Intercom helpdesk software sucks

Intercom helpdesk softwareIntercom helpdesk software sucks.

So I’m not sure if the companies using this piece of shit software are changing their specific settings or what, but when I come across a company that uses this evil piece of software, it is NOT user friendly AT ALL. It’s this new ticketing software that includes other features.

Maybe it’s not new, maybe they just did a blitch marketing campaign and offered a great discount so people would use their help desk software.

I call it evil because they are getting people to use the evil AI that the evils use to control us. I don’t care if they know about the evils or not, they have to know that their software is tied to the AI and that AI is taking over the world. You would have to be a zombie not to notice.

Intercom says this on their site, “The only solution that combines an AI chatbot, help desk, and proactive support—so you can keep costs low, support teams happy, and customers satisfied.”

I had my first experience with this terrible Intercom software where I was FORCED to use their live chat bot software and then it created a ticket. Then every time I got an email response from the company, I was forced to click on a link in the company’s email just to be able to respond. They literally forced me to open a browser window I didn’t want to use, just to respond to the ticket.

And if I didn’t respond within a few days, the next time I clicked on the email’s button, it would open the live chat window and the ENTIRE conversation was gone.

Also, the way it showed up in the emails was all over the place. The flow of the conversation was NOT in order of how it played out. It was a nightmare, and half the time I couldn’t figure out who said what, that’s how terrible the layout and GUI was.

Now taplink it using it and whenever they respond to the ticket, there’s only THEIR ONE RESPONSE.

I can’t see what I wrote before or what we wrote about in the entire last week. I have to waste my fucking time searching my sent folder just to see what the last thing I wrote was and that STILL won’t tell me what we discussed in the last week. I’d have to literally open 7-14 separate emails just to piece together the conversation.

I HATE all ticketing systems that delete the email thread and the companies who use them are low IQ. They don’t even under the PURPOSE behind being able to see the email thread by just scrolling down in one email client window.  And clearly they don’t care about their customers.

Oh I forgot, they worship nazi google and they ASSUME everyone uses gmail (I use an email client) and gmail’s nesting feature that lumps all of the emails from one person and subject together. Forget about the rest of us, we don’t count because we don’t use gmail webmail.

Yes I’m angry. This piece of shit Intercom helpdesk software sucks has popped up with several companies now, and it’s wasting my time and causing me stress.



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