pal.Even the second time I used their service my payment wouldn’t go through, so this was an issue. This last time everything was fine.
  4. Communication issues the first time I used them. This wasted a lot of my time and frustrated me to no end. This was both with Sabina and Jan. I had to reach out to Jan due to me not understanding almost anything Sabina was saying on the phone.While Jan wasn’t nasty or anything, when I wrote her about several points, all she did was repeat the same thing that Sabina had said to me on the phone which irked me, plus at NO time did she acknowledge that Sabina doesn’t communicate well and I wasted my time. So, that left me feeling like she didn’t care how her staff works, and was siding with Sabina. I didn’t want to deal with Jan again. I remember feeling really put off.I chalked that incident with Sabina up to a one time issue and continued to use them.
  5. When I first signed up with BedaBox, I didn’t have a problem getting anyone on the phone or getting responses to my e-mails, but from that moment forward everything went downhill.In September I had to write to Jan again saying it’s been 4 days and NO response. After the first e-mail I wrote to her, each and every time I wrote to Jan she NEVER responded back to me which is clearly VERY rude. The only reason I knew she was acknowledging me, was because I’d get a response from Sabina.
  6. In November after e-mailing and calling with no one answering the phone and 4 days went by, I once AGAIN had to contact Jan to get a response.
  7. In December AGAIN, 3 days went by and still no response. I had to start using Facebook and posting on their page to get ANY kind of response and even then there were no responses with in 24 hours.Even when I called their office and would leave a message, no one called me back.
  8. During my December shipment, because of ALL the delays in dealing with Sabina and no one answering the phone, their system kept charging me storage fees which were not my fault since I was trying to ship the package out, but it was too expensive. I needed to communicate with them and because of ALL the delays in communication, this delayed my package going out.I had to e-mail Jan again and this time Sabina looked at what I purchased, saw she could remove one of the items from its original box, find a smaller box and this solved the entire problem.Yes this was during Christmas rush, but had I not had other problems with BedaBox in the past, I would have understood and chalked it up to a one time experience.
  9. June 1, 2017, asked a question on Facebook, again no response.
  10. Fast forward to June 28, 2017 I was concerned the cost of the shipment would be high because I had purchased a much needed pillow. Everything else was very small and of low weight.First they lost 2 of my boxes and didn’t get back to me right away to explain what was going on, and I was upset. A few of the items are temperature sensitive, and can’t sit in heat, and I didn’t know where they were. I thought they got lost.

    Turns out someone else has almost the same name as mine, and so they gave her my boxes. But, our US numbers aren’t the same, so that was a mistake on their end. The US number is like the number that identifies one customer from another.

    Once the consolidation was done, unfortunately the cost was once again DOUBLE my budget, so I reached out to Sabina on Facebook again (turns out she’s the only one who manages it) and asked her to find a smaller box. Yes I did ask her if she would waive some of the $2 charges because of all the issues, but she said she couldn’t and I accepted that.

    Sabina did find me a smaller box, , but it was still over my budget, so she said she would see if she could squeeze the pillow into an even smaller box. After that, I never heard from her again.

    Once again I was ignored, and this time it was a WHOLE WEEK. I wrote to her on Facebook twice. I e-mailed and nothing.

    I had no choice but to reach out to Jan again, and this time I was upset.

    Instead of apologizing, Jan blames me saying, “Sabina always wrote you back, explained we can’t make the package any smaller.

    Maybe our service isn’t the best fit for you. Nobody else has an issue with consolidations and shipping like you do. We are setup to be an automatic operation, meaning you manage everything through your account. But in your case, you always want something cheaper or smaller or something extra, and unfortunately we can’t accommodate that with the current pricing structure.”

    So she lies about Sabina always getting back to me, and I don’t know what this “extra” is that I supposedly get because I don’t get anything extra. What’s extra to get?

    Now, I can see her point of view, BUT they advertise that they will consolidate your packages into the SMALLEST box they can find, yet they obviously don’t do that otherwise Sabina wouldn’t have found smaller boxes that fit my items and slashed my prices by half both times.

    Like I mentioned, I am NOT a rich person and me asking (nicely) if Sabina could re-pack the boxes and her being able to do that just proves that something isn’t right over there in how they handle the packing. If they were REALLY finding the smallest box, I never would have had to ask in the first place.

I had no choice in the end but to pay the extra $17, but I was furious with how I was treated by Jan, especially after being stressed out by them over and over again every time I used them.

Not ONCE in this past year has Jan Bednar taken responsibility for her poorly run business, and then she has the NERVE to blame the customer and just toss me away.

I of course won’t be using BedaBox again and of course they don’t want me. Now it’s your choice whether you want to deal with a company such as this.

P.S. I found out from DHL, that BedaBox never gave my box to them for 4 days. That’s 4 days after the e-mail was sent that my box was on its way, it was sitting at BedaBox. This is why it took so long.

Secure ebook

All and All Secure ebook was terrible

Secure ebookSecure ebook caused me stressor after eight years of being their customer.

Since it’s very hard to find alternatives to lock down your PDF files so people don’t pass them around, I never moved. Plus, redoing all the files with the new PDF security software isn’t easy, so I felt I had no choice, but to stay with them.


Alain Thibault – [email protected]
Eric Maziade – [email protected]
Marianne Harmignies – tech support
Brigitte Morin – tech support & billing

Novisoft Web
2810, Boul. Saint-Martin Est
Bureau 105
Laval, Québec
H7E 4Y6
Tél. : 450-661-0047 poste 200
Fax : 450-661-4789


I don’t know what the problem is with all these companies that supposedly provide security software for ebooks & PDF, but they are ALL terrible.

Secure ebook is the third company I have used since I started my company back in 2001.

Secure ebook has always been a problem when it came to customer service, but since I never had to deal with them on a frequent basis, I overlooked their rude behavior and the fact that I was lucky if I got a response to my e-mails once a week.

Around February 2013 my customers had all been complaining about getting this error message, “this activation key has already been activated the maximum allowed number of times.” It won’t allow them to access my business kits and since every customer is getting the same error message I knew that this was an issue with Secure ebook. I first told them about this issue back in February, then December of 2013. As of August 1, 2014 they STILL have not fixed the issue and they keep saying it’s my customer’s problem not theirs.

In the past I would have agreed with them, but before when the customers had issues it was NEVER the same error message and the error message never told them they had exceeded their activation when they either never opened their business kit or only opened it once.

I don’t get many customers, but during this period I had one customer who was so upset, she just gave up on the whole stressful process. This upsets me greatly, because customer service in my middle name and I feel responsible for all of this even though my hands are tied because Secure ebook wouldn’t fix the problem.

Then another customer who initially did get his three business kits open, tried to open them the following day, and they wouldn’t. So I was forced to reset his activation key which clearly I shouldn’t have had to do, but this is how cheaply made Secure ebook’s software was.

While this solved the problem, when he tried to open the kits the day after that, he got the same error as above.

Both him and I contacted [email protected] and they ignored the both of us.

This is how things went every time I had a problem.

As of March 2017 Secure ebook is closing down. Over the years of dealing with them, I lost money and tons of my time and no one there ever cared, including Alain Thibault. Beware of doing business with anyone in Quebec, there is NO one to oversee businesses there or the one organization who does also doesn’t get back to customers in need.



Motley Fool

Motley Fool Financial Services

Motley FoolMotley Fool Expose Wall Street – 703-838-3665 – 2000 Duke St 4 Alexandria, VA 22314 –

Motley Fool Expose Wall Street has been harassing me non stop on the phone since around the beginning or mid of February 2017. I didn’t try to track them down right away because I thought telling them to remove me from their list would do the trick.

Every time they called from this number 310-695-1878 and it said Inglewood, CA.

I knew it was some Filipino call center who:

  • either didn’t say anything after I would say, “hello, hello,” This happened numerous times.
  • they would answer,  give me their sales pitch, I’d tell them to remove me from their list (sometimes screaming) and then they’d either say they would, or hang up on me. Some were even downright rude which surprised me, because as stupid as Filipinos are, they usually aren’t rude.
  • they also refused to give me a manager, refused to give me the phone number to Motley Fool, refused to give me their website, or anything that would allow me to track these harassing calls down.

Finally on March 16th I tracked down the phone number for Motley Fool (703-838-3665) and asked to speak to the manager. I did find it suspicious that their phone number wasn’t readily available.

I got Andy O’Sullivan on the phone and he claims it’s not them, that he knows nothing about it, but will get their lawyers right on it. He sounded really irked almost as angry as I was. I gave him all the info he needed to get started.

Within a day or two I got another call from their cheap Filipino sales call center, and this time I recorded it just for Andy. I called and left a message for Andy O’Sullivan on his voice mail. Never heard back from him.

On March 20th I got another harassing phone call. At this point I was starting to get suspicious as to why Andy hadn’t called me back. If Andy O’Sullivan was telling me the truth and he REALLY didn’t have anything to do with the harassing phone calls, then why wasn’t he calling me back?

I called Motley Fool again and was passed through to Andy’s voice mail again. I even had the girl at reception take my info down. I told him that if I didn’t hear from him again I was going to contact the FTC. AGAIN never heard back from him.

I then put my phone number on the DNC list. That stopped the calls for two months until just yesterday on May 15, 2017 when they started back up again. I’ve already gotten two phone calls since then.

I just filed a complaint with the FTC against Motley Fool. I hope this solves the problem.

2131 Statz Street

This Review is For 2131 Statz Street

2131 Statz Street2131 Statz Street in Las Vegas, Nevada 89030

While Luis Rosales was a pretty nice landlord, there were too many issues with the complex that was full of low income people & I’m not talking the amount of money they make, but their state of mind:

  1. It’s a very old building that was cheaply made. Yes the rent reflects that, but still, it’s toxic for several reasons.
  2. Cockroaches non stop no matter how many times a so called “exterminator” came to fumigate.
  3. The constant noise pollution was a HUGE problem for me. The people downstairs constantly blasted their TV so I could never sleep. I was constantly texting Luis every day & if I needed to go to sleep early due to not feeling well, forget it, it just wouldn’t happen. Even late into the night past midnight the TV bothered me. I could hear it straight through the floor which tells me there was no proper insulation or sub flooring.
  4. The kids screamed non stop running up & down the stairs which shook the railing & my windows & then my desk & computer monitor. They would also sit on the stairs talking very loudly so I couldn’t enjoy peace & quiet, work, talk on the phone, etc.
  5. The people on the left side of me sometimes blasted their music so I could hear it in my apartment.
  6. There was often litter & toys strewn all over the place.
  7. The kitchen had some broken drawers or cabinet doors.

It was such a decrepit place to live & my quality of life was so poor, I had to move out two months later.

This is just a heads up for anyone considering the place.

Amazon Customer Service

Terrible Amazon Customer Service

Amazon Customer ServiceThis review thread will be a long one that will detail my experiences with the terrible Amazon customer service.

It’s a post I should have written at least 3-4 years ago when I first noticed the increasingly inept negative changes with Amazon customer service.

I used to praise all the time. I was one of their happiest most vocal customers, but that all changed around 2014 when they wouldn’t let me sign up to their micro jobs site to do work.

That was the FIRST time I realized that Amazon has NO executive office. Once you ask for a manager and MAYBE ask for his/her manager, that’s IT. There’s no one else higher up to speak to.

Ask yourself why that is.

The only conclusion is, that Amazon doesn’t care if you walk away unhappy.

I was shocked I was being treated in this manner regarding a simple thing as signing up for micro jobs. They claimed it had something to do with my social insurance number (it hadn’t been used in years as I left the US as a child), but that made NO sense to me. It was a valid social, what does it matter whether it hadn’t been used in years. And what does it matter, it’s not like I’m opening a bank account, I was just going to be doing work online.

I even wrote a letter to the founder and I NEVER received a response back. I’ve been forced to write a few letters to companies who don’t care about customer service and try to deter customers from complaining by forcing them to snail mail a letter, but I always received a response back no matter which company it was.


I continued to purchase from Amazon because they sometimes do have the best prices, but the more I purchased, the more I had to deal with Amazon customer service and the MORE I started to get very agitated.

I can not STAND dealing with Filipino call centers. I had been dealing with Filipinos for years when I first tried to hire them online myself and realized they are brainless, have no common sense, can barely understand what I am saying, they don’t remember what I said 2 minutes ago, and they have to repeat everything back so their brains can compute what I’m saying.

Then as a customer of course I am forced to deal with them because of the LARGE CORPORATIONS who use overseas call centers because they don’t care about their customers. They only want to pay the least amount of money to stifle any customer complaints.

My stress level ALWAYS goes up when I deal with Filipinos, it doesn’t matter what company it is, although I have noticed that with some companies, they hire slightly better quality Filipinos.

So I was very happy to learn that at least when you got a Filipino on the phone at Amazon and asked for the US office, they WOULD transfer you, but then I started to encounter other issues such as:

  1. I would call from within my account and the Amazon customer service person would ask me all the verification questions they didn’t need to ask me BECAUSE I called within my account. I HATE wasting time and I didn’t understand why this was happening.It started happening soooo OFTEN, that I would constantly have to tell the person I was speaking to that I just called from within my account. They would then file a report and I would continuously tell them that there’s something wrong with your site. They would put in the report and nothing would change.

    This went on for three years, and ONLY NOW in 2017 do I think I know WHY this was happening.

    It’s amazing to me that not ONE of the American Amazon customer service reps (including managers) figured out this issue and that even includes their IT department where these reports were supposed to be sent to.

    Here’s what I think… Amazon’s site started increasing it’s security. When this started I don’t know, but I noticed that I’d go from one area of the site to another and I’d have to log in again. It could be 1-2 minutes later and I’d STILL have to log in.

    I now think that the site was logging me out, it wasn’t telling me to log in because I was already on the help page, or I was clicking on the redial link to call Amazon again.This is the ONLY thing I can think of that makes any sense.

    If that’s NOT the reason, then your guess is as good as mine. All I know, is that they NEVER EVER FIXED the problem. I wasted so many hours of my life over the course of three years telling them about it, waiting on hold while people reviewed notes, wrote up a new report, etc.

  2. There are also too many times when the Filipinos do NOT verify me. They then transfer me to the US side, and then I have to deal with being verified even though once again, I called from within my Amazon account.
  3. When I ask for a manager, I sometimes ONLY get Filipinos, and first level support can’t guarantee they will get me an American. There are times when they lie and say they are getting me an American, but they don’t. Then I have to hang up and do the whole BLOODY thing all over again.
  4. I waste a LOT of time dealing with customer service.

    Nothing ever seems to go quickly with Amazon even when I’m speaking to Americans, and that’s even if they seem to know what they are doing.

  5. I started dealing with Amazon’s Live Chat because I get very drained when I’m on the phone with them for a long time. This way I can do other things while I’m waiting for them to respond.I’ve had their staff lie to me and tell me they are in the US when they aren’t. That’s the first question I always ask. Most foreigners will lie about where they are located. I’ve had other people tell me the same thing.
  6. I get absolute MORONS and have to exit from the Live Chat. This has happened to me several times.
  7. Amazon’s Live Chat doesn’t give me the option to send my e-mail a copy of the conversation, so I have to copy and paste the conversation myself. This is something you had to do back in the 90’s. It’s NOW 2017 and Amazon’s site is a DINOSAUR.

I will wrap it up for now and as I experience issues with Amazon, I will add to this blog post.

Wells Fargo is Terrible

In My Opinion Wells Fargo is Terrible

Wells Fargo is TerribleBased on my experience as a customer, Wells Fargo is terrible. From now on, every time I have an issue with them, I’m going to post it here.

So here’s the most recent story…

I wanted to change my e-mail address due to getting lots of spam. You would think this is a simple process right? NOPE, think AGAIN!

First I changed it with Clear XChange which I thought oversaw the “SurePay” program where you can send money from one bank account to another. Turns out, they don’t oversee Wells Fargo, they oversee the other bank I was transfering the money to.

I had started with this SurePay program about 1 1/2 years ago, and after a short time, I was allowed to send money expedited within one business day. I was very thrilled and happy with the service.

With it was very simple, they sent me a verification code through e-mail, I entered it on their site and my new e-mail address was changed.

When I went to change it in my account within Wells Fargo, that’s when ALL the drama started and I proceeded to lose minute after minute of my life. In the end I’ve probably lost close to three hours of my time & the problem is STILL not resolved.

  1. I was on the phone with Ashton, a Wells Fargo customer service rep when I told him there were issues changing my e-mail address. I kept getting an error.He had to put me on hold a 2-3 times and finally he came back with a ridiculous reason why IT said it wouldn’t work. That it’s being used at another bank. Umm, sooooo???? You can’t have the same e-mail address at two different banks? LOLIt’s not being used at another bank & I think in the end it was because I had created one that said [email protected], but of course they couldn’t figure that out.So I finally used a gmail account. Almost 40 minutes had gone by when all of a sudden I noticed in the SurePay area my “expedited” option was no longer available. I started getting very upset and in true form, Ashton came up with another ridiculous reason why it wasn’t giving me that option… “because it was the weekend.” I told him that I’ve sent money MANY times on the weekend & the day of the week doesn’t matter. Expedited doesn’t show or hide itself based on the day of the week. Where do they hire these idiots from?

    I asked to speak to a manager & instead of just being professional & passing me off to a manager, he had to be insecure, use his ego & tell me that the manager is going to tell me the same thing he just said. I said no they won’t.

    Based on YEARS of me asking to speak to a manager, they NEVER tell me the same thing the employee says. They are usually much smarter.

  2. Then I get Laquita. I think that’s how you spell her name. While she wasn’t rude, she had absolutely NO sympathy for what I was going through & told me the reason I no longer have that option is because I changed my e-mail address & now it’s going to take another $250 of transfers plus a month from the date that I send the final amount totalling $250 to get that feature back. That the account isn’t attached to my NAME (why would it be attached to my name, that would be TOOO LOGICAL), but rather to my e-mail address.I was FURIOUS that not only didn’t Ashton tell me this, but that it doesn’t even say this in the account area. In fact Ashton had been trying to enter in my e-mail address for me & it wouldn’t work.I was raising my voice at this point telling her to get it back for me, that this is unacceptable. No she can’t do that, this is how it’s done. I eventually hung up on her she made me so furious.
  3. In the meantime I hadn’t yet transferred my money which I needed to do.Then I called 3 more times because when I tried to send the money it wanted a cell phone to text a verification code, & I’m overseas right now, so of course I don’t have a US cell phone.I got one guy I didn’t like at all as his attitude was unsympathetic & he wasn’t trying to solve the problem AT ALL. His attitude was it is what it is & you can’t change anything.Then he gives me ridiculous options like “use wire transfer.” I said SURE, if you guys are going to pay for the wire transfer fees every time I do a transfer, I have no problem using that. Of course they aren’t going to do that.

    Then I had to call back again (we are now upt to 4 calls) & spoke to Robert. He said there’s no way to do an e-mail verification, you can ONLY do a text verification. <sigh> He even suggested I try to use an online texting service which I do have, I just didn’t think it was going to work.

  4. Then I had to call back a 5th time. This was because even after I entered in one of those phone numbers for the online texting services, the number wouldn’t show up under the drop down menu. That’s when I got the ONLY person who seemed to be smart & had empathy for my situation – Erica.She explained they had been having technical issues for days unable to add new phone numbers to that area of the account settings. She opened a case.
  5. The following day (Monday) I called the Executive Office & spoke to Lucy. She seemed nice enough & told me I’d be notified via e-mail when the number had been added. Well I was never notified, but I was in my Wells Fargo account on Tuesday, & I saw that the number was there. The message Lucy said I would get came through the Wells Fargo message area that I can NEVER find unless I try to create an e-mail to them. Only then can you see the list of messages.And they don’t send you an e-mail telling you there’s a message waiting for you, so unless you log into your account day in & day out, you have no clue that there’s messages there waiting for you.I tried to get the system to send the verification code via text, but it didn’t come through. I tried it a second time on Wednesday (today) & again it wouldn’t. I was furious & responded to the message within Wells Fargo saying it’s STILL not working, & had to run some errands.Later in the day I called Lucy again. She was on the phone, & when she called me back, she was clueless.

    a) I know I told her I was going to use the online texting services because I told her I was overseas & didn’t have a US cell phone number. Never ONCE did she tell me it wouldn’t work. I got upset at her because now she wasted 3 days of my life & I STILL can’t transfer money through SurePay. She is claiming I never mentioned it.

    She’s also now telling me it’s going to take upto 10 days to add the phone number. I’m like WTH?? Why would it take 10 days to add a simple phone number?

    b) I gave her a friend’s cell phone number & she put me on hold. I thought she was going to enter it into my account, but when she came back after keeping me on hold for 15 minutes, she asked me which numbers I wanted to remove. I said both, they are both online texting services.

    I had told her in my voice mail message plus when she first called me that I was in the middle of eating & I knew with her slow response time I was going to be on hold forever. I wanted to enjoy my meal, so I told her to call me back when she added the number & to tell me when it would be added. Do you think I ever got a call back??? NO, I NEVER DID.

So now I have to call back tomorrow (Thursday), waste MORE of my time dealing with these IDIOTS & I STILL can’t transfer money using SurePay which is much easier than bank to bank transfer. Erica had been smart enough to suggest the bank to bank transfer to me as an alternative when I spoke to her on Sunday, but it takes two business days, so really you don’t get it until the third business day.

When I went to do a search for complaints against Wells Fargo, I saw TONS of websites dedicated towards trashing Wells Fargo & a rating of one star.

I’ll be back!

Upwork is terrible

The Freelancer Site Upwork is Terrible

Upwork is TerribleThe job site Upwork is terrible. Upwork is a combination of the oDesk and Elance sites has become a total disaster.

I’ve been using both oDesk and Elance for years, both as a client and a freelancer towards the end. I know how both sites worked. They both had their flaws with Elance being the better of the two.

Imagine my surprise when the two companies merged. I believe (although I’m not sure) that oDesk bought out Elance.

Since they were building a whole new job site from scratch, I thought it was going to be close to perfect, using the best features of both sites and all the suggestions over the years. Not to mention they had minimum 6-12+ months to develop this new site.

Well in the end, nothing could have be further from the truth. When I started to use Upwork, I had problem after problem with it. Yes one can expect some bugs, but these weren’t just bugs, they were design flaws that made the site worse than even what oDesk was like before and oDesk was not as good as Elance, so that’s saying a lot.

When I first encountered them, I should have started to list all the issues here, but I didn’t. After getting really frustrated and wasting so much of my precious time sending Upwork ticket after ticket, I finally did post on Upwork’s Facebook page over a year ago to complain.

Fast forward to today, from now on I’m going to detail all the issues Upwork both as a company (staff) and their site.

  1. I hadn’t used the site in a while, and when I went to create a ticket, I went around in circles a few times until I realized there was NO WAY to start a ticket.They also removed the Live Chat and their phone number. oDesk had live chat for years, Elance always had phone support. When Upwork first started, they had both.I was livid not being able to get in touch with them. The only way I managed, was by using their app’s support. That was still working.I just got off the phone with a girl from Upwork who called me, and she didn’t even know what I was talking about. I had sent screenshots and she hadn’t even looked at them.Finally she tells me that only a few SELECT people are given access to live chat. I was SHOCKED!

    She said I can call at any time and wanted me to write down their number which I didn’t want to have to do, it should be on the site like it was before and like it is on NUMEROUS sites worldwide. I shouldn’t have to waste time hunting for it, as it was never easy to get to.

    I told her I usually don’t want to call if I’m busy, I want to just write a quick ticket.

    She then says I can e-mail them at [email protected] at any time. I asked why that information isn’t stated in the help area. No response.

  2. This girl who called me wasn’t even prepared with what my complaints were and I had a few tickets open. It was late my time, and couldn’t remember everything I had written.It’s not my job to comb through my e-mails and go back and forth with her because she’s too lazy to prepare. She should have reviewed them before calling me.She would also stop talking frequently and I’d have to say “hello” “hello?”
  3. I wanted to deposit money into my Upwork account to put it aside so I know how many hours I I can use a freelancer for. I had asked about this already in a ticket and instead of answering me, I was sent a generic message about how to pay weekly. I lost my temper, as they often hire people from overseas to do their customer service and I always have a problem with them understanding English.No one got back to me.So this girl tells me I am not allowed to do that. She wanted me to use Pay Pal and I said no, I have other things that go through my Pay Pal account, I don’t want to mix things up.So no, now I can’t do that and yes, you could do this with Elance.
  4. I get site error messages almost all the time when I use Upwork. That was months ago the last time I used the site, and for two days I had issues as well this week.One time I got an error that their server was taxed and they couldn’t handle the load.
  5. I log in and it defaults to my freelancer account. I switch to my client account (they are different user names), but it doesn’t stick. The site doesn’t recognize that I’m using my client account when trying to access the help area, and even sometimes it just flips and sends me back to the freelancer area which has different navigations.This happened months ago and they still haven’t fixed it.


That’s it for now, I will update this post as more issues arise with Upwork.

La Senza is a now a terrible company

It’s unfortunate that La Senza is now a terrible company

Lasenza LingerieLa Senza is now a terrible company after being such a great one back in the day, although back then, I never shopped on their site, only in-store.

La Senza is a Canadian lingerie chain has been around since Laurence Lewin founded it in 1990. Mr. Lewin passed over several years ago.

It used to have quality lingerie for great prices. We are talking real cotton, lovely sexy yet comfortable styles and colors, and the sizes always fit right.

I’m no longer in Canada and I don’t like Victoria Secret at all, so I decided that I would check out La Senza’s website and see if they can ship to the US.

Well this decision turned into a LONG drawn out drama that cost me countless hours of my life over the course of a week or so. Here’s what happened:

  1. I added things to my cart and the next time I went in, they were gone, so I had to re-shop all over again.
  2. The colors weren’t even close to being the colors I remember. They now have a lot more lame cheap looking printed patterns.
  3. Barely any 100% cotton panties which are the most healthy to wear. I won’t know the quality of the lingerie until it arrives in about two weeks.
  4. The site wouldn’t recognize my password or e-mail address. After being on hold for 6 minutes, I was told the IT department had it resent to me, but it would take upto 48 hours. Are you kidding me? LOL A reset of a password doesn’t come immediately?

    I remember when I lived in Toronto that I read an article in “Toronto Life” magazine about how Canadians are behind the times when it comes to the Internet. That was back in 2000.

    Over the next 12 years, I realized this was VERY true and now it’s 16 years later and it’s STILL true.

    Most Canadian business people are extremely ignorant about the Internet. I’ve had business people tell me it’s a joke and they don’t consider it something worthy of a REAL business owner, or that they don’t have time to respond to e-mails.

    They usually don’t know how to build and run a website. For that reason they hire the most unskilled labor to do these things for them.

    I even had a copywriter tell me once that she couldn’t find ANY competition for her new Canadian client who owned a website or had any viable webcopy, so she had to find American competition.

    I myself always had HUGE problems finding stores that carried something because most of them don’t know the FIRST thing about website content or SEO. Or these businesses just don’t care about having a website.

    Clearly La Senza is NO different and my examples will show that although at least they have a website, as lame as it is.

  5. After waiting another hour and still no e-mail, I called and no one answered the phone during business hours, and I left a message.

    The next day I received no call back, so I called again and spoke to a manager. She mentioned something briefly to me. Something I didn’t understand. It took another 20 minutes or so before she brought it up again. This is the long and short of it.

    I signed up as a US customer, but when I was logging in, I was overseas. Their site is so poorly designed, so instead of just having ONE login for ALL people worldwide, they decided to create different logins for different countries. Because their site thought I wasn’t in the US, I was logging in from their Global site. I had originally signed up on another computer while using a VPN for the US which used a different URL.

    This confusion cost me a lot of time and a lot of stress. And had people over there been smart enough (including the IT department), this would have been all fixed within a few minutes.

  6. The manager helped me to find the lingerie I needed, but when I tried to put it into my cart, the site was so poorly designed, it took twice as long to go back and forth between the cart and shopping. There were no checkmark boxes near the items so I could just add them all at once. Plus their site was VERY slow.
  7. When I tried to order, their shipping address and country fields were greyed out. I wasn’t able to type in there. I couldn’t even see any fields under payment method.

    Because of the other login issues, I thought maybe it was because of my IP, so she spoke to tech, called me back and said she added in the data herself. But when I went back to order, I STILL couldn’t see what she typed in there.

    I said just take my order over the phone. She said they can’t.

    She said she would get back to me, but I never heard back. They were CLUELESS.

    In the end, I was the ONE who figured out their issue. Their site was blocking me from ordering because I was ordering from outside the US. So I turned on my VPN to US and WHALLA, I was able to order.

    PEOPLE please listen to me… some people order things, pay in USD and have them shipped overseas. With more and MORE people leaving North America to become expats, this is how we shop.

