The Freelancer Site Upwork is Terrible

Upwork is TerribleThe job site Upwork is terrible. Upwork is a combination of the oDesk and Elance sites has become a total disaster.

I’ve been using both oDesk and Elance for years, both as a client and a freelancer towards the end. I know how both sites worked. They both had their flaws with Elance being the better of the two.

Imagine my surprise when the two companies merged. I believe (although I’m not sure) that oDesk bought out Elance.

Since they were building a whole new job site from scratch, I thought it was going to be close to perfect, using the best features of both sites and all the suggestions over the years. Not to mention they had minimum 6-12+ months to develop this new site.

Well in the end, nothing could have be further from the truth. When I started to use Upwork, I had problem after problem with it. Yes one can expect some bugs, but these weren’t just bugs, they were design flaws that made the site worse than even what oDesk was like before and oDesk was not as good as Elance, so that’s saying a lot.

When I first encountered them, I should have started to list all the issues here, but I didn’t. After getting really frustrated and wasting so much of my precious time sending Upwork ticket after ticket, I finally did post on Upwork’s Facebook page over a year ago to complain.

Fast forward to today, from now on I’m going to detail all the issues Upwork both as a company (staff) and their site.

  1. I hadn’t used the site in a while, and when I went to create a ticket, I went around in circles a few times until I realized there was NO WAY to start a ticket.They also removed the Live Chat and their phone number. oDesk had live chat for years, Elance always had phone support. When Upwork first started, they had both.I was livid not being able to get in touch with them. The only way I managed, was by using their app’s support. That was still working.I just got off the phone with a girl from Upwork who called me, and she didn’t even know what I was talking about. I had sent screenshots and she hadn’t even looked at them.Finally she tells me that only a few SELECT people are given access to live chat. I was SHOCKED!She said I can call at any time and wanted me to write down their number which I didn’t want to have to do, it should be on the site like it was before and like it is on NUMEROUS sites worldwide. I shouldn’t have to waste time hunting for it, as it was never easy to get to.

    I told her I usually don’t want to call if I’m busy, I want to just write a quick ticket.

    She then says I can e-mail them at [email protected] at any time. I asked why that information isn’t stated in the help area. No response.

  2. This girl who called me wasn’t even prepared with what my complaints were and I had a few tickets open. It was late my time, and couldn’t remember everything I had written.It’s not my job to comb through my e-mails and go back and forth with her because she’s too lazy to prepare. She should have reviewed them before calling me.She would also stop talking frequently and I’d have to say “hello” “hello?”
  3. I wanted to deposit money into my Upwork account to put it aside so I know how many hours I I can use a freelancer for. I had asked about this already in a ticket and instead of answering me, I was sent a generic message about how to pay weekly. I lost my temper, as they often hire people from overseas to do their customer service and I always have a problem with them understanding English.No one got back to me.So this girl tells me I am not allowed to do that. She wanted me to use Pay Pal and I said no, I have other things that go through my Pay Pal account, I don’t want to mix things up.So no, now I can’t do that and yes, you could do this with Elance.
  4. I get site error messages almost all the time when I use Upwork. That was months ago the last time I used the site, and for two days I had issues as well this week.One time I got an error that their server was taxed and they couldn’t handle the load.
  5. I log in and it defaults to my freelancer account. I switch to my client account (they are different user names), but it doesn’t stick. The site doesn’t recognize that I’m using my client account when trying to access the help area, and even sometimes it just flips and sends me back to the freelancer area which has different navigations.This happened months ago and they still haven’t fixed it.


That’s it for now, I will update this post as more issues arise with Upwork.

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  1. When a freelancer rejects my invite to apply for a job, Upworks doesn’t relay the reason for the reject even though the freelancer is picking from a drop down menu.

    I am pretty sure that when I am rejected as a freelancer I also can’t see the reason. The odd time I do, most of the time I don’t.

    As oDesk they had this problem, I told them about it & they never fixed it. They STILL haven’t fixed it.

    This means both the client & the freelancer are clueless as to what they may be doing wrong, & therefor they can’t fix it.

  2. When I first respond to a freelancer after receiving their bid, Upwork shows a number 1 next to their name, meaning there’s a message waiting for me to read.

    Turns out there is NO message for me to read, it’s MY message LOL


  3. So Upwork has this “Show More” button on the page that lists all your applicant.

    I assumed it was for pages that had over X amount of applicants, but I was wrong.

    Even after I’ve deleted 80% of all the applicants the button appears when there’s only 4 showing on the page.

    Again, poor coding & function of the site making me have to do more work to click on that button more often than I should have to.

  4. 3 things:

    1. They no longer have the job number written anywhere. They expect you to somehow know that it’s in the address field. We have to be mind readers now.

    2. When you click on one of the buttons in your message area, it lumps all your clients & freelancers together. This of course would confuse most people if they are dealing with a lot of clients & freelancers.

    Why would you even do that since they make you switch profiles to get to the client or freelance area, so why lump the messages altogether?

    Not logical.

    And support doesn’t even know how to explain to me what the heading “People” means, & how they are different from the people listed under the heading “Interviews.” I sort of figured it out on my own, they are previous people I communicated with, but of course it doesn’t state how old the communication has to be before they are then slotted under “People.”

