Drapery Fabric Design
370 Main Street N. (Kingspoint Plaza)


In Septempber of 2007 I looked in the Brampton Yellow Pages for a drapery place because I had just moved into a new house, & decided maybe drapes were a better option than blinds.

I had had a very negative expeirence with Blinds to Go a year ago, so I was wondering if drapes would solve my problem.

I spoke to a man named Michael on the phone & he seemed very nice even directing me step-by-step on how to get to his store as I didn’t know the area.
Once I was there, he was very attentive juggling me & one other customer.

I picked out the fabric I wanted & he gave me a price I could live with.

I asked more questions about the pulley, etc. & away I went.

I thought I was going to get them installed by someone else (there’s another post floating around about the guy who said he’d do this job & then disappeared), so I never asked Mike about installation. I told him someone else was going to do it for me.

About 2-3 weeks later I got the drapes & after trying several times to get someone else, I gave up & called Mike.

As soon as he could he came over & installed the drapes for me.

He was nice, thorough & professional.

If I need something in the future, I will go back to Drapery Fabric Design.



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