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Amazon Customer ServiceThis review thread will be a long one that will detail my experiences with the terrible Amazon customer service.

It’s a post I should have written at least 3-4 years ago when I first noticed the increasingly inept negative changes with Amazon customer service.

I used to praise Amazon.com all the time. I was one of their happiest most vocal customers, but that all changed around 2014 when they wouldn’t let me sign up to their micro jobs site to do work.

That was the FIRST time I realized that Amazon has NO executive office. Once you ask for a manager and MAYBE ask for his/her manager, that’s IT. There’s no one else higher up to speak to.

Ask yourself why that is.

The only conclusion is, that Amazon doesn’t care if you walk away unhappy.

I was shocked I was being treated in this manner regarding a simple thing as signing up for micro jobs. They claimed it had something to do with my social insurance number (it hadn’t been used in years as I left the US as a child), but that made NO sense to me. It was a valid social, what does it matter whether it hadn’t been used in years. And what does it matter, it’s not like I’m opening a bank account, I was just going to be doing work online.

I even wrote a letter to the founder and I NEVER received a response back. I’ve been forced to write a few letters to companies who don’t care about customer service and try to deter customers from complaining by forcing them to snail mail a letter, but I always received a response back no matter which company it was.


I continued to purchase from Amazon because they sometimes do have the best prices, but the more I purchased, the more I had to deal with Amazon customer service and the MORE I started to get very agitated.

I can not STAND dealing with Filipino call centers. I had been dealing with Filipinos for years when I first tried to hire them online myself and realized they are brainless, have no common sense, can barely understand what I am saying, they don’t remember what I said 2 minutes ago, and they have to repeat everything back so their brains can compute what I’m saying.

Then as a customer of course I am forced to deal with them because of the LARGE CORPORATIONS who use overseas call centers because they don’t care about their customers. They only want to pay the least amount of money to stifle any customer complaints.

My stress level ALWAYS goes up when I deal with Filipinos, it doesn’t matter what company it is, although I have noticed that with some companies, they hire slightly better quality Filipinos.

So I was very happy to learn that at least when you got a Filipino on the phone at Amazon and asked for the US office, they WOULD transfer you, but then I started to encounter other issues such as:

  1. I would call from within my account and the Amazon customer service person would ask me all the verification questions they didn’t need to ask me BECAUSE I called within my account. I HATE wasting time and I didn’t understand why this was happening.It started happening soooo OFTEN, that I would constantly have to tell the person I was speaking to that I just called from within my account. They would then file a report and I would continuously tell them that there’s something wrong with your site. They would put in the report and nothing would change.

    This went on for three years, and ONLY NOW in 2017 do I think I know WHY this was happening.

    It’s amazing to me that not ONE of the American Amazon customer service reps (including managers) figured out this issue and that even includes their IT department where these reports were supposed to be sent to.

    Here’s what I think… Amazon’s site started increasing it’s security. When this started I don’t know, but I noticed that I’d go from one area of the site to another and I’d have to log in again. It could be 1-2 minutes later and I’d STILL have to log in.

    I now think that the site was logging me out, it wasn’t telling me to log in because I was already on the help page, or I was clicking on the redial link to call Amazon again.This is the ONLY thing I can think of that makes any sense.

    If that’s NOT the reason, then your guess is as good as mine. All I know, is that they NEVER EVER FIXED the problem. I wasted so many hours of my life over the course of three years telling them about it, waiting on hold while people reviewed notes, wrote up a new report, etc.

  2. There are also too many times when the Filipinos do NOT verify me. They then transfer me to the US side, and then I have to deal with being verified even though once again, I called from within my Amazon account.
  3. When I ask for a manager, I sometimes ONLY get Filipinos, and first level support can’t guarantee they will get me an American. There are times when they lie and say they are getting me an American, but they don’t. Then I have to hang up and do the whole BLOODY thing all over again.
  4. I waste a LOT of time dealing with customer service.

    Nothing ever seems to go quickly with Amazon even when I’m speaking to Americans, and that’s even if they seem to know what they are doing.

  5. I started dealing with Amazon’s Live Chat because I get very drained when I’m on the phone with them for a long time. This way I can do other things while I’m waiting for them to respond.I’ve had their staff lie to me and tell me they are in the US when they aren’t. That’s the first question I always ask. Most foreigners will lie about where they are located. I’ve had other people tell me the same thing.
  6. I get absolute MORONS and have to exit from the Live Chat. This has happened to me several times.
  7. Amazon’s Live Chat doesn’t give me the option to send my e-mail a copy of the conversation, so I have to copy and paste the conversation myself. This is something you had to do back in the 90’s. It’s NOW 2017 and Amazon’s site is a DINOSAUR.

