Tocher Trading Company Limited

Tocher Trading Company Limited 1-888-725-8386 Tocher Trading Company is an exceptional company. They distribute high quality sea salt & Himalayan salt all throughout Canada & now the US, and twice now when I’ve phoned to order from them I’ve received warm friendly service. So because their customer service is so unusual, I have to … Read more

Subway Restaurant on Erie Street in Leamington, Ontario

Subway Restaurant 270 Erie St Unit 3 Leamington ON N8H 3L5 519-322-1500 Annie So this is a warning to all parents of teenage kids who live in Canada. I won’t generalize about all Subway locations in Canada because I can’t be sure, but this is the experience my son & I had with the Subway … Read more

Leading Edge Cash affiliate program (250) 383-0893 100 – 645 Tyee Road Victoria, British Columbia V9A 6X5 Canada So I joined Leading Edge Cash because I wanted to market an all natural penis enhancement. They have this Vigrx product & my assistant said it was ok, so I went ahead & marketed it. From the moment … Read more

Burts Bees So I started buying Burts Bee’s products recently, & I was considering getting their skin care line, but they didn’t seem to have a selection for different types of skin types, so I decided to call them. BIG MISTAKE First I went to their website & there was NO PHONE NUMBER. I absolutely … Read more

Shawn Pringle

My Review and Complaints About Shawn Pringle Virtual Vault Shawn Pringle owned Virtual Vault – Top Net Solutions – CB Protect All the same company and product. I guess at this point the most important name you need to remember is Shawn Pringle who was the owner of Top Net Solutions also known as CB Protect. … Read more

Yak Communications (Canada) Corp

Yak Communications (Canada) Corp 48 Yonge Street, Suite 1200 Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1G6 1-800-490-7235 TERRIBLE company they have become. They weren’t like this years ago when I used to deal with them. They have now contracted out to the Philipines, first I was on hold for almost 30 minutes & I e-mailed them about … Read more

Axe Music in Calgary & Edmonton –

Axe Music in Calgary & Edmonton Alberta (Canada) So I never bought from this company, but I was ready to. I called them when they were still closed & their voice mail message recording was totally unprofessional. The girl recording it stopped midway through finishing, there were people calling her in the background, & … Read more

Customer Service

Interesting that just as I was about to sit down & write an article on the lack of customer service in Canada & the US, I happen upon this article… I want to post a survey or poll on the issue, & I hope you will help by giving us your opinion. It never … Read more