Lots of Jobs – http://www.lotsofjobs.net

Lots of Jobs http://www.lotsofjobs.net [email protected] David Well people who aren’t very smart do tend to get themsleves into trouble, & David from Lots of Jobs is just that in my opinion. Here is what happened. I found his site that allows companies to post ads searching for independent contractors or employees. I tried to sign … Read more

The Jay Abraham Group

Well, I never thought I’d be writing a negative complaint about Jay’s company, & I’m sure many will get angry about what I have to say, but I feel the need to tell others of my experience. If you are going to respond to my post & just flame me, then don’t bother. I have … Read more

[email protected]

[email protected] from Australia This person “claimed” they wanted to get a merchant account & I help people get merchant accounts. I made the mistake of believing that they wanted a bit more information before filling out my simple form as they didn’t know who I was. I couldn’t do anything for them until they filled … Read more

Priority Credit Recovery Inc.

Priority Credit Recovery Inc. 11062-156 Street Suite 201 Edmonton, Alberta T5P 4M8 www.prioritycredit.ca www.lien-pro.com 1-866-266-0117 Tracy L. Forsyth-Lundy Senior Executive of Business Development [email protected] Here is my unfortunate experience with Priority Credit Recovery Inc. I called to give them my business, & was directed to Tracy Forsyth-Lundy. I chatted with her & explained to her … Read more

Justtechjobs.com – Just Tech Jobs

Just Tech Jobs Kathy McBain [email protected] 203-662-2891 fax – 203-621-3045 23 Old Kings Highway South Darien, CT 06820 They are tied to: www.Jupitermedia.com http://www.internet.com/sitemap.html While I’m not going to say 100% this is a very negative company to deal with, I felt that others should be aware of what we found out & how I … Read more

Lisa Preston

Note: this is my story about Lisa Preston. All opinions about Lisa’s personality are my opinions only. Everything written is what really happened, as I don’t lie, manipulate, or blame others for my mistakes or actions. Lisa Preston from Peteborough, Ontario http://www.graphicswithimpact.com www.contactlisapreston.com www.durhamdomains.com www.canadianimpact.com http://canadianimpact.ca/ canadianfreelancers.com http://www.mybloglog.com/buzz/community/lisa_preston/ Tweets by LisaPreston http://www.squidoo.com/canadianimpact http://www.awesomemlmtools.com/graphics/salespage/index.html http://www.classmates.com/directory/public/memberprofile/list.htm?regId=347959231 http://actingonfaith.com/ … Read more

Peel Away Ads – Tangled Web, Inc.

http://www.peelawayads.com Tangled Web, Inc. [email protected] Harris Fellman Richard Osterude Well this company is VERY unprofessional. They took my money no problem. It took us a while to try & get the software to work on our site. We were busy with other things. When my assistant did try to get it on there, it conflicted … Read more

Commission Junction

Commission Junction www.commissionjunction.com www.cj.com In my opinion, Commission Junction has always been one of THE most difficult sites. How they continue to do business is beyond me. I hadn’t dealt with them in a very long time, & recently I wanted to sign up to an affiliate program that used Commission Junction. I had a … Read more


guru.com Well this post of mine about guru.com has been a long time coming, but I’ve refrained from telling my story because I was still using Guru. I used them because I needed staff, and I wasn’t going to let Guru’s nasty treatment of me prevent me from finding potentially positive independent contractors. My experience … Read more