Here are just SOME of my Young Living Complaints

Young LivingIf I were to actually write down ALL of the Young Living complaints and dramas I’ve had with Young Living, I’d never have a life. This is my TRUE story and my opinion. Your opinion (if at all unbiased) may vary.

It’s finally gotten to the point today where I couldn’t take it anymore and I had to tell others how I’m feeling.

What I find SHOCKING, is that no one else has complained about them. I found 2 Young Living complaints on Yelp and that was IT. This makes me VERY suspicious that a company this large has no complaints. I wonder if like other large corporations, they threaten people with legal action if they don’t take down their story. I’m not saying this is what they do, I’m just wondering out loud here.

I see lots of Young Living complaints from employees complaining about them, but NOT customers.

It’s probably because they are all distributors, and any MLM distributor I’ve encountered since 1996 are always easily brainwashed and warned that if anyone says ANYTHING negative about the company, they are just jealous and you should stay CLEAR away from them.

LOL, yes, I’m jealous of a company that is TERRIBLE.

The first time I signed up with Young Living, my upline was a mean-spirited person. Every time I said there was an issue with Young Living, he turned around and blamed it on my personality, that I was just complaining over nothing, etc. Again, this is the typical behavior of an MLMer.

So here is my story and my Young Living complaints…

In my opinion, Young Living’s customer service SUCKS and is TERRIBLE.

So to be clear, I’m not a distributor that sells, but I do have a distributor account to save the money. I love their oils. That’s the ONLY reason I continue to buy from them and I’ve tried another mom/pop essential oil company, and they didn’t compare.

Because their products are SOOOOO expensive, I rarely buy them, but every time I do buy them 1-3 times per year, there’s ALWAYS a drama, and it’s only gotten worse since I started buying again in 2015. That issue was a shipping problem, and the only complaints I’ve read also pertain to shipping problems. How many years does it take for a company to fix their shipping problems???

Then in 2016 I moved overseas and thought I’d be ordering from the UK, as it’s the closest country to me. But instead, this started a 3.5 MONTH (I am NOT exaggerating) drama that had me wanting to bang my head against the wall because of the incompetence and stupidity of their staff there. I lost days, weeks, and months of my precious time which adds up monetarily. I am NOT talking about losing a 5-10 minute conversation here and I’m NOT talking about calling them once a week.

Their screwups:

  1. First they tell me I have to order from the UK. I call the UK and then I find out, no, I have to order from the US. I’m getting kids that can’t even think or do things properly.
  2. Then the staff doesn’t even know that they ONLY carry diffusers for oil (not water). These are people who didn’t just start there, but have been working there for a year. The girl was arguing with me that they ONLY had water diffusers. Turns out I knew MORE about Young Living than she did and it seems I know more than many of their other staff too.

    I used to have 2 oil diffusers years ago, but sold them and now needed to buy a new one that would work overseas.

    I learned from the first person I spoke to in the US office that there’s a term for each type. Ultrasonic is for the water diffusers, and the Atomizer is only for oil which is better.

    When I called back to figure out which one to get, NO ONE knew what I was talking about, and that’s both 1st level staffers AND supervisors. I never wrote the terms down the first time because I thought they would ALL know those terms. Finally 4 people later I found someone with a brain.

  3. Then a supervisor gives me one price for shipping, and then the International department gives me another price. Then they tell me they have NO diffusers for 220 volts and after wasting around 2 weeks of my time and money trying to find a diffuser online, the International department “suddenly” e-mails me and tells me they DO have one. On their site it doesn’t even TELL you it’s for 110-220 volt and of course their staff is CLUELESS.
  4. Then they don’t have the 15 ml digize product, they only have small so I couldn’t order right away.
  5. Then I wait a couple of weeks, I order, and they don’t ship out my order until TWO WEEKS LATER. Can you believe that????
  6. Then when FedEx comes to my door, I find out that they put the FREE items on the duty declaration waybill so I have to pay for duty on everything I DIDN’T pay for. That’s the free items I got for free because of my large order, and the free oils a manager gave me because of their screw-up with shipping out 2 weeks after I ordered.
  7. Then they tell me that ONLY the International department can handle this issue and they hardly EVER call or e-mail me back. Sometimes I get a response, other times I don’t.

