PC Outlet
3181 Walker Rd. Unite #1
Windsor, Ontario
N8W 3R6


After being lied to, treated like garbage by PC Outfitters & rushing all the way over there only to have to walk back out 3 minutes later, someone recommended PC Outlet.

Unlike PC Outfitters, I walked into a nicely lite CLEAN storefront where Vince helped me with my computer. He was honest upfront & said maybe he could fix it that day, he would do his best to try – it all depends on what is wrong with it. He never lied to me both on the phone or to my face which is what PC Outfitters did.

Within 1 minute after screwing in the video card connection the computer was up & running. He even did a free diagnostic on some parts within the computer & he spent a lot of time with me discussing adding in more memory.

He only charged me a very small fee for his 1 minute of time when he could have easily tried to rip me off or gauge me like many other computer stores do. Although I can not be 100%, I’m pretty sure PC Outfitters would have charged me the full $60 just to screw that part back in.

If you are looking to have your computer looked after without fear of being ripped off or the person not knowing what he/she is doing, I recommend PC Outlet. I will continue to go back to them if I have any computer problems.


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