Digital Home At first I thought this message board was a really good one with a lot of good information, but after posting on here a few times, I came to the conclusion that the owners & moderators are control freaks, or at least one of them is. They deleted one of my posts … Read more

Pro Cash Money Makers

Pro Cash Money Makers Unfortunately I don’t know this guy’s name, all I know is that he’s in the Philippines. I had joined his forum quite a while ago, & I kept getting these automated messages asking me to come back & participate. I never liked the forum, I felt it was disorganized, & … Read more

My message board – forum list of nasty forums – the owner Anthony Blake banned me (my first time ever being banned after being on forums for over 4 years), because I was very angry at being ripped off by a graphic web designer who was paid for a design we never received. I posted an angry post on his forum under his … Read more


I’ve been a member of forums (I call them message boards – MBs) since around 2004 & I love them. They are a great way to get fast answers to questions you have regarding any topic known to man/woman, assuming there is a forum for that topic. In fact I love them so much, I’ve … Read more

Alex Dordevic Publisher TRIBE – TRIBE COMMUNICATIONS INC. Box 65053, 358 Danforth Ave. Toronto, Ontario M4K 3Z2 CANADA Phone: (416) 778-4115 So I should have known that the owner of the forum wasn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch because all of the people in the message board sounded like uneducated 15 year … Read more