    Every day or other day I’m calling and waiting around on hold, getting angrier and angrier. I was trying to be patient, but I WANTED the items I paid over $300 for.

  8. FINALLY after 4-6 days of talking to countless people and me raising my voice, they decided to take care of the duty for me and reimburse me. They had wanted to give me a credit and I said NO WAY. I’m not losing $150 of my money on a credit. Who knows when I will order again.
  9. Then tonight about 2 months after that drama I call again to order thinking this time it will be a breeze because I want the items shipped within the US because someone is flying where I am and will bringing the items for me.

    I get this kid on the phone who makes mistake after mistake and he can’t even tell me what blend is for headaches. I say something and he can’t remember what I said from one minute to the next. That happened around 4 times.

  10. AGAIN they don’t have the digize 15 ml.
  11. FINALLY I’m soooo furious when I find out he doesn’t know what c/o stands for. How can you hire someone who deals with shipping tasks day in and day out and NOT train them what c/o stands for? I myself never worked for such a company, and I KNEW what c/o stands for when I was 18. I learned that fairly quickly while working as a receptionist and dealing with only minimal mail tasks.
  12. I ask for a manager, and THAT manager ALSO doesn’t know what c/o stands for. Grrrrr

  13. The LAST straw after wasting 20 minutes of my time was when the manager said we can’t even take your order because you are International. Of course this is NOT true. The last 2 times I was ready to order and had them compile the items into my account to prepare plus the day I did order it was through US sales. Then the time the supervisor gave me the free oils it was through US sales.

    After he started telling me to calm down twice, I hung up the phone on him and remembered someone on Amazon had recommended Plant Therapy.

    OMG, Plant Therapy’s staff is sharp, they have common sense, the questions were answered quickly, and both times I called, I felt heard, understood and even their shipping overseas was VERY reasonable (I couldn’t ship stateside because it wouldn’t get to the address in time.) I’m PRAYING their oils are as good or better than Young Living’s because I can NOT STAND Young Living, and I have to get away from them because they drive me INSANE.

    They are one of the stupidest companies I’ve EVER come across. The amount of mistakes they make, and the lack of common sense, and just not knowing the basic facts about anything astonishes me. And I am NOT talking about one or two people here, I’m talking I MAYBE get one person with a brain out of every 10-15. One of the most common complaints I read from their ex-employees is that the company is VERY disorganized. I just don’t get how a company can make THAT much money and be sooo inept.

End of Rant about my Young Living complaints



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  1. Update…

    I had placed a review on Yelp & it was a long one, like this one and took me a long time to write, edit, etc.

    Yelp is known for being unethical in that they will remove negative reviews if you (the company) pays them a monthly fee or they will hide positive reviews if you don’t. This is what I heard, and based on my experience posting negative reviews, I’d have to say this is correct.

    So I get an e-mail telling me that they took down my review because it says I never had any dealings with Young Living LOL

    I wrote back demanding a manager, but of course I know I’ll never get one.

    My assumption (I could be wrong so don’t take my word for it), is that Young Living saw the post and had it taken down.

  2. OMG, I just wasted my time trying to buy from this Young Living distributor Lori Reis Spielman from Allen, Texas via Facebook.

    She put an ad out that she was selling her stock and I didn’t realize she was in the US until afterward.

    Facebook puts ads in front of you even if the person doesn’t live near you.

    She was selling all of her stock.

    I knew I was going to be buying some things and shipping them to me overseas soon so I said I would get back to her when I was ready.

    I knew from the minute I started speaking to her that she wasn’t bright, but I overlooked that because I was just ordering oils from her. Even throughout our conversations my initial opinion was solidified.

    I guess I gave her too much information for her brain to comprehend, because I told her I was shipping it to either my package forwarding company or mail forwarding company and that I was overseas.

