Lockit Now

Rod Beckwith who owns Lockit Now [email protected] [email protected] So we were looking for a replacement for Virtual Vault and I remembered Lockit Now from about 1-2 years earlier. I had spoken to Rod at the time and he was nice enough, but he never had his programmer get back to me to determine one way or … Read more

Burts Bees

http://www.burtsbees.ca http://www.burtsbees.com So I started buying Burts Bee’s products recently, & I was considering getting their skin care line, but they didn’t seem to have a selection for different types of skin types, so I decided to call them. BIG MISTAKE First I went to their website & there was NO PHONE NUMBER. I absolutely … Read more

Earth Class Mail

Earth Class Mail is a terrific company. While I haven’t dealt with them very often (that’s a good sign, since no contact means everything is working smoothly), I have talked to their customer service area at least 5-6 times in the past 6 months, & every time they are polite, respectful, intelligent, genuinely happy to … Read more


http://www.restaurantica.com/ is a terrible site in my opinion. While a few years ago I was impressed with their programming & site design, when I contacted the owner to see if they did work for other companies, he ignored me. I knew he was reading my e-mails, as he did respond back at least once. I … Read more

La Tourangelle

La Tourangelle Home 510-970-9960 So I purchased La Tourangelle’s avocado oil from a health food store in Windsor, Ontario that clearly doesn’t keep track of their items that are about to expire. Little did I know, that the oil was to expire in one week, & by the time I poured on my salad, it … Read more

Bentley shoes & luggage

Bentley shoes & luggage in Devonshire Mall in Windsor, Ontario http://secure.onlinebags.com/Product/Default.aspx www.onlinebags.com www.shopbentley.com/ 1-888-447-9380 So I’ll try to make this short. I was on the hunt for a new purse, & I needed a specific type with lots of pockets. Amazing how the purse industry still hasn’t made a good quality purse that has this … Read more

The Original Soup Man

The Original Soup Man Welcome to The Original Soupman So here is what happened. The Original Soup Man opens up in the Devonshire Mall in Windsor, Ontario, & I just happen to LOVE SOUP, so I was quite excited & was really really hoping the soup would be great so I could go in there … Read more

Shawn Pringle

My Review and Complaints About Shawn Pringle Virtual Vault Shawn Pringle owned Virtual Vault – Top Net Solutions – CB Protect All the same company and product. I guess at this point the most important name you need to remember is Shawn Pringle who was the owner of Top Net Solutions also known as CB Protect. … Read more

Cogeco Internet Service Provider

My Review of Cogeco Internet Service Provider Cogeco Internet Service Provider  provides cable TV, Internet Services, as well as digital phone service. Yes this is an old post from 2008, so I hope Cogeco has improved since then, but I have a feeling they haven’t. Feel free to post your opinions, positive or negative. I’m … Read more

Large Companies vs. Small Companies

I created this survey because I’m curious to see how people think about customer service in relation to large or small companies. Do you think you get the same customer service, better customer service, etc. Please take this short survey & tell me how you feel. Thank you

Do you voice your opinion?

I find (at least in the Toronto area), that a lot of people like to complain, but never to the person that really matters – the manager or business owner. Being an entrepreneur now for the last 20 years, I know I’m never going to make everyone happy, & some people just like to complain … Read more

Sears Canada

Well I’ve had problems with Sears about 3 times now, once at the Erin Mills location, another two times at the Bramalea City Centre Location. All and all, Sears has very very poor customer service. No one is around to help you when you go into the store, and no one ever comes up to … Read more

Companies I’m here for you…

While I didn’t start this blog to offer my services as a customer service liaison, I think that being such a detailed consumer who really cares about customer service, I have the qualifications to help companies step up to the plate and rework some (or many) areas of their business so their customers love them … Read more

Customer Service

Interesting that just as I was about to sit down & write an article on the lack of customer service in Canada & the US, I happen upon this article… http://www.e-channelnews.com/usa/ec_storydetail.php?ref=402946 I want to post a survey or poll on the issue, & I hope you will help by giving us your opinion. It never … Read more

HSBC in the US

Hi all, This is my first post I guess, so I hope I’m doing this right 🙂 I’ve been having an ongoing battle with HSBC which I thought had stopped until tonight. I must be the ONLY Canadian in all of Canada who has a US HSBC account (sarcasm here). So far my problems have … Read more


Problems with 1shoppingcart.com I’m actually starting this post to see if other people who have used 1 shopping cart which has an all-in-one system that handles the shopping cart, affiliate software, auto responder software, have become increasingly frustrated with the software itself. It doesn’t look like it was ever coded properly, & all they keep … Read more