Complaint www.daytimer.com I was ready to give them my money & the refused to accommodate my needs. I have a US credit card which is what I wanted to us, but they wanted to force me to pay more money by using a Canadian credit card & making me pay in Canadian funds. All this … Read more

Midtown Computers

Complaint Midtown Computers 1334 Wyandotte Street East Windsor, Ontario (519) 962-8664 www.midtowncomputers.com Ali – owner I called Ali up to find out a price (quote) for a custom built computer. We chatted for a few minutes & I e-mailed him the specs for the computer asking him to let me know if something seemed out … Read more


Complaint Mail Chimp owned by The Rocket Science Group www.mailchimp.com http://jungle.mailchimp.com/ 512 Means St. Suite 404 Atlanta, GA , 30318 USA So it looks like we wasted a ton of time researching Mail Chimp & then literally days before we were going to move over all our autoresponders over to them, I had to contact … Read more

Complaints against Indus Net Technologies

This is my complaint againsts Indus Net Technologies Abhishek Rungta – CEO, Founder [email protected] Jitesh Purkait – seems like he is his right hand man [email protected] They claim they are “Rated #1 IT SME in India – 2008 by Dun & Bradstreet“ http://www.indusnet.co.in http://www.indusnet.co.in/blog/ http://www.hire-a-designer.com http://www.hire-a-content-writer.com So I made the mistake of thinking maybe this … Read more

The Original Soup Man

The Original Soup Man Welcome to The Original Soupman So here is what happened. The Original Soup Man opens up in the Devonshire Mall in Windsor, Ontario, & I just happen to LOVE SOUP, so I was quite excited & was really really hoping the soup would be great so I could go in there … Read more

The Jay Abraham Group

Well, I never thought I’d be writing a negative complaint about Jay’s company, & I’m sure many will get angry about what I have to say, but I feel the need to tell others of my experience. If you are going to respond to my post & just flame me, then don’t bother. I have … Read more

Courtesy Bicycles (Bikes) in Windsor, Ontario

I was in the market for buying a bike in Windsor because I was finally in a city where I felt comfortable biking & I wanted to start getting into shape. At first I made the mistake of purchasing a bike from Costco. I love Costco a lot, but when it comes to bikes, they … Read more

Niche Widget – http://www.NicheWidget.com

http://www.NicheWidget.com David Perdew Maximize Communications, Inc. 256.318.5202 cell 256.796.8698 home http://www.MaximizeCommunications.com http://www.MyResellRightsGoldmine.com http://www.WorldWantingPeace.com http://www.Bad-Dad.com http://www.TurnYourKnowledgeIntoCashOnline.com Ok, my complaint is with Niche Widgets. I know nothing about any of the other sites David owns. We signed up for their affiliate program, & within a few weeks, noticed that they didn’t have a proper tracking system for … Read more