I will wrap it up for now and as I experience issues with Amazon, I will add to this blog post.

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  1. Amazon Web Services – https://aws.amazon.com/

    So my website coder told me about Amazon’s storage area where you can store backups of your websites. Since I was suddenly in need of something like this and their prices are very reasonable, I decided to sign up.

    He said it was very complicated to get set up, so he wouldn’t do it. I still don’t get why storage is this complicated.

    Anyway, I went to go find someone on Fiverr, but even after my website coder tried to find the permissions to give to the person, we had no luck. He found one or two, but not the third or something.

    All I wanted was to make sure the guy doing the work had no access to my credit card, address, even full name, but this is obviously asking for the MOON when it comes to Amazon.

    The guy sent me screenshots on how to invite him, but then everything went to hell after that.

    1. I kept getting an error message, so I had to call Amazon and be transferred to their Web Services department over and over again.

    2. After calling for a few days, I finally got a really nice girl, Erica. I discussed how once it’s fixed, I need to know how to set the permissions. She said that someone would walk me through it over the phone.

    3. I found out about their bug on 04-14-17 and it wasn’t fixed until the end of the month in April.

    Fine, no problem. I wasn’t in an extreme rush, but THEN when I called on 04-28-17 to get someone to walk me through the permissions, I was told by Joe, that I’d have to pay $100 to get someone to help me.

    I’m like WTF??? Are you kidding me???

    This Joe character said he’d refund me the money afterward, but I told him I don’t have $100 to give you or to tie up, because refunds always take 3-4 business days to go back onto your card..

    I asked to speak to a manager and he told me I couldn’t. Again WTF????

    Just like my experience with the micro jobs incident above, they stop you from speaking to anyone higher up.

    I hung up, and just found time today to call again. At this point I’ve lost at least 3 hours of my life dealing with Amazon Web Services and I’m NO closer to getting the account set up.

    I spoke to Business Services (different department because in the help area there is no option for Amazon Web Services) and explained to Stephanie for 15 minutes that I did NOT need them to do the setup of the account for me, ONLY to tell me how to set the permissions. I told her I wanted to speak to a manager, but she suggested she try to get someone to speak to me and if they wouldn’t do it, then I should speak to a manager.

    She puts me on hold and the next thing I know, I’m being transferred to someone who is Chinese. I’m like WTF??? Every other time I had called I got an American, so this was a surprise to me.

    I could barely understand her and almost immediately I could tell she didn’t understand me, but I figured if it only takes 5 minutes to do this, I’ll grin and bear it.

    I ignorantly THOUGHT that Stephanie had explained the ENTIRE situation.

    She starts telling me to go to the support link at the top and I’m wondering WHY she’s sending me there. The next thing I know, she’s trying to get me to create a ticket.

    Why???? Because she thinks I want to add a credit card.

    I’m was LIVID. I hung up on the phone and called back again AND of course had to manually verify myself before getting a manger. See other complaint above.

    I speak to Adrea and I am freaking out now because I just lost 25 minutes before, now I’m on my 2nd call.

    She listens, goes through the typical sympathy, puts me on hold, comes back and THIS TIME tells me I’ll have to pay and they won’t even refund me the full amount (it’s now upto $120, not $100), but that I’m actually going to be charged for all the minutes I use.

    This is from a manager who should have much MORE common sense than to tell the customer that the situation is now WORSE than before, NOT better. She knew I didn’t have the money. She knew I thought I was going to be refunded 100%. Why tell the customer that you didn’t find a solution. Why make it seem like all is okay when you are telling the customer what you just found out.

    That was IT, there was no way in hell I was giving Amazon any more of my life or one dollar of my money.

    I said I’m going elsewhere and hung up the phone.

    TERRIBLE SERVICE and the people who work there (including the Americans) have the IQ of a peanut!!!

  2. Yesterday I tried to purchase an ebook for my Kindle and it said I had no Kindle attached to my account for this product.

    I didn’t know what was going on since I had just purchased the day before, but my Kindle had froze, so I thought maybe that was it.

    I went to search under “devices,” found my Kindle mentioned there and called.

    I got someone from Costa Rica and I once again had to repeat what I had already said 2-3 times. Once 20 minutes went by and she was NO closer to finding the problem plus she couldn’t even find the BOOK on Amazon, I asked for a manager.

    Thank gawd I got one from the US. He figured out the problem within 3 minutes.

    Turns out with newer ebooks, they won’t work on older Kindles & I have an older Kindle.

