Dean & Deluca

Dean & Deluca sells high end food, cookware, coffee, cheese, gift baskets, chocolate, unusual food items like Mac & Cheese with Lobster, etc.

For my special assistant who I adore, I wanted to get him something for Christmas & I was investing a lot of time trying to find him a place that would come to his home & cook him dinner,

When I read some reviews of some places, I wasn’t too thrilled.

Then because the Universe was trying to help me, I was having a conversation with my assistant Andy & he was gushing over this site he came across called Dean & Deluca.

I recognized the name from my research & was so excited that he had just told me what he wanted for Christmas without knowing it.

After I hung up with him, I called up Dean & Deluca & talked to a girl & placed my order for a gift card. I gave her specific instructions to mail it so it would get there a day or two before Christmas.

Unfortunately they made a mistake & mailed it out too early. He got it like a week to 10 days before Christmas.

This caused me problems because I was also getting Andy a coffee club from, & I didn’t want him to waste his money on the coffee at Dean & Deluca when he could get other things there. The coffee club’s gift card wasn’t going to arrive until much closer to Christmas.

I had to tell him to wait on ordering from Dean & Deluca which was very embarrasing. Who sends a gift & then tells people to wait before using it LOL

I phoned Dean & Deluca, spoke to a manager & he said he would fix the problem.

While the problem took another 10-14 days to solve which I felt was too long, in the end what they did for me was MORE then enough & I will be using them again for future gifts.

I hope next time my gift card is sent out on time & calls are returned promptly.

Andy loved what he ordered & it was like he was a little kid in a candy store. smile

Thank you Dean & Deluca


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