    3. I’ve complained about this before, but of course they never fixed it. When I log in, it automatically defaults to my freelancer account, so even if I click on a link from an e-mail to view a freelancer’s bid or message from a job I posted, the site gives me an error saying I’m not in the right area. I then have to switch profile & go back & click on the e-mail link again or take a chance by searching for it manually.

    Not intuitive, plus we should be able to set which profile we want to have the site open with.

  5. Just posted a new hiring ad & when looking through the applicants, I got to the end after deleting all of them except for one.

    I clicked on the “show more” button & the same applicant now appears twice in the list.

    I also forgot to mention that when you first message the applicant, off to the right where the popup messages appear when you get a new message, my message to them doesn’t appear. Well really it makes no logical sense for it to appear, but instead of that appearing because I just messaged the applicant, their bid appears. This is after I’ve read it & responded. I remember the first few times I experienced this it confused me to no end.

    Just another example of how poorly designed their site is & how it wastes my time & stresses me out.

  6. When using Upwork’s messaging app for my desktop, it tells me a word is spelled wrong, but I can’t right click on it to get a list of options to fix it.

    Turns out you can’t right click to get anything. That’s including copying a link or e-mail address.

  7. I’m trying to download the files a freelancer sent me & no matter what I do, I get an error page. I finally came to the conclusion it wasn’t on my end because there were 4 different files, 2 different sets on 2 different days. It’s Upwork not working again as usual.

  8. I was in the middle of using the site going back & forth between applicants when Upwork just logs me out when I click on an applicant’s bid. These things happen all the time with Upwork.

  9. I’ll say one thing, I’ve had Anete before (a CS rep) & she’s very proficient & sharp. They don’t deserve her.

  10. When I go to invite freelancers to a job, there’s no way to confirm they are being invited to to the right job. If I had let’s say 2 jobs within the same skill set listed, how would I know they are seeing the right one?

    oDesk used to have a drop down menu to choose from, & also showed you the name of the job you were inviting to.

  11. Three times now (I’m sure it will happen again), I’ve tried to invite a freelancer to a job & received this error…

    “Operation not permitted. Please contact support. Retry sending invite?”

    Then it works when I do it again or it worked the first time as it says the freelancer was already invited, but their site didn’t recognize that.

  12. They label freelancers who have NO earnings (meaning they’ve never worked on Upwork yet) as “Rising Talents.

    LOL, makes logical sense to me – NOT!

  13. When you decline a freelancer after they have bid on your job & you go through the search results to invite other freelancers to bid on the job, they do NOT notify you if that freelancer already bid. This allows you to invite the freelancer to bid again. I’d prefer it tell you that you declined them, but even just a note saying you spoke to them already & a link to that conversation would suffice.

    This causes confusion & anger on the freelancer’s part even though the client has done nothing wrong. Obviously a client can’t remember every single freelancer they spoke to for all of 5-10 minutes.

    It wastes the client’s time & the freelancer’s time & causes strife.

  14. Well I’m back to dealing with crappy Upwork.

    1. In my recent job I put down “independents” only, so what do I get? I get agencies contacting me.

    2. Someone person bid twice on the same job which their site should NOT allow if it’s coded properly. I declined her, found her second bid which confused me and is now wasting my time.

    I thought it was someone who had 2 different profiles (that has happened too), but nope, it’s the same name with the same EXACT bid text.

    When I went back to delete that one, the entry was gone. These are the types of glitches I encounter with Upwork all the time.

  15. After calling Upwork regarding a question, I was totally misled by one of their customer service reps (Heidi of course from the Phillipines) which caused me stress the following day when I got an e-mail from mediation that I shouldn’t have posted my comments on the site, but responded back to the mediation ticket.

    I had even ASKED Heidi if I should respond to there and she said no, it would be faster to do it on the site.

    I also wasted 30 minutes of my life to Upwork waiting on hold for Heidi’s manager.

  16. More issues:

    1. While reading messages from one of my freelancers, the messages from yesterday were showing up AFTER today’s messages.

    I wasted time trying to figure out what was happening or even making sense of what I was reading even after I understood the problem.

    2. I wasn’t able to invite someone to bid on a job. I lost 14 minutes of my day trying to click the invite button over & over again, then on hold waiting for customer service, only to find out they already knew about the problem & fixed it.

    3. A freelancer accepted my invite for a job that was old & Upwork is saying that I sent him the invite earlier in the evening when I never did.

    So either I invited this freelancer over a month ago, he’s ONLY getting around to responding now, & Upwork can’t keep track of the dates, or Upwork invited him all by itself.

    Either way it’s terrible & again wasting my time with me trying to figure out what is going on.

  17. I invited a freelancer to bid on my private job, but the green “Invite” button still show as solid even AFTER she accepted the invite & bid.

    Confused me & wasted my time trying to figure out what was going on.

  18. Turns out when a freelancer ends a flat fee job, the money that was in escrow gets returned to the client so that the client has to go around in circles wasting time just to pay the freelancer.

    Does this make logical sense to YOU? It doesn’t make sense to me.

  19. MORE issues with Upwork.

    A very important project had to be done with a strict timeline. My CPA had to fix some issues & file my taxes.

    I just found out tonight that she NEVER got the link I sent her via Upwork’s messenger. This link is from a site that’s similar to Dropbox.

    It had all the files she needed to do her job and the ENTIRE message was there except the link.

    This means the bookkeeper now has to go back & redo work and both of our time is wasted.

