Reviews of Companies

reviews of companiesThis site started off with my personal reviews of companies. As a way for me to vent about companies who either give me poor service, or were mean spirited or nasty to me.

Since then it has grown to allow others to post their experiences with companies who have wronged them.

I take great pride in making sure that the people who post are legitimate, and not just vindictive fired employees, freelancers, or the competition.

In this day and age, the quality of products and services from corporations or even small to medium sized companies had decreased from years ago.

While we definitely do have more exciting things we can buy, we also have a world of plastic, low quality, “rush everyone through the door” products that break easily so we are forced to go back and buy and spend more money.

For me, quality and great customer service is a MUST. I’m also learning that good to great communication skills is an absolute MUST in business, especially with those one man/woman operations where they aren’t “real” entrepreneurs.

They just decided to hang a shingle and call themselves a business because they ran to the licensing office to register a company name.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking sole proprietors, everyone has to start somewhere, I guess I’m just getting more and more jaded by the increasing numbers of online “companies” who I don’t consider to be “real” companies. It’s so easy for them to call themselves a business since no real brick and mortar location is required.

Another part of a company that is very important is training the staff. Not just training them in the beginning, but all throughout their career with that company.

If a customer gets upset, it’s the owner or manager’s responsibility to find out why and fix the problem, not just apologize. I find this happens all the time, they give the customer what they think they want until the next customer experiences close to the same experience.

As for apologizing, as we know, many managers and business owners don’t know how to apologize for their mixups.

One of the reasons I call up companies to tell them when there’s been a problem is for their OWN good.

I have the pleasure of being both a business owner, as well as a consumer. When I tell a company there is a problem, I’m NOT doing it just to bitch, I’m doing it to help them because how else will a company know there’s a problem unless YOU, the consumer tell them.

I guess me being an entrepreneur, I feel it’s my duty to help other companies, and I’ve been doing this for years.

I’ll even take the time to e-mail a site to tell them if there’s a problem with one or more of their webpages.

Do I have to do this? No, I don’t, I could be doing other things, but I guess I just like to help people – always have.

I have unfortunately found that a lot of company owners don’t care about these things, or the way they have set up their staff, there’s no way to reach the person who really does care because I often get blocked by staffers who are very low-level workers.

My business outlook has always been different (since I was 18), and has even grown in the last couple of years.

I feel a customer should be a client for life, and they should be respected as a human being, not just for their money.

If I’m going to spend my hard earned money, I want friendly people who have a brain to serve me, and the product or service I pay for to be worth something.

I don’t feel I’m asking for too much, but a lot of people would disagree with me.

I do have to say one thing here… the customer is NOT always right. I’ve learned that there can be some pretty nasty people out there who rip off businesses and go out of their way to start fights. I am not talking about these types of people, I don’t believe any company should have to put up with that type of abuse from a consumer. If anyone ever treats me in a negative way, I have the right to tell them I don’t wish to serve them.

That doesn’t mean I would do this if a customer had a legitimate complaint, I’m talking about if they were nasty for absolutely no reason at all.

So, if you are the type of consumer that loves to know what other people have experienced before you purchase, sign up for our feed, or come back often, as I will review the companies I deal with as often as I find the time. This could be anything from restaurants to places I buy products, get services, etc., and that’s both with offline and online companies.

I do try to post about companies I absolutely love, but there aren’t many of them as you can see. Some I continue to shop with only because there are no other choices, but I wouldn’t say I love them, so if I do recommend them, you know they are top notch in my opinion.

I would love to hear about companies you absolutely love and would give a 5 star to. We need those types of companies around so we can give them business. THEY deserve it.

I do get hate mail from some of the owners of these companies I out. Not all of the time, but some of the time they hide their name and e-mail address. I guess it’s understandable that if they made it onto this blog in the first place, they would continue to act in the same way or worse.

Some write and lie, trying to twist what happened to save themselves and while EVERYONE has their own point of view of reality, I don’t lie. I don’t go around making up stories, it’s not in my nature, nor do I have the time to waste on such immature things.

I’ve even had a young copywriter hack my site to remove the post about him. I didn’t find out until years later when the other 2-3 copywriters I also reviewed were missing as well.

Just goes to show you how nasty some of these people are.

I have this blog not just to vent or tell you my experiences so you can make an educated consumer decision, I have this blog because I really feel that companies shouldn’t be around if they don’t truly care about customers.

I mean why even bother to open a company if you don’t care about the people who are giving you money.

Most people will say it’s because they just want to make money and while EVERYONE wishes to make tons of money, I feel there has to be more to business then JUST money.

Business is NOT just about money, at least not for me.

Feel free to register and post your own comments if you have something to add regarding a company I have reviewed, or if you have a company you wish to “out” that I’ve never dealt with. I can post it for you so long as you provide me with your first name and e-mail address which I will keep safe, and in the post you must provide your real first name. I feel that’s only fair.

By the way, did you know that unlike in North America (the US and Canada) in certain countries in Europe, there is no way a company could get away with lying to the public about their product or service?

I knew a guy from Amsterdam who said he was shocked at how North America’s citizens allow these companies to get away with murder.

Over there if a company lies to the public, the next thing you know they are outed in the paper, on TV, and on the radio.

I guess everyone has a pact, so they all stick together and boycott these companies who lie.

Logically these companies would go out of business, so I guess in a way the consumers are policing the companies which I think is a GREAT idea LOL

Amazing how the North American consumer population allows these companies over here to get away with lying to us, but I’m one person who doesn’t tolerate this behavior. I feel that to have a voice is the best thing we can have as humans Smile

Remember, complaining about things in your life doesn’t do you or anyone else any good if you don’t take positive action to change it.

Vote with your wallet.

Thank you for listening.