Dr. Gary Fortinsky – Holistic Dentist
25 Sheppard Ave. W., Suite 680
North York (Toronto), Ontario
M2N 6S6

Gary is the FIRST dentist I’ve ever been allowed to call by his first name.

That right there speaks volumes about his lack of ego & down to earthness.

I’m a holistic person pretty much through & through, & the only reason I didn’t go to a holistic dentist before is because of the expense.

I knew that my health plan wouldn’t cover a lot of the extra cost associated with going to a holistic dentistic, but it was very very important to me to get those mercury filling OUT of my mouth after being in there since I was 13 years old.

I had already gone to one so called holistic dentist (Her last name starts with a “C”, can’t remember her name) & she was all show & no substance.

The best part of my visit there was her hygentist, but the arrogance I felt from a few people, the fact that no one returned my calls several times, & it was clear to me (remember this is my opinion) the Doctor was just there for my money, caused me to run out the door.

She even served you fresh carrot juice which was amazing, but that wasn’t enough to make me want to stay. I’ve heard other stories about her since.

So after screening another couple of dentists, I decided to try out Gary because he’s right off the 401 (Yonge Street) in Toronto so it’s easy to get to, & he had been recommended from an expert in holistic dentistry.

He also pays for the parking which if I went downtown, I’d have to foot the bill myself.

From the minute I went to him, I was in heaven.

He didn’t rush, he wanted to know the entire scope of my medical history, & it was clear he cared about me as a patient.

We discussed my financial situation, & he allowed me to make payments.

I did end up taking it slowly & removing all of my mercury fillings except one little piece.

The a**hole who shoved it down my root canal didn’t care (Gary was confused as to why this had even been done) & so Gary was afraid I would lose the entire tooth if he drilled any further. I remember that guy who did my root canal, I won’t even comment about that experience.

Even my conventional dentist prior to Gary was a blank & I had been going to him for years, but like many patients of dentists, we feel powerless & while they appear to treat you nicely, deep down inside you know you are just a cog in a wheel.

When Gary’s office tried to get the name of the plastic used for the filling, that dentist first refused to send over his notes. THEN when they finally got the file (took over a month, maybe 2), the dentist hadn’t even written down what he had used. The notes were useless.

Gary is very very careful & thorough with his notes. He really cares about what goes into your mouth & you are tested prior to him even deciding which type of filling to put into you. The test tells him which material your body can handle.

If you are looking for a solid dentist who cares about you as a person, he’s the one to go to.

He’s been looking for a new front desk person for a while now, so if you are great a juggling a one woman office, you are sharp, & you are a nice friendly person, call him up to see if has filled the position. I know he’s been stressed trying to find the right person.


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  1. I spent 17 hours out of my day just so travel to see Gary Fortinsky & I’m glad I did.

    I remember when I tried to find a holistic dentist here in Windsor for my son, there was no one. And the ones who “sort of” offered non mercury fillings also did mercury fillings in their office which basically means they aren’t holistic at all. They only offer the non mercury fillings because it’s taking on more publicity, not because they are actually holistic, they care about mercury poisoning or they know what they are doing.

    So when I had to send my son to a conventional dentist here, the guy wanted to do something to my son’s teeth. When I had them send Gary the films to review, he said he couldn’t be 100% certain because he couldn’t see his teeth, but he didn’t feel that work needed to be done. My son was still too young & we should wait.

    This is when I learned something new. That conventional dentists like to do unnecessary work.

    That was one of the reasons I decided to get myself to Toronto to see Gary when a piece of my tooth broke off & I’m glad I did.

    He figured out something I doubt a conventional dentist would have figured out…

    I had an infection underneath the root of the broken tooth, so we did have to pull it.

    Bottom line is, I don’t trust my mouth to anyone but Gary my dear holistic all natural dentist & I highly recommend him even if you have to travel a ways to get to him.


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