  20. I read someone’s bid, I scroll down to their portfolio area & instead of me being on page 1, it’s on page 2 or 3.

    This is a true bug as it’s happened min. 3 times now on different people’s accounts.

  21. I needed to find the date I messaged with a potential client only to find out there are NO dates in their messaging system.

    It says “Today” for today’s message, but nothing near the time stamp for the previous messages.

    That was on their site. I just checked their desktop app & there’s a date there. LOL, NO COMMENT.

  22. I just realized that when you look at either a freelancer’s feedback or a client’s feedback, it doesn’t give you the WHOLE story.

    It only shows the one side, so for example, with all the horrific experiences I’ve had with ALL of the UpWork bookkeepers on there, it only shows them giving me 1 star and doesn’t show my feedback (it only shows what stars I gave them) on what transpired.

    Why is this important?

    So the people reading it can see why I gave them a poor rating, and probably why the freelancer did. In retaliation of course.

  23. Every time I edit the job description it checks off this thing at the bottom…

    “Also allow these coworkers to hire and pay with this account.”

    I uncheck it and the NEXT time I edit the job posting it checks it off AGAIN.

  24. I just happened to look at one of the jobs I created from the freelancer’s point of view & noticed that UpWork’s time is TOTALLY off.

    It says I haven’t looked at the proposals, etc. in 16 hours even though I’ve spent the last 30 minutes dealing with the job.

  25. More issues with their time.

    Someone I e-mailed for my client as he’s worked for my client before told me he found my invite. I looked at the invite & it said 7 pm today when I wasn’t even at my computer at that time, nor had I invited anyone to the job since the day before.

    Also I have 2 tabs open. One says the applicant has already bid on the job, the other says I can invite the applicant to the job.

    This has happened with 2 different freelancers.

    And this isn’t even my account, it’s my clients.

    This has confused me, wasted my time, is obviously costing me money having to investigate the issues, etc.


  26. More issues with Upwork…

    In the archived tab there’s a list of freelancers I declined and who withdrew from the job or invite.

    Every time I click on it and start to scroll down, the short list disappears.

    I even tried to click on one of them to see the reason they withdrew and when I exited out of that it removed the green link of the 5 freelancers who withdrew.

    I tried this several times with NO luck and finally JUST GAVE UP.

    Their site NEVER works properly.

  27. Upwork’s rating system is UTTER BS, & I have a feeling that if you have both a client & freelancer account & one or the other gets negative reviews, this affects the other because they said that I had a lot of negative reviews as a freelancer & that is NOT true.

    I had 4 clients back in 2013/2014 (never work for someone in NY) who turned into nightmare clients who expected miracles & never appreciated anything I did for them.

    One guy even ripped me off.

    The rest either didn’t review me or gave me 4 or 5 stars.

    Anyway, my success rate is below 100% & this bookkeeper I just hired who has one poor rating for the only job she’s ever had is at 100% & is supposedly a TOP RATED freelancer LOL

    You figure that one out!!!

  28. I may have written this before, but I don’t think so.

    So I’m VERY VERY upset at Upwork.

    I just found out from a freelancer that the reason she never answered my questions in my hiring ad is because Upwork DOESN’T put the link to the hiring ad on the mobile version of their site.

    Do you know how many people I DECLINE who could have been my perfect freelancer & it’s probably because they use their phone???

    I ALWAYS tell people NOT to use their phone for work & here’s WHY!!!

    Not happy. They just wasted my time, caused me to lose people, & of course I get really frustrated when people don’t read the hiring ad.

    It’s my way of screening.

    And if they were smart, they should know that there’s a hiring ad, but some freelancers are new & don’t understand how the site works.

    Now I can’t even screen via that method & there really isn’t a good way to screen.

    That’s my way of determining if they can even READ & follow instructions which most can’t.

  29. A few issues AGAIN on the Upwork website.

    1. A few days ago I posted a hiring ad/job.

    2. days later I noticed that my ad had been placed 3 TIMES!!!

    3. The other day while messaging back & forth with a terrible bookkeeper, she sends me a weird message that made NO sense at all.

    Since her communication skills are abhorred, I figured it was just her.

    Turns out some message she had sent to me days earlier suddenly popped up.

    4. Just now I went to invite freelancers to a job & now I CAN’T.

    Their site is down…

    And when I click on the link to report it, all it does is take me to their knowledge base. Once again poor design, poor GUI, poor coding.

  30. As usual Upwork wastes my time & frustrates me to NO END.

    I saw someone bid on my job, but I hadn’t responded. I copied his name from the bid & searched high & low in the main area, plus in archive.

    After trying 3-4 times, I e-mailed Upwork.

    This is an ONGOING issue I’ve complained to oDesk about for around the last 6 years.

    When you search for a freelancer, often times the name that shows up in the bid or message area is NOT the name in their bloody database.

    In this instance the guy’s name was XYZ & then their last initial.

    So Upwork expects US to know what name is in their database INSTEAD of just making it so both versions of the freelancer’s name is in their database.

    6 years later & ANOTHER brand new site & the owners of oDesk & Upwork STILL can’t code or design their site properly.

    I’ve always said oDesk was better than Upwork, but this one issue has irked me forever.

    Every time I’ve needed to search for a freelancer I’ve had to contact support just to get the answer. Even the freelancer doesn’t know what’s going on.