    OR, some people overseas order gifts for people in the US. To create your site this way and block people is ludicrous.

    While I got her to give me a small discount and free shipping, the amount of stress and lost time I went through just to order these things ($75 worth), just wasn’t worth it in the end.

  8. Their SSL certificate wasn’t working properly when I went to order.
  9. Once I was on their mailing list I started to get way too many e-mails all on the same day.

    Unless you know your customers or list subscribers WANT to get bombarded by 3 e-mails per day, you shouldn’t send that many out. They were all trying to sell me when I just spent a lot already. It was way over the top!

    And I also often got 2 of the same e-mail a few times.

    When I just went to unsubscribe, their unsubscribe page didn’t know what e-mail I used to sign up with. This is list feature 101. DON’T make the customer type in their e-mail address.

    Gawd, they need to hire me to revamp their entire website and e-commerce division.

  10. The discount she gave me was in Canadian dollars, NOT US, so I lost money because the Canadian dollar is worth less than the USD and I paid in USD.
  11. I had to resend my e-mail to her because after 7 days of not hearing back from her re: the refund being in Canadian dollars, I was getting perturbed again.

While the manager was nice and did spend time with me on the phone to get this rectified, if they knew what they were doing in the first place when it comes to e-commerce, this never would have happened.


Michelle Facebook Group

So I joined the Facebook Group a couple of weeks ago

And I didn’t say much on the Facebook Group, as I didn’t even know what the group was all about at the time. I was just posting my disdain for all government to other people’s posts about Hilary and Trump.

THEN someone in another facebook group I’m in mentioned and said the site or group is a fraud. He didn’t give me a link, so I went and did a search. Sure enough there were articles saying the owner had been arrested for committing fraud. That he had created bogus news and got paid by companies for doing that.

Being that is a group that is supposed to fact check everything that comes their way, I posted a question about what I read. I wasn’t trying to troll, I wanted to know, as anyone with any brains would want to know.

People in the facebook group said it was BS and sent me two links. I read them over, said okay and I thought that was the end of it UNTIL I realized I hadn’t gotten any notices to that thread in two days.

I went onto the Facebook group and sure enough, my thread AND my comments from a week earlier about Trump and Hillary were ALL deleted.

Looks like the admins for the Facebook group are power hungry assholes. Either that, or maybe there is some truth to what was written and they don’t want people within the group to catch wind of it. Why else would THEY delete a perfectly innocent legit question.

What? People are ONLY allowed to ask if somehting is true or not if it DOESN’T pertain to

Ally Bank is Terrible

My experience with Ally Bank was Terrible

Ally Bank is Terrible
Ally Bank is Terrible

The staff at Ally Bank is Terrible. They are so uneducated, I feared for my safety and closed my account right after opening it. Here’s my review for

My CPA told me to sign up for a savings account because they have 1% interest. Something that should have taken 20-30 minutes turned into an HOUR of my life.

Instead of having an e-mail sent to me to create the online account portion, they do it over the phone.

After she set it up, I couldn’t log into the account and she (Trisha) couldn’t figure out why. Turns out the chick doesn’t even know how to spell the word “rapid.” that was part of my user name. Not only that, one of their questions (out of order no less) is “How do you spell your e-mail address?” I even spelled it out to her and she STILL couldn’t get it right. “Rapid” is also in my e-mail address.

After she put me on hold and never came back, I went to search online for reviews and now after reading these terrible reviews, I’m on hold AGAIN waiting for a manager. I want to close my savings account with because there is no way I’m risking my life with this bank. First the terrible experience and now these terrible reviews online where they rip people off in regards to their auto loans. With one woman they closed down her accounts twice, and wouldn’t even tell he what she supposedly did wrong.

The next girl, Nicole, told me I can’t close my account because she can’t even verify me. Also can’t have a manager call me.

I did get Chris a supervisor fairly quickly within 13 minute. He had NO problems verifying me and closed down the account within 2 minutes. He made no attempts to keep me as a customer although he kept apologizing.

I should probably be in the Guinness World Record for a customer keeping an Ally (or any bank account) open for the shortest period of time. 1 1/2 hours. It would have been less had I not had to make a call in between after I finally hung up because I knew Trisha was never coming back.

Complaint about mailbox forwarding

So here is my complaint about Mailbox Forwarding

Mailbox Forwarding is a company that gives you an address, & allows you send all your mail to them. They will then scan it & send it to you as a PDF. You can then download it, shred it, or have it forwarded to you.

When I first started with Mailbox Forwarding (, I did have issues with being able to get in touch with their support.

At the time they had a phone line that actually ran & took messages. Years ago they closed that down & their message just says to e-mail them.

I got really nervous & scared & then about 4-7 days later they apologized & all proceeded to be fine for years.

I’ve given them my business & money for just over 6 years.

It’s now June 2016 & I’ve had ENOUGH of them.

Around March or April of 2016, I got “attitude” (I’m assuming from the owner) when I was trying to get something forwarded to me. I had purchased several items from different companies, & needed them snail mailed to me.

The communication wasn’t good. Instead of waiting patiently until I gave the go ahead to send me my items, they rushed to send it out.

I was getting confused with the pricing because I got one price via the tickets & one via support who I was actually e-mailing.

Frankly, the high price shocked me. I’m not talking about their service charges for the forwarding, I’m talking about the USPS costs.

In the end when I finally got the package, I saw what the problem was. They did NOT take the items out of the box & repackage them into one box. This meant it was heavier than it needed to be & they could have used a smaller box. I even tried to get them to use a smaller box, but like I said, the communication was faulty.

When the owner (they don’t give you any names there which has always made me feel like they were hiding something), started accusing me of not trusting them & he thought I was talking about their fees & not the USPS fees, I gave him a piece of my mind.

He ignored me.

I let it go, but then fast forward to May & June, there were MORE issues with Mailbox Forwarding.

It all started when my hosting company changed their server & increased their security. I stopped getting any e-mail notices from Mailbox Forwarding when I got mail, when it was scanned, even when I submitted a ticket.

I didn’t know what to do & was getting very very upset when 2 weeks went by & I couldn’t get in contact with ANYONE at the company. I thought they had gone out of business, but then I noticed the mail was getting scanned.

I wasn’t even able to change my account’s e-mail address to see if a gmail one would work, but a few days later, I figured out I could use a gmail e-mail to create a ticket, so I did.

That’s when things really went downhill.

Whoever I was talking to (remember they never give you names, so you have no clue who are talking to) first started telling me they hadn’t gotten any tickets from me since 2013. I’m like WTH are you talking about?

I’m thinking there’s something MAJORLY wrong with this company or I’m going insane as I KNOW I’ve written several tickets to them in the last 6 months.

It turns out (get this) that the way their ticket system was designed was soooo archaic & inept, that I’m not even sure it was something that was normally created back in the 90’s.

I already knew their ticket system was terrible because you can never go into your account & view tickets. The only way to get them, was to know the ticket number. If you didn’t know that, you were screwed & had to have the system send you ALL your tickets from here to eternity.

The ticket system NEVER sent you what you wrote, so you would only know which e-mail link belonged to which ticket by the subject line & of course that’s ONLY if you memorized what that subject line was about.

Then I learn that they ONLY tracked tickets by the person’s name, NOT by their account number & NOT by their e-mail address. LOL

When I told my website coder this he was floored.

So what had happened, is that I used to put my first & last name into the name field. Then I guess I stopped & started only inserting my first name, & so this guy couldn’t even find the 2 other tickets I created because of COURSE there was more than one person with my first name.

If I thought their ticket system was infantile before, this REALLY had me furious & I told the guy that it’s archaic & needs to be changed.

Remember, my anger & frustration had been building up for 2 weeks at this point since I hadn’t heard from them in all this time.

Plus to me it really sounded like he didn’t care about finding my 2 tickets.

Then he refused to read or address all of what I was saying in the ticket about their server issues. Then I started getting REALLY pissed & I agree, talked down to him a bit, but I do that with ANYONE who can’t read simple English & address all points in an e-mail/ticket.

I feel Mailbox Forwarding has NO clue what they are doing with their site. They must have gotten really cheap programmers to program the backend years ago, & now it’s all starting to fall apart. And this has nothing to do with their ticket system which I put up with all these years, these were other issues.

My hosting company said THIS was the problem, “in order for emails to be received in a shared environment, “” must be pointed to a valid IP address. In order to correct this issue, you will need to contact MailboxForwarding’s support team and have them address this issue.”

The owner had to then flaunt the fact that he had 2 degrees & he’s not stupid. Umm, I don’t care how many degrees you have, if you can’t address a simple ticket, you ignore what your customer is saying, & it’s clear you don’t even want to fix the problem, then, in MY OPINION, that person IS stupid.

He kept trying to make it seem like everything was okay because he was getting other people’s e-mails. I can’t stand it when people try to avoid fixing problems by citing what OTHER people are experiencing. I’m having problems & I COUNT as a customer. What did he think that I was making this ALL up & had nothing better to do with my time then lie about it???

He also admitted he had no technical experience, but INSTEAD of talking to his IT department or ANYONE who does understand what the issue is, he then proceeded to… (you guessed it) IGNORE ME.

THEN a few days after that (I had to keep logging into my account to see if there’s any mail because obviously I wasn’t getting e-mail notifications), I log in & see TONS OF MAIL in there going back to probably the beginning of my account. Clearly they were now having site issues, not just IP or ticket issues.

I took a screenshot (I should have saved the screenshot), created a new ticket simply saying you now have site issues & AGAIN I was ignored.

A few days later I click on the link to go to the ticket & they had deleted it. Can you believe that???

When a company starts deleting tickets, then you KNOW it’s time to cut & RUN!!!

I did manage to find 2 other companies that provide the same service within that price range AND they both have phone support AND their site looks like it was created by professionals. In fact the one I did sign up with said they are redoing their site to add more services.

I quickly had to switch from Mailbox Forwarding, but it cost me a lot to do that because you have to get the USPS form notarized & now I have to spend hours changing my address all over the place.

I will be canceling my Mailbox Forwarding account before my next billing period.

What irks me is that after YEARS of giving them my money & being a nice customer, this is how they treat me.

low end talk

Low End Talk has a bunch of immature little kids there

I went on the site to bitch about Web Hosting Talk (WHT), as I was bullied on there. When I asked the bully to stop, he wouldn’t & so I contacted Web Hosting Talk.

The WHT mod stuck up for the bully & claimed “I” (yes you heard me) was bullying the bully. When I realized this person was very disturbed, I asked him to stop contacting me. He wouldn’t stop citing it was his job.

I was furious & found Low End Talk as I saw people on there also complaining about Web Hosting Talk. I posted what happened, but also wanted help with hosting questions, providers, etc.

The next thing I know, some of the Low End Talk people (including the owner/mod) start spying on me. First they go onto WHT to find the thread & post it on my Low End Talk thread. Talk about CREEPY. Then they also stick up for the bully. Then they start bullying me. This went on for 3 days.

Then this Jarland mod who I’m sure is the owner of Low End Talk starts searching for me online. Then he proceeds to give out my full name to the entire thread, posts a link to a site that has lies in it, then calls me a troll & a scammer.

Then I created a ticket asking for someone to delete my account. Jarland responded & he refused. I asked him to delete the thread. He ignored me & closed the ticket.

See ticket

Obviously Jarland likes to play games & cause drama & spy on people & feel all powerful by holding your account hostage.

Clearly I was THE OP of the thread, there’s no other reason for him to keep the thread or my account OTHER THAN he likes to control others, & wants to cause me harm.

If anything happens to me in the next little while, we know who is responsible, as I don’t trust him or anyone else on that site. I have a strong feeling they are all black hat hackers.

Oh & the one hosting company I did contact that advertised on their site didn’t even have a phone line that rang. I tried to call it twice & each time there was no ring tone.


Young Living Complaints

Here are just SOME of my Young Living Complaints

If I were to actually write down ALL the complaints & dramas I’ve had with Young Living, I’d never have a life. This is my TRUE story & my opinion. Your opinion (if at all unbiased) may vary.

It’s finally gotten to the point today where I couldn’t take it anymore & I had to tell others how I’m feeling.

What I find SHOCKING is that no one else has complained about them. I found 2 complaints on Yelp & that was IT. This makes me VERY suspicious that a company this large has no complaints. I wonder if like other large corporations, they threaten people with legal action if they don’t take down their story. I’m not saying this is what they do, I’m just wondering out loud here.

I see lots of employees complaining about them, but NOT customers.

It’s probably because they are all distributors & any MLM distributors I’ve encountered since 1996 are always easily brainwashed & warned that if anyone says ANYTHING negative about the company, they are just jealous & you should stay CLEAR away from them.

LOL, yes, I’m jealous of a company that is TERRIBLE.

The first time I signed up with Young Living, my upline was a mean spirited person. Every time I said there was an issue with Young Living, he turned around & blamed it on my personality, that I was just complaining over nothing, etc. Again, this is the typical behavior of an MLMer.

So here is my story…

In my opinion, Young Livings customer service SUCKS & is TERRIBLE.

So to be clear, I’m not a distributor that sells, but I do have a distributor account to save the money. I love their oils. That’s the ONLY reason I continue to buy from them & I’ve tried another mom/pop company & they didn’t compare.

Because their products are SOOOOO expensive, I rarely buy them, but every time I do buy them 1-3 times per year, there’s ALWAYS a drama & it’s only gotten worse since I started buying again in 2015. That was a shipping problem & the only complaints I’ve read also pertain to shipping problems. How many years does it take for a company to fix their shipping problems???

Then in 2016 I moved overseas & thought I’d be ordering from the UK, as it’s the closest country to me. But instead, this started a 3.5 MONTH (I am NOT exaggerating) drama that had me wanting to bang my head against the wall because of the incompetence & stupidity of their staff there. I lost days, weeks & months of my precious time which adds up monetarily. I am NOT talking about losing a 5-10 minute conversation here & I’m NOT talking about calling them once a week.

Their screwups:

Everything from telling me that it was the UK, I call the UK & then I find out, no, I have to order from the US. Getting kids that can’t even think or do things properly. Then the staff doesn’t even know that they carry diffusers ONLY for oil (not water). These are people who didn’t just start there, but have been working there for a year. The girl was arguing with me that they ONLY had water diffusers. Turns out I knew MORE about YL then she did & it seems more than many of their other staff too.

I used to have 2 oil diffusers years ago, but sold them & now needed to buy a new one that would work overseas.

I learned from the first person I spoke to in the US office, that there’s a term for each type (Ultrasonic is for the water diffusers & the Atomizer is only for oil which is better) & when I called back to figure out which one to get, NO ONE knew what I was talking about & that’s both 1st level staffers AND supervisors. I never wrote the terms down the first time, because I thought they would ALL know those terms. Finally 4 people later I found someone with a brain.

Then a supervisor gives me one price for shipping, the International department gives me another. Then they tell me they have NO diffusers for 220 volts & after wasting around 2 weeks of my time & money trying to find one online, the International department “suddenly” e-mails me & tells me they DO have one. On their site it doesn’t even TELL you it’s for 110-220 volt & of course their staff is CLUELESS.

Then they don’t have the 15 ml digize product, they only have small so I couldn’t order right away.

Then I wait a couple of weeks, I order, & they don’t ship out my order until TWO WEEKS LATER. Can you believe that????

Then when FedEx comes to my door, I find out that they put the FREE items on the duty declaration waybill so I have to pay for duty on everything I DIDN’T pay for. That’s the free items I got for free because of my large order, & the free oils a manager gave me because of their screw-up with shipping out 2 weeks after I ordered.

Then they say ONLY the International department can handle this & they hardly EVER call or e-mail me back. Sometimes I get a response, other times I don’t.

Every day or other day I’m calling & waiting around on hold, getting angrier & angrier. I was trying to be patient, but I WANTED my items I paid over $300 for.

FINALLY after 4-6 days of talking to countless people & me raising my voice, they decided to take care of the duty for me & reimburse me. They had wanted to give me a credit & I said NO WAY. I’m not losing $150 of my money on a credit. Who knows when I will order again.

Then tonight about 2 months after that drama I call again to order thinking this time it will be a breeze because I want the items shipped within the US because someone is flying back & will bringing the items for me.

I get this kid on the phone who makes mistake after mistake & can’t even tell me what blend is for headaches. I say something & he can’t remember what I said from one minute to the next.
That happened around 4 times.

AGAIN they don’t have the digeze 15 ml.

FINALLY I’m soooo furious when I find out he doesn’t know what c/o stands for.

How can you hire someone who deals with shipping tasks day in & day out & NOT train them what c/o stands for? I myself never worked for such a company & I KNEW what c/o stands for when I was 18. I learned that fairly quickly while working as a receptions & dealing with only some mail tasks.

I ask for a manager & THAT manager ALSO doesn’t know what c/o stands for. Grrrrr

The LAST straw after wasting 20 minutes of my time was when the manager said we can’t even take your order because you are International. Of course this is NOT true, the last 2 times I was ready to order & had them compile the items into my account to prepare plus the day I did order it was through US sales. Then the time the supervisor gave me the free oils it was thru US sales.

After he started telling me to calm down twice, I hung up the phone on him & remember someone on Amazon had recommended Planet Therapy.

OMG, Planet Therpay’s staff is sharp, they have comment sense, the questions were answered quickly & both times I called, I felt heard, understood & even their shipping overseas was VERY reasonable (I couldn’t ship stateside because it wouldn’t get to the address in time.) I’m PRAYING their oils are as good or better than Young Living’s because I can NOT STAND Young Living & I have to get away from them because they drive me INSANE.

They are one of the stupidest companies I’ve EVER come across. The amount of mistakes they make & the lack of common sense & just knowing the basic facts about anything astonishes me. And I am NOT talking about one or two people here, I’m talking I MAYBE get one person with a brain out of every 10-15.

One of the most common complaints I read from their ex employees is that the company is VERY disorganized.

I just don’t get how a company can make THAT much money & be sooo inept.

End of Rant



Securamerica in Downtown Boston

Basically, I worked at a Union site for Securamerica in Downtown Boston, was at the site 12 years, 3 for Securamerica. I had an excellent work history ,never late in 12 years, did not take a sick day in 2 and a half years, and was well like by the building tenants and visitors and never was disciplined, yet in May of last year, the boss Robert Taylor, asked to see me at their office. When i got there, he stated ,the Building management wanted me removed from that site, I asked reason, and he just stated my job was being eliminated and a new job was created and they felt i was not a good fit, yet they gave to a kid with less than 1 year experience. Mr. Taylor stated he did not need to show any proof, whch i know he was lying, because i worked for the client before Securamerica got the contract in 2012, and never had any issues. Mr. Taylor told me to collect unemployement while they would try to locate another site, There were several problem employees, who were late every day and were suspended and had mutiple displinary write ups, yet they were not removed and are still there. I waited several months and filed a grievance and during this whole ordeal, they ruined me financially as i was in limbo for several months and could not apply for other jobs or i would lose my grievance. This caused me to get in debt, thousands of dollars ,because unemployment was small and i had to charge everything for 10 months. Also , my bank accounts were wiped out and they did nothing to help. They just tossed my out for no legitimate reason. Also,Securamerica is owned by a Mr. Frank Argenbright, whom was running security in the airports until 2001 ,when he lost his license, he hired convicts and embezzled millions of dollars. I want this story told because i did nothing wrong but treated like a criminal .


John C.

Bookkeeping Company in Las Vegas

Here is my brief horrific experience with this bookkeeping company in Las Vegas

So I see this ad online on Craig’s List for bookkeepers, Accountants, etc. I should have paid more attention to the ad, because I now realize there was no company name, no website, etc.

I call the number, & a guy picks up & we start to talk. He said they don’t have a per hour rate & I said that’s too bad, because I need to know if you are within my budget. He said we have a monthly small business plan for $149 (think that was the amount) & you can get upto 5 hours per month. So I took out the calculator & figured out what the hourly rate was based on me using the maximum amount of hours. He didn’t understand what I meant when I said so that would be $29.80 if I used the full 5 hours. I was shocked that he didn’t know what I was saying, OR what the hourly rate worked out to be & he’s in the math business. I said, “you don’t know what your hourly rate is?” He claimed he didn’t hear me. Okay fine, maybe my phone was breaking up.

Then I proceed to tell him my situation, that I have years of books that need to be done, how long it used to take, etc. & that I haven’t filed since around 2010. When he asked me how many months I think I have I was FLOORED. I said didn’t you hear me, I said years not months. He starts telling me (get this), “guess what, in a year is 12 months.” I’m like OMG, this guy expects me to tell him how many months I have instead of him doing the math himself based on how many years there are? How stupid can you be.

That’s when he starts raising his voice calling me a fucking bitch & I don’t want your business & I hung up the phone on him.

I’m telling you this story so you can see how stupid this guy is & how he treats people. Was I condescending, sure maybe I was because the questions coming out of his mouth were idiotic, but I certainly never swore at him. Thank gawd he was stupid & showed his intelligence level within the 3 minutes on the phone, because otherwise I may have hired them & my books would have been in shambles.

All I have is their 702-857-8073


Complaint about Tyler Hutchinson


My Complaint about Tyler Hutchinson


Tyler Hutchinson
CEO Full Circle Business Consulting
[email protected]
Villanova University
Durham High school
University of Phoenix Online
Lives in Chico, California

I really really get pissed when people online pretend to be professional & then just disappear. ESPECIALLY when they convince me they want to do business with me & then disappear WITH my business plan.

While Tyler did sign an NDA, I WILL go after him in court if he uses any of my business information & I’m writing this post because I feel other businesses should be aware of what Tyler did.

I placed an ad on LinkedIn in one of the marketing groups looking for a really good business consultant who has online marketing experience so we can partner up & offer products & services to my industry.

Tyler Hutchinson responded, we e-mailed a few times & then had a meeting on the phone. He told me he really wanted to help me & my clients & made suggestions on how it would work.

He then told me that in 3 days he was going out of town on business for a week, but he would sign my NDA the next day & after I sent him my business plan plus other paperwork, he would get back to me towards the end of the following week. He would review them on the plane & while he was gone.

I always kick myself when the warning signs are there. He didn’t get me the NDA for 2 days claiming he had problems with his scanner. I had to keep pushing him to find out what was going one.

So the entire week passed & I didn’t e-mail him because I wanted to see if this time he would e-mail me around Thursday or Friday like he said he would.

Well you guessed it, he DIDN’T contact me.

It’s now Wednesday & not a word from him & he knows that this is one of my issues with people, is that they DON’T do as they say they will when they say they will do it or they disappear altogether.

Fine, so he’s not the business consultant I thought he was, but what really gets me is that he has my PRIVATE information.



Review of Level One Network

Here is my Review of Level One Network
Joel Acosta

So I happened across a guy on Fiverr called Jacque T. Morris from Atlanta, Georgia. He claimed he was a business consultant. Being the trusting person I am, I hired him to help me with a perplexing business issue I was having. He kept saying he wanted to help me & this was a foreshadowing of the “help” he was going to give me. Help in MLM is code for “sell the person everything under the sun so you can make money off of them.”

The next thing I knew, he was explaining an SEO plan called Level One Network where he said it was guaranteed to get my sites onto page one of Google.

Being the skeptical person I am because I know how SEO works, I listened to his presentation & looked into it a bit more. I decided to sign up to see if it would help. If it did, then of course I would start to sell it to others as Jacque Morris was doing.

It took me a couple of months before I decided to sign up to the program & unfortunately it didn’t work for me, so I lost the money (around $200-250) & time (at least 15-20 hours) because I had many articles written as well. I’m not saying the software doesn’t work, as I just didn’t have the time or money to get all these articles up & running as I had other things on my plate. Then again I’m not saying it does work either.

One thing I will tell you is that when I canceled & I wanted One Level Network to take down the articles I had put up, they ignored me & when I reached out to the Level One Facebook group, I was ignored there too, so I couldn’t even use the articles for anything else. It was all one HUGE waste of my money & time.

Prior to signing up, I had confirmed with Jacque that he would help me with the program because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to watch TONS of videos & read tons of articles to figure it out. I knew it would be a lot faster if Jacque gave me the condensed version & then if I really started to see results, then I’d put other things aside to concentrate on Level One.

At first Jacque helped me during one meeting, but then after that he had a problem helping me again. He wanted me to read/watch everything on my own which I agree is something I could have done if I had the time, but I didn’t & I as I stated, I had told Jacque this before even signing up. Had he said that he expected me to watch all of the videos which were 1-2 hours each, I wouldn’t have signed up.

Because I understood Jacque’s point of view, I did get my article writer to watch the videos & take notes & she gave the videos bad reviews. She said the guy just talked around in circles & said the same thing over & over again & there was no real content that she could even pull from them. The notes she took were so flimsy, I couldn’t believe this is what I had paid for.

I thought the problem was with just one video, but when she had the same complaint about all 5 videos I had her review, it was one of the deciding factors of why I decided to stop the program.

Around this time I also started to figure out that Jacque was one of those “smooth talker” types that I really dislike.

Then I had problems with the customer service at Level One Network. The person who responded (no name) was curt & condescending & clearly didn’t want to help if he didn’t have to.

There were some coding issues with the site as well, plus I asked for clarity about the billing cycle as it wasn’t clear to me & again I was talked down to because I didn’t understand what was written there. This happened at least 2-3 times, so it wasn’t the person just having a bad day.

During one of our last Skype meetings when Jacque started to put me down because I didn’t live up to his expectations of being happy & stress free every day, I started to get pissed. This happened more then once, also when we IMed on Skype. I told him I don’t appreciate being talked down to in that manner, but Jacque just couldn’t stop. In fact my review of Jacque & this company had been in draft mode on this site as I had forgotten to finish it, but out of the blue, tonight on October 21, 2014, almost a year after the last time we spoke Jacque IMs me on Skype.

He asks me how I am & says there’s no hard feelings. I did NOT want to talk to Jacque, as I didn’t like him as a person, nor did I trust him after how he treated me.

PLUS two times after he signed me up with Level One Network, he tried to convince me to buy MORE programs from him. Once was only weeks after I started this Level One program when he knew I was struggling with that & he knew I had no more money, & the second time was after we had already parted ways after another fight. He couldn’t even remember who I was, all he cared about was SELLING!

Tonight when I told Jacque I see no reason to talk as we had problems before & I wished him all the best, he AGAIN put me down saying it’s all because of me & my attitude & mindset & then he laughed as if what he just said was a joke.

He then proceeded to tell me that so long as I’m on his Skype list, he WILL contact me from time to time.

Wow, so Jacque refuses to take “no” for an answer.

I told him DO NOT contact me ever again & this time I blocked him.

There you have my story.



Word Banter Forum

So it turns out that the Word Banter from is run by abusive control freaks

All was fine until one day I posted about a problem I was having with word & the person who responded turned out to be an ass & yet he was also the moderator. Honestly I can’t remember what happened, as it was almost a month ago, but all I remember is that he PMed me too & was abusive there too, so I spoke my mind. I’m known for having a sharp tongue when people are abusive.

I’ve now been banned for speaking my mind.

I guess the people at Word Banter feel they are like the police. If you stick up for yourself you are banned. They weren’t even mature enough to tell me why I was banned.

Just thought you should know in case you decide to get advice from that Microsoft type forum.



Relay Rides is Terrible

Relay Rides
Owner – Andre Haddad

So here is my review of Relay Rides.

I had problem with them from the getgo, but because I needed to rent a car, I overlooked the warning signs that this company does NOT know what it’s doing.

First I had problems signing up & getting my account set up. Fine, eventually it was sorted out, but it wasn’t easy.

Second, I had to complain about their inept messaging system on their site (if you want to call it that). You message a car owner & there’s no thread so you can’t read the message on their site or in your e-mails. You have to try & remember what was said before. This is terrible because you will need proof later on that the car owner said this or that otherwise Relay Rides can blame you.

I spent 2 weeks planning for this car rental as I had a lot of errands to do. I dealt with a car owner named Andrey. He was very nice & tried to get me a car for the $25. I had read somewhere that Relay Rides provides insurance, so I ignorantly thought the ONLY price I was going to pay was $25/day.

Andrey told me he would provide me with pickup & drop off if I took 3 days. I agreed.

Andrey said he had rented out the car he mentioned to me the week before, so he was going to give me a Jag. Boy was I excited thinking I was going to get a GREAT car. He told me to rent from the profile for his mini van for $28/day & he would just give me the Jag & the $10 back.

I go to pay for the car & suddenly there’s additional fees I have to pay. The total came to $126 which is not anywhere CLOSE to being $84. Later on when I told Andrey that the renter has to pay too (it looked like 10% to me), he had no idea of this & he told me to contact Relay Rides. When I did, they suddenly told me that it was for:

  • includes 24/7 emergency roadside assistance
  • state minimum liability insurance
  • member services costs
  • the cost of the transaction

I ALSO had to pay insurance, because it was clear anything that was included in the fee wasn’t going to cut it if someone hit me.

