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Transfer WiseThis is my Review of Wise formally known as Transfer Wise. It’s now and no shock there, it became a public company just after the war started in March 2020.

Transfer Wise used to be a pretty good company, but I admit, I didn’t use it often, but I did have to call in the past to do transfers.

I used them around once a year since around 2016 or so.

I never had ANY problems with them until mid 2023.

Digital Prison

If you don’t know what’s going on on the world, it’s time to WAKE UP.

We are under attack and this is part of the digital prison and is part of it. They will tell you the following, but that’s ALL BS… ”

We’re a financial institution. So we need to know who’s using our service, why, and that their money comes from a legitimate place. It helps us combat money laundering, and keep everyone’s money safe.

We might ask you to upload a document that proves how you earn your money. This is called your source of wealth, and is a regulatory requirement for some regions.”

EVERYTHING IS NOW CONTROLLED BY THE EVILS’ AI. You can’t even get a human to override anything because the AI decides what happens to your account, NOT HUMANS.

I gave my ID to wise back when I first started with them.

I went to pay a Nigerian freelancer the WHOPING TUNE of $11 USD, and wise started to DEMAND that I use a toxic cell phone so it can take pics of my ID again AND to steal my biometrics.

If you don’t know what your biometrics is, it’s your face, irises and fingerprints.

Stealing your biometrics

Aren’t you asking yourself why all of these companies are suddenly demanding all of this?

Stay tuned, it’s going to get even WORSE.

Transfer Wise forcing me to enslave myself

I didn’t have a toxic cell phone and why should I?

Is wise going to pay for my holistic health treatments after forcing me to use a toxic cell phone?

Do you even know how much damage a toxic cell phone does to your body and other people’s body’s you hang around?

So they tried to get me to use my webcam which I was willing to do, but I still did NOT want to give them my face. WHY???

Well I know why, but do you?

Once a company has your biometrics, that’s it. They trace you worldwide AND they can do anything with your biometrics. It’s not like ID where you can get new ID. I mean technically due to ALL of the 5G weapons going up all over the world they are already stealing your biometrics, but just count how many companies are in on this slavery.

Of course Transfer Wise will tell you that’s not what happens LOL

Transfer Wise’s evil AI software stealing our biometrics can’t even steal it properly

So their software that steals your biometrics and also forces you to use a toxic cell phone is so terrible, first it took forever to take a pic of my driver’s license because there was always a problem. Then it took forever to try and take a picture of my face. It couldn’t do it over and over again.

I lost over an hour trying to get this done and I lost more time calling over and over again.

I asked for a manager to call me and no one ever did.

I finally got an email where THEY seemed perturbed that I wasn’t going to b a good little slave and follow their slave demands.

Then they said they would set up a live chat or something to take my pic. I accepted, but then they claimed it would take weeks. This was clearly a ploy to try and convince me to buy an expensive toxic dumb phone to do what I was told because they think I’m a criminal  or a slave (take your pick). After a month of getting nowhere with them and attitude, I called again asking WHY a manager never contacted me.

Transfer Wise won’t let us talk to a manager

Instead of the guy giving me a manager like I asked, he tried to help me. I didn’t have a US cell phone, but I had one from the country I’m in.

I allowed this terrible company to violate my human unamiable rights, and take my face pic. The ID I had no issues with.

That was 2-3 months ago.

Fast forward to Friday in December 2023, I went to transfer money to someone, and AGAIN they demanded I jump through their slave hoops and do verification codes which I did, and then AGAIN WITH THE ID AND STEALING MY BIOMETRICS.

I shockingly complied, but then again their software couldn’t take the pics of the ID over and over again. That finally worked, and then it couldn’t take the pic of my face.

After 7 tries I finally gave up and called them. Their IVR said they were closed.

WHY DO I HAVE TO BE SLAVE VERFIIED EVERY 2-3 MONTHS??? I know the answer, but do you?

It was fairly early on a Friday, but after 5 pm. I remembered they used to be open after 5 pm.

I tried to find another way to contact Transfer Wise, and there was NONE.

No ticketing software, no live chat with a HUMAN because this war is about getting rid of all humans, even their email I had for them came back saying it is no longer manned. How much time did I waste there???

Saturday not open and I know others were calling because I got a fast busy twice. That only happens if there’s something with the IVR or other customers are also calling in.