  31. Twice now (maybe 3 times already) since last night I’ve responded to bids & then I notice a few minutes later my message just disappeared.

    This has happened with 2-3 different freelancers. (sigh)

  32. I’m searching for a logo designer. I filter the search results to be under the category “Logo & Branding” & the keywords design logo.

    Do I GET logo designers in my search results???

    OF COURSE NOT. I get web designers, UX designers, everything BUT logo designers.

  33. On thing I’ve ALWAYS hated about oDesk & now Upwork is that I invite tons of freelancers. I decline 90% of them because they can’t read and follow simple instructions, then I go to invite more and I end up inviting the ones I just declined.

    They should REMOVE the ones I just declined from my search query or at the VERY least, tell me that I’ve already invited and declined them.

    But that would require common sense and a well thought out and designed application!

  34. So as usual Upwork’s site SUCKS.

    They started allowing freelancers to create milestones on their own instead of the client doing it.

    One of my freelancers asked me to give her a portion of the money from the total.

    I thought all I had to do was pay it & that would be the end of it, but nooo, of course it’s not that easy with Upwork.

    It wanted ME to start naming a new milestone, do all this math to figure out how much was left to pay her when she should have been the one to create the additional milestones when she asked for the portion of the money so I didn’t have to do all this work.

    How much you want to bet that Upwork did NOT ask her to do that when she requested the money.

    I wasted 10 minutes of my life on the phone with the CS rep who didn’t even understand why I was upset. After I repeated myself 3 times he’s like, “What do you want me to do for you?”

    And another reason I was upset was because it asked me to fund this new milestone when I had ALREADY funded the entire job, so it reads as if I’m going to have to pay more money.

    Now I know it comes out of the money I already paid, but of COURSE Upwork doesn’t say that on their site.

    VERY stressful.

  35. Now I’m occasionally NOT getting the little green box with the white number that tells me how many message there are from a freelancer that I haven’t read yet.

    This is on their left panel on the browser, not the desktop app.

    I’m also not getting the e-mails that the person even messaged me so hours go by & they are waiting for me.

    Also the other day once again I had to deal with their support people who don’t know the site.

    I was in the middle of closing a contract & reviewing the freelancer & when I hit submit it wouldn’t let me so I wrote to them asking why.

    OF COURSE their response is for me to clear my cache, cookies etc. because EVERY company who has a terribly coded site says to do that.

    I realized after they responded that the issue was the freelancer closed the contract while I was writing up the feedback.

    They didn’t even offer that up as a potential reason.

  36. Once again I just lost precious time because of Upwork.

    This is the second time in a matter of days that I go to invite a freelancer to a job which is usually flate rate. It shows me that they were invited as the green button is greyed out & the checkmark is there, but when I refresh the page, the green invite button shows back up & they aren’t listed as being invited.

    I tried 5 times, even cleared my cache, even tried on Fx (was on Chrome) & it won’t work.

    Now I have to waste more time tomorrow dealing with Upwork & the freelancer, so I will have lost more than 30 minutes. In fact, it may have been an hour that him & I were sitting & waiting for Upwork to work.

  37. OMG, more issues with Upwork

    1. On 03-02-19 I get an e-mail saying that they are sorry they missed my live chat. In the e-mail it said that I stated I have a slow connection & I was there to verify my profile.

    Not only did I NOT instigate a live chat because Upwork changed the location of it after they launched Upwork from oDesk & I’ve never been able to find it since then, but I DON’T have a slow connection & I don’t need to verify my profile.

    2. Then this Indian guy has been harassing me for work since December 27, 2018 even though I told him NO & told him to stop asking me.

    I finally decided to block him today, & I got this message, “Sorry, you can’t block someone you have an active contract with.”

    I thought I was going nuts, so I did a search under contracts, & sure enough, he’s not there.

    More time being wasted on Upwork issues.

    Their site is TERRIBLE!!!

  38. So I just wasted a whole bunch of my time having to re-invite people who bid on my hiring ad. I had to apologize & then type out what happened.

    I declined them b/c I thought they hadn’t read my hiring ad & followed my instructions.

    Turns out that I was reading their profile text & not their cover.

    THEN as I started responding to others, I realized there was no profile, it went straight to the cover which is their bid.

    I started to write to Upwork & then when I went to take a screenshot showing them the problem & how they should put the cover FIRST, not SECOND, I realized it was UPWORK who screwed UP.

    Just one MORE bug that causes me lost time & stress.

    Normally at the top of the bid once you click inside, for the freelancer’s profile, they have only one line of text, & if the client wants to read more, they click on “More,”

    But in this case, UPWORK had it fully expanded & this is why I thought that was the freelancer’s bid.

    Every day now there are soooo many issues with their site.

    I just went to decline a freelancer & I got an error, but that’s a bug that didn’t just waste 30+ minutes of my life.

  39. I realized while searching for jobs on Upwork, that I rarely, if ever got e-mail notices about new jobs.

    I wanted to get e-mail notices for my saved searches, so I reached out to Upwork.

    Once AGAIN, more issues with their site.

    Their customer service tells me where to go & select daily or weekly, yet when I click on “Select,” the drop down doesn’t work/open.

    And that’s for the entire page, not just on “Job recommendations.”

    Who knows how long it’s been that way since daily or weekly was never chosen.

  40. So a potential client messaged me & when I moused over my bid in the messaging area, it showed the date that SHE messaged me, NOT the date I actually bid.