    She had to tell me that she only ships to the US and I said I know that.

    Clearly she didn’t know and couldn’t DEDUCE what a package forwarding company was and I even told her.

    My package forwarding company has charged me extra when I’ve ordered the essential oils direct from Young Living in the past saying that they are flammable. This pissed me off to no end, and I didn’t want a repeat of that so I wasted my time calling Young LIving, being on hold for over 35 minutes, only to find out I had to e-mail the product department, and they REFUSED to give me the paperwork I needed of the ingredients so I wouldn’t be charged.

    I find this very very suspicious about Young Living.

    They came up with some BS excuse that they don’t allow oils to be shipped outside the US because they have arrangements with countries on what they ship.

    She didn’t even ask me where it was going so I don’t buy this story, as I’ve ordered and had it shipped here before as well.

    I had a backup plan to have it shipped to my mail forwarding company since they wouldn’t care that it is essential oils, and since they are very light in weight I wasn’t worried about the high price in shipping.

    A couple of times I had to repeat my questions to Lori because she wouldn’t answer them.

    I was finally ready to order and wanted to take one last stab at my package forwarding company, so I asked her to send me the link to where it gives the ingredients of the 2 oils I was going to purchase because she had sent me a screenshot before.

    I also asked her to send me the invoice and I gave her my e-mail address.

    She ignored the invoice part and only responded to the first part, so once AGAIN, I had to repeat myself and ask her if she sent the invoice.

    Then she says something that makes no sense.

    She won’t send me the invoice until I give her the shipping address so I said okay, give me your e-mail address and I’ll send it to you. We had been communicating on Facebook this entire time.

    What does she say next?

    Now all of a sudden she doesn’t feel comfortable.

    OMG this girl is NUTS.

    I told her off and I’m putting this here for anyone who wants to hire or buy from her.

    I just wasted at least 2-3 hours of my life, and while I had to do the work myself due to my package forwarding company, I wouldn’t have done that in the first place had I not been ready to order from her.


    So I’m supposed to give her my money before she gives me an invoice and she’s scared of what exactly? That my money to her via Pay Pal is a lie?


  3. So I cleaned up my original complaint about Young Living because I had a lot of mistakes in there. My apologies.

    So once again everything is stressful dealing with Young Living.

    I called up 3 days ago wanting to order knowing that my membership had expired and I would need to renew it.

    Every other time I’ve done this, I just tell them I want a new upline and they put it in rotation and someone is lucky and gets my sale.

    I never want to keep my upline because they all suck, so unless they are smart, they reach out to me and actually give a shit, I don’t want them making money off of me.

    Well this time I get this guy named Rudy who doesn’t understand me when I talk. He’s Filipino, but I assume he lives in the States.

    He says I can only do this through the resolutions department so I have to e-mail them.

    I did and I got NO response.

    I e-mailed an e-mail address that I had from before and still no answer.

    Yesterday I called and there was a very long hold time, so after being on hold for 20 minutes, I had the IVR put me in queue for a call.


    I e-mailed customer support last night. Amazingly they got back to me and tried to brush me off while apologizing.

    Get this, it takes 7-10 business days for RESOLUTIONS to get back to you.


    Then they gave me a link to some express customer service.

    I found nothing on the page except a live chat button so I did that.

    It took forever for someone to respond and they have NO beep noise for when they message so I almost missed the conversation.

    I was talking to Janessa G.

    She wasn’t bright, but she figured out a way to change my upline right away, so at least she had some brains, but then further along in the conversation she gave me the wrong total amount, so I had to ask WHY I was being charged so much.

    Finally I got the right total.

    She blamed it on the fact that she’s messaging with someone else.

    From that point on it must have taken another 15-20 minutes for her to place the order even though everything else was already arranged.

    I was very very agitated. I had things to do and couldn’t leave because of her taking so long.

    I asked for an e-mail order confirmation. I still haven’t gotten it.

    I asked for an e-mail of the live chat conversation. She told me it would let me e-mail it to me when the conversation was done.

