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Do You Voice Your Opinion?

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Any information you share will be kept strictly confidential, and we hope you can open yourself up to explain more about how you handle things when you have a complaint.

We understand some questions may be uncomfortable, but we want you to know that we are not here to judge, we are only here to better understand how customers think and feel in relation to customer service.

1. When you have a complaint about a store/restaurant/company etc., how do you prefer to deliver it: *This question is required.

When you voice your complaint on the spot, who do you voice it to? *This question is required.

What sized companies do you prefer dealing with? *This question is required.

If you call the head office of a large company, does your complaint usually get resolved by the first customer service rep (CSR)? *This question is required.

When calling the head office of a large company, how far up the ladder do you usually have to go? *This question is required.

How many times in the last year have you felt like even after you got to the top of the company, no one helped to resolve your problem and made you feel like you mattered? *This question is required.

Do you ever give up trying to get a particular problem or complaint resolved? *This question is required.

Usually how far up do you go before you give up? *This question is required.

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