    I figured out as I was writing this that it’s because she responded then & that’s when the message thread is created, but still, I didn’t write the bid at that time, so it should show the date I wrote it.

    I can’t even figure out when I bid. I don’t see any area that shows me that information.

  41. Ok, so MORE e-mail issues with Upwork.

    I only realized today that as of at least the 5th, Upwork hasn’t been receiving my e-mails.

    When they write me & I respond back they get it, but when I write an e-mail clean or forward one of their system generated e-mails they don’t get it.

    And this guy (American) is telling me there’s nothing wrong LOL

    So I guess when I SAY there’s something wrong that’s not good enough.

    That’s 4 times I’ve sent them e-mails since the 5th & they aren’t getting them.

    I actually called for this service for the client where they will search for freelancers for your job & send out invites.

    He has no clue what I’m talking about.

    After digging over & over again he finally found what it’s called. “Talent Services.” He kept telling me there’s a charge when there isn’t.

    I had to repeat myself 2-3 times.

    Now he’s telling me it’s invite only.

    I asked for a manager. We’ll see if that helps.

    30 minutes of my life GONE!

  42. Once AGAIN there are issues with me seeing why a freelancer declined the invite.

    Of course, Upwork being the IDIOTS they are, says that the freelancer just isn’t typing in the reason.

    Well, maybe the odd freelancer would do that, but not MOST of them, & I’ve been complaining about this issue for years.

    And the “other” field should be required to fill in the text.

    Before I was complaining about me not seeing it in the e-mails, but when I actually went onto the site this time, I couldn’t see the reason there either.

    They also “claim” that they worked on this issue & now you can’t re-invite a freelancer who already declined you, but of course that’s not true EITHER. I can see someone who I already invited & they declined me when I do a search for freelancers.

    Their programmers are TERRIBLE & so is Upwork’s stafff & this was a manager talking to me, not a first level.

  43. It’s the simplest of code to tell me what DATE & time a freelancer responded to my job listing, & Upwork doesn’t have it.

    This, of course, is causing me problems because I changed the questions & now I don’t know if they bid before or after the change.

  44. This issue has been going on for years.

    I am searching for freelancers, I click on “Next” to the next page, and the same freelancer is the next option in line or one or two below that.

    I complained a long while ago, and if memory serves me, they blamed it on something that made no logical sense.

  45. So at the beginning of June I got a response (several actually) to my hiring ad for article and content writers, and I could tell that English wasn’t their mother tongue even though that’s what I requested in the hiring ad, and I was primarily looking for someone in the US.

    But there are other English speaking countries, plus of course expats who live in other countries where English is their mother tongue.

    I asked this one female, “English isn’t your mother tongue, is it?”

    She claimed it was.

    I never said another word to her, but then reported her for lying.

    If she had told me the truth that would have been the end of it, but there are soooo many scammers on Upwork with fake accounts, that it’s an ongoing battle.

    The next thing I know this person is asking me what I want out of life. LOL

    I ignored them.

    THEN all hell started to break loose.

    Somehow they knew that I reported them and started getting comments like this, “Ode woman



    Big for nothing idiot”

    I reported them AGAIN and Upwork said they were looking into the account and I expected to stop getting messages simply because they realized the person didn’t even live in the US (their profile said they did), but then I got this threat…

    “Who brought marriage to dz asshole

    I’m a black man

    If you don’t sent me $1000 that I lost due to your report, I will use voodoo on u

    All we need in Africa is your first name, browse African voodoo to know how potent it is

    I will deal with you”

    I sent this to Upwork as PROOF that they aren’t even a woman.

    All of the Upwork fake profiles have pictures of GORGEOUS men and women.

    I ignored the comments, but never blocked the messages as I REALLY thought that Upwork was going to cancel the account, especially AFTER I gave them the last message which was clearly a threat.

    Yesterday I get ANOTHER message calling me a name and that’s when I called Upwork and lost it on them.

    I get that they can’t figure out who has a fake account and who doesn’t, BUT when a customer TELLS them the account is fake and they STILL don’t do anything about it AND they then allow cyber stalking and bullying, I’ve had enough.

    I have had some nasty freelancers in the many years since I’ve been hiring them since 2003, but it’s been a while since I’ve been threatened.

    I asked several times for a manager to respond to the original ticket, so we’ll see if that even happens.

    And this is even worse now due to Upwork raising their prices and now forcing clients to get a monthly paid account otherwise you can’t even invite more than 3 freelancers to your jobs in 24 hours.

    I tried to invite 3 more after 24 hours yesterday, but it didn’t work. I kept getting a popup asking me to pay $30 to feature the ad.

    Once AGAIN, problems with their site!

  46. So, to top it ALL off, Upwork has become BEYOND greedy.

    Here are all the new changes that will be getting rid of a lot of people and that’s both freelancers AND clients.

    Some clients are already jumping ship and they’ve spent over $50-100,000 at Upwork over the years.

    1. As a freelancer, before you had 60 connects, now you get zero and you have to pay 15 cents per connect or $14.99/month for 70 connects.

    It works out to be MORE money if you take the $14.99 plan, but you also get a couple of other benefits like being able to change your URL, never being put on private for inactivity, etc.

    2. BEFORE it was 2 connects per job proposal, now it looks like it’s 6 for ALL. Some jobs may be more, like featured. I haven’t tried to bid on a featured job yet.