Considering I was NEVER told these details anywhere during any of my steps along the way & Andrey who’s been at this way longer than me didn’t know this either, it’s clear that Relay Rides either hides this information until after the fact, or they just don’t know how to run a business which means DISCLOSING this information to the renters. In fact Lauren (the manager I ended up dealing with) seemed shocked that I somehow didn’t know all of this as if it was out there in the open.

Not once did I get an e-mail after I registered explaining this to me. I don’t even remember seeing it on the site when I went to click on the car. How come the owners of the cars didn’t know this. Andrey thought his 25-30% is the only charge Relay Ride charges.

I wouldn’t have had a problem paying this had I known in advance, but like several HUGE mistakes Relay Rides made, this wasn’t mentioned to me.

My experience with the car:

The car was horrific. It was dangerous, problem after problem with this car & I don’t mean small things, I mean the car wouldn’t start, the key wouldn’t come out of the ignition, it took a second key to unlock the door, the gas gauge would fluctuate back & forth between 3/4 of a tank to empty & even the empty light came on. The AC didn’t work in a very hot climate & blew hot air & then I couldn’t shut it off. The cigarette lighter didn’t work & I got lost because my Garmin went dead, the windshield fluid didn’t work on the driver’s side & neither did the wipers, so I had problems seeing.

It took at least 6-8 hours of my precious time which meant for me lost work, to deal with waiting for the car to be fixed or the owner to come deal with it.

The owner was an hour + late to drop off the car for me. When I dropped off the car at the end, he wasn’t even at the used car lot. Had one of his employees not showed up, I would still have been waiting there for him. Turns out he owns a used car lot & so it was obvious to me that I was given the worst car he had. Even the Saab he was going to give me on the second day to replace the Jag started smoking underneath the hood which is why he wouldn’t let me have it in the end.

This Jag would NOT have passed certification had it needed to be certified. In fact the 2nd time the car wouldn’t start it was finally a dead battery. I told him there were problems with it & a bad electrical smell. He blamed it on the Saab. The engine light was on the entire time as well.

Owner didn’t adhere to his promise to drop me off at the end.

I did NOT tell Relay Ride all that was going on because Andrey tried to make it up to me by telling me he would give me 50% off, give me an extra day, he drove me to my appointment on the 2nd to last day, etc., but when he decided he would go back on his word & NOT drive me home forcing me to waste 2 hours of my time taking a bus, any loyalty I had towards him went out the window. He was upset because I had said something to Relay Rides. At the time I had not even gone into ALL the details of what happened as I was protecting him.

Andrey also lied to Relay Rides telling them I was late to drop off the car when he had promised me an extra day for all the issues. He knew damm well I had the car & when it was due back.

While the owner was initially nice, he didn’t have another car to give me that actually worked. I had appointments & errands I planned for during this rental & I missed 2 of them plus I was stressed non-stop throughout the duration. This is NOT what I signed up for with Relay Rides.

My experience with Relay Rides:

I wasted tons of my time talking to Relay Rides either on the phone (an hour) or e-mailing with them (around 2-2 1/2 hours). Initially I thought they had my back, but I lost ALL respect for Relay Rides when they refused to take ANY responsibility for their part in all of this.

The only reason they even knew what was going on, was because I mentioned something one night when I was really upset about the car issues. They wanted me to cancel ALL my appointments & return the car saying if anything happens to the car I’m responsible. This got me upset. The car was already in bad shape & they are going to try & pin problems with the car ON ME???

I refused to return the car because I had things to do. I wasn’t planning on driving it across the country, I just needed to get from point A to point B. If they had said they would get me another car (even if it was a day or two later from another car owner), I would have done what they asked, but they didn’t offer. In fact they said it wasn’t their responsibility to find me another car.

I was FURIOUS that they screen the drivers no problem, but when it comes to screening the owner’s cars to ensure they actually work, they FAILED!

On the phone I was told I was responsible for knowing things I couldn’t have known because Relay Rides FAILED to tell me this. Things like:

  1. If the car is switched by the owner, I have to call Relay Rides right away.
  2. If the owner gives me a free extra day because of all the problem, I have to pay.
  3. If there are problems with the car I should contact them immediately. I thought I had to deal with the owner.

Amazingly Relay Rides stated they will STILL pay the owner even for the extra day & when it came time to give me something for all my troubles, Lauren said she wasn’t making me pay for that extra day. I was NOT going to pay for that extra day anyway. How dare they tell me I have to pay. I didn’t even get to use the car on that day because I suddenly got awoken from my sleep by calls from her & the car owner asking me when I’m returning it as Relay Rides thought I was late by a day & Andrey feigned ignorance.

In order to ensure I wasn’t accused of stealing the stupid thing, I returned it & never even used the car that last day yet Relay Rides was STILL going to pay the owner even though the extra day wasn’t even registered through their site. That doesn’t even make logical sense. You are going to charge the renter an additional day even though it didn’t go through the system, & you are going to pay the owner even though he allowed this extra day with no proof in the system.

My first question that they never did answer was WHY they were paying this guy ANYTHING for the car rental when the car he provided was in such terrible shape. Why is there NO clause in their contracts stating that if the car is terrible & they don’t provide a backup to the car renter, that they don’t get paid even if the car renter paid.

So they will charge the car renter, but the car owner gets away with murder AND still gets paid for a fourth day????


When I wrote back to Lauren telling her that I feel Relay Rides is 50% responsible for everything that went down because they FAILED to tell me any of this, she ignored me, & I just found out she locked my account so even if I wanted to rent another car I can’t. So this is how they treated me. Nice in the e-mails & on the phone pretending to have my back as a car renter, then they lock my account for no reason at all. I certainly didn’t do anything wrong, I was the one who was WRONGED HERE.

I wasn’t even going to write up this complaint about Relay Rides, but now because of how I was treated & Relay Ride’s obvious incompetency & how they let the car owner get away with everything, I feel the public should know. They say that the car owner’s profile is blocked, but I still see his cars on their site & when I went to go leave a review, I was blocked from doing so.

They claim they are a family oriented business. That may be true, but they do NOT know how to run their business & if this is how they treat family, my gawd, how do they treat their enemies?

I had a terrible frightening experience AND all I got back for all my trouble was $26. Actually make it $16 because I had to put $10 of gas into the car because of the gas gauge problems. I was sooo scared I was going to break down in the middle of nowhere without gas in the car. I knew the car still had gas, but because the gauge was broken, I could never be sure.



Complaint about Web Focus LLC

This is my complaint about Web Focus LLC

Nelson Algarin Jr
Sales Director
Web Focus LLC
Toll Free: (888) 873-0288
Direct: (203) 651-9909
Fax: (888) 758-7226
[email protected]

Web Focus LLC has a gig on & their handle is mrsullivan247

They claim they will do 10 telemarketing calls for one gig.

I sent the guy who claims to be Brian, my e-mail address so I could talk to him to see how he handles himself on the phone.

The next thing I know I’m getting Nelson e-mailing me. He does a sales pitch on me saying that his team can make 40 calls in one hour for $15. I did not want to go through his company, I wanted to go through Fiverr to see how things worked out.

He refused to go through Fiverr saying that on Fiverr the quality of the service would be crap. I was shocked at what he said & asked, “Isn’t Brian from your company?” He then stated he made a mistake, that all the other telemarketers on Fiverr were crap.

When I told him I wanted to start off on Fiverr as I never initially go outside of Fiverr for payment, he refused.

When I told him I would report him if he didn’t take down his gig since clearly he has no intentions of honoring the gig, he threatened reporting me that I gave out my e-mail address.

I feel that Nelson Algarin Jr from Web Focus LLC is a scammer. I get that he would want to branch out to get more business after dealing with Fiverr once or twice, but to REFUSE to provide the service at all shows me his character, & then to threaten me speaks volumes.

Order from Web Focus at your own risk.



Click Intelligence is unethical

I just had an interview with James Owen from Click Intelligence & I feel Click Intelligence is unethical


Skype – jamesowen.seo

So this James Owen character puts out a hiring ad on Elance looking for someone to approach blogs for guest blogging. I wasted 15 minutes of my time typing up a great bid as I have a lot of experience in this area.

The hiring ad that James wrote up clearly showed he demanded excellence & that people prove to him that they read his hiring ad & could follow instructions.

The next thing I know, he’s contacting me on Elance & asking me to add him to his Skype which I do almost immediately.

It was very late by me as he’s in the UK & I’m in North American time, but I stayed up almost an  hour to interview with him. It doesn’t take a lot of brains to know that I’m up late & I even told him I was tired.

It first took him a long time to write up anything on Skype, so I wait patiently. Then when he did start writing, I could tell right away he didn’t read a word I wrote in my bid. At first I thought he was just testing me, but after asking his second & third question which I had ALREADY answered in my bid, I started to lose respect for the guy, but I plowed ahead.

Then he starts talking about the pay & after 2 words came out of his mouth, I knew there was going to be a problem. I had already bid $18/hour.

I DO expect all clients to respect an independent contractor’s time enough to:

a) read their bid/proposal
b) read what they want per hour & not try to do an end run at the 11th hour

And this guy expects US to read his hiring ad, but then he has the nerve to NOT read what I had to say???

The next thing I know, he’s telling me that the way they normally pay is by the blog post. They will pay $10 per finalized post because they give me all the content & sites. I’m like WTH????

I bid per hour & this is your business & you are making it seem like you are doing me a favor? Do you think I’m stupid?

You expect me to work for free until I get you results??? I didn’t say that, but that’s what I was thinking.

So I told him I’m NOT interested in that & the next thing I know, I’m talking to the wall. James Owen from Click Intelligence has disappeared.

I’m furious  now.

Then 5 minutes later he comes back & tries to tell me he will give me $30 per post. I started giving him a piece of my mind. I said, “why didn’t you just say this in the hiring ad so I could make an informed decision if I wanted to go that route?” “I spent a lot of time on my bid & I stayed up just for you & your interview.”

You know what James does next???

He signs off & blocks or removes me from his Skype list.


If you are thinking about getting any kind of SEO services from this company, just look at how they treat people they are trying to hire.

Hire at your own risk. Unethical people are unethical across the board!



Complaints about Vitacost

Here are My Complaints About Vitacost

Complaint about VitacostI have several complaints about Vitacost, but overall they are the best for online holistic, all natural products. Their customer service is much better now in 2016/2017 than it was back when I first posted this, although I have gotten one manager there who still gives me attitude whenever I speak to him.

I think it’s because Kroeger bought them out.

They do have the best prices, and they send out lots of coupon or promo codes, BUT I’ve had complaints about Vitacost almost every time I contact support. Only once or twice I don’t remember having some sort of issue with them.

Here are my complaints about Vitacost:

  1. I get misinformation from first level staff.
  2. When I get a supervisor, only one seemed sincerely apologetic for what I encountered. The rest seem like, “oh well, how can I help you.” No apology, no deep sincerity in their voice, etc.
  3. Yesterday I typed in my e-mail address to their live chat and then the girl asks me again for my e-mail address. I told her I already typed it in, she said it never showed up. I HATE having to redo things because a company can’t get it right the first time. It’s not just Vitacost, there are many companies that require your account number or phone number punched into their IVR, you get a live human and then they ask you to give it to them all over again. It’s a HUGE problem across the board, but I’m only talking about Vitacost now, not other companies.
  4. After I got off of live chat with Crystal S., I phoned because I wasn’t going to waste my time. The girl I spoke to tried to blame me for the live chat issues saying something like, “no one else has complained, you are the ONLY person, maybe there’s something wrong with your computer.”

    LOL, nothing will piss me off MORE than a company trying to blame me for their ineptness.

  5. I asked to speak to a manager and I got Will. Will is so so.

    Will’s basic attitude, in my opinion, is that he doesn’t care about the problems with the Live Chat or the problems I had with girl who transferred me to him, he just wants to get down to why I called in the first place.

    While he did apologize, I had to pull the apology out of him.

    Another problem with a lot of companies these days, is the staff doesn’t care about fixing problems. Let’s just sweep them under the rug and ignore them so the next customer also has to suffer.

  6. Then I give him my e-mail address and he can’t find me in the system LOL Ok, this is really starting to get on my nerves, nothing seems to ever go right with Vitacost. I remember the very first time I tried to order from them, I couldn’t. Their site wouldn’t work. Turns out they couldn’t handle the load from all their customers, so I wasted hours and days of my time trying to access their site every 20-30 minutes. It would start to work, then stop working. I also remember trying to call and being on hold for almost an hour or longer.
  7. Once Will found me in the system via my last name and zip code, I had to make him log out and figure out why he couldn’t find me via my e-mail address. Turns out their search query is case sensitive and he had been using a capped “M” for my e-mail address when I guess they entered it in as lower case. While case sensitive matters for things like passwords, you should NOT use that for a simple e-mail address. This tells me they hired terrible programmers to do their website.
  8. Then after asking, Will tells me he can’t e-mail me my tracking number. He says I should have gotten an e-mail when it shipped out earlier that day, but of course I didn’t receive any e-mail.
  9. Then I started discussing candles with him. He was getting one set of candle search results and I was getting less results in my search query. This went on for several minutes while he tried to suggest it was my browser. He didn’t want to stay on the phone with me and figure out the problem (SMART), but I insisted we get to the bottom of it. My gawd, it was like pulling teeth.

    Turns out HE was the problem. He had something added to his search results so it showed more items than mine.

    Then after talking to him for a minute trying to tell him that candles were missing from the search results, I figured out he isn’t knowledgeable at all when it comes to how search queries work.

    So, I was getting very frustrated. He couldn’t think logically and I had to repeat myself over and over again since what he was saying made no sense. His pat answer that he kept repeating to me was getting me pissed.

    Companies these days will promote ANYONE to a supervisor!

    What happened was yesterday I had searched for soy candles and a slew of results showed up. Today when I just searched for just the word “candles,” NONE of yesterday’s search results showed up. He kept saying their search is very sensitive LOL. It’s not sensitive, whoever coded it doesn’t know what the hell they are doing.

    Obviously if you search a broad range of something it should include the same results as the narrower search if it has the same keyword.

    Not once did he seem upset by the problems or say he would talk to his engineering or development team about it. I had to tell him that it sounds like you don’t care about fixing the problem. That’s when he said yeh, I’ll send it over, but based on his tone, it was clear he didn’t care at all. Oh and he also told me they always have problems with their site. LOL OF COURSE YOU DO, because you hired some idiot to code your application, and you aren’t smart enough to figure out that you have to fire him and start over from scratch.

    I also had to point out that it’s not only frustrating me because I can’t find what I’m searching for even though I found it yesterday, BUT they are losing money. Obviously if items are not being displayed to a potential customer, they will buy less. That’s only logical, but it takes people with brains to figure this out.

    I’ve pretty well come to the conclusion that the people over there at Vitacost aren’t very smart, so the owner must not be. It’s a known fact that if the staff are mean, or unintelligent, so is the owner.

    Employers always hire people just like them.

    A smart person who cares about more than just money, won’t hire people who don’t care about their company and just tries to get the customer off the phone whenever there’s a problem. I’ve had this same feeling every time I’ve called Vitacost with the exception of one manager who I assume doesn’t even work there anymore. High quality workers won’t stay at a company that is totally mismanaged and doesn’t care.

    And when searching for information on Vitacost, I saw how the employees rated their CEO Jeff Horowitz. He got around a 6/10. I guess their employees also have complaints about Vitacost. Complaints about Vitacost

Based on all of my complaints about Vitacost, I feel the reason they are still around is clearly because of their low prices and coupons, NOT because they are a well-run company. I’m sure they’ve lost tons of customers who would rather pay a little bit more and get quality service and not have their time being wasted by incompetence.

Later last night after I wrote the majority of this post, guess what arrived in my inbox??? The tracking e-mail and proof of my order. The one Will said had already gone out at least 8-10 hours earlier, the one he couldn’t have their system send to me again.

Now I have to call and find out why there’s 2 tracking numbers. I was told there was only ONE package. I won’t be happy if there are two, as it will cost me more in the end.



When reviewing other complaint sites, I found that others who also have complaints about Vitacost, and they usually revolve around their staff which is exactly what MY issue is.

Crash Plan Complaint

Here is my Crash Plan Complaint

So I’ve been using Crash Plan for a while  now & I recently lost my computer & relied HEAVILY on Crash Plan to restore the files I needed.

It turns out that 2 days before the computer died, Crash Plan had STOPPED backing up my computer, so my files weren’t up-to-date.

They said they couldn’t help me figure it out until I got the logs to them, so I had to wait until I got the new computer so I could get them from the old hard drive. Even once I got them to them, they had no clue why it stopped backing up. All they did was tell me there should have been a notice that went out telling me it hadn’t backed up. Of course they weren’t smart enough to realize that a 3 day notice does you NO good if you’ve lost 2 days of work & then you lose your computer. I figured that out on my own.

Here are things I’ve noticed about Crash Plan that now has me distrusting them (not that I started this post while I was waiting to speak to someone, so this post could have gone in a totally different direction had they had smart caring people working at Crash Plan):

  1. When I put Crash Plan on my laptop while I was waiting for my new desktop to arrive, the guy who was helping me NEVER EVER mentioned I would be charged twice. CLEARLY my old computer was dead, but because he didn’t tell me to deactivate that computer before putting it on the laptop, I was charged twice.

    While they credited me back, they made me out to be the problem instead of them taking responsibility for their poor level of tech support. I don’t read minds, I don’t work at Crash Plan, it’s THEIR job to use their heads & tell me this is the situation.

  2. I also found out that they don’t support people outside North America, AUS & of course NZ. Like what????

    I’ve been with Crash Plan now for clearly 3-4 years, & I moved 2+ years ago outside the country. Now all of a sudden I have to jump through hoops just to get Crash Plan on my computer because their site blocks me from downloading it.

    In fact they were soooo stupid, they didn’t even come up with the idea to give me a zipped link that I could download Crash Plan from. Someone I know came up with that idea.

    When I got the new computer I had to get someone from Crash Plan to do that. It’s like I have to tell THEM how to run their business. I HATE THAT.

  3. Once I got the Crash Plan hooked up to my new computer, it said it was going to take 90 DAYS to backup. The person I was dealing with before, Melissa, suddenly stopped responding to my ticket & I got Jesse who took over.

    I uninstalled & reinstalled Crash  Plan as per her instructions, but that didn’t solve the problem.

    Even though Jesse KNEW I wanted someone to call me & deal with this issue, not ONCE did she call me. They had server or computer issues one day, so I understand that, but even days after that I never heard from her.

    Every time she responded to my ticket, it was like ring around the rosy. I even asked to speak to a manager & not ONCE did I get a manager. 2 weeks have gone by since I said I wanted someone to come onto my computer & fix this problem.

    STILL NOTHING. She would respond to the ticket, ask me if there’s anything she can help me with & then I’d continue to ask for someone to call me. It’s like she was staling.

  4. I finally called tonight realizing they would be closing in 15 minutes. My responsibility is that I had completely forgot about them. That was my error.

    I was on hold & told I was the next in line, but no one came on. Then when I heard the line click over, I was back in que again.

    Once before I had been talking to a manager via a ticket & there was something I needed someone live for, so I called to speak to the manager. I was on hold for so long that they closed while I was on hold. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Even after I complained in the ticket (I even wrote her while I was on hold), she robotically stated that they close at such & such a time. THAT’S NOT THE POINT. The point is, if I called in before 7 pm, I should have spoken to someone BEFORE they closed the lines.

    They also have a VERY VERY long IVR greeting that tells people in AUS & NZ where to call. Jesus Christ, how many people from AUS call a US number???

    All of this takes time before I can even click on any extension to get a REAL live human being.

    So I called back & AMAZINGLY GOT SOMEONE. Her name was Jaden. I asked to speak to a manager & she put me BACK IN QUE. By now I was BOILING!!!!

    Then Marcus comes on the line & he was a TOTAL PRICK.

    First he doesn’t say anything after I finished telling him the story about how no one has called me & it’s been 2 weeks. I admit I was angry. He clearly has no idea how to deal with a customer who’s upset. I say, “hello?” I thought he hung up on me. He tells me he doesn’t know what to say.

    LOL, just precious.

    Then after I tell him I’m writing up a post about Crash Plain, he says he doesn’t care that I’m writing it up.

    Okay CRASH PLAN, you don’t care that I’m about to give you a negative review????


    Then he has the nerve to tell me I DIDN’T even give him my name or the ticket number. WELL IDIOT, YOU NEVER ASKED FOR IT.

    Then he starts reading the ticket trying to make ME out to be the problem instead of JESSE & insinuates they did call me when they didn’t. He says, “I didn’t respond to her last ticket from 2 days ago.”

    What’s to respond to??? She hasn’t called me AGAIN.

    Then I said maybe you should read the entire ticket first because all he was doing was reading things out of context.

    He said, “that’s what I’m doing & all YOU are doing is calling up & yelling at us.” Oh my gawd, this guy clearly does NOT know how to deal with customers. I said Crash Plan treats me like crap & this is how you talk to me???

    He repeatedly (about 4 times) kept asking how they treated me like crap while I kept asking to speak to a manager. This went on & on while I realized I was dealing with a little child. You can’t argue with children, they aren’t mature enough.

    After he tells me there are no managers around until Monday, I just hung up the phone.

I will be looking for a replacement to Crash Plan. It doesn’t work & they even admitted they had a problem with it not backing up with there aren’t fast download speeds, & now this.

I am pretty sure my content is NOT safe!

I’m not sure if I’ll call back on Monday to speak to a manager. It’s clear that no one over there knows how to deal with me even when I’m not angry & it sounds like the managers don’t care either. They have always been very cold & aloof. I didn’t care before because I only talk to them once in a blue moon, but now that my data is in jeopardy, I DO CARE.

Order at your own risk!



Complaint about

This is my Complaint About

Complaint about Just AnswerThis is long complaint about, but if you like a good drama that’s NOT fiction, then read on…

Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States
CEO: Andy Kurtzig (2003–)
Founder: Andy Kurtzig
Founded: 2003

I’m still trying to calm down after the TERRIBLE experience I had last night with one of Just Answer’s “so called” EXPERTS.

To give you a bit of my background, I’ve been dealing with computers since 1984, been online since 1998 and started learning more about computers around the last 5 years.

I don’t call myself a GEEK by any stretch, but I’m definitely NOT a newbie.

I had been having problems with my desktop, and in the last several months, I have hired several geeks to try and get to the bottom of the issues.

In the end, a fairly good geek told me that he just felt my computer wasn’t fast enough. I didn’t have enough memory and I needed Windows 7 instead of XP. You can’t use more memory when you are on XP.

Anyway, I was going to upgrade to Windows 7 and get more memory, when my computer was struck by lightning and then I had no choice but to get a brand new computer.

I got a VERY fast computer with TONS of memory. Now the question was getting someone to help me get it back to the way it was before.

I had to use a laptop during the 3 weeks it took me to get the new computer, and I use Thunderbird (an e-mail client), so I had to somehow merge the old mail from the old desktop with the mail from the laptop and put it on the NEW computer.

I had no one to help me, so I started searching online for experts in Thunderbird.

Just Answer’s website – showed up on the first page.

I read over their site and was surprised, but happy, to see that they screen their experts HEAVILY to make sure they know what they are talking about.

They had a 7 day free trial period, so I decided to try them out.

I asked a few questions about many different topics, and was immediately impressed by the hard work one expert did regarding another matter.

As my questions were answered, I realized that some of Just Answer’s experts would just shoot me a quick answer, while others really cared to help, and took their time answering ALL of my questions.

When it came to the Thunderbird issues I couldn’t wait for someone to answer me because I had to work, and I can NOT work without my Thunderbird, so I found instructions online on how to get the profile from the old hard drive over to the new one.

With the help of a friend, we did it ourselves, and it WORKED!!!

But as the week went on, I was having problems with:

  1. I had issues on the other computer with folders being duplicated, and those folders (and other that weren’t duplicated) were showing up with strange characters in them. That only happened on a few folders. On the new computer I saw a LOT more of this happening and I started to get very concerned.
  2. Sometimes when I would go to create a sub folder, Thunderbird would tell me that the folder already existed when it didn’t. This, of course, was a HUGE problem because I needed to work.
  3. When I would remove the characters and try to type in what was there before, Thunderbird would also tell me the folder already existed, when it didn’t.
  4. I wasn’t able to figure out how to get the mail from the laptop onto my desktop without overriding what was already there.

So one of the so called experts – Chris – said to use an import export add-on, and I did try to use it after he showed me how to use it. For the most part it did work, but I think after my laptop died, it deleted a lot of e-mails.

I finally gave up on trying to figure out where those missing e-mails were, as it was wasting my time. I went and updated my question to say I now ONLY cared now about the characters, duplicate folders and the fact that I couldn’t create sub folders in certain areas.

Chris tried to help me again, but I knew that he wouldn’t be able to solve the problem, as I could already tell he was limited in what he knew.

When he worked on my computer twice, he had at least the decency to admit he didn’t know something, and he exited my computer. I also noticed that he just couldn’t understand me when I talked. I’d explain the situation a couple of times, and it would go right over his head.

Jason from Just AnswersThe moderator was trying to find me another “EXPERT” regarding those Thunderbird (TB) issues, when Jason (picture to the left) came onto the scene saying HE could help. On 05-20-17 I found his profile STILL on Clearly Just Answer doesn’t care about what happened to me and my computer.

It took a few days to sync up our schedules, but last night (Saturday, August 3, 2013) he said he was available.

He gave me a remote access link.

One thing I DON’T like about Just Answer’s policies, is that they DON’T let you talk to the expert via the phone or Skype. This is TERRIBLE in my opinion.

The extra time it takes to type out complicated conversations, AND the risk of misunderstandings is obvious to me.

I get that doesn’t want the experts going off on their own, but hey, we could just e-mail between the 2 of us & then strike a deal solo, so what difference does it make if it’s through remote access or the phone. That’s just not logical in my opinion.

Anyway, almost from the minute Jason from Just Answers got onto my computer I had SERIOUS issues with him.

Chris (the previous so called expert from had used the Join Me remote access tool, and from what I’ve heard, plus his complaints, it was terrible. Jason was using another remote access program called Elsinore. Never heard of it before and I know all the most popular ones.