    Nope, it doesn’t.

    It doesn’t even give you time stamps so you can see when the conversation started and ended.

    My guess is that it took me 45 minutes to order 4 items.

  4. So the TERRIBLE service via live chat continued on into the rest of the day.

    I started a new live chat because I NEVER got the e-mail confirmation.

    Again, their live chat has NO ding when they respond so unless you sit there and stare at the screen for hours, you will miss their response.

    After 20-30 minutes of flipping back and forth to see if someone responded, I gave up, but left the live chat open.

    Instead of just telling me WHY I hadn’t gotten the e-mail or saying they sent it again, they just said sorry, you aren’t responding and left.

    That response took over an hour, but one can never be sure because they hide the time stamps on their live chat so unless you write down the time you started the live chat, you have no idea how long it took.

    I lost my temper, started another live chat and said just write the information here, it doesn’t matter if I respond or not.

    So the next person came on who knows how long after and asks me (get this) whether it’s a one time order or a recurring order.

    WELL, had the brain dead moron actually looked, they would have seen there is ONLY ONE ORDER, but because they didn’t, and I didn’t respond, they refused to help and left.

  5. So I wrote them on July 20, 2021 asking when I’m going to get my shipping confirmation e-mail and is that going to take TWO WEEKS again and they ignored me.

    Then I wrote to both resolutions and the customer service on July 19th and STILL NO RESPONSE.

    I’m now on hold AGAIN for a long period of time both on the phone (1:28 hours) and live chat (1:22 hours).

    I’m FURIOUS that I’ve had to wanted days and hours dealing with this SHIT COMPANY!!!!!!!!!

    I wish I could find another company that had the same digize quality and then I would ditch Young Living essential oils in a heartbeat.

    I FINALLY HUNG UP after initiating a call back, but I know I’ll never get a call back because I never got one last time.

    I ordered on July 15th, it’s now the 26th and it STILL HASN’T SHIPPED!!!!!!!!!

    So ONCE AGAIN they finally come onto live chat, they don’t use their BRAINS and they leave. I have no idea when they came on because I was checking every few minutes WASTING MY TIME for almost 1 1/2 hours as you can see above.

    She asks me for my order number even though I already gave it to them in live chat, but even if I hadn’t, they had my membership number and WHAT, they can’t look in there????????????


    Someone actually called me back. WOW. But of course the order hasn’t been shipped out yet because she couldn’t find any tracking and she now has to e-mail shipping to find out what’s going on.

  6. So I got an e-mail from customer serivce saying “I see you were able to contact us and our representative, Ginger, was able to fully assist you.”

    I wrote back saying NO, nothing has been resolved. I STILL haven’t gotten my products and no e-mail from ANYONE!!!!

    Over 2 weeks and they still haven’t shipped my order.

  7. It’s now the 3rd and I STILL HAVEN’T RECIEVED an e-mail from Young Living customer service about why I haven’t gotten my items or even an e-mail with a tracking number.

    I called and there’s a 1 fucking hour HOLD TIME.

    At least it gave me the option for 1 to have a call back. Let’s see if it works this time.

    I did get a call within an hour. Turns out that the shipping department finally e-mailed me and they will be shipping it out in 48-72 hours. OMG. And then the guy I spoke to, Lorenzo put me on hold and they won’t give me anything else other than the pittance $10 they gave me a week ago. It took over a week for their shipping department to e-mail me and now it’s going to take up to another 3 DAYS for them to ship my order.

    I told Lorenzo that I wanted a refund to my card because before they put it as a credit on my account. They are a greedy company that doesn’t give a shit about their customers. He actually blames the website. What the fuck doe the website have to do with shipping out my order over 2 weeks ago????

    I could have asked for a manager, but I didn’t have the desire to be told NO by them and me get even more stressed OUT!!! Not to mention wasting another 30 minutes waiting for a manager, talking to them, etc.

    Another 21 minutes of my LIFE wasted.

