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I was in the market for a used laptop, so I posted on Craigs List. Note to people who aren’t aware, while Craig’s List is free, the quality of people on it can be very very shady. That’s both if you are looking for team members, or you are buying or selling items.

That has been my experience after many years of using them, but it’s the only free classified out there ( is ok, but doesn’t get the same readership) & a lot of people go on it.

So I e-mail with this guy back & forth re: a Compaq Laptop asking a few questions.

I’m ready to literally go over there & buy, but I have questions, as would anyone who is covering all their bases before forking over a large amount of money.

I want to know how much for another stick of memory.

He doesn’t read carefully & tells me how many slots there are for memory.

I ask for directions, he ignores the question, so I finally have to tell him to please read my e-mails, as that is not what I asked.

I FINALLY realize he hasn’t given me even his first name & we have e-mailed like 6 times already.

What kind of company doesn’t give out their phone number & name when they respond to e-mails.

I do end up getting that from him, his name is Ash Anwar (he says he’s the President) & his phone number is (416)662-5861

Then I guess I asked a question that had been answered in the ad, about warranty & taxes, so his response is for me to read his ad very carefully clearly making fun of my earlier comment to him.

Yes, an ad I had seen about 7 e-mails & 2 days earlier.

The entire time I was e-mailing him, his answers were one liners which irked me, as it seemed he couldn’t handle my simple questions.

I tried to call him, & he said “are you the one who has been asking me 200 questions?”

I finally got so upset because it was clear he didn’t care about any potential customers & that 3 simple computer questions & asking for directions was too much for this guy to handle.

I told him I was putting him on my blog as a joke, that’s when he said he showed my e-mail to all his workers & they were all laughing.

Like I said, beware of who you are dealing with on Craigs List.


3 thoughts on “Sterling Technologies in Toronto, Ontario”

  1. This guy attempted to add in a comment to my review here & it doesn’t surprise me that it’s all lies.

    Here is what he says…

    “In response to her posting, it is true that we declined and wanted to have NO dealings with such a person. Someone who is a an escort, a maddam running a scam on her website is not is not someone we want to deal with. Since our transactions are with large companies, hospitals, schools and non profit organizations, her character would compromise our bussiness.”

    1. First he claimed that he declined to do business with me. He needs to learn how to read. After realizing he was a terrible business person, I backed out of doing business with him. Not once did he say he didn’t want to do business with me.

    2. He claims that I’m an escort & a Madame, (not true) & this is why he didn’t want to do business with me.

    I am a business consultant in the escort industry, as I help people get into the industry professionally & ethically. I also work in other industries that are mainstream.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with what I do.

    What a person does for a living doesn’t determine character, how a person acts determines character.

    People who usually put down the industry are either the ones who usually see escorts themselves & don’t want anyone to know they do, they think they know what the escort industry is all about, but they don’t, they love to judge others who aren’t like them, they have sexual issues & don’t believe in free form of expression sexually, or they are religious right wing control freaks, but I digress…

    this isn’t about what industry I help others in, this is about how Ash Anwar from Sterling Technologies treated me as a potential customer.

    THIS GUY did not know me from Adam, I was just someone who responded to his ad on Craig’s List.

    Unfortunately I find that people who treat others like garbage usually do lie. That’s been my experience.

    They refuse to be open & honest, so they have to make up lies in order to justify their behavior.

    I never once told Ash Anwar what I do for a living, so what he says doesn’t even make sense on multiple levels.

    3. As for being a scam LOL, I find him amusing. Scammers don’t go around starting websites to out negative companies. They don’t have the time, they are too busy scamming people.

    I am NOT a scammer, never have been & never will be. In fact, I’m one of THE most honest ethical people most people have come into contact with.

    Anyone who’s ever known me & is honest, would admit as much.

    I have my negative points just like everyone else, but I don’t scam & I don’t lie. I think my average lie is about once a year, maybe twice & it wouldn’t be about something like this.

    So Ash Anwar, I appreciate your response to my review of your company, you just further proved to me what kind of person you are. My review started off with me feeling you are just a terrible business person who doesn’t care about his customers, but now based on your lies about me & calling me a scammer, it’s clear to me it goes way beyond that.

  2. Dear Michelle,
    I too had business dealings with this character Ash. I know for a fact that he has a criminal record and a history of mental illness, so don’t worry about his lies about you.

  3. I also had an encounter with this Ash and it was far from pleasant. I’d advise anyone to be careful in dealing with him and his company “Sterling Technologies”

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