Here’s the horrific story about what I went through with Jason and why I started this complaint about Just Answer:

  1. He comes onto my computer and barely asks me anything. When I tried to give him detailed answers so he would FULLY understand the situation, he was condescending repeating himself over and over again like this, “I will ask the question again, blah blah blah, (True or False).
  2. Whenever I tried to talk to him (remember I can ONLY (instant message) IM with him because they don’t allow verbal conversation) by using my mouse, he would say, “PLEASE, stop using your mouse, I need to do this.” or something along those lines.After he talked down to me several times I lost my temper and told him he was VERY RUDE. He apologized which I thought would calm him down, but it didn’t.
  3. He was VERY VERY HYPER. He didn’t ask me to show him ANY of the problem areas of Thunderbird. He just wanted to know where the old hard drive was. Where the laptop hard drive was, etc. After a second time when I tried to find out what his plans were, I realized after a little while that he had NO intentions of telling me what his plans were.I could tell that he did NOT understand what I was saying, but he INSISTED that he did even though I told him at least 2-3 times, “I don’t think you understand what I’m saying.”
  4. I finally gave up trying to talk to him because he was SURE he knew what was going on and could fix ALL MY PROBLEMS. My computer would be BETTER than it was before. That’s what he said.So he starts working and when I told him I needed to be done before midnight, he told me he would be done well before midnight, but do you think he was???? NOPE! That was his first lie and YES, by the time I was through with this guy, I knew he was a liar.
  5. I watched what he was doing and I knew he was having problems. He was working SOOOOO fast, there were times I couldn’t even keep up, but I trusted to ONLY hire computer technicians who know WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE DOING.
  6. After a while he’d ask me if the Thunderbird was okay now and I would look & say, “no, look at this.” The two drives the mail was pointing to shouldn’t have been in there, it should only show ONE drive.This was the same problem I had when I first copied the profile over and I had to manually go in and remove the C drive and point it to E where all my e-mails are located.Instead of him doing that, he proceeds to do something that I STILL don’t understand.I asked him to explain it to me, but he was unable to. His communicate skills are the WORST I’ve ever encountered with a techie. Basically what he was trying to tell me is that EVEN though he pointed the mail to C drive within Thunderbird itself, it was REALLY pointing to E drive.Make sense???? NOPE. I asked, “so you are cloning it?” He said, “NO.”  But he was unable to explain what he did and WHY. I asked this question about 4 times about why he couldn’t just point the mail to E. I mean if it was going to E, then why the HELL couldn’t he do that within Thunderbird?I did NOT like the way he had set it up, and I told him that several times. I even told him that now when I create a new e-mail account, I won’t even know what to do, do I point it to E, or copy what he did???Not ONCE prior, did he ask me if he could change things to the way he WANTED them done.I did see that he was trying to do a find and replace to change the drive to E through the guts of Thunderbird;  that much I could see. When I changed it 2-3 weeks ago, I did the change through the actual TB interface, and even with my 40-50 e-mail accounts, I corrected the issue within much less time than he did and this guy was BEYOND FAST.
  7. Jason kept arguing with me about everything. Every time I’d ask a question he didn’t like, he would say, “NO, you are saying that.”
  8. I had told Jason SEVERAL times that the mail on the old hard drive was CLEARLY OLD. I had told him that I had copied the profile when I got this new computer which was 2-3 weeks ago. An hour later he kept referring to the “person who didn’t copy the profile over correctly.” He couldn’t even remember that I told him it was MEEEEE.Anyone with half a brain would GET that I’ve done a lot of work since I got the new computer and set up TB, so the ONLY profile that matters now is the one on my NEW computer, but what does he do???He copies the OLD Thunderbird profile to my NEW COMPUTER, so ALL the settings, theme, address book, add-on content, ARE LOST.When I tell him this, he says, “oh I misunderstood what you said.”MISUNDERSTOOD???? I repeated myself OVER and OVER AGAIN.He just didn’t want to listen because he thinks he knows EVERYTHING and he was very hyper (not sure if he’s on drugs or what), and he just wanted to get down to work without asking me ANY questions. Plus remember he wouldn’t let me speak the entire time I was trying to talk with him.I’m very good at figuring out if people understand me by their responses. This is why I knew he didn’t know what I was saying almost from the minute he started, but before I could FULLY determine this, he had already started on the work.
  9. At one point when he wanted to show me what he’d done, he opens Thunderbird and it DOWNLOADS mail.I warn him SEVERAL times NOT to lose that mail. He says HE WON’T!!!
  10. So he backs up the current profile which takes forever, and now he knows I’m ROYALLY PISSED, but I CAN’T boot him from my computer because he’s left me with NO WORKING THUNDERBIRD.I thought this guy was going to be on my computer for 30-60 minutes I could eat my dinner and then start work, but noooooo, that’s NOT what happened. He even shut off the music I had playing so I couldn’t even enjoy that. Granted that may have been slowing down the remote part, but he didn’t even ask if he could or explain why he shut it off.
  11. At this point while we were waiting for the backup, I told him point by point what STILL needed to get done (theme, address book, and merge the e-mails he just downloaded with all the mail that had been there BEFORE he started working on my computer.Now get a load of this…. remember the WHOLE reason he had come onto my computer in the first place????Not ONE word had been mentioned about those issues. Now I was stuck with a Thunderbird that I couldn’t even use.I was FURIOUS & more important, I was scared. I didn’t know if he lost everything or what he had done.
  12. Then what happened next made me realize there was NO WAY I could communicate with this guy, because there was something seriously wrong with his brain. No matter what I said, he couldn’t understand me.He opens Thunderbird up again and BAMM, the new mail that had downloaded 10 minutes earlier was GONE! He starts asking ME where the missing mail went, LOL.I’m like WHAT THE HELL??? This guy doesn’t even know what he did.He tries to prove that I’m lying or I don’t remember what I said by highlighting my text when I said. “I know where one of the e-mail accounts are.”Yes, the default account is what pops up when you load Thunderbird, so that was the only account I knew for sure that had downloaded mail. There’s no way for me to see all 50 accounts at a glance to see which had downloaded mail and which ones hadn’t.Not only that, but he had Xed out of Thunderbird so I couldn’t even check even if I wanted to and TRUST ME, I tried to go look at which accounts had mail in them, but he had already closed TB down.Then again he starts giving me shit about me TRYING to get control of my computer. He said that if I OPENED THUNDERBIRD, I would ruin everything, so I had to sit there and bite my tongue and HOPE that he would fix the problem.Once he asked me again where the mail was and it was clear he was just lost, I said OMG.

    I collected my thoughts and I RUSHED to go copy out entire conversation via the instant messing so I had proof of what had just transpired over the course of almost 3 hours.

    I got the text into a Word doc & I was JUST ABOUT to save it on my computer when he TOOK CONTROL OF MY MOUSE AGAIN and he DELETED the thread I had copied and TOOK OFF.

    If I didn’t make it clear earlier, he had done this SEVERAL times over the last 3 hours. He REFUSED to let me use my OWN computer.

    Honestly people, I’ve never been so violated in my life. I normally ALWAYS talk to the techies first before I let them onto my computer and I’ve had at LEAST close to 10 geeks on my computer in the last several months, and I’ve NEVER EVER had a geek take my control over my computer away from ME and delete what I’m doing. I’ve also NEVER had a geek not tell me what he was planning on doing, lie to me, tell me to basically shut up (he didn’t say that, but that’s what he meant) and talk down to me.

    Whenever I interview an arrogant geek, I just go right on by to the next person. I do NOT put up with their immature egotistical behavior.

    Had Jason actually KNOW WHAT he was doing, that would have been one thing, but HE DIDN’T!!!

It took me several hours to compose myself. I felt totally drained and YES, I was in tears.

Once I was able to start analyzing what the asshole did to my Thunderbird, I was at least happy I had all the mail up until he had ruined everything, but all the mail that downloaded when he kept opening Thunderbird was GONE.

I called my hosting company and because I’m on POP, there’s NO WAY to retrieve that mail.

Here’s what I’ve had to fix because Jason from broke everything. And NOT ONE ISSUE that he was supposed to fix got fixed. He just created more work for me, stole 3 hours of my time and caused me a TON of stress.

  1. The volume on the sound for when I get mail is now VERY VERY loud. I had to readjust that.
  2. My theme was gone. It took me several minutes to find it as I had never written down the name (why would I have to). I had never used this theme until the new computer, so the name wasn’t familiar to me.
  3. My address book was the old one, so all the entries for the last 3 weeks weren’t there.
  4. I have an add-on that I use that allows me to write content in it. ALL the entries for the last 3 weeks GONE.
  5. Folders were missing AND when I went back to go add them in, Thunderbird wouldn’t let me saying they were already there. So he screwed up even MORE of the folders because clearly that Thunderbird bug is a SERIOUS one.
  6. All the passwords I had created when I worked on my laptop were gone. I had had to re-enter them onto the new computer manually.
  7. I had purchased Spam Fighter to help me fight spam, and while it was causing me problems since I purchased it, I had it on Thunderbird. Now it’s GONE and I can’t get it back no matter what I do. I lost at least close to 30 minutes on that issue and it will be an ongoing issue because I have to talk to tech support with Spam Fighter.
  8. Any add-ons I added in the last 3 weeks (can’t even remember what they were) are gone.

So I’ve written to the customer service manager of Here’s his info:

Adam Roesel
Customer Support Coordinator
Ph: 415.400.7940
Fax: 415.400.7883
[email protected]

I also called him right after Jason took off and I was in tears leaving him a message on his voice mail.

I’ve been dealing with Adam Rosel and if you want to know why, it’s because I’ve had problems with from day one, but because I thought the experts were WAY better than Just Answer the company, I forged ahead because I needed help with my computer.

  1. Their tech support is in the Philippines, and in my opinion, Filipinos NEVER EVER understand me. They speak English, but are terrible at understanding anything that requires brain power. So after talking to 3 different people including a manager, I was given Adam’s contact info and Adam is in the US.
  2. I figured out why there were problems with their site (glad to be of service). I lost at least 6 hours of my time struggling with their site.What was happening, is that every time I’d go to message an expert on their site, it wouldn’t let me, and I’d get an error. This went on for almost a week I think before I figured out that it ONLY happened when I uploaded a file or used an emoticon. AND these were THEIR OWN emoticons in their text editor.Clearly whoever they got to code the site didn’t know what they were doing, and when I saw their site is .asp, that only confirmed my suspicion.I doubt they even fixed the problem, but I haven’t tested it in a while because I didn’t want to waste my time. I’m too busy to work for the company without getting paid for it. I tried to help them for an entire week sending screenshots, talking to Adam, etc.
  3. They lock or close questions without even checking with me. The first time it happened I thought I made a mistake. After it happened 3 more times, I knew it wasn’t me.
  4. They close questions calling it a duplicate when it’s not. I had the SAME issue with Ring Central that is ALSO managed by Filipinos.This means they don’t even read the questions, because if they did, they would know they AREN’T duplicates just because the first paragraph is the same.
  5. When I have e-mailed customer service because Adam wasn’t around, it took them days to respond back. Then there was no e-mail thread, so I had no idea what they were even responding to.They seemed clueless and way behind what was currently going on, meaning if the problem was already resolved, they didn’t know it, PLUS their responses were all canned. Of course it must have been the Filipinos, so it’s no wonder.
  6. Once your free subscription is over, things change on the site and I didn’t understand what was going on. I couldn’t find my questions anymore. I talked to Adam about it, and he said he doesn’t like it either, but clearly it won’t be changed.

Anyway, I will keep you updated on what transpires with Adam, what he plans to do about solving my problem, and how he’s going to handle Jason. I had planned to pay for a month of advice and service down the road, but they just lost me as a customer AND now I will be telling everyone I come across what happened. And what they DON’T know, is that I had already been promoting their service before this happened telling everyone to USE THEM.

I won’t be surprised if does nothing about Jason.

Oh one last thing… When I went to copy the question thread on the site to prove I had provided the problems in great detail, Jason had deleted the ENTIRE THREAD.

I managed to still get a copy from a browser, wasting my precious time even more.

Then I get some e-mail from support about how they are sorry things didn’t work out, if I wanted a refund, etc., etc. LOL I had NOT written to support, ONLY to Adam. So it must be Jason lying about what happened.


That’s how I feel.

Even if I had paid the $38 for the month, that would NOT equal even close to everything I went through and am still going through. I lost hours of work because I was too upset to work after that and I had to go to bed.

Even today I’m not feeling well because of all the stress.

It took me another 3 hours before I could even eat because I had to deal with him instead of cooking.

And just to be clear, even though I didn’t pay for the trial, for every expert who did help me, and seemed to be “with it,” I did tip them and they also get paid when you give them a good, very good or excellent rating. There were only 2 that I gave a terrible rating to AND I was unable to do that with Jason because he deleted the entire thread.

So it looks like to me that the experts run the show over there, because you explain to me how an “EXPERT” is allowed to delete ALL the content from a question???

So far there’s no consequences for their actions, but we’ll see what happens.



Complaint about

Here is a Complaint about from Amy

“Hi i am wanting to write a review about, they have sent me an almost 300.00 order and it got left at my carport door with no one home to accept the package.. The package was stolen,and Michael Broyles with says it is not there responsibility or UPS responsibility to credit or send new merchandise cause it shows it was left at my home.. I think this is bad business practice.. How can they get away with this when they are a company are they not liable at all for the products,or not responsible for providing insurance?”

Complaint about Segpay

Here is my complaint about Segpay

So first I e-mailed them to see if they have a referral program so I could potentially send them companies who need their services.

I got some guy from overseas that didn’t understand a word I said 3 times, so I asked to speak to a manager.

I get Cathy Beardsley at [email protected] e-mailing me. I said, “thank gawd someone who speaks English.”

Never heard from Cathy again.

I e-mailed her again 4 days later, still no response.

I called them several days later wanted to speak to her manager, but I believe I was told she is the CEO or CFO, so obviously one can’t go higher than that if the CEO of a company is this unprofessional.

I left a message for her & she called me back. I could barely get an apology out of her. She said she was out of town, yet her voice mail didn’t state that & neither did her e-mail. Clearly she doesn’t know how to run a business online if her e-mail doesn’t even notify people she’s away. Either that, or she was lying.

I bit my tongue at her disrespect in not even giving me an apology & told her what I wanted. We discussed business & I thought moving forward things would go smoothly. Cathy was supposed to send me paperwork.

I NEVER heard from Cathy Beardsley at Segpay again. That was almost 2 weeks ago.

I do NOT recommend this company if this is how the higher ups treat people.



Owner of

Here’s my opinion about my experience with the Owner of

So I’ve unfortunately come to learn that expats are a different breed of human. Now I have to preface that I don’t know if they are only like this in Latin America or in other countries too, but I’ve heard complaints from expats, so I know I’m not the only one who feels this way, but the other person was in the Dominion Republic which is close enough.

So far my experience with most (not all) expats in Panama, Costa Rica & Colombia has been negative to the point that I no longer go onto the groups or forums because I like to be around happy people, not bullies. Who wants to go through every day being upset & stressed because of these nasty people?

There is tons of flamming (attacks) that goes on, & they are DEFINITELY online cyber bullies, there’s no other definition for their behavior.

It’s all about who’s right vs. just stating you have a difference of opinion.

They also misconstrue most of what I say & try to read negative things into what I say even though I’m in a great mood when I write it. I find that immature very insecure people online often misconstrue what I say.

They are VERY VERY controlling & most of the owners of these groups & forums are soooo NASTY, that I & others have been banned for no reason at all. We either state an opinion that was contradictory to the owner and/or moderator of the group or forum, or we defend ourselves when attacked in the group or forum. I even had one moderator make fun of me in front of over 3,000 people & lie about me.

They also go online to snoop & try to find negative damaging information about anyone they don’t like. They call people criminals & attack their credibility & while sometimes they are right, I’m sure that often times they aren’t right.

I’ve even been attacked & accused for asking questions when I was researching one of the countries. Oh & they don’t like it when you ask a lot of questions either. If you list a few questions, they suddenly flair up in anger & start bullying.

So I haven’t been on in a long time as there was no one on it really, but I guess in recent months they suddenly got more members & people were asking about Panama. I posted something & then next thing I know, I’m getting an infraction warning LOL

I didn’t understand the message & so I asked what in the world was wrong with my flags LOL

That’s when I found out that they had created flags, so you had to set up your flags of where you are from, where you are living. Of course I didn’t know about this, & me & Phil (he may or may not be the owner of started this back & forth.

Listen, if I do something SERIOUSLY wrong, then I expect a moderator or the owner to tell me about it, but I don’t go around doing things wrong because I’m a respectful person unless I’m attacked. But GIVE ME A BLOODY BREAK. I didn’t have my flags setup because I didn’t know & that’s a reason to insult someone????

I told Phil that I didn’t know about this & I felt insulted. Of course he claims notices were sent out & I didn’t get one apology for his behavior at all.

Well guess what Phil, I have a life. Unlike a lot of expats who sit on the computer all day & gossip & bully people, I don’t do that. I’m busy working. I’m not an angry controlling senior citizen (they are the majority) who have had a clearly terrible life & they bring their anger & controlling nature to the Internet. So I never got the notice or never read it or who knows what the problem was, nor do I care. It was how Phil PHRASED the PM to me which irked me. Like I belonged in jail for his flag requirements. Of course the minute I understood what he was saying, I fixed the problem.

So I told him that he should set it up that a notice appears when you log in telling you to set your flags. It can be done, I’ve seen similar notices before. Was I happy when I stated this, no I wasn’t.

I knew the minute I said that, that he would ban me & I was right.

Tonight my browser reloaded the page that had on it & sure enough I was supposedly banned by Gene (maybe HE’S the owner of the forum) for having a site in my profile that goes to sex.

Umm, nothing could be further from the truth, it goes to my persoanl site which is very clear, but I knew that the immature bullies on would have to find a way to kick me off his forum because I disagreed with how they attached me.

And just to be clear, I am on close to 50+ forums all over the place. I’ve been online since 1998 & I know how forums work. With the real forums that AREN’T run by control freaks, if you haven’t done something that needs fixing, someone PMs you nicely & asks you to change it. So I have had that asked of me before, but I am certainly NOT given an infraction over some small petty flag bullshit & I can count on one hand how many times I’ve been banned & each time it’s the same thing. The owner or moderator is a very angry controlling person who attacks or thinks & imagines in his or her head that I’m out to get their forum LOL

So if you are an expat looking to move to Latin America, I’d think twice about moving there & then assume you are going to find happy fun kind expats there. They are the minority, I have to say, & it’s very difficult to live in a country & not have people you can resonate with.


Complaint Dr. Venus Opal Reese

Complaint Dr. Venus Opal Reese

So I know it will seem like I’m spiteful & I want to make it VERY clear here that I’m NOT being spiteful at all.

The reason for my post here is because nothing irks me more than people who are hypocritical.

Here’s what happened.

I’ve been taking extra work on a bidding site to manage my expenses as things are tough now as we all know.

I applied to Venus Opal Reese’s job for her Experienced Admin Assistant and Project Manager.

Venus claimed she was impressed by my warmth, as that’s what she looks for in a person, someone who has heart. We scheduled an interview that went on for an hour. Fine, no problem, applicants often have to spend a lot of time interviewing with clients who may not wish to hire them.

I do have a big heart most of the time, so I basked in her compliment. She asked me pointed questions & I answered them honestly. Towards the end I spoke my mind about certain things & she suddenly RUSHED to get off the phone from me. Clearly I triggered something in her. I was shocked at the abrupt change in her personality, so I wrote her afterward & stated that I felt like she didn’t resonate with something I said. I respect her decision, told her I’m a passionate person & can sometimes go on about topics I’m passionate about. I wanted to make it clear it would be a joy working for her & I wish to help her business.

You know what she did?

She ignored me & the following day either chose someone else, or claimed she couldn’t find anyone.

I get it, she didn’t want me. Like I said, I respect that, but this is how you treat someone after you shower them with praise, you go through an entire interview,  & then the applicant follows up with a nice thoughtful note? And you CLAIM to be a person with heart?

Sorry people, Venus’ behavior to me does NOT constitute someone with heart.

Whenever I look for someone to hire, I don’t have an hour interview with them & then just decline them without a personal note. Even with people I really had no connection with I respect them enough to send them a note & either tell them why I didn’t wish to hire them, or thank them, but politely decline.

I’m only telling you this because this Venus woman is supposed to be a motivator, she claims to have overcome all types of odds & helps people overcome their fears. This is NOT the type of behavior I would expect from someone who claims to have all these attributes & charges people money for these warm loving attributes.



Complaint about Guest Blogged

This is my complaint about Guest Blogged

Musa Aykac
From the UK
[email protected]

So unfortunately like a lot of these guys on Warrior Forum, they are a NASTY group of people.

I’ve been made fun of a few times for no reason at all. I’ve been harassed by the owner of the site & so you’ll ask why I continue to go on there & really it’s unfortunate, but it’s a very popular forum if you are a netrepreneur.

A lot of the offers are BS according to a lot of members, but some are okay.

So I came across this asshole because he responded to a thread I was subscribed to about Link Emperor. I had been thinking about Link Emperor, but thought it might harm my sites more than help them. No one had said anything negative about them to date until this guy “Musa_Aykac” wrote his post.

“I would be a little wary of this service I thought this service was a high quality service, boy was I wrong! We basically applied to be a link vendor of there’s but got rejected because our links were of too high quality – We were offering high end guest posts and links from our private network We know another vendor of theres as we speak to him regularly and he strictly builds links from deindexed sites which have over 20 posts per day Basically in the vendors area you have to add your “blast” so when link emperor order from you they want you to generate as many links as possible for their clients without even caring if the domains the links are coming from are full of spam and deindexed. If you are using this then you are going to get penalized sooner or later (Here is an example site they use as a private blog network! Keep in mind private blog network means not overly abused and a higher standard Allergy Informative Central – ( As you can see not only deindexed but the vendor has deleted all the posts that linkemperor has published on there for the past few months – I have a big handful of these if anyone wants to see They clearly stated to us the reason for rejection was because they were looking mass automated link vendors, in other words low quality, deindexed domains. This may have worked pre 2012 but as we all know doing this type of stuff is very risky now I tried to pursuade them that they should be concentrating on 1 quality link rather then 10 deindexed spammy links, but they would not have it.”

When I clicked on the link to go read it on the Warrior Forum, it wasn’t there. I didn’t know what to make of that, so I PMed the guy being all friendly & concerned. I had also checked out what he offers & saw he offered guest blogging.

Since I’m helping a client with guest blogging right now I started to inquire about his services. It must have been late, because I mistyped the amount of one of his services.

I also specifically asked him to give me his e-mail address because I don’t have room in my inbox. Warrior Forum only allows for 10 PMs.

Instead of doing as I asked, this guy writes me another PM, doesn’t answer my question about his service, says he deleted the post because he didn’t want to get into a dispute, & this just pissed me off.

So I wrote, “Wow, I asked you to give me your e-mail addressed, asked you other questions & you did neither.

You just lost a potential client.


I’m really sick of these guys (more men than women do this) who totally ignore everything I ask or say. I constantly have to repeat myself & babysit them & it irks me. My time is precious to me. I’m sick of having to retype things over & over again.

This guy is supposed to be a business person (yeh right) & this is how he treats a potential client?

So he writes back & apologizes & blames his cell phone & that he was in a rush. Then tells me the prices & I think all is fine UNTIL I read his P.S. which was,

“P.S. No need to be rude”

So now my blood was boiling. I’M RUDE???? LOL, Nothing irks me more than immature little children who blame others for their actions.

Granted he apologized, but then he wiped out that apology by telling me I was rude. It’s as if he didn’t apologize at all & was just blaming me because he’s too stupid to read properly.

So I simply wrote back, “I was just about to write you until I saw your P.S.

You were rude & then accuse me of being rude, so I won’t deal with your company now.

No need to respond back.”

So I was hoping this was the end of it, but of course it wasn’t. Anyone who is that immature to begin with isn’t going to just let his screwups go, NOOOOO, he’s going to blame me & cause me more grief.

Here’s what he wrote back, “Get lost Now I am going to be rude contact me again I will report you to the mods – also book yourself into a mental clinic you really have some issues going on up there, contacting people and then trying to attack them after speaking like an idiot”

I wasn’t going to put the guy on my blog because of that, I already knew he doesn’t deserve to be in business other than to offer his service to other mean spirited people, but you know what he did next?

He DID lie to the moderator or the owner & without hesitation within 2 minutes of him writing that last PM I was banned.

This isn’t the first time assholes have run to other assholes & gotten me banned because I don’t tolerate their shit.

Warrior Forum, no one is going to change how they act, but you may want to read how I was treated by this guy from

And now I will probably be banned from Warrior Forum for life for telling the truth about what happened. Mean spirited people have to stick together to get rid of all the nice sane people out there. They are trying to take over the Internet LOL


P.S. Got to throw this P.S. in there. I just went to his Warrior Forum page & not ONE person has purchased his product or at the very least posted re: the product to ask questions, compliment him, etc.

I’ve been around Warrior Forum for years, & this is very rare.

Granted a lot of the compliments are fake as they are affiliates, but some are real.

Jon Fisher Owner of Wicked Fire Forum

Jon Fisher, owner of Wicked Fire Forums, is a total prick in my opinion, and he was a prick years ago when he banned me from his forum for no reason at all.

Normally I don’t call people names, but sometimes these idiots just piss me off.

Do you know how many forums I belong to? Probably close to 100, and I think I’ve ONLY ever been banned by 3, and only from people who are mean spirited or control freaks.

I started a new account with Wicked Fire forum last year, and then forgot about the forum, but tonight I decided to go onto the forum to find people looking for merchant accounts since I help people get one.

I posted to a few threads educating people on certain misconceptions they had, and I also posted to a thread of mine I had started a few months earlier.

Just as I was posting to a thread regarding Pay Pal, I find out that the asshole has banned me claiming I’m spamming.

I see now it’s because I told someone I e-mailed them.

WOW, I e-mailed someone looking for a merchant account. That’s just TERRIBLE.

Last time Jon Fisher banned me because he didn’t like something I said. There was fighting going on and I stuck up for myself which clearly isn’t allowed on Jon’s Wicked Fire forum.

These immature control freaks who run forums have HUGE issues, & that’s why they live their lives online, because no one would put up with their shit offline.

While I was on there skimming threads, I saw the types of people on there.

They all talk like they are 17 years old, have no manners, swearing, etc. I know you are going to say the pot is calling the kettle black, but I’m only talking this way because I’m upset. I don’t normally talk this way.

Unfortunately his forum is large and has a lot of business startups on there looking for merchant accounts, and that’s the ONLY reason I was on there.

I had hoped that things had changed, but I can see that Jon draws the people like him to his forum. I even had little assholes calling me names in my own thread.

So Jon Fisher allows people to call people names, but DOESN’T allow people to help people who are searching for merchant accounts.

That makes total sense to me – NOT!!!!

Tim Horton’s of Canada Franchises

What’s the story of Tim Horton’s of Canada Franchises

So I often root for the little guy. Not that I think the little guy is ALWAYS right because they aren’t, but often money & power crush the little guy & I’ve heard on more than one occasion that large Canadian corporations have soooo much power, that the media OFTEN doesn’t tell the truth to the public, so a lot of terrible stories get swept under the rug.

I won’t go into details, other than to say I’ve heard stories about Home Hardware, & it didn’t surprise me when I started to read about this franchisee of Tim Horton’s (Timmy’s) who was clearly upset as to how they were treated.

Everyone in Canada LOVES Timmy’s. I’d say it’s because of hockey since I NEVER liked their coffee back when I used to drink coffee, but others love their coffee. I always preferred Country Style, but Country Style was small & if I’m not mistaken, only in the Toronto area.

The arrogant “screw you” attitude I often got from Tim Horton employees in various different locations always made me cringe when I had no choice but to go into Timmy’s. I’ve even been in locations where they couldn’t even speak English.

Then a few years back I read this article about Tim Horton employees, so again, when I came across this other horrific story about how a franchisee lost everything, this new blog doesn’t surprise me. That coupled with the fact that no one has heard about this story makes me believe it’s true. I’ve come to believe over the years that the Canadian media hides the truth from the public, & only certain stories are told. Not that this isn’t true in the US, I just believe it happens a lot more in Canada that in the US.

These franchisees say they have been threatened by Tim Horton’s, so I wonder if I will be threatened, but I’m the type of person who believes the truth should be told so others are made aware of how companies treat them.

I don’t expect companies to be perfect all the time, but this story sounds very horrific to me as people come to Canada, believe they can start a business & they will be protected. Forget about where you are from, everyone should be protected from bully type corporations.

Here’s just the one post of the story. If you want to read the rest, please go to their site & while this post is dated November of 2012, it is NOT the first post of their story. I first heard this story back in May of 2010.

Tim Hortons; A Look From The Inside

November 24, 2012

steam_coffee_beans_drinks_desktop_1600x1200_hd-wallpaper-834338.jpgAfter careful consideration upon receiving a letter from the lawyers at Tim Hortons we have decided to take a different route to expose the truth of what is happening to Franchisees and the resulting court cases that have happened. To the average Joe, what do spread sheets of financials really mean?? Most ordinary people see a bunch of numbers and don’t understand or care what they mean. What we want to do here is make it as cheap as possible to help anyone interested in purchasing a Tim Hortons franchise to get the real truth and obtain the proper information and questions that need to be asked. The post below will be the easiest and cheapest way to conclude whether the purchase of a Tim Hortons franchise is the right one for you and your family.

If you pass all stages of the initial offer to purchase a Tim Hortons Franchise and receive the pro-forma (breakdown of sales) and the contract, take the contract to a contract lawyer (if possible) or regular lawyer and point out the clause in the post below and remember that the contract is personally guaranteed. We can supply additional information, court documents and court transcripts that back up the facts of how Tim Hortons operates once you sign the contract and what they can do.

Promissory notes, Gag Orders, Bullying, this is what in fact is happening and the documents show it. What this site will do is provide information to shareholders, potential franchisees, current franchisees,  and individuals who seek the truth about big business and Tim Hortons.

We wanted to show the documents and the truth but received yet again another letter stating what Tim Hortons will do to my family if we proceed in letting the truth out. We do not want to jeopardize our freedom anymore but we also must not be afraid to help and warn others. The 2 paragraphs below dictate why my family cannot move forward in our lives;

The "letter"

So essentially Tim Hortons has prevented anyone from moving forward. Should one day I generate a large amount of cash, Tim Hortons can decide at anytime to enforce the judgement against us. We cannot move forward so we must let the truth out! Tim Hortons has decided to not release my family from the contract, even though the lawsuit is over, everything is done…..we cannot move forward so they left us no choice but to expose the documents to help others make an informed decision on their business purchase and not just a bunch of Lies from Tim Hortons. remember the person selling you the store is getting a large chunk of the purchase. It is Tim Hortons job to prey on your excitement and to assure you nothing bad will happen. Take a look around the site and ask yourself if this is a company you would like to be apart of?? Tim Hortons thinks the truth can be hidden behind confidentiality agreements but in this day and age of social media….that will not be the case.

Complaint about Iovation Inc.