    That means before you know it, ALL of your connects will be gone. Even if you pay the $14.99 plan and get 70 connects, you will only be able to bid on 11 jobs.

    One HOPES that they get more quality clients now and less competition, but that remains to be seen.

    3. Clients have to upgrade and pay per month for a membership, because if they don’t, the basic plan is terrible.

    In their e-mail they stated they offer:

    Upwork Basic, Upwork Plus, Upwork Business, or Upwork Enterprise.

    The Enterprise isn’t listed on the plans page probably because you have to reach out to them to discuss pricing.

    The plans are either $49.99 for Upwork Plus, or $499.99 for Upwork Business.

    This means almost all micro companies will be leaving Upwork since $50 per month for a plan PLUS all the other fees is ridiculous.

    4. On the basic plan you can ONLY invite 3 freelancers per job. NOT every 24 hours, but per job.

    On the $49.99 plan you ONLY get 15 invites. WOW.

    I found out the hard way that there’s no point in even posting jobs.

    I doubt I’ll get any bids, and with only being allowed 3 invites, what’s the point?

    You can always pay $29.99 for a featured job and get 15 invites there, but why would you need to invite if the job is already featured?

    I guess it really depends on whether you post a lot of jobs per month.

    Also, they are telling me they can’t tell me how many invites you get with featured job. I find this very suspicious. Why can’t they tell us?

    They said because it may be subject to change. What??? LOL So just change the amount of invites on their annoying popup that tells you how many invites you get.

    Problem SOLVED.

    5. The processing fee clients have to pay has gone up from 2.75% to 3%.

    I may add things to this list as I learn more about what’s going on.

    On one hand as a freelancer it weeds out the overseas people who can’t afford connects, but there are many North Americans who can’t afford that either.

    I have recently come across this new job site, so take a look and sign up, it definitely appears to be somewhat better.

    Business Owners –

    Freelancers –

  47. More bugs

    So I copied text from a previous message to a freelancer & pasted it, then wanted to delete it & nothing I did would delete it.

    Even in the edit it doesn’t show up, but it still shows up in the message.

    Small bug, ALL sites have them, but this isn’t small in the SEA of issues that Upwork has.

  48. They STILL haven’t fixed this issue for what, several months to a year, where one time it tells me I have a message from a freelancer, & the next time with a different freelancer (or could be the same one) it doesn’t, so I’m thinking the freelancer still hasn’t gotten back to me or has disappeared when they haven’t.

    This stresses me out & of course wastes my time & the freelancers’

    In fact, 2-3 days could go by, especially if the freelancer messaged me on the weekend & I think they don’t work on the weekend & I don’t check why they haven’t gotten back to me late Monday or the next day Tuesday.

    Of course, there’s also the BUG that I think is still going on where they don’t get an e-mail when I message them. I haven’t had this issue recently, but a freelancer has mentioned it, although they could have been lying.

    I normally never check my mail for messages as I have the browser open to messages 24/7.

    This notice here is in their browser version, so it’s not even the desktop app.

  49. This will be a long one.

    Ever since Upwork redid their site and their messaging system, things have been more difficult to deal with.

    Also, Upwork’s support via email (all brain dead foreigners) has been way worse than it ever was before.

    They can’t understand ANYTHING I say. I have to repeat myself over and over and I’ve been losing my temper nonstop.

    1. They removed the mouseover date/time so now if you want to see the date of the message, instead of just mousing over the message to see it, you have to scroll up who knows how long to the FIRST message, just to find the date.

    2. When I quote something someone says, the cursor doesn’t automatically go into the text field (it used to before). Now I have to place it there myself doing more work and wasting more time.

    3. The freelancer’s name is supposed to be at the very top of the middle column where the messages are. Several times now instead if it being their name, it’s some foreign language. I’ve complained twice, still no fix. In fact the last time they just ignored my email.

    4. One day I started getting notices that the freelancer I was talking to was being blocked and his messages weren’t loading. I told him. Then I reported it to Upwork along with a screenshot. That wasn’t good enough for them. This is what they say EVERY TIME there’s a problem with their site because they REFUSE to take responsibility for their SHITTY CODING.

    1. Make sure the browser is up-to-date: Chrome 106.0.5249.103, Edge 106.0.1370.42, Firefox 105.0.3
    2. Temporarily turn off all browser extensions and antivirus
    3. Clear the browser’s cache and cookies (Last 7 days or All time):
    4. Try in incognito mode
    5. Try on any of the updated browsers mentioned above

    Of course this is over a week after the fact, and they want me to do the above even though it’s been over a week and the freelancer is long gone.

    This is what I mean about BRAIN DEAD PEOPLE!!!

    This has happened several times, not just with this one situation and if memory serves, this is what they have done for the last 4+ years.

    5. They STILL have no way to block freelancers so that I don’t see them when I’m inviting freelancers. I asked them for this feature years ago.

    One low IQ moron (get this) wanted me to give him the name of the freelancer and then every time I want to invite freelancers, waste time emailing them FIRST to get the names and then I would have to carefully analyze every single person’s name to make sure I don’t invite the one I don’t want.

    Even if I invite them and I’ve blocked them in the messaging area, I still lose an invite and I’ve just wasted my time.

    I’ve complained to a manager who’s American and he seemed to be oblivious as to how BAD their support is.