    And Lorenzo almost refunded the whole amount so my oils wouldn’t be shipped AT ALL! I asked for the refund of the $10, and he thought I meant the entire amount.



  9. Their IVR is all screwed up. I entered in my member number and it cut me off because I wasn’t fast enough for it. I pressed 2 to say that wasn’t the right number and instead of it asking me for the RIGHT number, it just went on to ask me for my PIN LOL

    And of course once again it’s over AN HOUR on hold so I have to do a callback.

    She calls me back (I don’t know when) around 1 1/2 hours later. I ask her what’s happening with my order. I was busy on the phone with someone else so I told her to call me back.

    For some reason I never heard it when she called me back. Hours later I hear her VM message. Get this moron. She doesn’t TELL ME what’s going on with my order, just tells me that she is calling me back and I’m not here so I should call back AGAIN and waste hours of my life due to this SHIT COMPANY!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Put in a call AGAIN to Young Living hoping to get someone with a modecum of brain cells this time.

  11. So I will try to be qucik because I haven’t made notes on what’s been happening and if you can believe this, I am STILL dealing with YOUNG LIVING.

    08-11-21 – Beverly – Filipino. I asked for a refund. It took 19 minutes for her to deal with me.

    She redid the order.

    Then I got a nice girl who called me from the escalation services department after I filed the BBB report. I’m not sure if she saw the report and that’s why she was calling or what.

    She said right away that this should have been handled by a manager, but of course it wasn’t.

    She said that a refund was issued to my credit card because the SKU number wasn’t a US SKU number.

    She said she would leave the refund as is and send me out the two lavendars. It would have to be in a separate order.

    She said she would put the refund on my new credit card. My other one had to be cancelled because someone got a hold of the number.

    She said that none of their staff wanted to come back to work and they wanted to work from home.

    I don’t even know what that means. So what if they wanted to work from home, and why not just hire NEW staff to work at the company office? I’m sure there’s plenty of people who need a job.

    08-13-21 – The refund never went through. I didn’t know how to reach the escalations girl (I won’t give her name here because she’s been good to me so far), so I had to call the main number to try and reach her.

    I had to issue a call back because the wait ONCE AGAIN was so long.

    I got Christian (Filipino). I told him what department she’s in, but like most Filipinos, he didn’t listen. His English was subpar at best.

    Finally he got her to call me.

    I have no idea how much time I wasted dealing with him and then her, Probably close to 45 minutes.

    08-16-21 – I had to call my bank to tell them that the Young Living refund wasn’t going through. He had to explain to me exactly what they have to do.

    She leaves early so I left a message after she left.

    08-17-21 – She called me back. They are STILL trying to get the refund to go through (sigh). I asked her for the safety data sheet. She wasn’t able to give it to me, only the Interneation department can and of course based on last time, THEY WON’T.

    So I have to pay $12.50 because Young Living refuses to give this to me.

    08-20-21 – I realized she never got back to me.

    She said she would contact billing again because they never got back to her on Tuesday.

    She was sick for the last 2 days.

    Then once AGAIN, they said they couldn’t refund me on the card and even though she said they would refund me on the new card, they didn’t.

    She said they would send me a check. She said it would take two to process, so I got upset.

    She meant 2 weeks to arrive, not to process it. She said she will call back by the end of the day. She got someone else to call me and say it’s being processed.

    09-06-21 – still no check. I left her a message.

    09-08-21 – She never called me back. She finally called today.

    Even though she submitted the request, they didn’t ship it out until September 1st and then Monday was a holiday, so she said by Tuesday which would be September 14th.

    09-20-21 – I completely forgot to call her to tell her I never got it. I only remembered to day and I left a message.

    I left a stern message on her voice mail. THIS IS NUTS!!!!!!!!!!

    I even closed the BBB report thinking she was going to wrap this up for me.

  12. I had to leave ANOTHER message on her voicemail today. All week and no response from her. I’m going to have to call my bank to dispute this charge if I haven’t heard from her by Monday.

  13. So on August 20, 2021 I was told they would issue me a check because they are so stupid they can’t figure out how to refund a credit card transaction.

