LastPass Sucks

Last PassIf you aren’t aware of all the changes to LastPass and how now LastPass sucks, I will detail them for you.

A once very good piece of software is now a piece of crap due to LogMeIn buying out LastPass and ruining it.

Same thing we had to deal with in regards to Skype and Microsoft, and now this with Last Pass.

Note: I should have posted this back in 2019, but I didn’t and so I’ll try to wrap this up and publish it today.

I’m updating it as of November 9, 2020.

And I see from other people’s complaints on Last Pass’ terrible forum that doesn’t even act like a normal forum, that this is common. That when a large company buys out a small company, they ruin the entire piece of software.


So here are the reasons why LastPass Sucks

  1. While most of the issues with LastPass are due to the latest version 4.28.0, I personally had issues with whatever version it was that they updated months ago back in October 2018.

    Back then they removed the ability to right-click inside a form and get ALL of my form fills. I have several form fills. A form fill is an entry that includes anything like an e-mail, address, credit card info, maybe different names (for clients, etc.)

    I had a ton. At least 15.

    Now they are only showing around 10 and forcing you to go to your vault to get the rest.

    Back in 2018, the moron tech support guy blamed the issue on my computer or browser. And then even AFTER showing them screenshots, they still couldn’t understand me or take responsibility.

    Finally they told me they sent the issue to development, but they never ended up fixing it, and it was clear they were just brushing me off.

    I wanted to speak to management and they wouldn’t let me. I got someone higher up who handled the ticket, but of course, you have no idea who you are dealing with because LogMeIn hides their names which I assume is done on purpose. That guy was arrogant and just kept saying they didn’t know when they would fix it.

    They eventually closed the ticket because I didn’t respond to it because there was nothing to respond TO. They weren’t fixing it and now even after the update of 4.28.0 they still haven’t fixed it. And things got even MORE messy with the form fills. They are no longer in alphabetical order. I don’t even know what’s what when I see it. As of around late 2019, I don’t get ANY form fill options on right click. They completely removed the feature.

  2. Last Pass used to very quickly auto fill both the user name and password.Now I have problems all the time where it will only insert the password and not the user name. Just like with the form fills, it’s obvious that Log Mein broke what used to work perfectly fine with Last Pass before.

    Now as of November 2020, even when being forced to do things the hard way by clicking on the Last Pass icon on the top right of my browser, I waste my time, because that doesn’t fill in my login details either. I now literally have to manually copy the user name, paste it in, then do the same for the password. SHOCKING. And that’s on 90% of all the sites now. Even with the ones that don’t have popups which used to be the excuse for it not working before.

  3. When creating a new password sometimes it won’t auto fill that either and I have to manually copy and paste it.

I will add more to the list as I remember. I’m just too busy most of the time.

And I stopped paying them. I’ve been paying Last Pass since around 2010 or so and I refuse to pay them one more cent.

Log Mein jacked up the price of their annual fee from $15 to $36 and I paid that last year not realizing they were ripping everyone off. If it actually worked I would consider paying it, but it doesn’t.

LOL, I have to laugh at their sneaky underhandedness. I was going to paste the link to their community form so you could see all the stress that Log Mein has caused Last Pass customers who have been with Last Pass for years, but I just went there to get the link and realized very quickly that they changed the forum so ALL of the other old threads are gone.

Here’s the new one, and as you can see, they don’t even answer anyone’s questions there either, plus no one is writing much of anything other than issues. Before there were TONS of comments with people complaining.

I’ve come across two people who figured out their own problem and one thread even had a Last Pass tech upport say he was going to look into his issue and he never came back.

Oh, and they also tried to blame it on his computer and browser.

2 thoughts on “LastPass Sucks”

  1. Logmein who controls Last Pass and I’m pretty sure they are out of Russia (I’m not judging, just saying) REFUSES to create a ticket system or allow us to just email them.

    They force you to call so if I’m busy or I do NOT want to spend an hour on the phone talking to them about ONE THING, they won’t let me just email them bugs.

    I have complained about this over and over again and even my website coder will never tell them when there’s a bug because he doesn’t want to speak to them. You known geeks, they don’t like speaking to people.

    Anyway, the person who finally let me email him didn’t understand what I was saying so I got angry and he finally just stopped sending me their fucking generic BS messages and ignored me when I continued to send bugs.

    I complained twice on their community platform and no one but other customers cared.

    NOW I was coming up for renewal on my pro last pass subscription, so it asked me if I wanted to renew and I said NO. This was in the browser area I think.

    The next thing I know, I’m charged on my credit card.

    I complained over and over again in their community area which does NOT have a sent folder for private messages, and no one did anything about it.

    In fact, someone who mans their community AshC I think it is, asked me to PM them. I did, no response, I did it again, no response.

    Then 3 weeks after that last message I finally get them contacting me about them charging me for the subscription when I said no. NOTHING about the previous private messages.


    Oh, and they asked if I wanted help getting in touch with Last Pass, I said yes, and I still haven’t heard back from them. I’ll check to see if maybe I missed an email notification.

    Oh, and now their auto fill doesn’t work. It hasn’t been working in at least 2 or so months.

  2. Ok, it’s bitch time for shitty LastPass

    1. it just took me 15 minutes to find one of my posts on their new interface on their community platform.

    I had to literally manually click on the load button over & over & over again to load everyone else’s posts and do a Ctrl F trying to find the title of that thread several pages down.

    They have NO search option so I can search for the title.

    There’s no way to click on my profile in the community area to see all of the posts I posted or commented to. That’s forum features 101 and I’m pretty sure they had it on the other community area which was ANCIENT and while it wasn’t great great, it was better than this.

    In my login area on the backend it shows my posts, but then there’s NO WAY TO CLICK ON IT TO GET TO IT.

    They should FIRE whoever designed their community platform because they clearly don’t know what they are doing. But does LastPass care?


    They designed everything to waste my time so I can’t spend it studying the Truth and fighting the evils. I already know this. That’s what EVERY company on the net is doing now, and why EVERYTHING online has gone to hell since 2023.

    Just ridiculous.

    2. I just heard that they are now FORCING us to use their recently new shitty “Use improved save & fill” which I do NOT like and it covers up login areas on at least one site so far.

    They told me that they are going to stop ME from turning it off in the advanced settings.


    3. Their new ticketing system sucks. They FINALLY implemented one after I bitched for 1-2 years about them not having one and being forced to call them just to relay bugs and waste hours of my life because they are slow minded.

    It’s very hard for me to figure out where to type, even their button to submit says SHARE, not submit. SMH.

    And I got 2 emails saying someone responded to the ticket. I go in there, can’t see ANY RESPONSE except my last one, and search all over before I give up.

    I had to send them a screenshot showing them (THE FUCKING MORONS) that there’s no response from them, I was the last person to respond.

    I have a feeling they tied their ticketing system to my posts in the community (WTH???) because in a totally unrelated post they talked about my ticket in the “My Cases” area.

    Just ridiculous. Not only do they not tell us that, it triggers the ticket to think that they responded to it as IF I am supposed to know that their response is in the community platform in a post I created about something else and then I have to search high and low to find the post (see #1)

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