    One time I had to call up and on the phone they seem to have more brains, but of course it takes me longer to deal with someone on the phone and I can’t do it in the middle of the night like I can an email.

    On the phone they understood me. This was regarding their code screwups where when I go to hire a freelancer, my hiring ad is NOW a wall OF TEXT.

    They don’t even know what a wall of text is even if I show it to them. They thought I didn’t want to hire the freelancer SMH sigh Of course one has nothing to do with the other.

    I just got an email saying they fixed it. I asked them if it’s fixed everywhere because even when you pay a bonus or end the contract the SAME wall of text still shows up. THEY DID NOT FIX IT.

    Upwork has stressed me out to NO END!!!

  50. Wrote another email telling them that after I submitted feedback, I came to a page that listed all of my contracts and when I clicked on one of them, the normal page didn’t show up so I couldn’t pay the bonus to another freelancer.

    Instead of addressing that, the moron went on and on about how to submit bonus as if I’m a moron and didn’t already know.

    They are unable to even INFERE anything. They are just robots who don’t understand English and copy and paste instructions that have NOTHING to do with the text in the email.

    She also asked me what page that was when I clearly no longer HAVE the link and I already told her when it showed up.

    This happens all the time. They expect me to do everything for them and spend hours FIXING THEIR FUCKING SITE and then they blame everything on my computer and browser.

    One of my new freelancers told me she also doesn’t always see when a new message comes in because UPWORK DOESN’T MARKE IT AS NEW.

    I had this problem over a year ago, complained and clearly it’s still going on.


    And today I got an email (the layout is new) asking me to submitt feedback on the robot morons they get to answer emails.

    It provides a link to the ticket in question INSTEAD of showing it in the email AND the link isn’t clickable so I would have to do extra work to copy and paste it, open a new tab and then read it.

    And once AGAIN, they STILL haven’t put ticket numbers in the subject lines of their emails so you never know what email has what ticket number.

    Another ticket I created. Shift Enter doesn’t always work to give me a new paragraph, every so often it sends the message instead with no way to know when it will happen.

    She wanted me to send a video LOL

    How the FUCK can you send a video that shows that you are pressing Shift Enter on your keyboard.

    This is what I mean about LOW IQ ROBOTS.

    Then she says that no one else has complained in the community and gives me the same BS about how to clear the cache on your browser.

    They NEVER EVER keep track of the complaints. I know because I’ve complained about the same (or new) things for years and they have NEVER EVER BEEN FIXED!!!!

  51. More changes that make the site difficult to use.

    1. They keep changing the options at the top of the freelancer’s messaging area.

    I was thrilled that they put links there to hire the freelancer or view contract, but they keep taking them away. sigh – an hour later, they are backk.

    2. I can’t see a way to star a freelancer to get access to them and the contract easily. I am not sure if they removed it, but I was able to find it BEFORE they started fucking around with the site.

    Yup, they REMOVED IT. There’s no way to get to a person’s profile easily now unless I bookmark them on my browser.

    They have some favorites thing, but to do that I have to waste time going to their profile and when you click on the heart it doesn’t open in a new tab. JUST RIDICULOUS.

    3. Under My Hires Upwork don’t show you the contract of the freelancer so I have to go around in circles to get to the contracts area. I also couldn’t find the profile through the contract area. I waste about an hour with support showing me where it was. I went there & NOPE, you can’t click on it. I had to do a video to prove that his instructions don’t work.

    4. Now under “My Jobs” Upwork removed all of the jobs & put only 5 or 6 & then contracts underneath (sigh).

    JUST NUTS!!!!


  52. Once AGAIN in the middle of me doing work, Upwork changes my profile from my client profile, to my freelancer profile so I start to get all of these errors not knowing what is going on.

    I went through this with them around 3-4 years ago for at least 1-2 weeks and they told me it was ALL me. Of course they did. They NEVER take responsibility for their terrible code!!!

    Before it would do that after I unsuspended one of the Upwork tabs and so I thought maybe it was my tab suspender extension, but this time I was literally right in the MIDDLE Of inviting freelancers to a job when it happened.

    And I sent them 4 screenshots, one of which shows I’m ON the client profile, but when I went to click on another job, I got a full page error and that’s when I had to switch the profiles. sigh

    Another 15 minutes of my life WASTED because of Upwork.

    And I recently spoke to another freelancer who said a friend of his had the same problem, so it’s not just me.

  53. As usual I’m dealing with low IQ zombies who have NO COMMON SENSE.

    I was inviting a lot of freelancers to one specific job and with one freelancer I kept getting an error, so I sent them a SS showing them the error.

    First it took them forever to respond (at least 1-2 weeks), then they tell me that they have to get tech support to review it.

    OF COURSE they write back 1-2 days later using their same BS generic response.

    Our tech support team is requesting you try these steps, please:

    1. Update the browser: Chrome 108.0.5359.124, Edge 108.0.5359.124, Firefox 108.0, Safari 16
    2. Clear the browser’s cache and cookies for this attempt (Last 7 days or All time):
    3. Temporarily turn off all browser extensions and antivirus
    4. Test on any of the other browsers mentioned above

    If the issue persists, please send us the following:

    Screenshot of the results from (just click this link and take a screenshot of the page that comes up)
    Screen recording or full-screen shot showing URL bar and error message, if any
    Full screen screenshot showing URL, and Console error (how to get to Console tab for Win: ctrl+shift+i, for Mac: cmd+opt+i > Console tab)
    Full screen screenshot showing URL, and Network error (how to get to Network tab for Win: ctrl+shift+i, for Mac: cmd+opt+i > Network tab)
    HAR file replicating the issue

    OBVIOUSLY I invited the fucking freelancer 2 weeks ago, NOT earlier today, so what I needed to do is LONG GONE and trying to replicate the error so that Upwork doesn’t have to pay anyone to do all this work is NOTHING something I’m going to do.

