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WaccoBB Daily DigestThis is my opinion of WaccoBB Daily Digest after my long post that I spent a lot of time writing up and was censored by Barry at WaccoBB Daily Digest – https://www.waccobb.net/forums or https://www.waccobb.net

I had a negative experience with Barry many years ago when I wanted to advertise my company on his site.

He was arrogant back then and didn’t respond in a timely manner, so I had a bad taste in my mouth about him, but that’s not what this article is about because I try never to hold grudges.

I had stopped posting on Barry’s WaccoBB forum for a while, and then I started up again because someone else there was speaking the truth (or a bit of it) and I started chiming in. He was also sticking up for another Truther who had been called a scammer over and over again by a shill.

My posts were long, I’ll give you that, but when it comes to the truth, you have to provide proper context and links, etc.

The other truther was complaining that Barry was censoring him too.

Towards the end before Barry banned me claiming I don’t live in the area (ummm, I hadn’t lived in the area for years, who cares), I was getting pissed off at some of the people on the forum who were siding with the nazis and evils perpetuating the lie about covid19. One guy was even friends with people at the World Economic Forum which is evil run.

I was getting some gratitudes and then Barry announced he was closing down the forum LOL

I knew it was because he couldn’t handle the truth, AND it was clear to me and the other truther that Barry is part of the evil collective.

ANYONE who censors the truth over and over again is PART of the evil collective.

If he had censored only one article, okay, fine, it’s his site, he can do whatever he wants with it, but he didn’t. He was censoring both me and the other guy, the only two people (that I know of) on the forum who were trying to wake people up to the TRUTH!

He would bury the truth on forums no one reads, he would stop topics from going out in e-mails so others could learn the truth, and he had so many brainwashed people there, that when he announced he was shutting down the forum, everyone was applauding all the hard work he put into the forum over the years.

His excuse was that his software was outdated LOL

Okay, his software was outdated pre-scamdemic, why didn’t he shut down then?

I’m sure he did put a lot of hard work into his forum, but I’m sure he was getting something for running the WaccoBB Digest forum, otherwise he wouldn’t have been doing it. And if it was lying to the forum members by censoring content, then that was his job.

And I can’t believe I actually stuck up for the guy once when the other truther was complaining about Barry censoring his content, moving it from one forum to another, and trying to lump the truth into the “conspiracy theory” aka nutcase forum. I thought Barry was only stopping posts from going out in e-mails because they were too long and I had forgotten that Barry had censored me too.

No one will care that I’m banned from WaccoBB Daily Digest, but it’s just further proof just how many evil collectives are out there in sheep’s clothing and how many normies buy into the lies and allow themselves to be brainwashed.



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