This Review is For 2131 Statz Street

2131 Statz Street2131 Statz Street in Las Vegas, Nevada 89030

While Luis Rosales was a pretty nice landlord, there were too many issues with the complex that was full of low income people & I’m not talking the amount of money they make, but their state of mind:

  1. It’s a very old building that was cheaply made. Yes the rent reflects that, but still, it’s toxic for several reasons.
  2. Cockroaches non stop no matter how many times a so called “exterminator” came to fumigate.
  3. The constant noise pollution was a HUGE problem for me. The people downstairs constantly blasted their TV so I could never sleep. I was constantly texting Luis every day & if I needed to go to sleep early due to not feeling well, forget it, it just wouldn’t happen. Even late into the night past midnight the TV bothered me. I could hear it straight through the floor which tells me there was no proper insulation or sub flooring.
  4. The kids screamed non stop running up & down the stairs which shook the railing & my windows & then my desk & computer monitor. They would also sit on the stairs talking very loudly so I couldn’t enjoy peace & quiet, work, talk on the phone, etc.
  5. The people on the left side of me sometimes blasted their music so I could hear it in my apartment.
  6. There was often litter & toys strewn all over the place.
  7. The kitchen had some broken drawers or cabinet doors.

It was such a decrepit place to live & my quality of life was so poor, I had to move out two months later.

This is just a heads up for anyone considering the place.

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