Canadian Choice
Arif Ahmed – Operations Manager
[email protected]

So here is what happened.

I’ve been trying to find a store to buy the Cape Herb & Spice Company spices that I have purchased for at least 7 years, if not longer.

I e-mailed Cape Herb & Spice Company asking them where I could buy their spices since I had moved from the Toronto area. They gave me Arif’s contact information, & I wrote to the company (Canadian Choice) via their website. I received no answer, so I wrote to them again this time using their online form. Still no answer, so after a few weeks, I called Arif directly & he took the call, but it felt like it was fort knox over there with the 3rd degree.

He was very nice on the phone & felt soooo bad about whomever dropping the ball, he promised to send me 6 bottles of the spices, he just wanted me to pick out the ones I wanted from the list he sent me. I was thrilled, especially at being able to try new flavours I had never tried before.

We talked a bit about business, & I was mulling it over as to whether it would be financially prudent to start doing business with him, by selling the spices to others.

He had given me his e-mail address & I e-mailed him some questions.

In the meantime I was waiting on the spices.

I noticed he stopped responding to my e-mails after the 3rd time.

I waited a week or two thinking he was just busy & e-mailed him again, once again NO RESPONSE.

Then I wrote him & asked him when he sent out the spices, as I still hadn’t received them & I was concerned they got lost.

Well you guessed it, STILL NO RESPONSE.

That’s when I tried to call him & was of course given the 3rd degree as to who I was. Based on what she said, he was there, but when she got back on the line, she said he was out.

I left a message, when she asked what it was regarding I said “can he respond to my e-mails” & that was it, I didn’t receive a phone call back, nor did I receive any e-mails back.

I wrote to Cape Herb & Spice Company & unfortunately they don’t seem to care about how I was treated, so I’m considering whether I should even continue to be a loyal customer if they don’t care how their distributor treats customers.

I was hoping the Cape Herb & Spice Company would talk to Arif & I would still get my spices, but I have not heard back from anyone as to why Arif lied to me, ignored me (sign of passive agression) & all around treated me like garbage when I did absolutely nothing to this guy, in fact was considering going into business with him.

Thank god the Universe showed me what kind of person he is, can you imagine if I had started to do business with him & he just ignored me when he didn’t like something I said or did & didn’t talk to me about it like a mature adult?


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