Jay Johns
Iovation Inc.
[email protected]
Office: 503-943-6745
Cell: 503-820-1904
Fax: 503-224-1581

So on August 2, 2012 I wasted over an hour of my time talking to Jay about the product his company provides that supposedly helps prevent chargebacks. I thought this would be a great product (service) to offer my merchants, as I help companies get merchant accounts for their business.

Jay “appeared” to be a kind intelligent person, but as I always say, “actions speak louder than words”. Some people are just really good at putting on a great act.

Jay said he was going way on vacation for a week, but the following day he’d send me the contract so legal could review it. He also said when he got back he would shoot me a contact who I could potentially partner up with regarding offering companies merchant accounts.

I was so impressed with our meeting that I wrote him thanking him for everything.

Needless to say I never heard back from Jay from Iovation Inc. Not in response to my e-mail or sending me the contract & the details about the meeting & pricing for the product. I had asked for that as well event though I took notes.

On 08-14-12 I send him an e-mail inquiring as to what happened as I hadn’t heard back from him either via phone or e-mail.


On 08-20-12 I called him & he answered. He claimed he took an extra week of vacation, yet there was no vacation response on his e-mail. He either claimed he didn’t get my e-mail back on the 2nd or was too swamped with e-mails, so I forwarded it to him again.  He said he would get me what he promised.


Finally on 09-02-12 I was pissed so I wrote him an e-mail telling him I wasn’t happy with how he treated me.

Why can’t people just be HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!! Why lie & play games & waste people’s time????

Of course he ignored me AGAIN!!!

He’ll probably lie & say he didn’t get my e-mails, but oddly enough before our meeting he got every e-mail I ever sent him & he had my contact information.

At least I’m glad I learned how unprofessional this company Iovation is, hence my complaint about Iovation Inc.



Complaint about Lexolutionit

Complaint about Lexolutionit

Maneet Puri
Rashmi Longia
[email protected]
[email protected]

So I approached Rashmi Longia on a forum because she seemed like she knew what she was saying regarding SEO. We arranged for a meeting on Skype & things didn’t go so well. She was a nice person, it’s just that she talked to me as if I was completely stupid saying things like, “you have to follow Google’s rules.” I never said you didn’t have to follow them. While she didn’t know my level of experience, if she was smarter she would have asked questions or figured it out based on my questions. She also commented on my picture & how beautiful it looked. I thought she was a male at the time hitting on me, so I got upset by the sexual harassment.

She said she would have the director contact me, so the next night Maneet IMed me on Skype & we had a meeting. He seemed a lot more with it even though there were a few problems with Skype & the phone.

Maneet said by Monday he would get me a report. That Rashmi was going to do all the work & then they would give me a quote.

A day or two later Maneet Puri asked me for access to Google Analytics. At first he gave me Rashmi’s Lexolutionit e-mail address. When that didn’t work, he gave me her gmail address which is [email protected]

When I added her to the sites, she couldn’t see the data. I kept spending time trying to figure it out & then I finally said something to the affect that she should know what the problem is if she’s an SEO expert. Any SEOer who doesn’t know Google Analytics isn’t an expert, even if they use other software to track serps.

Maneet had been e-mailing me back right away & I thought all was fine, that he was going to have her figure out what the problem was, but then he just STOPPED. Since it was the weekend, I thought he was off for the weekend.

I never heard from him or her on Monday or Tuesday & I even e-mailed & he ignored me there as well.

I just wasted about 1-1 1/2 hours of my time with this company. <shaking my head>



Complaint of Integrity Aristotle

Complaint of Integrity Aristotle


(801) 794-0435
[email protected]
[email protected]

So I’ve come to learn that Integrity Aristotle is a very rude unprofessional company in my opinion.

I first learned about them when I had to verify my identity via a site they were on. Since I was interested in their services for my own business, I called them & left them a message. I got no return phone call.

Then when I was on Skype voice having my identity verified, not only did the girl make a mistake which I had to correct for her, when she was finished, I started talking to her about leaving a message & no one calling me back. That’s when she hung up on me. I IMed her immediately thinking we got disconnected. She ignored me. I tried to voice Skype her again, she refused to answer.

I was shocked at how I was being treated, so I wrote to  [email protected] relaying what happened & asking if this is HOW they conduct business. I received a receipt that Blair Richardson read my e-mail & you guessed it, HE ALSO ignored me.

What a lovely company Integrity Aristotle is.


Complaint about Kodak

Kodak Complaint – Drama BIG TIME.

So this started happening at the beginning of April 2011.

I had to really think about whether to put Kodak on this blog because at some point they attempted to correct the problem. But after being ignored twice more by David at the customer service department (read below), I feel my story needs to be told & their shareholders need to know what’s going on from a consumer’s perspective.

I’m really shocked. As I later told the Office of the President, my father was an amateur photographer, & all he ever bought was Kodak film. While I’ve never been a customer of Kodak until now, to me it was an iconic family style company that I respected just because of all the film he had in our house over the years.

Well my views of Kodak has changed!

In my opinion, Kodak is run by incompetent people. The people working in the Kodak US office seem to be charismatic, but then they drop the ball, ignore or forget. I have NO idea what goes on over there. Normally when I have problems with a company, they get resolved within a few weeks. As you will read, this problem took 3-4 months to resolve & only because I didn’t give up.

They also farm out their first level customer service to the Philippines, hence why this entire mess happened in the first place, but in defense of the Filipinos, the higher up customer service dropped the ball about the same exact issue months later, so I guess it’s NOT just them.

So here is my store…

I bought their new underwater camera easyshare sport C123 because shipping was free since it was a pre-order item. I didn’t mind waiting a couple of weeks to get it & it looked cool.

The reason I even considered buying a Kodak camera, was because I had bought a used camera that was from Kodak, but there were problems with that camera. It wouldn’t zoom properly. I called up the company to talk to them about the problem & they offered me a discount for a new one saying this one clearly wasn’t working. Little did I know at the time that I was to have SO many more ongoing problems with more of their cameras.

The underwater camera came with a USB cord that was sooooo short, I couldn’t put it on my desk & really, they expect you to get up from your desk & bend down on the floor to deal with all my numerous cords & plug & unplug the camera that way? LOL, give me a BREAK.

I also had a problem when looking into the viewfinder. It was always dark, it didn’t matter where I was in the house, I couldn’t see the item I was shooting even though it would come out fine once I uploaded the pictures to my computer.

So I called up asking for a longer USB cord. I mean they have to have them right? The used camera had a VERY long cord that was perfect, but it wasn’t the right one for this new camera.

So their first level support argued with me telling me to go buy a new USB. LOL, yeh right. They screw up by manufacturing or buying a USB cord that is so short it won’t stretch to the front of my desk from the CPU & I should spend more money & time doing their job for them? No thanks.

I e-mailed trying to get to the bottom of these issues, when that didn’t work, I called.

So first I had to deal with the Filipinos which I’m sure many of you know don’t understand English well at all.

When I asked to speak to a manager, I had to wait 25 minutes to get one because the first Filipino was too stupid to figure out what questions in my previous e-mails to answer. I don’t have time to hold people’s hands & walk people through what’s been addressed, what’s outstanding, etc. These are obvious things to someone with 1/2 a brain.

The supervisor Adrian wasn’t much better. I had to direct him to actually look at each question’s answer so he DOESN’T waste my time answering each of my questions that had already been answered (yes, that’s what he was doing, repeating things.)

He was also very slow in actually stating what I needed to do to solve my problem. It would take forever for him to say one word & then he wouldn’t understand all that I did say. I finally had to get him off the phone because someone arrived at my house & he was driving me insane.

Finally after more than an hour of being on the phone with him because he thinks & talks so slow, I got the answers to most of my questions, but there were still some further issues & questions, so I wrote to their customer service at [email protected]

I also figured out that the camera didn’t have a self timer. What digital camera these days doesn’t have a timer so you can take a picture of yourself???

I received a response back, but whoever was responding didn’t understand a word I had written. I said I wanted to speak to the head office. I then forwarded my questions again to [email protected] This time I was livid. I was in the middle of a major move & I’m wasting all this time dealing with Kodak.

They proceeded to e-mail me & tell me they are the highest point of contact within Kodak. Like do they think I’m  a MORON??? Of course e-mailing someone & dealing with Filipinos isn’t the highest point of contact. What kind of company is going to give over the entire operations to an overseas call center that doesn’t understand any English at all? LOL

Shareholders, beware of who is manning the helm.

They then told me to do the one thing that always gets my blood boiling, they wanted me to send a letter snail mail to:

Eastman Kodak Company
Consumer Advocate Department
343 State Street
Rochester, NY 14650-0944

Then the morons went back & answered all the questions that had already been answered before LOL I was tearing my hair out a this point. We were already 5 days into this drama.

Then I FINALLY get the truth out of someone. I got this:

Senior Customer Relations Specialist
Worldwide Customer Care

And the name of Jonathon Tremblay. He was the nice one who was sharp, so I was relieved that someone was finally going to take care of me – NOT!!

He said he would send me a longer USB cord plus a smart card as a gift. I had already purchased some accessories which I told him about – the water flotation device thingy.

So I get the package & guess WHAT!!!

The USB cord is long, but it has the WRONG connection LOL

And I didn’t get a smart card, I got another water flotation device thingy. Obviously I can’t do anything with 2 of them.

JUST NUTS! But wait, it gets better.

I spoke to him again & since I was moving out of the country,  we decided to wait until I had settled down before he replaced everything a second time.

Once I settled down a bit I started e-mailing him in June of 2011. I could see he was reading the e-mails, but I never got a response back.

I called him & left a message on his voice mail, no return phone call. I called twice more & still nothing.

He FINALLY returned one of my e-mails & apologized saying he was having phone issues.

Then I find out that Kodak sent me a bill (my sister told me, as she was getting my mail). It turns out Kodak charged me for the courier costs on the items Jonathon sent me. It was either that or I was charged duty on the original camera. Jonathon said he would take care of it.

Oh wait, the story isn’t over yet LOL

Another 8 days went by & I just wanted this nightmare to end. I have no problem waiting for things when people communicate to me, but Jonathon had just disappeared again, so I kept e-mailing him over & over again asking him what is going on.

He writes me & tells me they will ship me a new camera plus the right USB cord this time. It will be shipped on June 24, 2011.  And to clarify, this was being shipped outside the US. I also faxed him the bill I was charged by FedEx.

He wrote me again confirming the package will be shipped that weekend. All seemed fine.

On July 4, 2011 I still hadn’t received anything & since it was going courier I was concerned, so I e-mailed him asking if all was fine.

I don’t hear back from him & so again on July 13, 2011 I e-mail again because I believe I had already called & left him a message with no response back.

July 19, 2011 I e-mail again & now I’m FURIOUS.

I even tried to contact that other e-mail address & no one would respond there either.

Reception refused to give me the number to the office of the president, but the manager tried to help. He directed me to this Public Relations page or something on Kodak’s website with some blonde woman (I think her name was Judy Goonan) who supposedly overseas ALL customer relations. I e-mailed her on the contact form on the site & she TOO didn’t respond to my e-mail. We were on the 3rd week now.

I tried to find the number to the Executive office online, but couldn’t, so I had to pay someone to find it for me. He got me the CEO’s information so here it is in case you need it. It took me almost 30 minutes to dig it up, so I hope this helps you


Antonio Perez
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer, EKC
585-724-3230 x43230
[email protected]

So I finally speak to the Executive Assistant of the CEO was a very sympathetic as she listened to my whole story. In some companies these Executive Assistants are the ONLY ones who get anything done. You need to utilize them when you have a HUGE problem like this.

I was then passed to someone named David Senkiw who said he would take care of me. No one ever ended up telling me what happened in the end as far as all the drama & I had REALLY wanted to know since while everyone has problems with companies, clearly this was a NIGHTMARE!

I finally did get a new camera (different better model or so he claimed, it’s called the Play Sport HD 1080 AND it’s refurbished while the one I bought was brand new.) & while he was nice about doing that, one day he had to really state over & over again that he was doing me this HUGE favor as this camera cost over $100. I mean give me a BREAK. I wasted 3-4 months of my time trying to get this resolved, was treated like garbage & he has to try & make me feel like I’m getting the world?

I should have been given a top of the line camera. This thing was no better than the other one in the end. It also doesn’t have a timer or a flash.

Oh & they made Jon apologize to me via e-mail & when I wrote him back asking what was wrong, he ignored my response. So much for being a nice guy.

When I found out the USB cord was once again too short, David refused to do anything about it. Yes he was professional in how he spoke, but then he had the nerve to tell me that no one else out of the thousands of people who buy the camera have complained about the length of the cord. Either he’s lying, or they all use laptops. I don’t use a laptop, I use a desktop. And as I told him, most people don’t complain, they just take their business elsewhere. I feel it’s my duty as an entrepreneur to help companies by telling them what problems lie within their company. That’s assuming the company even cares & at this point I don’t feel Kodak does.

David suggested I buy a new USB cord & when I asked if I would be reimbursed, he ignored me.

The only way I have it working now, is I had to buy a USB hub for something else, & I put it on top of my CPU which I normally don’t do, so that’s the only reason the USB cord will reach the part of the desk that is near me.

I’m really shocked that Kodak doesn’t make good cameras. You’d think they would know how, but I had a Canon before which was the BEST camera ever & I should NEVER have purchased from Kodak. That discount they gave me was the reason I did purchase.

No wonder Kodak doesn’t advertise their cameras, they SUCK! I’ve had 3 cameras, & they all had problems?

I did get the FedEx bill taken care of.

End of story.

So the reason it’s been over a year before I posted, is because I forgot to post because I was just too busy. I hadn”t used the new camera, but today I took it out to start using it & you know what, I don’t like it. The pictures are grainy no matter what I do, & because there’s no flash when I take pictures at night indoors in dim lighting, the pictures don’t come out at all. So now I have to wait for sunlight tomorrow.





My  Complaint about Net Talk

netTalkThis is my detailed story about what happened with netTalk.

So I had researched netTalk several months ago and hoped it was a lot better than Magic Jack. I was planning on buying it when I returned my ACN digital phone service.

Then last weekend I wanted to sign up for their affiliate program because I was going to start promoting Net Talk, but when I went to their affiliate page, instead of it taking me to a net talk product, the Google Affiliate Network took me to Ring Central’s product LOL

I thought maybe Ring Central bought them out, so I called Ring Central, wasted my time and found out that they have nothing to do with Net Talk.

I then tried to call Net Talk, but they were closed because of the hurricane in Florida on Monday. So I wrote to them instead and I got a response back telling me to e-mail [email protected], so I did.

On Tuesday I called and was told there were 24 BLOODY people ahead of me, but I waited patiently figuring they were backed up because of not being open on Monday.

After finally getting someone on the phone, I was told there was no way to reach the affiliate department via phone (I hate it when companies do that). I then spoke to a manager named John who said they are never that backed up with phone calls and never make the customer wait that long on hold. Yet I HAD waited a long time.

I told John there is a problem with their affiliate page, which he said he was concerned about. Then I asked John to get in touch with them to speed things along, as I wanted an answer ASAP and to sign up. He said he would e-mail that department and that yes, he would probably get a much faster response than myself. He then said he would respond to my ticket. He said this would happen by the end of the day.

So I didn’t hear back from him and when I tried to call again, they were already closed.

I tried to respond to the ticket I had originally opened, but then realized they force you to sign up just to respond to the ticket which I did NOT want to do because I am not their customer (yet) and I didn’t want to have to sign up just for that. I sign up to enough sites every day. So I started a new ticket and put the old ticket’s number in the subject line and said that John never got back to me.

I received no response.

Wednesday I was too late calling them, as by the time I had a chance, it was after 5 pm EST. The following day on Thursday I called again, and AGAIN there were 22 people ahead of me. I had to run an errand, but I was hoping I’d get through to someone before I left. After an hour of being on hold, I finally had to hang up the phone. More waste of my time.

Then the FOLLOWING day which was Friday I called again and you guessed it, AGAIN there were 22-24 people ahead of me.

At one point I linked over to take another call and I got disconnected, so naturally I was PISSED. I had to call back again and start all over again with 22 people ahead of me.

I FINALLY get a live human being after waiting for soooo long. She heard what I said, then asked for my phone number just in case we got disconnected, she puts me on hold to get me a manger and you guessed it, I WAS DISCONNECTED. Either she hung up on me, the disconnect happened during the transfer or I don’t know what. I was LIVID. And do you think anyone called me back even though they had my number???? NOPE.

So I gave up.

I lost around 6-5-7 hours of my time first calling Ring Central just because their site POINTED to Ring Central’s page, then spent all week being on hold waiting for someone to contact me with nothing to show for it.

John never got back to me, but then some person named Valentia gets back to me with this link which I had to remove because it no longer works – OF COURSE. She tells me to access it, but saying their affiliate program isn’t live yet.

Clearly he/she isn’t North American. I looked at the page, but it made no sense to me when I looked at i. And WHY do they have an affiliate page in their footer nav if their program isn’t live? And their page goes directly to Google’s Affiliate Network.

I wrote back replying to the e-mail that goes to [email protected] because I’m not signing up just to write back and said I’m writing a negative review of my experience.

While everyone at net talk seems nice, it’s clear to me that they don’t know how to run their company and so now they lost me as a customer, and the other person I was going to recommend to them.

Just nuts, I don’t think I’ve EVER lost 7 hours of my time and gotten nowhere with a company.




Valle Escondido Resort Golf and Spa

My Complaint  About Valle Escondido Resort Golf and Spa

Valle Escondido Resort Golf and SpaBoquete, Panama
1 507-720-2454

I called their US contact number and got a clueless Filipino call center.

I wasted 20 minutes of my time and spoke to 4 different people one of which was a manager & they either transferred me around without telling me, couldn’t answer simple questions, refused to let me speak to a manager, then lied saying they would deal with the problem staffer yet didn’t ask me for their name. You can’t reprimand a ghost.

I finally realized that this call center Valle Escondido Resort Golf and Spa hired was so bad, that the hotel was going to be just as bad and I didn’t want to take any chances.


Complaint AVN® Media Network, Inc.

AVN® Media Network, Inc.
9400 Penfield Avenue
Chatsworth, California 91311 USA
Janet Gibson – advertising

So I wanted to see how much advertising costs at AVN & I called in July & left a message on the voice mail the receptionist transferred me to. I never received a call back.

Then about a month later I called again & found out it was Janet Gibson’s voice mail I left a message on. I asked who her boss was & was told she’s very high up in the company. I said she never returned my call, the receptionist was clueless to help me.

I left another message for Janet & again she ignored me.

Lovely company – NOT!


Ring Central

Terrible Review about Ring Central

Review about Ring CentralHere is my review about Ring Central

This is a thorough review about Ring Central, and I have continued to add to it as I experience horrific service or customer service.

I’m happy to say I FINALLY left Ring Central in 2017.

While I never did find a replacement for it, since my business needs changed, I didn’t need all the bells and whistles.

Ring Central is Owned by Vlad Shmunis – CEO

Why I felt forced to stay with Ring Central

So I’ve been with Ring Central since about July 2010 and if you want to know why I have to stay with them, well it’s ONLY because of their call controller. Not one other toll free number voice mail cloud VOIP system out there has this call controller.

I’ve looked several times over the years and while there are other alternatives and call controllers out there that you can buy and attach to other services like Ring Central’s, they are a lot more expensive.

So it’s clear Ring Central spent good money on their software and interface. That’s the ONLY positive thing I have to say about them.

Terrible Staff in ALL departments Except Some Higher Ups

Here’s the reality. Their company (I’m talking the higher-ups, NOT their Filipino call center) doesn’t give a damm about their customers, at least not me.

Since day one of dealing with sales, they have made mistake after mistake which in the end costs me a TON of my time being on the phone having them correct their mistakes. This then causes me a lot of stress because I’m dealing with below average people when it comes to their skill and intelligence level.

This girl in sales gave me misinformation about 3-5 times, and I probably lost about a week’s worth of work dealing with the Ring Central trying to get things sorted out, get my money back, getting my plan upgraded, you name it.

Was Told My Business Wasn’t Welcome – Good, so here is my Review about Ring Central

Back in 2011, I once wanted to get their VOIP phone line system to use as my home phone and this guy high up in the company called “Rod” told me he didn’t want my business. Upon editing this article, I realize he told me this on the phone, probably because he didn’t want it in writing.

I believe it’s because he didn’t like me complaining about their Filipino call center.

I never actually dealt with him, I was dealing with someone who started off nice, John Ross, but at the end, he sided with Ring Central and it was clear to me he didn’t want to talk to me anymore. He started ignoring my e-mails.

Get this straight, I did NOT WANT TO TALK TO THEM EITHER.

No one in their right mind wants to deal with problems day in and day out. No one wants to waste their time instead of running their business.

While I get that no one likes someone who complains all the time, I also know that I wouldn’t hire idiots to run my sales and tech support departments.

You hire low quality labor, you get a lot of complaints, that’s just how it goes.

Amazon is the same way. They will defend their Filipino call center to the death claiming they do understand English when they don’t.

So I was SHOCKED that this Rod treated me this way, but this seems to be the attitude of many of the people from Ring Central and hence my review about Ring Central.

Why My Review About Ring Central Now

The reason I’m posting this article about Ring Central now is that once again I just wasted 1 hour and 15 minutes of my day dealing with their stupid Filipino call center. While they are pleasant and nice, they don’t understand English AT ALL. I’ll get the odd Filipino who does understand me once I go up the ladder, but that’s rare. And EVERY TIME I call I can never get an answer and be off the phone 5 minutes later. It always takes almost an hour of my time because I have to ask for managers just to find someone who knows how their system works or understand what my issue is.

My Experience Today

  1. Called Ring Central, told the girl what happened, I could tell right away she didn’t understand me. Asked to speak to a manager, she put me on hold and then the line went dead after around 10 minutes. Her name was Angelia
  2. Called back, complained about being hung up on, spoke to Champ, he also didn’t understand what I was saying, asked to speak to a manager. That took 30 minutes of me talking to him and being put on hold before I got a manager.
  3. Spoke to the manager (I wasn’t near my desk when he gave me his name), he ALSO didn’t understand what I was saying. That’s when I asked to speak to someone higher up. He put me on hold saying he was going to get someone in the US. They don’t have anyone in the US who handles customer service. I was told that within a month of being with Ring Central. The US forces me to deal ONLY with their Filipino call center. Was on hold for about 15 minutes when Champ (not sure where the manager went) came back on and said they were still trying to get someone. AFTER 1 HOUR and 2 MINUTES went by, I FINALLY hung up.

So not ONLY did I NOT get the answer to my question, I wasted around 1 hour and 15 minutes over two phone calls AND stressed myself out to no end.

From now on I will be documenting what happens each time I call and have similar problems, so my review about Ring Central will be ongoing until I leave them. And just so you know, I didn’t post every time I had a problem with them. It was just too much.

Also, I tried NOT to call Ring Central or open a ticket because I knew I’d get very stressed and my blood pressure would go up, so I avoided dealing with them at all costs.

I know Ring Central doesn’t care, but maybe you will when you decide on which cloud VoIP phone company to choose.


Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is one of the WORST Airlines

I really didn’t realize how bad airlines had gotten since the last time I traveled & as you can guess, I don’t travel often. I’m not even talking about the security checks which have nothing really to do with the airlines, I’m talking about the TERRIBLE level of service I received from both Spirit Airlines & Delta Airlines. Here’s my other post about Delta, so I won’t go into that right now.

Spirit was a total disaster from the minute I picked up the phone to ask questions:

  1. First getting pricing for luggage was a nightmare. Again, I had problems with Delta in this area too, but that was more because of Delta’s total arrogant “talk down to you” attitude. With Spirit Airlines it was about lack of intelligence because I was dealing with India if memory serves me.Once an hour went by, I FINALLY had some idea about the cost of luggage, but then I started asking about this $9 Fare Plan. Later I found out that this promotion is total BS & NOT $9 at all & doesn’t apply to anything but the luggage, so you don’t save anything on flights, I think.Don’t flame me if I got it wrong, I’m going based on memory here since this all happened last April 2011. Why am I waiting so long to post this review you ask? It’s because of what I received in my inbox today.

    Back last year I was swamped arranging a lot of things for my move, so I didn’t post my complaint about Spirit Airlines on my site back then.

  2. Anyway, I went ahead with signing up for Spirit Airline’s fare club.I was stupid, I admit it, & guess what I didn’t do? I DIDN’T BOTHER TO RESEARCH THEM ONLINE FIRST. I was in need of a cheap flight & I didn’t even think to research online first since they are so well known.
  3. After I signed up for Spirit’s Fare Plan, I couldn’t get into my account, so I spent the NEXT hour trying to communicate with the morons at Spirit Airline.First they tell me to wait, it may take a while for the system to recognize me. What??? LOL, I am a netrepreneur, I know how applications run & are built. There’s no such thing as a slow application unless there is something wrong with the server & even then it shouldn’t take 2 hours to access your account. That’s how long they wanted me to wait.Signing up & logging in should be instantaneous, but no matter what I tried, I couldn’t log in. While I was on the phone with them, they could see my account on their end (barely), but I couldn’t log in or pay or do anything.

    Even when I tried to do a “change of password”, it wouldn’t work.

    After an hour of dealing with these complete utter morons, I was exhausted & I started screaming. It was clear no one there could help & I couldn’t go any higher in the company as they kept blocking me from speaking to managers.

    While I was on hold for the umpteenth time, that’s when I went to search for reviews about Spirit Airlines & I freaked out. There were complaints one after the other. Pages of complaints.

    I asked someone (I think it was customer service) to refund me the Spirit Fare Club money which is $50 or something like that, NOT $9.

    I believe at first I was told I could get my money back, then the next person I spoke to told me I CAN’T GET MY MONEY BACK according to their terms & conditions. You have to understand this all happened within 1-2 hours of me signing up & NOTHING had transpired. I couldn’t do a thing with my account, I couldn’t purchase a flight or luggage, NOTHING!!!

    I did wait patiently for their system to start working & of course it never did.

    Had this been just me changing my mind I could understand their point of view, but NO ONE THERE understands or speaks English properly, knows what they are doing or what the hell is going on.

  4. So they refused to give me my money back. My next step was to go to my bank & do a chargeback, but I couldn’t do that yet because the transaction hadn’t posted yet <sigh>, so I had to wait days for it to post & when it did, that’s when there were MORE problems.I had to go higher up in my bank to get the money back & I didn’t think I was going to get it back in the end.

    When me & the person at the bank were discussing Spirit’s terms & conditions, I looked on the Spirit Airline website to find their terms & conditions, guess what??? There were NO terms & conditions. Even with Spirit being one of the ONLY sites online with NO terms & conditions page, my bank was still giving me a hard time about refunding me the money.

    Supposedly Spirit Airlines claimed that when I purchased, it stated that there was no refunds at that point. I don’t remember seeing that at all.Finally my bank gave me my money back.

  5. So here’s why I’m writing this now. Because I just got an e-mail with Spirit saying they are going to charge my credit card their annual Fare Club membership price & I’m like NO WAY. I try to go to their site to log in & cancel it & if you haven’t guessed it already, I CAN’T because remember I couldn’t log in a year ago, so why is it any different this year.I once again did a “password reset” from right below where you log in, & the e-mail once again NEVER arrived. So Spirit Airlines has no problem signing me up & charging me, but if I want to go into my account, I can’t.I tried to look for their contact information, but I can’t find it anywhere on their site & I’m too busy for this BULLSHIT. I’m NOT staying on the phone for an hour so they can figure out how to run their company.

    Thank gawd my credit card had expired last year so the charge shouldn’t go through, but who knows if they will try to come after me for the charge.

I have boycotted Spirit. Even with their cheap flights, I would NEVER subject myself to that torture. Flying is bad enough without having to go through so much stress just booking the damm thing & all those complaints were about what happened ON the flight. I didn’t even have time to read most of them.



Spy Associates – complaint

Jurist, Jeffrey [email protected]
Shara Taylor Ltd
2609 NW 53 DR
Boca Raton, Florida 33496
United States

Jeffrey Jurist
Spy Associates
[email protected]

Al Baltazar
[email protected]

[email protected]
[email protected]

I guess I should have spoken with Jeffrey from before I signed up for his affiliate program, because, in my opinion, he turned out to be a disrespectful egomaniac who doesn’t know how to talk to people (or at least me).

First he was all nice in the e-mail & he forwarded me to his affiliate manager, Al.

I needed to promote specific products & needed the instructions from Al on how to set it up so I was promoting just the products I was interested in. Al did send them to me immediately, so that was a plus.

I wasn’t ready to create all the links at that time, but about 2 weeks later I was.

After reading the instructions I found them to be a little confusing, so I told Al via e-mail that I wanted to speak on the phone & asked him to call me or for his number. He read my e-mail, but didn’t respond back, so the following day I called the number in the e-mail which I figured would get me Al.

Jeffrey answered the phone & was curt & rude from the get go. I hate it when people don’t have a friendly tone of voice & demand to know what you want as if you are interrupting their day.