    I FINALLY GOT THE CHECK ON September 24 or 25, 202 1 when it was scanned.

    AND, the check was dated September 02, 2021


    I spent countless hours and months dealing with this TERRIBLE COMPANY AND I ordered only 4 essential oils on July 15, 2021, so it took them over 2 FUCKING MONTHS to get things rectified and over a month for me to even get the oils!!!

    And Loshanay who I had been dealing with at Young Living who helped to rectify the issues NEVER responded to my last 2 phone messages. I stopped calling because I FINALLY got the check, but now her name goes here because she just ignored me.

  14. Just when I thought that I wasn’t going to hear from them again I get this e-mail.

    “Tell us about your experience…
    How satisfied were you with the Young Living representative that assisted you today? ”

    Ask me if I called them today.

    I DIDN’T.

    I haven’t spoken to them since whenever, you can check the dates above.


  15. Once again issues with Young Living.

    Be VERY VERY careful when you order if you don’t know what the terms on the Young Living site means.

    I went to order and had it shipped to my package forwarding company because I’m not in the US right now.

    I wasn’t ready to ship because I was buying from other sites, so it took about 1 1/2-2 months to ship to me & when I got my huge box, there were 2 Young Living boxes in it. I didn’t understand why.

    Then less than a week later I get an email saying I’m being shipped again & I’m like WHAT??? I never agreed to this. I missed seeing the charge on my credit card.

    I had to FIGHT to get my money back (it was around $125-130 for each box which is a lot for me) without having to ship back both boxes.

    One I couldn’t because it wasn’t in the US, and the other which was once again sent to my package forwarding, UPS would have had to pick it up & they said they don’t have that service, only drop-off.

    It turns out, this Loyalty Rewards Program is an AUTO SHIP program. I thought it was me paying for my yearly fee to get the wholesale prices.

    NOWHERE on their site does it say auto ship. Not when clicking on it, not on the page while I was adding things to my cart, etc. & they STILL have issues with their site because I experienced them when trying to order the first time.

    Anyway, I told them that they should have the words “AUTO SHIP” all over the site AND also an email right after I order saying, “you are now set to receive this order every 30 days.”

    I checked, & I did get the order email the second time it was shipped (of course it was already too late by then), but I think I must have thought it was the email from the first order because I found it filed in my YL folder.

    Many companies scam customers by putting them on AUTO SHIP or auto renewal. By the time the customer realizes it, it’s too late and getting unsubscribed from that can be very very hard for a lot of customers.

    When I called furious I was put on this auto ship (I didn’t even know that’s what happened at first), the girl NEVER told me that there was another package going out that same day. I thought me cancelling stopped any future shipments. That upset me too because I thought it was only the one box I had to contend with.

    And I forgot I had Young Living’s email address, and every time I remembered I had to contact them, it was after hours and they had no email button on their site, ONLY live chat or phone, and during the day I was very busy (I just moved).

    Anyway, ALL of their support staff now are 3rd world country low IQ Filipinos. Not that the staff they had before were much better, but at least they were American.

    The takedown of our entire world’s economy and removing ALL jobs from Americans is underway, and clearly Young Living is a part of it.

    I remember when the scamdemic had just started and I ordered from them and it took 3 WEEKS to ship my items and there was a HUGE problem which is why it never shipped. They were short staffed then. This told me that most of their staff were ZOMBIES who believed a deadly virus was running around the world killing people.

    It took me over 1 1/2 years to realize that MOST of the people who believe in holistic stuff are LOW IQ and believe whatever they are told and soooo MANY of them took the DEATH JAB.

    They should be ashamed of themselves.

    You can’t be BOTH holistic (I mean really holistic) and believe in diseases and viruses AND the mafia allopathic industry.

    I used to also believe that viruses were real and even the diseases, but I NEVER trusted low IQ whitecoats.

    The scamdemic straightened me out and I learned a TON (I’m still learning) that these are all lies spread by the evils to make people AFRAID in order to control them, then poison and kill them.


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