La Tourangelle



So I purchased La Tourangelle’s avocado oil from a health food store in Windsor, Ontario that clearly doesn’t keep track of their items that are about to expire.

Little did I know, that the oil was to expire in one week, & by the time I poured on my salad, it was bitter or something, so I called the La Tourangelle company & spoke to Michael Cohen.

He was very nice. We spoke for a while about healthy food items, etc. & he told me he would replace the oil & send me out a couple of others to try.

Well whoever packaged it didn’t do a proper job, & the oil containers were dented, so I had to call Michael back again.

La Tourangelle is in the States, so he had told his Canadian distributor to mail me the oil, so to be clear, it wasn’t Michael’s fault.

He then proceeded to find someone else to send me new oil & she eventually did.

I like their pumpkin oil (only use a little bit, it’s very strong).

I haven’t tried the avocado oil yet, I’m waiting until I start buying more salads again.

I recommend this company & their oils, they are of very good quality & as you can see, they really care about their customers, so I give them a 9 for customer service.

I hope they will eventually start producing organic oils because I can only use organic grapeseed oil since non organic grapes have the highest sulfate content of all produce which is terrible for a person’s health.


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