I said, “it’s Michelle, can I speak to Al?”

Jeffrey must not have very many affilites since he seemed to know it was me right off the bat. He proceeded to tell me that Al was on vacation for two weeks (I didn’t get that notice when I e-mailed Al & you should always let people know when you are on vacation) AND, he told me that Al won’t talk on the phone, he only gives e-mail support.

Companies online need to learn that they can’t force people into ONLY communicating via e-mail. I am NOT going to play these games. If Al can’t walk me through what I need to know within 10 minutes on the phone or Skype, then I’m not interested. It’s really that simple. If they care about their affiliates, they will take the time to offer phone support.

So Jeffrey started to become belligerent at that point saying things like, “I think Al is entitled to a vacation.” LOL, who said he wasn’t??? I just said I wasn’t told that he was away. Al could have e-mailed me back yesterday & told me that. I know he read the e-mail. He could have put a vacation message on his e-mail so people would know. I can NOT read Al’s or Jeffrey’s mind.

When I told Jeffrey this isn’t going to work out for me he then says something like, “Michelle, you don’t have to make this more into a drama than it is.” I’m like WTF??? LOL, are you kidding me? This is how he talks to people?

Then he proceeds to try & show off by saying he runs a million dollar company & I can make YOU a lot of money. I’m like OMG, this is nuts. This guy is too much. He’s just like the guys at Brickhouse, so this must be a common personality trait with people who are in the spy hardware business. Demanding (I don’t mean of staff), disrespectful, they talk down, blame me for their lack of organization & customer service in their company, created more of a situation than there originally was, etc.

Then Jeffrey tries to make it seem like I’m the problem because I had been honest with him from day one & had told him I had a problem with Brickhouse, so Jeffrey decides to use it against me. That to me is more immature behavior.

I told him NO, I just have a problem with disrespectful egomaniacs. Then you know what he did? LOL, he starts lowering his tone like he’s talking to a child. You know that tone when people think the other person is dense & they need to talk slowly & in a condescending way?

I just told him I’m hanging up the phone now & I did.

I did waste my time dealing with Spy Associates, but what can I do, I’ve learned my lesson. From now on I’m going to have to talk to the staff & owners there first before I sign up for their affiliate programs. I can’t take any more chances.

I just called & while it was a female who picked up the phone, she was unprofessional right from the get go. She answered the phone on speaker. I said companies normally don’t answer the phone on speaker. She ignored my comment & said robotically, “How can I help you?” I don’t tolerate passive aggressive people who ignore what you say.

Onto the NEXT spy gear company. Man, this is turning out to be a nutty industry.

Oh & a few days later Al e-mailed me (so much for him being on vacation, either Jeffrey lied or Al was able to work while on vacation) & I told him I’m no longer interested & how I was treated by Jeffrey & he ignored me too.



AAA Expert Heating & Air Conditioning in Downer Grove, Illinois

This complaint about AAA Expert Heating & Air Conditioning in Downer Grove, Illinois was written by Lawrence – hochiminh36 at gmail dot com

The phone number for AAA Expert Heating & Air Conditioning is (630) 725-9000 and their website is

“On June 30, 2009, I signed a contract with AAA Expert Heating & Air Conditioning located at 2474 Wisconsin Avenue, Downer Grove, Illinois 60515 to install a new heating & air conditioning system.  The duly signed contact on June 30, 2009 clearly stated that 10 years warranty on all parts and labor as well as three years free maintenance agreement.

About one month after the system was installed; the air conditioning started making intermittent loud zapping noise.  The intermittent zapping noise was loud enough to wake me up at the middle of the night.  After numerous complaints, on May 17, 2011, a technician of AAA Expert named Mike came to check on the air conditioning system.  Mike verified the loud zapping noise was came from the air conditioning unit but unable to pinpoint the exact part or cause of the problem.  Even the original signed contract clearly stated that all parts and labor are warranty for ten years; I still was charged $125.00 for the service visit.  On that same day, I spoke with Joe Kasallis, a co-owner of the AAA Expert Heating & Air Conditioning.  Joe said that only if I can identify any defected part of the air conditioning system then he would replace it under the warranty agreement.

On June 27, 2012, another technician of the AAA Expert Heating Company named Kevin G. come out to service the air conditioning system again as part of the free maintenance agreement as stated on the original contract.   Kevin, the technician, identified the loud noise causes by the “contactor-low stage” of the air conditioning unit and recommend in writing on the service ticket that the part needed to be ordered and replaced in order to fix the loud zapping noise.

On July 9, 2012 (fourteen days after the recommendation of the AAA Expert’s technician), I called to follow up. And again, I get the same frustrating response from Larry Kasallis, another co-owner of the AAA Expert Heating & Air Conditioning Company.  Larry’s first said that the part is not under warranty anymore since I have not had regular annual maintenance service.  However, once I mentioned that I have records of the annual maintenance service for the last three years from his own company, then Larry said “the part still not under warranty since the manufactory only warrantee the parts producing cool air of the system and nothing else.”

To sum it up: After the first service visit, the warranty agreement is not valid because the defected part could not be identified.  Then, after the defected part was identified by the company’s licensed technician the part is still not under warranty because there is no prove of regular annual maintenance service.  And then, after the records proved the regular annual maintenance, the part is not specifically warrantee by the manufactory.

On July 10, 2012 I hired an independent third party licensed technician to look into the problem.  To my surprise, the technician pointed out to me that the model unit identification of the air conditioning installed is not the same model unit showed on the originally contract agreement as signed.  Also, not only the wrong model unit was installed, the model unit installed was actually manufactured in 2006 and was not in 2009 as the company co-owner, Joe Kasallis, originally represented.

In light of the above facts and evidences, I believe that the AAA Heating & Air Conditioning willfully and knowingly committed to consumer fraud, deception and unfair business practice as well as breached of contract.”

Complaint about Share Results

Share Results
2020 University Street, Suite 2360
Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3A 2A5
[email protected]

Sean Tobin
[email protected]
F.514- 284-9376

So Sean writes me on 06-29-2012 saying I haven’t logged into my account in a long time. I thought they were some other affiliate directory, but upon a closer look, I realized they weren’t.

I had to spend about 30 minutes trying to figure out who they were & who I was an affiliate with through Share Results.

As it turns out, I had signed up with them to be an affiliate for Photo Bucket back in 2007.

I wrote Sean back asking questions about whether Photo Bucket was in my account because at one point the affiliate program hadn’t gone through with Photo Bucket & then the affiliate manager for Photo Bucket just disappeared.

The next thing I know on 07-03-12 without ANY communication (I find this to be immature & very rude), they cancel my Share Result account & I get some generic e-mail.

I feel people need to know of my experience with Share Results. This is not how you treat human beings, not to mention this is very very poor customer service.



Hydro One Complaint

Hydro One Complaint
Ontario, Canada

I have to refresh my memory of what happened with Hydro One as this went down around August or September of 2011.

I moved from the house I was renting & of course didn’t get my last bill until after I moved. Since I moved out of the country, it took me a lot longer to get settled then if I was just moving closer. Moving is stressful enough.

Anyway, I continued making small payments to the account writing them down on my last Hydro One bill, but it was a mess & I take responsibility for it being a mess. Normally I print out a new bill for each month, but obviously there wasn’t going to be any new bills.

Then one day I called Hydro One & asked if I had paid everything off. I wasn’t sure & instead of me adding all the amounts up & guessing which number was the balance & which were the payments, I figured I would just call instead.

I spoke to someone who I’m SURE told me I had made all the payments, so I thought I was all set.

I had had my mail forwarded to my sister’s in the States & she’s not very organized, nor does she tell me about all my mail all the time.

A month or two later my sister mentioned something briefly about how a last payment was owing to Hydro One & if it wasn’t paid by such & such a date, etc., so I called Hydro One again & spoke to someone else (sorry I don’t have names right now, but if you need them I can pull up the letter I wrote) & he also told me I didn’t owe anything.

I’m sitting here thinking this is all just a mixup on their end & so I let it go.

Another month or two goes by & then my sister faxes me some mail & it’s a notice from a collection agency for $33 or something in that range for Hydro One. Needless to say I was FURIOUS.

This is when things went from bad to worse with Hydro One. I tried to clear things up with one guy, but he treated me like total garbage. It became clear after a few minutes that he was trying to catch me in a lie. He started mocking me making it seem like I couldn’t do math, telling me, “of course you knew you owed the money”, etc. etc.

I asked to speak to his manager & she was just as bad as he was. Again she tried to make it seem like I was lying over $33.  I told her plain & simple, pull the collection agency out of the deal & I’ll pay you the $33. Or, give me a letter stating you will do that once I’ve paid.


I was LIVID.

I think at that point I called again & was told the only way to complain higher up was to write an e-mail, so I did.

I received no response.

How can a company like this treat me in this way. I’ve been a customer of theirs for I don’t know, the last 25 years & this is the first time something like this has happened & this is how they train their staff to handle a good customer?

I also called the collection agency & you know how they are, total assholes. When I told the guy I would only pay through Hydro One, he started bullying me & talking down to me, so I hung up the phone on him.

I knew this was getting really bad & going nowhere, so I started dealing with the Ontario Ombudsman. The woman there wasn’t much help. She was either busy or just daft because she didn’t quite get what was going on, but she did say she would call them. I was upset because of the collection agency & I wanted that stopped so it wouldn’t ruin my credit rating.

I had to wait & I never heard back from the woman at the Ombudsman when she said she would get back to me. In the meantime the collection agency guy had started to harass me.

I had to follow up with the Ombudsman woman again & she didn’t return my call. I was going to speak to her manager when finally she returned my call all shocked like, “I was told you want to speak to my manager?” No apology for not calling me when she said she would, but fine, I let that go & just wanted to get this resolved.

The entire time she was giving Hydro One all the time they wanted to resolve this & I was NOT going to wait around & have my credit rating ruined because Hydro One could care less about screwing up & this Ombudsman woman was letting Hydro One get away with it.

At one point I had to really lay it into her as it felt like she was going to sweep this under the rug just because I owed the $33 even though it was Hydro One’s incompetent staff & rude bullies that needed to be held accountable.

Finally she called again & someone at Hydro One said they would call me & resolve the issue with the collection agency.

Do you think anyone called me???? NO, but all of a sudden the collection agency guy stopped calling me & I knew Hydro One wiped out the account.

While I’m happy with the results, the stress I had to go through being treated like garbage by Hydro One’s staff & not even an apology is shocking. While the Ombudsman woman helped me, she didn’t want to. I had to force her & I shouldn’t have to force the governing body to oversee Hydro One.

Just thought people should know what Hydro One did over $33.




Gaensemarkt 43
20354 Hamburg
by fax to: +49 1805 61 88 88 99 (make sure the copy is legible)
or by e-mail to [email protected]

So someone told me to go sign up to Xing as they are a social media site. I went to sign up & realized I must have done that already & it must have been done years ago.

I went to sign in & couldn’t, so I had them reset my password.

The next thing I know, they are telling me I’m BLOCKED & they wanted me to write them so I did.

Then you will NEVER believe what they wrote me:

“Dear Mrs EP,


We strongly suspect you have created one or more than one so-called ‚fake profiles’, meaning XING profiles not based on real persons or containing true information.

We ask for your understanding in this matter. As the quality and accuracy of the information on our platform is very important to us, we treat suspicions of this sort very seriously, and take necessary action.

To be certain that these accounts are not fakes, we would need to see passports or proof of identity. If you provide us with a copy of these documents by e-mail or post, we can further investigate the matter, and reactivate the profiles, if necessary. Please send the copy to:

Gaensemarkt 43
20354 Hamburg
by fax to: +49 1805 61 88 88 99 (make sure the copy is legible)
or by e-mail to [email protected]

As we cannot be certain that these are fake profiles, and in that regard a violation of our General Terms and Conditions, we will not reimburse paid membership fees.

We hope to receive the necessary documents from you in the near future, and that we can find an acceptable solution for all parties.”

Now I’m all for sites protecting themselves & I think more sites online should take ID from paying customers, BUT I have NEVER had to provide ID to a free site before just to sign up. Especially since they didn’t even tell me WHY they thought my profile was a fake. Clearly if I’m e-mailing them & talking in normal English, it’s pretty clear I’m not a fake person LOL

They are NOT getting my ID from me & I highly suggest you don’t give them your ID either.

This seems very very suspicious. They are in Germany as you can see.



Sovereign Bank

Sovereign Bank
Boston, Massachusetts

I have to say I’ve never dealt with this bank before, but then I had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with them today.

A client of mine tried to purchase from me & he wrote the wrong address in the address field.

My fraud protection picked it up & declined it, but since it’s a decline because of fraud, the client’s bank places the funds on hold, which means the client’s money is tied up & he can’t do anything with his money (like repurchase) until Sovereign Bank places the money back into his bank account or onto his credit card.

Normally I help the client by either faxing a letter asking the bank to release the funds back to the client, or we do a 3way & I verbally get them to do that.

I have done this for many clients before & they all use different banks of course. I’d say 1 out of 3-5 clients make a mistake when filling out their billing address or there’s a glitch with the bank’s database. This then triggers the fraud protection software to protect me the merchant.

This is THE first time I’ve ever been told the bank has no way of releasing the money. We even spoke to a manager who clearly didn’t like me one bit because she wouldn’t let me speak & kept interrupting me. She said Sovereign’s banking system has no way to do that manually. She tried to make it seem like my company was the one that was holding onto this guy’s money & that I had to release the funds. No Lady, you AREN’T going to blame the merchant.

After I interrupted her & spoke my piece again, she FINALLY admitted they are working on getting their banking system changed.

After I got off the phone with my hopefully soon to be client, I’m thinking to myself… what the hell??? You are a million or billion dollar bank & you can’t hire someone to do the same thing every other bank in the US of A has on their banking system?

So as a potential customer of Sovereign Bank, I guess it’s your decision if you want your funds tied up so this bank can make money (interest) on your hard earned money. I’m just telling you what you will be up against if this happens to you when there’s a glitch during a payment.

Bid Traffic
7345 S Durango Dr., Ste B107 – 345
Las Vegas, NV 89113 is terrible in my opinion.


  1. Their backend looks like it was developed by someone just starting out.
  2. When they e-mail you, you have no clue, since they don’t send notices to your e-mail address.  I find it arrogant of companies when they think you spend every waking hour every day logging into their account. Not unless it’s something one would use every day. Bid Traffic clearly isn’t a service needed every day.
  3. I e-mailed them once or twice & never got a response.
  4. I hadn’t put their code on my blogs yet since I didn’t have anyone to do it.  Who in the world would think that one’s account would be suspended just because they hadn’t started marketing yet. That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard in my life. So they’d rather lose money when the site over is ready to start??? LOL
  5. I lost $5 as I purchased this guy’s gig on Fiverr who went on & on about how good Bid Traffic is. I also lost a lot of my time which is worth more than $5 communicating with this guy back & forth, I also helped edit his PDF since his instructions weren’t clear or fully developed.
  6. When I found out my account was suspended, I e-mailed them angry that they would suspend my account for no reason at all & still no response from them & still no way to get in.

I don’t recommend at all. This company is weird & does not communicate well.


Sapphire Technology

Sapphire Technology
SAPPHIRE Select Club
[email protected]

As a rule, I try to NEVER deal with online companies that are so unprofessional, that they won’t provide a phone number so customers or potential customers can call them. People make excuses that having a phone line costs more money & I say this is BS. While yes, it may cost them another $20-50 per month depending on how many lines they get, but then they now have a ton more customers purchasing from them because they trust them more & they also are able to answer their questions a lot more quickly. Plus, there’s less understanding (we hope) than if it’s done through e-mail.

These types of arrogant or wannabe companies assume everyone should be restricted to e-mail only & while that may be fine for some things, for complicated questions, for me, phone is the ONLY way to go.

I also question why these companies hide behind e-mail.

Being a netrepreneur & a former entrepreneur, I feel online companies should be held to the same (if not more stringent) customer service standards than offline companies, for the very reason that we can’t just waltz into their office & demand service.

So some geeks online were recommending Sapphire video cards to me & after seeing a somewhat negative review about the video card in question (see review), plus hardly any reviews at all compared to their competitor Gigabyte, I decided to give Sapphire the benefit of the doubt & e-mail them.

I was then told there is NO phone support.

I told them I don’t trust companies that don’t provide phone supprt, told them why, etc. & then described my question.

Of course what happens…

They ignore me & this just proves my point.

Online they can just ignore you & run away. With a company that has a phone line, yes, they can do the same thing, but it’s a lot harder.

For this reason Sapphire not only lost my business, but now they have a negative review about what happened.





Reliance Home Comfort Complaint

Reliance Home Comfort Complaint

Like most of the companies both in the US & Canada, these companies are taking the easy way out trying to cut costs and making the customer suffer because they hire East Indians or Filipinos who can’t speak or understand English well, have little to no common sense, and make mistake after mistake.

I was supposed to get a credit from Reliance Home Comfort because I overpaid on my bill before I canceled my account.

I called 3-4 times and was told they could deposit the money into my bank account, but they never did.

I forgot about it, so this drama went on for months. I kept calling, they kept saying I gave them the wrong account number which I didn’t.

I tried to ask to speak to a manager, but they REFUSED to let me speak to anyone in Canada. I even got a Canadian on the phone once & she ALSO refused to let me speak to a manager in Canada.

I FINALLY had to track down someone higher up in the company in Canada all the while wasting my precious time.

I finally got someone higher up who then passed me to Alex – [email protected] She gave me the credit, but refused to give me anything else for all my wasted time. Reliance Home Comfort is, in my opinion, a TERRIBLE company to deal with if you are trying to get your money back from them or trying to get anyone there who speaks proper English & understands simple instructions.



Forum Tablet PC Buzz
[email protected]
John Hill

So I started thinking that maybe I need a tablet & since I don’t know much about tablets, I went searching for a forum where I could ask questions.

The minute I signed up with this forum there were problems. Their system wouldn’t let me access my profile, then I realized they wouldn’t let me post either, so I wrote them asking what the problem is, I sign up & you won’t even let me access my profile?

Since I’m a member of probably around 50 forums, I know this isn’t normal practice online.

The next day I get an e-mail from this control freak John Hill who says… “You are banned from our site.”

No explanation, hell, they didn’t even communicate with me, but bullies & control freaks usually don’t. They have to control everything in their path & try to put people down to show THEM who’s the boss.

I’m all for controlling your site & forum. I have many myself, so I know how it is, but I did absolutely nothing wrong. I was simply trying to get information on tablets.

Be careful when signing up with forums like this, you say one thing they don’t like even if there’s nothing wrong with what you said, & they will pummel you.

Thank gawd John Hill’s behavior is not the norm with forums on the Internet, which is why you don’t see many forums on this blog. Most forums are run by nice mature people.



Family Safe Media’s Affiliate Program

Family Safe Media
[email protected]

On October 7, 2011 I wrote to them regarding a product they just sent out to their list. I wanted to promote it, but it wasn’t in their backend for affiliates. I’m on their list because I’m a customer of their’s as well, but not any longer.

I was told by Mike 3 days later, that his boss was on vacation, but he’d send him my e-mail because he reads his e-mails. I said thank you & saw that someone else read my e-mail on the 11th.

I never received a response, so I wrote on the 21st sarcastically thanking them for getting back to me. I was ignored.

I don’t chase people, I gave them a chance & they blew it, so I’ve removed them from my site. I don’t even know if I’m getting commissions because some people have gone to their site from my site, but somehow there’s been no sales, plus what happens if the person calls & buys? I lose out?

So I would not recommend this affiliate program to anyone.



Living Social Affiliate Program

Living Social Affiliate Program

I signed up for Living Social’s affiliate program several months ago & being busy, didn’t remember what happened with the account. At first I didn’t think I had signed up, but when I tried again, it said my e-mail address was already in the system, so I knew I had.

I also found their affiliate program to be hard to find/access via their site.

Anyway, I e-mailed them to find out what was going on, why wasn’t I an affiiliate.

Someone by the name of Jessica Harvey – [email protected] got back to me after I e-mailed [email protected]

She asked me for my website, I gave her 3 different ones, then she approved me saying…

“Hi Michelle,

I took another look at your sites and approved your account for our direct purchase offer.  If you have any questions as you get set up, please let me know – I’m happy to help!
I thought all was fine UNTIL 4 days later on October 13, 2011 I was rejected AGAIN.
I wrote to Jessica Harvey & was very upset for obvious reasons asking what is this back & forth nonsense, why has my account been deleted AGAIN. Talk about no proper communication skills at all not to mention clear passive aggression.
Jessica Harvey ignored me.
What a lovely company Living Social is.
Compared to Groupon’s affiliate department, it’s like dealing with the devil.
Groupon cares about their affiliates & would NEVER treat them like garbage. There’s an obvious level of disrespect from Living Social in my opinion.
Also during the few days I was signed up with Living Social, I also saw one of their e-mails. They aren’t even written out properly. It was just a blob of text with no formatting & proper paragraph structure.
In my opinion it’s clear Living Social doesn’t know how to run their company properly & I wonder if they treat their employees with the same level of disrespect. I know for a fact that Groupon loves their employees & treats them WELL.


Dating Factory

Dating Factory

So I inquired about this dating site software that I found out about back in September of 2011.

I signed up & then e-mailed them & asked them if they could call me. In fact the subject line of my contact to them was “Please Call Me”, but in the end they didn’t.

Inside my account it said I was assigned an account manager that I thought was really cool, but it said Nick, my account manager, was away on vacation until August 15, 2011. Clearly it was well past that date.

Someone other than Nick contacted me. Her name was Keira. She did respond to my first e-mail, but then I saw something else that made me think this may not work, they are in the UK & I need to bill out in USD, so I asked about currency.

She never responded.

I was busy with my company, so it took me until October to get back to this company. They were sending me list e-mails which jogged my memory.

Since Keira hadn’t responded to my e-mails, I tried to find the contact page. I found it, but all it had were a list of tutorials (very strange), no actual form to fill out…








There were links that didn’t work on their site either, so I found this all very confusing & I had no idea what was going on with this company. SO, I found their forum which seemed to be kind of dead. I was in a rush, looked & saw the last time someone posted was a month ago, figured they are out of business or soon to be, but in one last ditch effort to see if there was someone alive out there, I posted citing what had happened & asked if they have in fact gone out of business.

I activated my profile to let me know if there were any responses to my post & there were non. (another problem I later on realized)

Then a few days later I came across that e-mail that jogged my memory, decided to see if anyone had responded to my thread & amazingly there was a response.

From a VERY disrespectful blank who is co-founder of Dating Factory.

Her name is Lisa & here is what she wrote…

“Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your enquiry, but I am afraid I will have to prove you wrong and provide some facts:

1) – here is the contact support form that many partners are using every day

2) Your account manager details are in your admin with the direct phone number and Skype contacts, and Nick is online most of the time except sleeping hours of course.

Nick Dovgopolyy
[email protected]
skype: nick_datingfactory
phone: +44(0)20 3239 3504
Please call from 7.00AM to 7.00PM GMT

3) I have looked at your communication with Keira, and she did answer you back, and you even replied back, I have a copy of YOUR reply to her message on Sept, 7, so please let’s be honest, nobody has ignored you. To prove that I can publish the communication here, if you like for everyone to see.

4) Nick is back from holidays ages ago, and is available, so I am not sure why you decided to post this on the forum when the company is fully functional, has thousands of successful partners, sponsors all the major internet industry events, and publishes news regularly.

5) On our site you have a direct number to call, on the front page – I don’t suppose you have tried calling this number?

Co-founder, Dating Factory”

I will show you a screenshot just in case she lies & says I made everything up…









Now because of Lisa’s condescending ignorant response, not only did she lose me as an affiliate for TWO dating sites (I had plans for two), she now got her company a negative review.

Keep up the great work Lisa.

Points I’d like to make about Lisa’s response on the forum for Dating Factory:

  1. I guess Lisa isn’t smart enough to know that e-mails get lost. If she hadn’t been so quick to try & put me down & try to make fun of me to the entire forum, maybe she would have stopped to ask me (or her brain)… maybe Michelle sent an e-mail after her first one, & Keira never received it.Fancy that.
  2. See how Lisa avoids my comment about how links aren’t clickable on the footer nav & trust me, I tried several times to click on them, they WEREN’T working.
  3. See how Lisa avoids my point about my account saying that Nick is away on vacation until August 15th, 2011. I believe, but don’t want to say for sure because I can’t remember, that it still said that a week ago.I just checked & they’ve changed it.Amazing, but she probably won’t admit to that. Lisa to me doesn’t seem like the type who tells the truth. But that’s just my opinion.Why in the world would I call an account manager who’s still on vacation??? I don’t care if it says he’s back after a certain date, I don’t know that.Oops, imagine that, I have a screenshot of what my account said because I sent it to Keisha at the time inquiring as to whether it was a mistake on their part.








  • Next… Why should I have to pay overseas long distance charges to The Dating Factory? Why can’t they call me? And no, I didn’t try to call them because I prefer to use e-mail first. Then if I feel there’s a long conversation brewing, then I’ll call, but again. I’ve had companies from the UK call before. Why can’t they call me?
  • Why did Lisa have to make such a big deal of me posting in the forum?I e-mailed, received no response, tried to find the contact page & couldn’t. Re: the URL Lisa posted…I don’t know how I’m supposed to assume that’s the URL to the contact page when it’s I don’t see anything like that on the contact page I showed you. I guess Lisa expects me to read her mind.So that’s why I posted on the forum.A mature person would have laughed it off, admitted to their mistakes, said it’s just another one of those “Internet” glitches, said “We’d be MORE than happy to talk to you Michelle” & gotten past all of this. But then one has to be mature & a real business person to manage that.
  • Lisa comes this close to REALLY wanting to publish my personal communication with Keira. LOL, Wow, go for it Lisa, it doesn’t prove a thing. I never said she NEVER returned my e-mails, I said she ignored an important question of mine & granted, I could have used a different word that wasn’t soooo strong, but I think at the time I was pissed because I had tried so hard to talk to them & couldn’t find a way.
  • Why does Lisa have to insinuate that I’m lying?I don’t lie Lisa, but as they say, a liar will ALWAYS assume another person lies.

In the end, appears to be professional & all glossy on the outside, but then when I started dealing with them, there was nothing but problems & rudeness beyond comprehension. Keira was nice though, aside from not getting back to me. I wonder if they ever check their spam folder.

I am glad I found this out now.



Lockit Now

Rod Beckwith who owns Lockit Now
[email protected]
[email protected]

So we were looking for a replacement for Virtual Vault and I remembered Lockit Now from about 1-2 years earlier.

I had spoken to Rod at the time and he was nice enough, but he never had his programmer get back to me to determine one way or another if Lockit Now had the features I needed. I guess I should have taken that as a sign that I was to have trouble in the future, but I didn’t listen to myself.

So I had my assistant Andy investigate everything from scratch, and the site or whoever Andy was communicating with via e-mail stated Lockit Now would do as we needed.

So I went to order the first month hoping we could get it all set up and tested within a month, but as usual, we are so busy, it took us over 30 days, and I was billed again.

About 5 days into the second month, Andy FINALLY figures out that Lockit Now doesn’t protect the PDF files at all & they misinformed us. He tried to get answers from them thinking maybe he did something wrong, but they never returned his e-mails & he even e-mailed to different e-mail addresses.

So I had to take over & write to Rod stating this is NOT customer service, no one should ever have to wait 5 days to receive a response (it was 5 days & counting) & I wanted a refund for both months.

I was not very happy that we had wasted all this time, because if you know anything about protecting PDFs, it’s not a 1-2-3 setup, it takes a lot of time to even establish if the software works.

I did get a response from Rod, he claims he did e-mail Andy & the e-mail just got lost & he may very well be correct, but when Andy e-mailed him a 2nd time wondering where he was, perhaps Rod should have followed up again.

Here is what Rod said…

“Refund is on the way. I did respond stating that we do not secure PDF’s in the manner you wish to do at this
time. We can protect the initial open, but after that I am afraid that once Adobe takes over, there is not anything we can do to stop the user from making a copy. We are working on a new version which should provide such protection, but that will be sometime next year.”

Ok, I wish we would have known all of this before we purchased & wasted all this time. I mean if it doesn’t protect the company publishing the book, then what good was it at all???

Anyway, I sincerely believed that we just had e-mail issues, but after I asked Rod to resend Andy the e-mail that got lost, Andy NEVER received it.

Also Andy checked high & low on his site & there was NO help desk there, as Rod insinuated that if Andy had used the help desk, this whole communication issue could have been avoided.

I even asked Rod approximately when the newer version would come out & he never responded back to me.

Four days later I e-mailed him AGAIN telling him there’s no help desk, telling him that Andy never received his forwarded response, & asking when I will get my refund because he was avoiding my e-mails.

