Digital Point Sucks

Digital PointHere’s my story about why Digital Point Sucks.

So I joined the Digital Point forum a couple of months ago, and when you are new, you can’t do much other than respond to people’s threads.

I recently responded to a thread asking why Facebook banned his website.

I gave my terrible experience with Facebook recently and then commented once more and the next thing I know, Digital Point banned me calling me a spammer. Oh I think I commented on two people’s other comments saying that I wish I could like their comments, but I can’t find the link icon and I assume it’s because I’m new.

I was even given a trophy for one of my comments.

I did absolutely NOTHING WRONG other than tell my story about what happened mainly to try and make the OP feel better and also to prove to the other people that you can be banned on  Facebook for no reason at all. Most people worship Facebook not knowing the very dark side of Facebook until it happens to them.

I’m a professional person, I NEVER EVER scam, spam and try never to lie, unlike a good portion of the internet, but I guess digital point just bans people for no reason.

I wrote them asking why I was banned. I even DMed them on Twitter and they just ignored me.

Must be nice to have such power to ban innocent people.

Good for you.

Now I know why their forum has gone down the drain over the years. I hadn’t been on the forum in a good many years, and I had noticed that most of the people on there are from overseas and low quality.

And I was going to wait until I could start liking people’s comments and then start advertising on there, so Digital Point also lost money. Maybe Facebook owns them now and that’s why they banned me because of my story. Or maybe they love Facebook so much they don’t like it when people tell the truth about them. Who knows – sigh. This world is sooo FUCKED UP!!!



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