Zoho has terrible customer service

ZohoI’m going to detail how Zoho has terrible customer service. This is my review of zoho.

This is about Zoho’s terrible support and now they are ignoring me not just from one department, but every department I need help with.

Zoho mail

I’ve been with zoho mail for over 2 years now I think.

I use Thunderbird and I got zoho’s aliases and paid for 2 different domains.

I never had any problems until about a year ago where Thunderbird would duplicate emails and ping zoho’s email server so much I would be blocked. I now think it’s due to the filtering we created because of the aliases.

The problem stopped for a year, then happened again. It NEVER happens with my domain emails or gmail, only with Zoho mail.

We tried to figure the problem out but it’s happened more in the last 2 weeks and now I have NO email coming through my Thunderbird which means I will miss important emails.

This part I’m not blaming zoho for, but what I am blaming them for is the fact that they REUSE to help me figure out what the problem is. I even asked them to help me tweak the filtering since I think that’s the problem and robotically they just said they aren’t responsible for Thunderbird and then like morons gave me the instructions on how to filter through zoho.

I remember in the past that zoho mail called me to look at the Thunderbird settings, so what I was asking for wasn’t out of the norm.

Then I asked them for a discount because if I were to pay for each email address, it would be like 8-9 email addresses and I can’t afford that.

Zoho mail refused to give me a discount and told me to contact sales which I did on March 30th, 2024, and NO EMAIL OR CALL SINCE.

Just so you know, zoho is very cheap and I don’t mean their prices. There’s been many times when I’ve wasted a lot of time with them and  they wouldn’t even give me $1 off, plus the credits you accumulate when you pay for something doesn’t ever apply to anything NEW I purchase. I wasn’t able to use it when I paid for workdrive. They always come up with some excuse as to why the credits can’t be applied. Clearly it’s a scam.

They don’t even have online storage for a good price, but let’s move onto Zoho notebook.

Zoho Notebook

I asked zoho notebook to change things so I could move over to them from Evernote. They have these stupid HUGE artistic thumbnails that no one who runs a business would want and not just that, it takes up so much room, that scrolling down takes 6 times the amount of time as it does on Evernote. Plus they distract me from finding notebooks easily because they are full of graphics.

I spoke with the manager in that department in February 2023 for over an hour. He took notes and I was very happy that he said it would be fixed in March 2023. After chasing them for months and getting really angry, FINALLY in December they said it was fixed.

Instead of removing the thumbnails or giving us an option to not have them because they claim their customers want them (WHY???? Those huge thumbnails are for someone who’s a wife and just needs a To Do list or something, or maybe a graphic designer. They are NOT meant for an office application. Here’s a screenshot and once AGAIN, I can’t find the settings to switch it back to medium or large so you can see how bad it is. Their interface is horrific.

So in the end, they just made them smaller. Same issue, it takes forever to scroll to the bottom and they never had a search function for the notebooks, ONLY for the notes. How stupid can you be?

AND their scrollbar is terrible. You can’t just pull it down in one shot, it jerks up all the time, so it takes me forever to scroll to the Z’s.

I moved over to them (exported the notes and notebooks) from the new Evernote owned by a terrible company, and I literally came across over 30 bugs.

Yes you heard me & now I’m upto almost 40 bugs.

They said they would fix them.

It’s now April 2024 and while they fixed one or two bugs, they didn’t fix the rest.

I have literally spent months helping them, talking to them on the phone instead of doing my own work, and NOTHING has been accomplished other than the put in the search and put BACK the scrollbar they had REMOVED. Can you believe a site removing a scrollbar? Why the FUCK would you do that???

In March 2024 they said they would FINALLY get the desktop version done at the end of March. I have been waiting for this since February 2023 and again since December 2023.

Obviously that wasn’t done.

Then I asked Rameez what bugs they have fixed. Go into my note (I gave them access) and tell me what bugs you are going to fix.

That’s when Rameez started ignoring me.

