Digital Home At first I thought this message board was a really good one with a lot of good information, but after posting on here a few times, I came to the conclusion that the owners & moderators are control freaks, or at least one of them is. They deleted one of my posts … Read more

Alex Dordevic Publisher TRIBE – TRIBE COMMUNICATIONS INC. Box 65053, 358 Danforth Ave. Toronto, Ontario M4K 3Z2 CANADA Phone: (416) 778-4115 So I should have known that the owner of the forum wasn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch because all of the people in the message board sounded like uneducated 15 year … Read more

Do you voice your opinion?

I find (at least in the Toronto area), that a lot of people like to complain, but never to the person that really matters – the manager or business owner. Being an entrepreneur now for the last 20 years, I know I’m never going to make everyone happy, & some people just like to complain … Read more

Yak Communications (Canada) Corp

Yak Communications (Canada) Corp 48 Yonge Street, Suite 1200 Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1G6 1-800-490-7235 TERRIBLE company they have become. They weren’t like this years ago when I used to deal with them. They have now contracted out to the Philipines, first I was on hold for almost 30 minutes & I e-mailed them about … Read more

Factory Direct Deals – Scarborough

Factory Direct Deals (Can’t read the name on the receipt clearly, but I think it’s that) – Scarborough, which is in Toronto. 54 Lingarde Drive M1R 1X6 416-840-9212 or 647-436-3827 So I was looking for a laptop for my trip out of town, and I had one all set until the guy screwed me over. … Read more

Moving Company – 416-705-8881 – Toronto

Moving Company – 416-705-8881 – Toronto Yeh I’m sorry I have no more information for ya. If you read my other post about the mover who did a no show, you will know I was stressed to find someone new to replace him the day of my move. After going through the Renters News where … Read more

Dr. Gary Fortinsky – Holistic Dentist

Dr. Gary Fortinsky – Holistic Dentist 25 Sheppard Ave. W., Suite 680 North York (Toronto), Ontario M2N 6S6 416-225-1352 Gary is the FIRST dentist I’ve ever been allowed to call by his first name. That right there speaks volumes about his lack of ego & down to earthness. I’m a holistic person pretty much through … Read more

Alfa Optical Ltd., 110 Pertosa Dr. Unit 6, Brampton, Ontario, L6X 5E9, 905-456-2733 – Tejinder Cheema

Alfa Optical Ltd., 110 Pertosa Dr. Unit 6, Brampton, Ontario, L6X 5E9, 905-456-2733 – Tejinder (TJ) Cheema – Licenced Optician – [email protected] This is my first time ever being ripped off by an eye glass place, & I’ve been wearing glasses since I was in 2nd grade. Obviously I didn’t start buying my own until … Read more

Jeff at (289)314-6539

I promise, the last laptop horror story LOL I call him up re: his laptop, as you know I was still looking. I was confused about his ad being in the Toronto section of Craig’s List, & so I simply asked in a very nice jovial way why his number isn’t a Toronto number. I … Read more

George – selling IBM Think Pad laptop on Craig’s List

George – [email protected] – (416)727-3428 Another issue with someone selling a laptop on Craig’s List. I e-mailed with him 9 times starting on Wednesday. I am clearly someone who is serious. After checking on certain things, I say I’m coming into Toronto on Thursday to pick it up. I live in Brampton which is around … Read more

Steve Cornwall – Moving Company

Ok, I’ll be upfront here and say I’m not 100% sure about Steve Cornwall, he may just be very disorganized and not up to snuff on customer service. As you read, you’ll understand. Steve Cornwall owns Lift Labour Services here in the Toronto area. He also has another company called RenOvateGTA. His number is 647-892-5438 … Read more