    Yes he gave me a promotional credit, but seriously, I just wasted 30 minutes of my life because their staff doesn’t know WHAT IS GOING ON, nor can they understand English or remember what I say from one minute to the next.

  3. Amazon is HORRIFIC. Now they won’t let us speak to anyone in the US anymore.

    I’m talking to a moron FILIPINO who can’t understand anything I say. Over and over and now I’m yelling.

    He couldn’t even see that the refund was already in progress and that I have to just return the items but I needed to know where the link was to arrange DHL.

    Then he tells me that he sent me the link, but all he sent was the refund mailing label. sigh

    14 minutes into the call and I’m still waiting.

    I finally found the link myself and HUNG UP.

    Make no mistake, Amazon is doing this ON PURPOSE to stress us out.

  4. Amazon the piece of shit COMPANY run by an evil collective (if you want to learn about the real bezos, watch this.

    Here’s an explanation on who the evil collective are.

    Anyway, a few months ago when I went to call them through the HELP area, I was shocked to see that they have changed that area.

    Not only does it no longer save your phone number like it did before so you don’t have to type it in every time, NOW if you need to call back, you need to click on a link that says “call for another reason” even if it’s NOT another reason.

    Then you are forced to go around in circles again clicking on why you are calling.

    You NEVER had to do that before.

    Also, when I used my Skype number, it worked the first time and then stopped working. The IVR wouldn’t call it. When I reached out to live chat and got INDIANS, they were clueless trying to call me over and over again even though I told them (THEY DON’T LISTEN) that it doesn’t work.

    I wasted around 3 hours over the course of 2 weeks dealing with the LOW IQ IDIOTS until one idiot who was slightly smarter gave me a phone number I could call. I didn’t even know you could call Amazon.

    Also, you no longer get a REAL human’s voice, now you get an AI voice which I’m positive hurts our frequency field.

    And yesterday when I spent two FUCKING HOURS trying to get someone to transfer me to an American CSR, every time I called (around 9-10 times), the IVR wanted me to press a different number.

    0, 9, 2, 3, and on and on. Today it was 4.

    I finally got a Filipino that seemed like she had somewhat of a brain even though she made 2 mistakes because she didn’t understand. She said they are NO LONGER transferring to American customer service people. She was the ONLY one who said that. The others just said they couldn’t transfer me and I know that’s not true.

    Oh, and she said she would email me that I should call back when I get my items to get my money back on the shipping and what did she do? She emailed me explaining how to use the shopping cart. I WAS FURIOUS!!!

    So, did they FIRE all of the Americans so that we would be more stressed no longer being able to talk to someone WHO UNDERSTANDS ENGLISH and can follow simple instructions?

    Replace the because we are wasting our time because we have nothing better to do with our lives than fight with MORONIC LOW IQ people from 3rd word countries???

    This is ALL part of the Agenda 21 plan. MAKE NO MISTAKE. They want us stressed because stress makes us SICK!

    If you don’t know what Agenda 21 is, WAKE UP!!! Playlist

  5. Well, I just lost everything I wrote due to computer issues.

    1. As I already mentioned above, evil Amazon REFUSES to let us speak to Americans, so I’m mainly dealing with low IQ Filipinos who drive me insane.

    2. Live chat said they couldn’t contact a seller I wanted them to contact because they were ignoring me. I said that’s not true, it’s been done before. That was on the phone mind you.

    They said they were going to transfer me to another department after I’d already been dealing with a supervisor, so that was THREE people I had to speak to.

    I got someone there who didn’t understand the thread and I asked for a manager. He didn’t say a word and just left the live chat. 30 minutes of my life WASTED. They are Indians (I’m pretty sure) on the live chat.

    3. More and more of the products I’m buying are garbage or have scratches or this bug zapper I can tell it’s been used because it has scratches on it or it’s poorly manufactured.

    And before you blame it on China, I learned a few years ago that you CAN get better quality Chinese items, you just have to pay for it if you are the store.

    I learned that most of the higher quality items are sold within China.

    Returning things wastes OUR TIME and it costs me money because I am not in the US right now so I have to pay duties and fees over and over again. Plus I no longer have a printer, so I have to find a place that will print out the stupid label and I just moved so I can no longer walk to the one I was going to before.

    That’s time and energy lost, plus money for transportation and printing.

    I’m sure there’s more issues I wanted to vent about, but I can’t remember it right now.

    And that’s just one reason why I have to use Amazon because I can’t just buy from any site like you can and I don’t have tons of money to be able to buy higher end items. I wish I did.

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