I spoke to Sai because my large note wouldn’t save and told him I still haven’t received a response back regarding my other emails and he said Rameez would get back to me and of course NOTHING.

Because of my numerous calls to WorkDrive and I also left a message on Notebook’s number, Rameez from zoho notebook called me and didn’t even know who he was talking to even though I’ve spoken to him before many times through email and even once or twice on the phone. He said he would get back to me through email. His excuse was that there was a misunderstanding. They ALL say that.


Zoho Creator

Onto Zoho Creator. By the manager in Zoho Notebook it was suggested I use that. He told me that I could use the free account because I can’t afford a lot. I don’t remember exactly what he said so I emailed Notebook to get the name of what it was he recommended. Of course once again, NO RESPONSE

Finally I started calling workdrive which is when I found out that it’s called Zoho Creator.

Jennifer wrote an email to them to contact me and I was ignored AGAIN.

After 3 CALLS to zoho workdrive about zoho mail, zoho notebook AND Zoho Creator, I finally got Sam Lacroix who called me even though I told WD to tell them I have to go out. He leaves a message saying you said you don’t want to pay for Zoho Creator, but I can spend a few minutes on the phone with you. I didn’t even know what the prices were, but I work for FREE fighting in this war, so I can’t afford to pay for every single application. In fact, Zoho Notebook had a special and I was going to pay for it, but I wrote Zoho notebook saying maybe that will speed things up and they said, “no, we give support to everyone.” so I never paid.

Sam Lacroix wrote me an email. I told him I was going to eat and it may be tomorrow (today) that I call him back.

Again TODAY NO WORD from zoho mail or zoho sales regarding me purchasing the email addresses, Then because I told Sam what was going on and asked for the director or main manager for the entire company, said he was going to be busy at 1 pm and he cced my account manager (how come I didn’t know I had an account manager???). His name is Sree.

No word from him EITHER.

Then I called Sam twice and left a message. I wrote him and then he had the nerve to say… “I am on the Creator sales team. You’re not interested in Creator, so I CC’d your account manager on the previous thread. He will be in touch.”

So now this guy won’t speak to me either.

This company is TERRIBLE and I hate saying that.

I’ve always recommended Zoho and given them slack because they were nice, but this is NOT NICE behavior. I’m sick of this BS.

I will be posting my reviews all over the net now.

I STILL don’t have mail in my Thunderbird, no one will call me or email me from at least 4-5 departments and they don’t know what they are doing there.

I have given them free business consultation over and over again over the last year telling them that they have to deal with customers and have their phone line open. They just argue with me that their phone line is open 24/7. That is NOT true. I’ve called almost 10 times after 5 pm and they are NEVER open and even if I leave a message sometimes I NVER get a call back or it takes days and the problem has already been addressed.

I had this moron Logras at WorkDrive argue with me and then literally tell me he’s not going to discuss it anymore LOL, can you believe that? He has no FUCKING clue what he’s talking about. I am the one fucking calling their 888 900 9646. he’s not. And this is not the first time they have said they answer the phones all the time when they don’t.

Logras was so stupid that even after I told him what the issue was with zoho mail, he started talking about zoho writer because he must have seen a ticket from them.

So I’m wrapping this up now.

I am VERY VERY disappointed with them and very stressed about all of this.

I’m sure that most of the reviews on Trust Pilot are fake because most of the people have only ever reviewed Zoho (1 review). I saw 2 other people who are furious with Zoho.

And Zoho lost lots of business they could have grabbed from everyone leaving Evernote. You can read my review about them here.

Zoho doesn’t know how to run a business properly. I’ve read terrible review about them going back years. And there’s NO ONE who overseas all of their departments, plus they don’t hire enough programmers, otherwise it wouldn’t take almost a year to make tweaks to zoho notebook.

Oh, and they add features no one cares about instead of fixing the problems people ARE complaining about.

Like I said, MORONS.



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