I did get a response back from him that day, but all it said was, that my account was canceled.

NOTHING about the 2 refunds & nothing about my other 2 points.

I just thought he was busy (still, I shouldn’t be making excuses for companies that don’t care about customer support), so I waited another 3 days & then e-mailed him again asking when I’m going to get the $40 refunded to my credit card.

Once again NOTHING, so I contacted Clickbank & it took me another month, maybe even 1 1/2 months before I FINALLY got both months credited to my credit card.

What a nightmare.

I have since found the answer to my dreams LOL

So far so good with Secure e-book, I highly recommend it.

These are other sites Rod Beckwith runs that I will be avoiding…


Complaint with Go Big Network –

Raymond Shulley – Merced, CA
Dave Lambert – Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida

Douglas Zogby ( wrote:
I have been a member of Go Big as a Service Provider for 3 or 4 years now.  When I first joined the network I paid the $99 monthly access fee which allowed me to contact members looking for business planning and management consulting services.  If my memory serves me, the first year I joined I paid 1 annual flat fee.  Then at some point Go Big changed their agreement to monthly so I paid $99 a month.

In February of this year I was on the phone with one of Go Big’s customer
service reps about an issue I was having, can’t recall what it was.  Prior to
terminating the call Go Big’s representative alerted me that I could go back to paying the annual fee.  So my payment of $99 for Feb was credited and I paid $300 to Go Big for a membership good until Feb 2012.  Go Big’s accounting department has a copy of my bank statement as proof of payment.

In addition here is the e-mail confirmation I received from Go Big: From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of Lauren Schultz
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 12:20 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: [GB-CONTACT]


I have taken care of the issue with the billing on your account and have
authorized it for a full year with no further billings. I have also refunded the
$99 that was debited from your account on 2/19.

If you have any further questions feel free to let me know.

Lauren Schultz
Customer Support Representative
Go BIG Network

Go BIG Network- 614-678-5768 Direct/Fax
Biz Plan-888-391-7544  |
Find me on: Facebook  |  Linkedin
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About the Go BIG Network:
The Go BIG Network (founded in 2004 by Wil Schroter) is the world’s largest online network that connects lenders and investors with entrepreneurs, start-ups and business owners. Our network currently totals over 250,000 users and thousands of accredited investors & lenders.  Over the past six years we have successfully helped more than 186,000 business owners in their search for investors & financing.

As you can read my membership is good until Feb of 2012.  On Tuesday 9/6 I was doing my usual daily exercise by contacting, through Go Big, 20 Entrepreneurs looking for the services I offer.  To date Go Big has been a major pipeline of clients for me.  I noticed that with the launch of Go Big’s new website that there was information missing on the entrepreneur dashboard, information which was there in the past.  This information consisted of identifying the services the entrepreneur was looking for.  This information was valuable, as Service Providers do not want to solicit people who are not looking for the kind of help they offer.

So on 9/6 I called Go Big Customer Service and Anthony noted the omission, contacted Go Big’s IT staff and the issue was fixed by Wednesday.   So on Wed 9/7/11  I proceeded to send out 20 e-mails through Go Big’s new website, no problem.

on 9/8/11 I tried to do the same and receive a pop-up message that I have to be verified until I can contact Go Big’s membership.  I thought, weird, why is this coming up.  I called Customer Service and they indicated that I had not paid.  I said yes I did, back in Feb.  The CSR advised me to send a copy of my bank statement to accounting and they would clear the issue up, which I did.  Later today I get a call from Jonathan (VP with Go Big) advising me that I now need to pay $199 monthly to remain active.  I brought to his attention my February transaction and that I am contracted through Feb 2012, “without any further billings” .  Jonathan tells me I have no standing since Go Big has changed its model.  I was not notified of this change and furthermore I should not be subject to it until Feb 2012 since Go Big advised me to pay the $300 and that I would be good for a year.  Jonathan offered me no other resolution, not even grandfathering me in.  He said that the new plan went into effect on Tuesday, well on Tuesday and Wednesday I had my normal access, so how is that explained?

I continued to push for a fair resolution here.  i was contacted by anothe Go Big VP, and while empathetic, the only resolution to me was to be named 1 of 3 so called preferred vendors allowing me access at $1,000 a month!

I have had some good success in getting clients from Go Big.  Like any other site there were some bad apples that stiffed me, but that is a cost of doingbusiness.  What is unfair is Go Big’s sudden and unannounced change in their model and refuesal to honor the annual membership I paid for.

Douglas Zogby ( wrote:
I have been a member of Go Big as a Service Provider for 3 or 4 years now.  When
I first joined the network I paid the $99 monthly access fee which allowed me to
contact members looking for business planning and management consulting
services.  If my memory serves me, the first year I joined I paid 1 annual flat
fee.  Then at some point Go Big changed their agreement to monthly so I paid $99
a month.

In February of this year I was on the phone with one of Go Big's customer
service reps about an issue I was having, can’t recall what it was.  Prior to
terminating the call Go Big's representative alerted me that I could go back to
paying the annual fee.  So my payment of $99 for Feb was credited and I paid 
$300 to Go Big for a membership good until Feb 2012.  Go Big's accounting
department has a copy of my bank statement as proof of payment.  In addition
here is the e-mail confirmation I received from Go Big:

From: [email protected] [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of
Lauren Schultz
Sent: Wednesday, February 23, 2011 12:20 PM
To: [email protected]
Subject: [GB-CONTACT]


I have taken care of the issue with the billing on your account and have
authorized it for a full year with no further billings. I have also refunded the
$99 that was debited from your account on 2/19.

If you have any further questions feel free to let me know. 

Lauren Schultz
Customer Support Representative
Go BIG Network

Go BIG Network- 614-678-5768 Direct/Fax             
Biz Plan-888-391-7544  |
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About the Go BIG Network:
The Go BIG Network (founded in 2004 by Wil Schroter) is the world's largest
online network that connects lenders and investors with entrepreneurs, start-ups
and business owners. Our network currently totals over 250,000 users and
thousands of accredited investors & lenders.  Over the past six years we have
successfully helped more than 186,000 business owners in their search for
investors & financing.

As you can read my membership is good until Feb of 2012.  On Tuesday 9/6 I was
doing my usual daily exercise by contacting, through Go Big, 20 Entrepreneurs
looking for the services I offer.  To date Go Big has been a major pipeline of
clients for me.  I noticed that with the launch of Go Big's new website that
there was information missing on the entrepreneur dashboard, information which
was there in the past.  This information consisted of identifying the services
the entrepreneur was looking for.  This information was valuable, as Service
Providers do not want to solicit people who are not looking for the kind of help
they offer.  So on 9/6 I called Go Big Customer Service and Anthony noted the
omission, contacted Go Big's IT staff and the issue was fixed by Wednesday.   So
on Wed 9/7/11  I proceeded to send out 20 e-mails through Go Big's new website,
no problem.

on 9/8/11 I tried to do the same and receive a pop-up message that I have to be
verified until I can contact Go Big's membership.  I thought, weird, why is this
coming up.  I called Customer Service and they indicated that I had not paid.  I
said yes I did, back in Feb.  The CSR advised me to send a copy of my bank
statement to accounting and they would clear the issue up, which I did.  Later
today I get a call from Jonathan (VP with Go Big) advising me that I now need to
pay $199 monthly to remain active.  I brought to his attention my February
transaction and that I am contracted through Feb 2012, “without any further
billings” .  Jonathan tells me I have no standing since Go Big has changed its
model.  I was not notified of this change and furthermore I should not be
subject to it until Feb 2012 since Go Big advised me to pay the $300 and that I
would be good for a year.  Jonathan offered me no other resolution, not even
grandfathering me in.  He said that the new plan went into effect on Tuesday,
well on Tuesday and Wednesday I had my normal access, so how is that explained?

I continued to push for a fair resolution here.  i was contacted by anothe Go
Big VP, and while empathetic, the only resolution to me was to be named 1 of 3
so called preferred vendors allowing me access at $1,000 a month!
I have had some good success in getting clients from Go Big.  Like any other
site there were some bad apples that stiffed me, but that is a cost of
doingbusiness.  What is unfair is Go Big's sudden and unannounced change in
their model and refuesal to honor the annual membership I paid for.


Back Page
[email protected]

After wasting about 2 days of my time trying to pay for Back Page’s upgrades when posting ads, I finally asked for a phone number.

First neither of my credit cards would work on their site. Their fraud protection or something was blocking my postal code saying it didn’t match.

Roger (the guy who answered the phone) could have cared less & basically wanted me to just go away.

I finally figured out how to solve the problem on my own, but I was left never wanting to deal with Backpage again.



Companies passing the buck to avoid responsibility

I feel that in this day & age, m0re & more companies are passing the buck to avoid responsibility for hiring inept staff.

Maybe it’s because there aren’t very many intelligent people around they can hire anymore, but whatever the reason, it really upsets me when companies pass the buck.

Now before I continue, I have to make it very clear that YES, customers do need to read contracts before they sign them. I for one usually don’t. I know a lot of other consumers don’t read the contracts or terms & conditions either, & companies know this. Either the companies take advantage of this, or they just don’t care if their staff misinforms the customer because then they can say “well you didn’t read the contract or our terms & conditions.”

If the customer doesn’t ask questions, then YES, the fault lies with the customer, but if the customer does as questions (this is what I do), is then misinformed & THEN they end up having problems later on because of this, shouldn’t the company take responsibility even if the customer didn’t read the contract?

So far 3 companies I can remember in the last year have blamed me even though their staff didn’t do their job properly:

  1. PC Financial – I only make US money & I live in Canada & since the US & Canada don’t really care about getting their act together when it comes to the banking systems (Canada’s banking system is far better), I have had to struggle just to get money into my Canadian account to pay the bills.

    I had an arrangement with Scotia Bank, but last year in 2010 (or earlier this year) I decided to open a PC Financial bank account just for grocery shopping since I shop at Superstore & Zehrs all the time (they are owned by President’s Choice).I told the girl who was trying to get me to sign up that I can’t, because I only receive US checks, & I can’t have the checks put on hold for 21 days. That’s when she told me that they won’t be put on hold, because I have upto $500 that I can take out of my account within a 24 hour period.

    I was shocked they would allow this with new customers, but was happy, so I signed up.

    I also realized that PC financial gives a better currency exchange rate than Scotia Bank, so I started depositing my checks into there, withdrawing the cash & then depositing the cash into Scotia Bank.

    Well today I was about to deposit a check for $500 when I realized that maybe I shouldn’t write myself a check for $500 because once the exchange rate kicks in (this was long before the US dollar fell bellow the Canadian dollar), it will put me over the $500, so I called PC Financial.

    The guy I spoke to told me no, they won’t add the extra exchange rate money on hold & stupidly I believed him.

    I checked my receipt from the ATM & realized that yes, the $7 was on hold, so I called PC Financial. That’s when I received ANOTHER shocker… I was told that anything OVER $300 goes on hold. This was a supervisor telling me this. I was furious & she’s going to get customer care to call me, but I’m not happy one bit that I was misinformed not only by the guy I spoke to today, but by the original person who got me to sign up.

    What did this supervisor say? “It was your responsibility to read the contract when you signed up.” So here’s your prime example of PC Financial shirking responsibility & blaming the customer.

    Now a light bulb went off in my head as I started to write this post. I realized SHE is wrong, how can $300 be the limit when I was able to withdraw the full $500.

    <sigh> Doesn’t anyone train their staff properly anymore??? Doesn’t anyone have a brain anymore?

    I blame part of the issue on all the chemicals people ingest & all the pollution in the air & water.

  2. Future Shop customer care department shirked responsibility allowing their staff to misinform me when I purchased a laptop from them. They didn’t disclose that I would have to pay interest on the full amount of the purchase if I didn’t pay the full amount off by the time the 3 months rolled around.

    Here is the full story on that drama.

  3. I signed up to RBC Centura in the US thinking it would be a well run bank since they are owned by Royal Bank in Canada.

    Over there they do things very strangely & I know not all US banks are like that because I have accounts with HSBC.

    Anyway, when applying for a line of credit, the sales girl Tiffany who serviced me, misinformed me about the interest rate I would be paying.

    Since I thought it was a lot lower than what I was paying for my credit card at HSBC, I immediately transferred over $1,000 to RBC Centura’s line of credit.

    Only a month or so later did I find out the REAL interest rate that was 3+ points higher.

    She ALSO failed to tell me that I would have to pay a minimum of $100 every month towards the line of credit.

    Since this was all done over the phone, I never found out about this until months later & purely by accident.

    When the paperwork FINALLY showed up (RBC Centura fails to deliver paperwork on time), nowhere did it state I had to pay minimum $100, but after an investigation, the law states so long as the bank “claims” they mailed the paperwork out, even if it doesn’t say anything & it’s WELL AFTER the account was opened, the customer is liable for all of this.

    I fought this tooth & nail & the US government sides with the banks even if they are THE MOST INEPT bank I’ve EVER dealt with in all my years.

    While Canadian banks are usually top notch (they still make mistakes as you saw above with PC Financial), even HSBC US hasn’t screwed up THAT MUCH.

    The entire story is too long to tell, just let it be known that I got screwed by RBC Centura, & they continue to employ the most stupid people I’ve ever come across. Nice, but down right stupid & we the customer have to pay the price.

    I don’t want to be typically American here, but the bank is located in North Carolina.


If you have a story you’d like to tell about how a company used their contract or terms & conditions to hide crucial information from you & they wouldn’t take responsibility for their staff’s stupidity, I’d like to hear about it.



Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons and Their Character

Tim HortonsRead below about Tim Hortons and just ONE of the many things they do to harm others.

While I have only ever had the odd problem with Tim Hortons, I barely ever go, so I’m not a good judge of how this company runs.

While I was searching for some information on taxes, I was shocked to come across this thread about Timmys overcharging customers and no one is doing anything about it. Or when they try, it’s clear Timmys doesn’t care. I know this scenario, I once complained about how their iced cappuccinos had so much ice in them, I was only ever able to drink 50-60% before I had to give up since it was all ice and no coffee.

Anyway, Tim Horton’s head office couldn’t be bothered to send me a Tim card because I wasn’t 100% sure which locations the problem occurred in since I would just stop into the closest location whenever I was in the mood. Me giving them a few locations I could remember wasn’t good enough.

Anyway, after I spent an hour reading all the comments & becoming more and more shocked, I read how Tim Horton’s handles their franchisees (see below), or at least this one family. So this will be my first time reviewing a company I haven’t had huge personal issues with. I’m doing this because I’m concerned that this really is a coverup by Tim Horton’s because of their notoriety, clout and massive respect in Canada since the original owner was a hockey player.

I’m editing this post on 05-20-17 and I have since read posts from others about how they can’t stand the company. These are just customers, not franchisees.

Other people who have been harmed by Tim Hortons (poorly made video because of the person asking questions, but it speaks volumes) (was hard to follow, but you get the jist)




Super Pages


I had tons of problems with Super Pages about 4-5 years ago where they made a mess of my account, I got no inquiries from potential customers, let alone sales. The account rep was incompetent & later on couldn’t seem to cancel my order easily. Even with the refund they gave me I still lost tons of money because of my numerous calls & all my time wasted.

Then I got continuous e-mails from them that would never stop even though they told me they would – more time wasted.

Then suddenly Brittany contacts me a week ago & pretty well begs me to sign up saying they were bought out & everything has changed.

She even tells me I’ll get 3 months free to try it out & if it doesn’t work, then I can cancel – who can pass up that deal. Then yesterday the FREE 3 months changes to 2 months for the price she’s quoted me (otherwise I’d have to pay more).

For the next week I had to chase her to get the contract. She had e-mail problems, but that isn’t why I’m writing this.

When things her & I discussed weren’t in the contract, I tried to get her via the phone. That’s when she started changing the details of what she had originally told me.

Now she’s telling me a 3rd party verifies the extras she was going to give me. I told her my legal guy is not going to allow me to sign a contract that doesn’t state what you told me.

Then after listening to her literally RUN through the details, I happen to catch something she was saying.

She’s telling me that I only have 21 days to decide if I’m opting out of their contract. Why in the WORLD would you give someone 60 days free, yet only give them 21 days to see if it’s working. When I called her on that fact, SUDDENLY she’s like, “that’s ok, advertising isn’t for everyone.” It was clear to me she was no longer begging me & because I caught her in a lie, I was furious.

Now that the real picture was becoming clear & I saw that what she told me was just one lie after another. The minute she realized I caught onto the lie, she was suddenly willing to let me go? I hung up the phone on her.

I wasted an entire week chasing her. Super Pages hasn’t changed one bit. They are still the inept disorganized company they were 4-5 years ago & I now question their integrity.

And she told me the CEO is Scott Klein in case anyone is interested.

Delta Airlines – complaint

I feel the staff at Delta Airlines are the MOST ARROGANT people I’ve ever dealt with.

Every time I speak to someone on the phone they are rude & condescending & they talk down to me.

If I raise my voice even a little out of shock, they try to put me in my place – “you don’t have to raise your voice Michelle”. I guess robots have no emotions, so they don’t get angry when they are talked to like little children. The reason I had just gotten upset, was because I was just quoted a ton more money for the re-booking of a flight, when a few days earlier I was quoted half the price.

Out of ALL the people I’ve ever spoken to on the phone since April of 2011 (it’s now August 2011), maybe 2 have been nice & caring.

The same thing happened when I went to the check-in counter at the airport. I called Detroit airport from inside the airport from a pay phone, & was misinformed that I could get baggage insurance at the check-in counter instead of walking all the way around & having to go through airport security again. Once I got to the check-in counter & was told I COULDN’T get baggage insurance, I then asked to speak to a Delta airline supervisor. When she arrived, right in front of my face while talking to someone else on the phone, this Delta woman talks about me as if I wasn’t there AND she lies about what I said exaggerating things to make it seem like I was an irate customer ready to blow. All this just because I refused to walk a long distance (I was exhausted) to talk to a manager. At this point I was too exhausted to start with them, so I let it be, but I was shocked at how she lied right in front of me.

I feel Delta airline employees are control freaks who lie & abuse their customers. I’ve never felt so abused ever by a company & I deal with a lot of companies. I would love to see the notes in my file, they have probably lied about everything & not ONCE taken responsibility for their mistakes or arrogance.

I think Delta Airlines teaches their staff to hate all their customers. Why else would 90% of them be rude? Yes you get the odd rude employee, but 95% of them????

Also I was told by a manager that Delta won’t allow you to file a complaint until AFTER your entire ticket is complete, so if it takes 6 more months before you return to your original destination, they won’t let you file a complaint against Delta until then LOL Can you believe that? I guess they are hoping you will forget about it by that time.

They also don’t allow you to get angry. A supervisor just told me “if you calm down, I am just trying to help you” & I was actually NOT screaming. Despite me being upset, I was containing myself & was barely raising my voice.

I had just started speaking to this woman Ruby who is supposed to be a trained supervisor & I was upset because they were trying to charge me $300 more than what I was quoted last week. It’s natural to be upset, & all supervisors are supposed to be trained to handle upset customers, but I guess Delta Airline doesn’t train their supervisors in this way, they train them to tell customers they shouldn’t be upset even if Delta screws up.

I was more upset because the last person I spoke to (Joy) never bothered to tell me that every day I wait on rescheduling the flight would cost me money. That’s VERY important information that should be disclosed to the customer.

In the end Ruby managed to get me the same price just $5 increase, but it was touch & go there for a while.

On my flight, the flight attendants were ok, so I can’t complain about them, but I will try to avoid Delta airline from now on. I want my flights to be a happy experience, not filled with anger because of how Delta’s employees treat customers.



UPS Canada

My Experience With UPS Canada

UPS CanadaUPS Canada is THE worst company when it comes to being a courier service. This isn’t my first problem with them, but it’s the worst.

Sandra McGee Doucet
UPS Security Division
Canada Package Information Dept.
Claims/Int’l ERN/Inves-Insp/DN/Tracing
Phone: 888.293.2244
Email: [email protected]

Even a manager at UPS US told me she’s received a lot of complaints about USP Canada. But in all fairness, when I lived in the US, the US division isn’t much better and this Sandra chick is American.

Here is my story and I hope you learn from it.

Because UPS US and UPS Canada can’t get their bloody act together, one can’t buy something in the US, pay for the shipping in the US and then send it to Canada. As usual, most Canadian (not all) companies are inept. Time and time again I’ve compared the US side to the Canadian side and the US side almost always comes out on top when it comes to customer service, proper business implementation AND their website is always much better.

But I digress…

I returned a purse to the equivalent of about a 4 hour drive away, and sent 2 other packages to the US. Can you believe the one package 4 hours away cost MORE than the 2 packages to 2 different States? I don’t care if it was slightly larger, it barely weighed anything. They lost one of the packages going to the States, but then finally found it.

I was given a credit.

A year went by and I forgot all about the mess I went through before, and I tried to do the same thing I had done a year ago, ship something from the US to Canada, and pay for it in US funds.

After spending 3-4 hours on the phone with the Philippines and finally realizing they CAN’T do what I want, I got a credit totaling $200 because of all my time being wasted.

Since I was moving soon, I was hoping I could use the credit to ship some of my boxes, as it was going to be an expensive move.

Because of all the time I always end up spending on the phone with USP Canada, I told my packer to deal with them.

Sure enough, to figure out which boxes she had already weighed and measured that would total $200, it took an hour. Even my packer was exhausted by the time she closed the phone saying the Filipino had to put her on hold EVERY SINGLE TIME she would give her more information. For this reason both her and I forgot to address the boxes because we were in a rush and packing.

I take full responsibility for this, BUT, in the end UPS screwed up!

So the next day all 5 boxes were by the front door with the waybills filled out.

The guy comes to pick them up and looks at me like I’m nuts (not sure why) and not ONCE does he tell me he can’t take the boxes because there are other labels on them. Until this day I don’t know if there were labels on them, but UPS US said that if there were, it was the driver’s responsibility to reject them.

He ALSO didn’t ask me where the addresses were on the boxes and make me put them on there which of course I would have done had he said something.

I was exhausted. The packing for the move had drained me, and I wasn’t thinking properly, PLUS I’m not used to shipping with couriers. I usually do everything with Canada Post. Let me tell you, Canada Post would NEVER let a box go out without the address on it.

Anyway, the boxes left before I even moved, and they were heading to Miami.

I thought the 5 boxes would get there well before my other boxes did since they left afterward 2-3 weeks later.

I didn’t notice what was going on, as I was too busy trying to get myself moved and settled.

The next thing I know, about a week or two later, I’m told that UPS Canada has lost 3 of the boxes. AND, I am forwarded a photo of one they broke. The box they broke was a VERY sturdy box. It was one of the sturdiest boxes used.

I’m naive and I think that because they found the box they lost the last time, they will FIND MY BOXES, but I’m sorely mistaken.

They have NO RECORD of my boxes and guess where they shipped them to instead of Miami…. You will NEVER GUESS…

Toys R Us Canada head office in Ontario
Amazon Canada Head Office in Ontario

Why in the WORLD they sent them there both you and I have no idea, and I’m pretty positive the boxes were NOT Toys R US or Amazon boxes (yes all my boxes were used). Most Amazon boxes are tiny. We didn’t pack tiny boxes.

They then say they are going to send a driver to try and find the boxes – LOL Yeh right.

Of course he comes back empty handed.

I finally try to track them down myself and they just vanished.

They had found that 3rd missing box and I have no idea where that ended up when it got lost. I was too exhausted to ask.

My boxes NEVER LEFT CANADA even though they were to go to the States. The only one that did was the one that arrived safely.

Again being a novice when it comes to shipping, I completely forgot to insure the boxes. I insured the large shipment, but never the UPS shipment, and of course the idiotic Filipino never bothered to ask my packer if she wanted insurance.

I never EVER thought they would lose these 5 boxes. Of course the other shipping company Ship Smart didn’t lose one out of the 25 boxes I shipped with them. They didn’t break anything either.

So in the end I lost a ton of money because in those boxes were a lot of small expensive items. I don’t have a total, but I’m guessing I lost around $1,000 worth of items including 3 DVDs that had 72 CDs burned on them. As time went on even 1-2 years after I wrote this post, I realized I lost more than that. It was probably closer to $2,000.

All I get is a measly $200 that can never replace what I lost.

I spoke to several people at USP US, who were flabbergasted at how stupid UPS Canada was for sending my boxes to Toys R US and Amazon. After dealing with the US UPS for 2-3 weeks, I finally ended up dealing with a woman in Canada named Sandra McGee Doucet. While she was nice, she lied to me.

She said she would try to get me more money if I could figure out what was missing from the boxes.

We agreed that I would get back to her a month or two later after I’d had a chance to go through all of my boxes and could try and summarize what was missing as I’d have to go by memory since none of the boxes had been totally itemized.

Once I got back to her a few weeks later, she lied and said she never told me she would give me more for my expensive items. Then she said she only told me she could pay $100 per box. I asked her why in the world would I wait 2 months for a cheque if I knew you were only going to pay the maximum amount??? I would have just taken the cheque right away. She had no answer for me.

After I tried to get legal involved and then got back to her, she was on vacation or something, so it took another month to get the cheque processed. She and I arranged for her to mail it to my bank.

LOL, do you think it went to my bank????

NOPE!!!! She sent it to the wrong address.

Just found out today it didn’t go to my bank like I asked her to do and I wasted time sending her all my banking info.

When I e-mailed Sandra to complain, I find out she’s on vacation again!!!

While I’m all for vacations, now we know why UPS SUCKS!!!!!!

Not even an apology for the 2nd HUGE screw up by UPS!

Here are some other sites with TONS of angry Canadians about UPS Canada

I could go on, but I’m too tired now.

Unfortunately Canadians are wimps. I’m sure somewhere there’s a law out there that states UPS can’t rip customers off like this, but no one in Canada has bothered to get a lawyer to sue them. (except that one guy back 2006).

Americans would NEVER put up with this robbery.





Sandra McGee Doucet


Carbonite, Inc.
177 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115
Toll Free: 877-665-4466
David Friend,
Co-founder and CEO

I didn’t realize so many others have had problems & complaints with Carbonite. Just do a search.

At first I thought they were a top notch company & I started selling for them after I became their affiliate.

Now after being their affiliate for 2 years I suddenly learned that just shy of a year ago they ditched the affiliate company – One Network Direct (Digital River) that they were with, & both parties never told me, so that’s almost a year later that the link on my site hasn’t been going to the right place. You count how many lost sales that could have amounted to not to mention it made me look totally unprofessional.

Now Carbonite refuses to switch me over to Commission Junction (the new affiliate company they signed up with) citing they ONLY take high level affiliates. They never had that policy 2 years ago when I joined. Fine, they are allowed to make changes.

They also claim that Digital River (also TONS of complaints online) won’t let them put me on Commission Junction (CJ) until a year has passed, because I’m THEIR affiliate NOT Carbonite’s. What BS this is. I would have NEVER signed up with One Network Direct in the first place had Carbonite not been doing business with them. I didn’t even know who they were.

I’m the affiliate, I get to decide where I sign up & with whom.

After I had to e-mail a few times & talked to the affiliate manager in charge (Heather), she then started ignoring my e-mails. I wrote to the one contact who had been returning my e-mails (Jeffrey Robison) & eventually he ignored my last e-mail too.

I decided to give them one last chance to rectify this problem as my sister wanted to sign up now & I have a business to run & a reputation to uphold. Looks pretty stupid when you are promoting a company that doesn’t care about you.

So I contacted someone higher up named Tom Stearns. He called me about an hour after I e-mailed him & while he offered an apology, he said his hands are tied, CJ has their rules in deciding who can sign up to their affiliate company. I didn’t know if he was lying to me or what.

He said he will get back to me by Friday, so we’ll see what happens.

For me everything I’ve heard so far is NOTHING BUT EXCUSES. They seem to like to blame everyone else & while others do make mistakes, it’s up to Carbonite to rectify the problem, not just wash their hands of an affiliate AND customer. Yes I was a customer with 2 different computers.

Carbonite can break their own rules & THEY can decide who is their affiliate & who’s not. I mean come on, who owns the company here? commission junction, Digital River or Carbonite?

To be both an affiliate & customer of their’s for 2 years this coming June (2010) & for them to treat me in this way is totally disrespectful.

I wasted a lot of my time on this & lost who knows how much money & never ended up promoting Carbonite again, so not only did they lose anyone I could have gotten them, now they had someone talking about how she was treated by them.

At this point it really feels to me that Carbonite is trying to sweep this issue under the rug & in the end they did.

I stayed with them as a backup system for another 4 months or so because I had already paid for a full  year. I lost data because things hadn’t been set up properly on my laptop, lost more data on my desktop & then finally got serious & started looking for a new backup system.

As they always say, everything happens for a reason. My bookkeeper lost her QB data too & I unfortunately had recommended Carbonite to her, so I felt bad.