All Transfer Wise does is waste my TIME

Monday I was livid. All I do now with Transfer Wise is waste my time and life. Guess why the evils do this. It’s so you don’t have time to stop and thing about what is actually happening and research the TRUTH.

At first the guy was nice, but then when I asked for a manager, HE REFUSED to give me one saying managers don’t talk to customers


In my opinion Transfer Wise is a terrible company and you should know what they are doing goes against all human nature. They are clearly working with the evils. The evils who control all of the banking worldwide, who created this whole war, and is causing this huge increase in inflation that will eventually starve us and leave everyone homeless.

This has NOTHING to do with safety and security, that’s just the lie every company like them tells you so you will give up your biometrics and behave like a slave.

If you are full of FEAR all the time, you need help. Here’s my alternative therapy page.

Information about Transfer Wise going public

“in my opinion it seems very possible that the domain name changed hands for USD $2 million in June 2020. Given Wise’s enormous valuation of $11 billion today, it appears the seller left quite a bit on the table.”


“Update on July 22, 2021: Andrew Rosener, a domain name broker, has confirmed that his company brokered the domain name, and that it was a $2 million deal.”

They were clearly funded by the evils to take the company public and then control is with their DIGITAL PRISON SLAVE DEMANDS. Here’s what the digital prison is all about. China anyone?

Transfer Wise Trust Pilot Reviews

So I went onto Trust Pilot to leave my review, and I noticed ALL of these great 4 or 5 star reviews from what looks like customers who had been invited. I didn’t even know you could invite a customer to review your company on Trust Pilot so you can push down the negative reviews. Here are just some samples. One, Two, Three.

Now here are the reviews from people like me

“After transferring quite a bit and being customer for more then a year, I was asked to verify my account. I needed to answer questions from where to where I will transfer, what amount and what is my yearly income.
Those information are private and to no one’s concern. „Hiding“ behind EU regulations makes it even worth.”


“I have been using the service for quite some time now and it’s really good, but lately me and my wife, that also has her own account, we have been screened with questions about our use of money and to my wife wise even asked if she was connected to a corrupt Portuguese politician, maybe because his name starts like mine… I haven’t been feeling confortable because it looks we are under scrutiny. I don’t know why and how this started but it’s not making us feel good with being with wise.”


“Their latest “security” feature is are blurred recaptcha images where clients need to press silly images hard to read, at times up to 12 boxes, over and over again, to be able to log in.
Copying obnoxious nonsense from other sites does not make yours better, “unwise”.
Don’t you have an app verification system. What not sense a message by sms or whatsapp ?



“over 40 minutes on customer line to get through. Account is blocked for no reason. You are blackmailing my business with: provide documets that we like or you won’t be able to operate because we can force you to do what we want. No info that we did not like provided document or you need something else – you just blocked.”


“They will block your account and money!!!
First you will start using it – it’s fine.
Then they request million documents (such as your other bank statements, income proofs, savings proofs, cash flow). Once you upload it, they will most probably block your account and money without legitimate reason and you can’t use your money!!”


“Not for homemakers
Initially, I did have a good experience with Wise. Since the time I got married became a homemaker, Wise has made it impossible for me to use its services.
I have sent my French registered marriage certificate, they don’t recognise it, for the resources, my husband’s salary is not recognised, our joint bank accounts are not recognised….
So this works ONLY for unmarried and working people. Rest can go to h*ll :)”

I won’t bother you with more,  you can read the rest here, you just have to scroll past all the Wise worshipers.

Slaves will have no problem using Transfer Wise, and why they are demanding some people verify themselves over and over again and others not, I have no idea, unless they are targeting Truthers like myself.

It also depends if you are in the country where your bank is. All OTHER money transfer sites are preventing me from paying freelancers worldwide because I’m not in the US. I NEVER had this problem years ago and NO, things haven’t changed other than the evils have created this FEAR PORN climate that is BS.

In fact, that’s why the evils created the identity theft scam, so people who don’t study the Truth would fall for it and then want to be ENSLAVED. sigh

Every single moron working at every company that deals in TOXIC MONEY, repeats the same BS brainwashing LIES, that this is ALL about safety and security. NO, this is about CONTROLLING EVERYONE WORLDWIDE. Here’s my digital prison playlist.

This ends my Review of Wise.



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