Review from James Pospisal, a member of this blog

“I tried to get a quote on my car through this site and I kept getting passed off to one person after another and even got hung up on once. All this took me about 30 minutes only to get a quote that was a joke. The people were nice, but I was pretty upset overall.”

Companies that use call centers overseas

This is a post to out the corporations or even medium sized companies that use inept Filipino or East Indian call centers overseas.

I call them inept for the following reasons:

  1. The customer service or tech support staff don’t understand English most of the time. I don’t care if you want to save money, making your customer suffer by forcing them to speak with people who don’t even speak the same language as them is downright despicable.

    The company may lie to you & tell you their call center speaks fluent English, but I know these East Indians & Filipinos. 90% of them lie & they ALL think they are fluent in English when maybe only 5% of them are.

  2. They have no common sense.


    I have a list of questions that have been e-mailed to tech support. Some have been answered, others haven’t. Instead of the person just dealing with the outstanding questions, first they ask me how they can help me. Dahh, read what’s there. Then they start to re-answer all the questions that have already been answered instead of just addressing what’s left that still needs to be addressed.

    I’ll come up with more examples as they arise. I have tons of examples, I just can’t remember them now.

  3. I have found & have heard from other customers, that most of the time the call center is clueless as to what is going on with the real company in the States or Canada & vice versa.

    That  means once again the customer suffers.

The bottom line, is that in this day & age customers are becoming more & more irate being forced to try & communicate with foreigners who not only don’t understand most of what is being said or asked of them, but are like little children when it comes to their intelligence level.

We end up wasting our precious time, chasing our tail trying to get problems resolved, & then in the end the customer blogs or posts about their experience & the company looks bad. Something that may have only taken 20-30 minutes to resolve now takes an hour or longer or several phone calls.

If you companies don’t care about your customers, just continue what you are doing & hire call centers overseas.

Consumers, please list the name of the company, which country they are supposed to be located in, & your experience with the call center.

Also list where that call center is located – India or the Philipines.


Complaint against Alfa Optical Ltd

Alfa Optical Ltd.
110 Pertosa Dr.
Unit 6
Brampton, ON
L6X 5E9

In December 2006, I purchased 3 sets of glasses from Alfa Optical for $600.

  • One pair for my son
  • one pair of progressives aka bifocles, and
  • one pair of prescription sunglasses (distance only)

I remember at the time when looking at new frames, I said to the owner TJ Cheema, that maybe I should just get reading glasses, but he advised me against it.

So, I picked out a new frame for my sunglasses, and a new frame for my progressives even though I really like my current frames and I never know how any new frame will look until the lenses are in because I’m blind without my glasses, and I don’t wear contacts.

Anyway, I put a deposit down, and we had to wait 2-3 weeks because of the holidays.

Then in January I got a call and I managed to make it over there quickly.

I was forced to sit there for a min. of 20-30 minutes waiting.

Finally I get the glasses from TJ’s brother even though it’s obvious  TJ is the main man in charge.

I put the glasses on, and right away I don’t like them.  I couldn’t see clearly, and it was actually very scary for me.  I’ve been wearing glasses since 2nd grade.  I’m 45 years old now and other than one time with Lenscrafters, I’ve NEVER returned a pair of glasses before. At the time, Lenscrafters took my glasses back from me, so I NEVER thought this would be an issue.  In fact when purchasing them, I didn’t even think I was going to be returning these glasses.

I told his brother I didn’t like them.  My right eye was especially blurry. There was no way I was driving home in this condition.

TJ eventually came out after me having to wait even longer, and said should we get the optometrist to look at it.  I said I don’t see how that’s going to make a difference.  They have an optometrist in the back.  He’s the one who originally redid my prescription.  You get a $50 discount off of your bill when you use their optometrist.

So TJ goes to bring the optometrist the glasses, I wait some more.  I’m then told there is nothing wrong with the glasses, I HAVE to go home & try them out for a few days to get used to them, and this is normal.

I’m sitting here thinking that no way is this normal, but I have never had progressives before, so I listen to him & pay the balance.

I take them home, I try them off and on for a few days and I phone up to say I still don’t like them.  I don’t remember if it was him or his brother who says give it a few more days.

I did try again, but the right eye seemed cloudy to me, and had I known before I purchased them that there are 3, NOT 2 different types of lenses in them, I may have rethought the entire purchase.  He told me that there’s one for reading, one for distance, & one for the computer. I wasn’t told that in the beginning.

I’m pretty positive within a week of that time I called and said forget it, I can’t handle them, I’m not wearing them.

Then I got into a really busy period with my work and something I was dealing with, so I forget about them for a couple of weeks. I was still wearing my regular glasses.  I had to go out of town March 5, 2007, and so the last thing on my mind were these glasses I wasn’t wearing. I was confident this would all be taken care of once I went into see them.

I called them before I left saying I was going out of town and would be back & then come in.  They knew 100% that I wasn’t happy with them.

I get back a week later and a lot of us got sick at the business seminar, so I was out of it for about a week, then I had to deal with catching up on my business.

I called about 2-3 times after that saying I was sick, I’d try to make it in within a week, etc.  Never ONCE did anyone say they weren’t going to take the glasses back. I was ALWAYS told that was fine, come in and we’ll see what we can do.

Had I known later on he was going to lie about all of this, I would have documented the exact dates I called and spoke to him and his brother, but unfortunately I didn’t.  I’d say I spoke to him or his brother min. 4-6 times prior to actually making it in there.

Then some time at the end of March or the beginning of April I make it in.

I wait once again only to have problems.

I was willing to take a loss and have him redo the glasses and give me 2 pair, one for distance & one for reading.

I was slightly nervous this optometrist didn’t know what he was doing and had screwed up the prescription right from the start.  I had no idea if it was the glasses, me just not being able to handle the lenses, the optometrist, or even a combination of all three.

I knew that purchasing reading glasses and sun glasses which wouldn’t have any extras on it that I normally get for distance glasses wouldn’t cost me $600, but like I said, I was willing to take a loss, or just have him refund me a portion of the money and me go somewhere else if need be. I was very willing to compromise even though technically at this point the only thing working for me was the sunglasses.

While I was sitting there, my son pointed out this “NO REFUND” sign that I don’t remember seeing before.

The long and the short of it was.. I told TJ to put the reading glasses in the frame where the progressives are now.  Then I told him I wanted the distance glasses in my current frames because I felt comfortable knowing I already like these frames.

That’s when he started telling me to leave the frames with him.  I laughed at him saying there’s no way I can give you my glasses, how am I going to see. (not very bright for a guy who sells glasses for a living)

He said then I can’t do the distance glasses, and I said fine, give me that portion of the money back.

He started to say no he won’t do that. Then he started talking about how the glass manufacturer will say I have to wear the progressives for 2 weeks before they will take them back.

I said I’m sure there is a way to solve this problem. He said, “no there isn’t.”

I started raising my voice and said I was going to do a chargeback on my credit card.  He said go right ahead.

Unfortunately when I tried to do that, the credit card company wouldn’t give me my money back because the December payment had been 3 months earlier, and then they said I received the glasses, so it’s not like I didn’t get the merchandise.

I then tried to hire a negotiator who I thought would have better luck with him.  The guy went to the store himself and that’s when I was now 100% certain that TJ was a scammer because he told the negotiator that I came in too late, and that I never told them there was a problem until recently. The minute a person lies, my willingness to deal with this in a peaceful manner goes out the window.

The negotiator even told TJ I would take them to court and TJ said fine, let her do that, I’d rather pay tons of legal fees than give her her money back.

So now I paid $500 for sunglasses because that’s all I could wear.

After this all went down, I remembered a situation many many years ago where I had to go into the eye glass factory and sit and wait while they put the lenses into the frames I wore & I remember it took 30-60 minutes for them to do this.

While I didn’t suggest this because I had forgotten all about that, TJ, the so called expert didn’t suggest this either.  It was clear to me he didn’t care at all whether I used these glasses or not & even if I had given him my frames, who knows what condition the lenses would have been in when they were returned.  I can’t be the only person who wants to keep their original frames and just replace the lenses.

So TJ got his money and I feel he ripped me off. I’ve never had such a problem with any eye glass store before. I did my part in keeping in touch & I know now after how he lied & didn’t even try to settle the problem that he had no intentions of ever correcting the problem. I bet you even if I had come in 2 weeks after I had picked them up, he still would have played games.

A few months later I started having a problem with my distance vision and had to go back to a different optometrist.

This guy told me what TJ’s optometrist had written up didn’t match his findings.

While they weren’t far off this optometrist said my prescription went up, and TJ’s saying it went down.


Complaint about 1-800-flowers

Complaint from Rick Walston – [email protected]

I ordered flowers through the 1 800 flowers web site on 2/3/2011 and received
confirmation of the order the next day with a different address than I entered.
I sent them a message through their web site telling them of the mistake and
received confirmation on 2/4/2011 that the address had been changed.
On Valentines Day my wife did not get her flowers but I received a confirmation
that she had, and that they were delivered UPS next day (how romantic!). So I
called UPS to inquire and they told me they were delivered and signed for but to
the incorrect address. I tried to call 1 800 flowers but all I could get was a
recording telling me that they could not take my call. I e mailed their customer
service and they said that they were delivered and signed for so there was
nothing they could do. Even after I showed them proof that I had corrected the
address they did nothing.
Long story short my
wife had a crappy valentines day and I am out $100

Camie Lyon () wrote:
I conacted  websitefor the Dallas area but had no luck getting
my questions answered so I called the 800#. After calling twice & still no help,
this is the message I sent to them.                     “I AM NOT A CUSTOMER

Camie Lyon () wrote:
I conacted  websitefor the Dallas area but had no luck getting
my questions answered so I called the 800#. After calling twice & still no help,
this is the message I sent to them.	                 "I AM NOT A CUSTOMER

Complaint about Western Wear

Donna Piche (1880 Western Wear) wrote:

“I purchased a custom made jacket from 1880 Western Wear on line in June 2010 for
my upcoming wedding that was in October of this year. I talked to a girl named
Gwen and she said that it was no problem to have the jacket made for then. I
purchased it for over $2,000!!! This jacket was like the wedding dress for a
bride, as my wedding was a country and western theme. I was going to wear this
jacket going up the aisle, for the most important day of my life!! I talked to
Gwen throughout the months, everytime I called there was something wrong with
her, she always had excuses! But she said it would be ready in time and not to
worry! Up until the day before my wedding she said it would be here, and I had
never been so stressed out in my life waiting for this jacket to arrive!! well,
it never did!!! I am absolutely furious!! I want evryone to know about what a
rip off this company is and I am still waiting for my refund!”
665 B Dry Gulch Rd
Colville WA
email: [email protected]



I had been using the free version of efax for a few years when I finally had to start looking into getting a paid fax service. So naturally I went to efax’s site first to look at their pricing as I’m a loyal person. I was very confused because the Canadian prices were cheaper than the American prices & you also got less faxes if you had a US account.

I didn’t think they were a Canadian company, so I e-mailed asking what was up with the pricing.

I was told to call so I did & what a mistake that was.

First the guy basically harassed me into giving him my e-mail address that I had my free account with. I knew it was going to be a problem, because when he realized I still had a free account, he stated I shouldn’t have it. Because of his continuing disrespectful admonishing attitude I never did get to ask about their logic on their pricing. And when I realized how mean spirited he was, I told him I won’t be giving you my business & I hung up.

When I tried to use my fax number a few days later, the guy had disconnected it.

So much for treating clients with respect. Not only did he lose me as a client, now they are getting negative publicity.

I understand my account should have expired a long time ago, but it didn’t & now I lost all access to receiving faxes.  My simple account hadn’t been harming anyone.

Sa’ la vie

I don’t fax a lot, sometimes I don’t fax for months, so I prefer to either pay per fax, or find a company that has very low prices per month – if you can recommend a company.

Taste of Israel

Taste of Israel
(905) 881-9813

7241 Bathurst St.
Thornhill, Ontario

I called & left a message for this store because they never picked up the phone. I never got a return call, so I called again almost a week later & the owner picked up & was VERY RUDE. No apology, just an interrogation about who I am & , “what do you want, I’m very busy?”

I told him he won’t be getting my business & hung up the phone.

I don’t deal with people like that or give companies my money when they treat people in such a disrespectful manner.



I was ready to give them my money & the refused to accommodate my needs. I have a US credit card which is what I wanted to us, but they wanted to force me to pay more money by using a Canadian credit card & making me pay in Canadian funds. All this because my billing address is in Canada & we all know that these companies make a fortune when the Canadian dollar is worth more than the US dollar & the company still charges more for that product. This happened on May 4, 2010 when the Canadian dollar has been higher or at par for probably close to 3 months now.

This product was being shipped within the US as a gift the only thing Canadian about it was the billing address.

I guess Day Timer doesn’t care much for Canadians.


Darna Restaurant in Manhattan, New York

Darna Restaurant in Manhattan, New York
600 Columbus Ave corner of 89th Street
(212) 721-9123 600
[email protected]

Moroccan kosher cuisine

So I went to visit my sister in New York in August of 2009 & she wanted to stay at a hotel in Manhattan for the weekend. Since she is religious, we had to order kosher food & make sure it was picked up before Shabbat started. I decided I would treat her to the dinner on Friday night.

A couple of weeks before I started looking for restaurants & I came across Darna restaurant. My sister called them to figure out what had to be done to make sure food was ordered & ready for when we arrived in that area to pick it up.

In true fashion we were all stressed rushing to get out of her house & ready for the drive to Manhattan. I had been looking at the Darma menu writing down what I wanted while she was running around getting ready. She had already called them saying we didn’t want their pre-set meal, we wanted to order a’la carte. They said that was fine, but when we called to actually give them the order, all of a sudden the story changed & I started to get upset. I should have known this was going to be a problem if the people over there say one thing one minute, then change their tune the next.

I will admit that we probably called a little too late, but the guy should have told my sister when was the absolute latest time we could call to order. They know their restaurant – we aren’t mind readers.

So my sister got on the phone & smoothed things out. If they weren’t going to take our order, we were going to have serious issues & no food to eat since we had already settled on this restaurant & it was too late to choose anything else. Plus, it had to be near the hotel.

We ordered the meal which came to a hefty $150 & change. I specifically asked the guy who was the owner how much the total was going to be & he shrugged me off. We confirmed it would be ready by the time we got there in an hour.

We got the car packed up & headed downtown.

I’m not religious so this didn’t matter to me, but my sister is very religious & as I said, we were running late. She was driving like a typical New Yorker which of course was scaring me to death.

We couldn’t go to the hotel yet, we had to pick up the food first, but when we got there, guess what… the food WASN’T ready.

While it was a nice place inside, they seemed clueless as to what was going on. When the food started to finally come out & we finally got the bill I was SHOCKED! The bill wasn’t $150, it was over $200. There was no way I was leaving there paying that amount, so I had to sit down & try to figure out what was going on.

Turns out they made a Cesar salad with fish instead of a regular Cesar. We didn’t ask for that, so they credited the difference. Then something else was wrong, I think they gave us a large of something even though I ordered small. I had to rush to open all the containers while my sister is having a near fit because we are so late.

Then after the guys corrected the bill, it was STILL too high. Finally I figured out what the problem was. Their site’s prices & the prices they were charging us were NOT the same. The site’s prices were lower.

Now they call the owner on the phone which is when I really started getting upset.

The guy was RUDE, arrogant & REFUSED to honor the prices that were on HIS site. I don’t care what mistake was made, it wasn’t my problem & he wasn’t even admitting to his mistake, he was making it seem like it was no big deal that the mistake was made, we had to eat it.

If you own a business & have a website, your prices better be up-to-date on your site. If they don’t, that is NOT the customer’s fault, it’s the owner’s.

The guy finally gave me like $10 off, but refused to give me back all the money he overcharged me. At one point he even said, “fine, then just leave the food there & go.” Can you believe that? After all we went through just to get the food & I spent a fortune, & this is how he treats us. And what if we walked out. He would have been left with over $200 worth of food, but I guess it’s more important for him to be nasty & get his way, than to honor his own prices & make the customer happy.

I know New Yorkers are not always known for being nice, but this is terrible how we were treated.

I had no choice but to pay the bill & grab the food & go.


Midtown Computers

Midtown Computers
1334 Wyandotte Street East
Windsor, Ontario
(519) 962-8664
Ali – owner

I called Ali up to find out a price (quote) for a custom built computer. We chatted for a few minutes & I e-mailed him the specs for the computer asking him to let me know if something seemed out of place. I mean he is supposed to be the expert, right?

He said he would get back to me. That was on February 20, 2010.

After a week went by & I didn’t hear from him I called & left a message on their voice mail.

No return call.

I called again during business hours, got someone who said that Ali did receive my message, but had left for the day.

I asked why Ali never called me back. The guy didn’t know.

Since it was starting to feel like Ali didn’t care at all & was stringing me along, I told the guy if I don’t hear from him by tomorrow, I am no longer interested, & I will be blogging about my experience.

Well it’s April 22, 2010 & I never heard from Ali again. Ali wasted my time.


PC Outlet

PC Outlet
3181 Walker Rd. Unite #1
Windsor, Ontario
N8W 3R6


After being lied to, treated like garbage by PC Outfitters & rushing all the way over there only to have to walk back out 3 minutes later, someone recommended PC Outlet.

Unlike PC Outfitters, I walked into a nicely lite CLEAN storefront where Vince helped me with my computer. He was honest upfront & said maybe he could fix it that day, he would do his best to try – it all depends on what is wrong with it. He never lied to me both on the phone or to my face which is what PC Outfitters did.

Within 1 minute after screwing in the video card connection the computer was up & running. He even did a free diagnostic on some parts within the computer & he spent a lot of time with me discussing adding in more memory.

He only charged me a very small fee for his 1 minute of time when he could have easily tried to rip me off or gauge me like many other computer stores do. Although I can not be 100%, I’m pretty sure PC Outfitters would have charged me the full $60 just to screw that part back in.

If you are looking to have your computer looked after without fear of being ripped off or the person not knowing what he/she is doing, I recommend PC Outlet. I will continue to go back to them if I have any computer problems.


PC Outfitters

P C Outfitters Inc
3129 Marentette Avenue
Windsor, Ontario
N8X 4G1
(519) 969-0166

So I had a major problem with my computer which had to get fixed that same day, & of course I was stressing about getting it fixed by an honest techie who actually knows what they are doing. I’m more of a software person than a hardware person, but I know how geeks are. They all think they know everything & probably only 10% actually do. The rest just lie & say they do & most are such an insecure bunch that they all claim they can work miracles for you when like I said, most can’t.

Also it’s common knowledge (investigative reports have been done on this) that when you take your computer to a techie to get fixed, you risk them either overcharging you, saying something is wrong when it isn’t, not fixing the problem 100% or making the problem even worse.

One time I had a techie delete ALL the information on my hard drive. That was years ago when I didn’t have a backup system in place & didn’t know any better, but since then I’m very careful about who touches my computer.

Anyway I was nervous about tracking down someone to work on my computer, so one of the places I called was the Geek Squad in Best Buy in Windsor, Ontario. I figured at least it’s backed by a large corporation.

The guy told me honestly he wouldn’t be able to get the computer fixed today. He then recommended PC Outfitters & I asked him (they won’t rip me off, they are honest right, etc.) & he said yes. I trusted that he knew what he was talking about.

Well he didn’t…

I called PC Outfitters & spoke to a guy & I described the problem to him. He said it sounded like it was the power supply. I found it a little odd he would say that because the computer was booting up to the screen that shows you the motherboard information, but hey, I’m not the expert, he supposedly is. (later on in the day another techie I described the problem to told me he didn’t think it was the power supply, so logically we both were thinking the same thing.)

I told this guy at PC Outfitters that I needed it fixed today & he said it would be an extra $40 to have it done the same day. Fine, I really needed it done, so I had no choice.

When I called him back to ask another question, some other guy picked up the phone & he was VERY rude. Being a typical geek, he wasn’t polite & then even though he knew I had spoken to someone else, he asked me to repeat the ENTIRE problem with the computer again. Why should I have to do that when I just went through everything with the other guy. He should have just put me on hold & asked the other guy to pick up, but he didn’t.

Then when I asked to speak to the other guy who I had been talking to, he gave me a hard time as if he didn’t know who it was. I mean give me a BREAK how many different people were just talking to a woman on the phone 5 minutes earlier AND how many guys even work in that place. I knew it wasn’t a LARGE company.

Finally I get the same guy on the phone (I think his name was Stan, but at the time I thought it Dan) & he answers my question. I tell him I’ll be there within 1-1 1/2 hours. He says fine.

I RUSH to get ready & fly out the door because I don’t live in Windsor, so it was an hour drive.

I finally find the place, go in & the same rude guy was at the counter. I asked for Dan, he’s like, “no one here by that name, all we have is a Stan.” Ok, dahhhhh, then maybe that’s who the customer means. He DOESN’T call Stan out to the front to deal with me being that’s who I had been dealing with, instead he makes me repeat everything again. He took my personal info prints it off, then makes me sign the paper. He starts to tell me they will call me when they know what the problem is & I’m like, “noooo, I’m waiting here until you get it fixed.” He says, “we AREN’T fixing it today” & I said, “YES, Stan told me you would fix it today.”

That’s when he started arguing with me that this wasn’t the case & NOW all of a sudden he wants to bring Stan into the discussion. Stan comes out from the back & then LIES right to my face & tells me that he NEVER said it would be fixed today, that it would be put on the bench next. I don’t even know what a BENCH IS & I know that had he told me something about a bench I would have asked what he meant.

How can you charge a customer another $40 & promise them it will be fixed today & then turn around & say no it will just come up on the bench next. Clearly anyone who lives an hour away isn’t going to want to drive ALLLL the way back just to pick up the computer. Later on I finally figured out what a bench is. Had I known that the bench is where they do the work, I wouldn’t have brought it to them at all or asked him how many computers were ahead of mine.

I grabbed my CPU & walked out of that dirty dingy dark place. They didn’t help me by opening the door for me, nor did they give me the power cord that I had brought into the store, so I ended up leaving it behind unknowingly & they got it for free.

I was FURIOUS. I should have known the minute that rude guy was in the picture that I couldn’t trust this company, but I thought the rudeness was local to just that one guy.

I ended up having to drive around on my own not knowing what to do & was finally referred to a GREAT company called PC Outlet. Not only was I charged only $15, the VERY nice guy somehow fixed the problem within 1 minute (we don’t know what the problem was, looks like it was a loose video connection).

So be careful when you take your computer to computer stores to get fixed. You never know what’s going to happen, how they will lie to you just to get you in the door & get your money, etc.

I’ll be posting a GREAT review for PC Outlet as they deserve all the business they can get.



Mail Chimp owned by The Rocket Science Group
512 Means St.
Suite 404
Atlanta, GA , 30318 USA

So it looks like we wasted a ton of time researching Mail Chimp & then literally days before we were going to move over all our autoresponders over to them, I had to contact customer support.

First I placed a ticket & didn’t get a response (so much for their policy about 1 business day or less).

Then I live chatted with them & had problems with the first techi who wasn’t too bright, so I asked to speak to a manager & was passed to Blaine. He at least had a brain & was nice.

After already talking to these people from mailchimp for almost an hour & getting more exhausted by the minute, my Live Chat stopped working, so I had to close it & re-open it.

When I got back 2-3 minutes later, I was told Blaine wasn’t around which I found odd. You are in the middle of dealing with a client & you leave?

This is the problem with companies who REFUSE to act like a real company & have phone service. It’s clear to me that this company is run by a bunch of geeks who don’t know how to run a business properly. This always happens when I deal with people who aren’t real business people.

I had already asked for their phone number a couple of weeks earlier & was told they don’t offer support via the phone.

As I’ve mentioned several times in other posts, one has to be suspicious of companies who hold customers hostage to e-mail & live chat. What do they have to hide? Why won’t they act like a regular company.

Well here’s your answer below…

So after realizing I wasn’t going to speak to Blaine, I was forced to deal with Ariana.

After supposedly reading over what was going on, she repeatedly blamed my computer & browser for the problem that I now know to be on their end.

I did as I was instructed by them & spent probably close to 1 1/2 hours clearing my cache & cookies because they told me that would fix the problem, BUT it never did.

And just so you know, I had the same problem with 3 browsers. So instead of her just saying they will look into the problem, she continued to blame the me, the customer.

I was exhausted & hungry & I told Ariana I couldn’t stay on with her, that I needed to get off. She wouldn’t let me go.
I asked her 3-4 times to have Blaine e-mail me regarding this issue & each time she REFUSED.

Had I just been told there was no way to stay logged in when you use the “contact us” link, the matter would have been over & done with within 10 minutes, but they all kept insisting it was a problem on my end.

I even rebooted my computer & still no resolution.

Then I asked Ariana for the name of the President. She told me it was Dan. I don’t even believe her. I think this company has something to hide.

She wouldn’t give me a real e-mail for him, instead she gave me [email protected]

I e-mailed Dan & asked for his real e-mail address.

Again no response & it’s been over 24 hours.

I even went & posted to their forum & they just ignored me & I know there’s people there reading this forum, I can see them responding to other people’s discussions.

I’m really happy I found out how this company treats customers before we wasted all of our time & money on this company – mail chimp.



According to Market Place, a Canadian news magazine show, there have been many examples sited that says Carfax is a scam & doesn’t help consumers when they are purchasing a used car.

I can’t speak for myself, this is just what I saw on TV in case you are going to use them.


Border City Property Maintenance

Border City Property Maintenance
Windsor, Ontario
Nikki 519-564-6862
Ryan 519-992-3349


I called to inquire about their services that they posted on Kijiji for snow removal & the first time Nikki picked up the phone she hung up on me.

I thought something was wrong with her phone, so when I called back & she answered, I said hello, can you hear me because she didn’t really say anything & she says, “Yeh, what do you want?” in this mean nasty voice.

Nice lovely person & company.


So actually I wasn’t going to post about this company even though they wasted our time, but then when they deleted the thread I had going on their forum, that not only took me by surprise, but got me angry.

We had been looking for plugins or add-ons for Magento & my assistant Andy came up with this company Ahead Works which I believe is owned by Russians.

He was talking to Alexander Malkov – [email protected] starting around December 22, 2009 & we were really excited that we were going to FINALLY solve our Magento issues so we could move from 1shoppingcart over to Magento (I’ve been waiting a while). They had been talking for 1-2 weeks about us buying their products.

Anyway, their reoccurring billing plug in would only work with & not USA epay (our gateway), so Alexander told Andy that he would bring it up in the next development meeting & would let him know after Christmas.

My assistant said he’d e-mail him after the holidays, but in my opinion, Alexander should have told Andy when their next meeting was, & should have told Andy he would get back to him. That’s what I would have done had I been in charge, but anyway closer to the end of the month I didn’t want to wait any longer, so I told Andy I would take over from here & I started e-mailing Alexander on December 28st. At first he was speedy in his response, but once I gave him the ticket number that went back & forth between him & Andy, I never heard back from him.

I was very anxious to know if this was going to move forward, so I started a thread on their forum that I was disappointed that I wasn’t getting a response back. It was already January 4, 2010. It doesn’t take that long to shoot someone a 1 minute e-mail.

First I got some nasty response from someone…

“If you’re so short on time, why are you whining on this forum?”

I was shocked & wanted to know if this was one of the people who worked at Ahead Works, so I asked, but I never got an answer.

Then someone who does work there or owns the company (didn’t divulge his name which in my opinion is also very unprofessional) said they respond back within 1 business day & it states that ALL over the site. Guess what, I didn’t read their site, I was given the contact info, but anyway, I wrote back saying “well it’s been more than 1 business day. He writes back saying, “Alexander did respond back to you on January 4th.” I said well I didn’t receive it. I guess they aren’t too bright over there, everyone knows e-mails get lost, why would I waste my time posting a thread if I DID receive a response. All he had to do was get Alexander to forward me the e-mail he supposedly sent on the 4th.

Then he says something not too bright again, “check your customer login”. I told him I’m NOT a customer, I’m trying to find out if I’m going to be one.”

Then he writes back… “No, we do not have USA epay support yet and won’t implement it in the nearest release., check your spam folder, blah blah.”

I have no spam folder, everything comes into my inbox. Anyway, I was pissed. Clearly they knew they weren’t going to be implementing USA epay & they didn’t just make that decision today. Why Andy wasn’t told this weeks ago is disrespectful & unprofessional. Not only that, but Alexander wrote Andy last night around 4 am & still NEVER gave him this information so if this guy on the forum knew this information, why didn’t Alexander JUST TELL Andy?

Like I said, I wasn’t going to blog about it, but when Andy wanted to see what they said because he was now shocked, he told me the thread had been deleted. That made me feel others need to know what kind of company this is.