    Now I did forget to tell them it was working for every other freelancer, so that’s on me, but I’m so SICK of them blaming the user for THEIR BUGS.

    And they purposely give you a laundry list of thing you have to do so that you would have to waste at least 15-30 minutes of your life so that people give up, don’t do those things and the problem is NEVER dealt with.

  54. I’ve mentioned above about how all of the job descriptions in at least 2 places, like after I hire a freelancer, are walls of text. It was NEVER like that before until they revamped their site to make it a piece of SHIT!

    It’s been months since I first reported it and they are so stupid they don’t even know what a wall of text IS, or they are so stupid they don’t even tell me they don’t know what it is even though I gave them SSs.

    I finally got someone on the phone who saw what I was referring to and put in a new ticket instead of just updating the one I started.

    Months later after I get a response saying they will fix it or that they DID fix it and yet nothing was FIXED.

    I couldn’t even understand their ENGLISH.

    Today I get this…

    “After taking a closer look it appears that this particular issue is isolated and not experienced by other users. While we will not be able to address this issue immediately we do have plans to resolve it in a future update. I appreciate your patience and I’ll be marking this ticket as tentatively solved. I know this may not be the resolution you were looking for, and I understand the inconvenience this may cause.Thanks again for your patience.



    Yeh right, it’s ONLY ME!!!

    And just so you know, most clients don’t complain about all of the issues Upwork has. I guessed that a few months ago and one of my VAs confirmed it.

    I can’t even ask a VA if they see the walls of text because they are NOT A CLIENT. sigh

  55. Well MORE Upwork problems as usual, that they NEVER take responsibility for only blaming me, the customer.

    Almost every time I take the time to take a screenshot or video to show them the problem, they send me their BS generic message telling me to delete my cookies or try a different browser.

    I am trying to invite people to jobs. I get an error over and over and then finally after 3-4 times it goes through.

    Last night I was in the middle of going through the list of freelancers who bid on my graphic design job, and the page refreshed and there were zero applicants. I thought they had deleted everyone. I refreshed and they suddenly appeared again.

    The same bug they never fix and if memory serves, don’t even acknowledge in my complaint emails, where the freelancer’s name appears in the middle column in the messaging area above our message thread at the top, it’s no longer their name, it’s some foreign language.

    Upwork is a TERRIBLE memory and CPU hog.

    Every time I want to decline a freelancer, it takes forever for my slow computer to bring up the dropdown, and I always get errors from my computer asking me if I want to wait. I almost never get that with any OTHER software or site I use, and I’m a HUGE Internet user. I’m just on a very slow computer right now.

    The same with adding notes which I started to do recently.

    I’m having a HUGE problem finding any graphic designers who understand English and don’ live in a state of fear about messaging off of Upwork AFTER I’ve hired hem. They are so filled with fear hat hey won’t even use my task management system.

    Most can’t even follow simple instructions or answer a simple question about what software they use.

    Normally that’s how Fiverr is, but now Upwork is like that too.

    Lastly, 90% of the time I never get the ding after I respond to someone’s bid or when they message me.

  56. Same issues with Upwork, I click on a freelancer, I decline them, I click on the next one and the first one’s bid shows up. sigh

    I complained about this around April 25th. They wanted me to do all of this work trying another browser and recording it on another browser when I don’t have time to install screen recording software and tweak the settings on ALL OF MY OTHER BROWSERS. Not to mention, the problem sometimes corrects itself after I’ve clicked it 2-3 times, so it may not even show up on the other browser.

    I’ve been having NOTHING but problems with freelancers lately.

    I’ve sworn off Pakistanis now when I realized they don’t do good work, or don’t know what they are doing and then they demand the money anyway.

    I just had a girl from Kenya scam me.

    I hired her, she couldn’t even give me what I asked for in the intro doc (this isn’t work, this is my introduction document), and then I found out her internet is very slow, so I told her it wasn’t going to work.

    I didn’t end the contract right away because she sounded like she was going to try and get better internet and that she just hadn’t seen the other pages in the intro doc, but I never heard back from her.

    I was moving the next day and was very stressed and busy. Like some freelancers, I completely forgot about her.

    The next thing I know, 2 days ago I realized that last week she’s been billing me for hours when I never gave her any WORK.

    It turns out she’s trying to scam me by charging me to read the intro doc.

    I asked her to remove the hours, she ignored me. I finally had to file a dispute and she is contesting the dispute calling me rude because I called her a scammer (call a spade a spade) and because the doc asked for her Telegram handle. Yup, it asks everyone for that, that doesn’t mean you are hired even though I told you that it wasn’t going to work out. And if she thought she should get money for reading the doc, how come she never charged me 2 months ago?

    It doesn’t matter that she never ONCE contacted me in 2 months, nor did I give her any work, she felt she was owed money and she’s scamming me.

    Upwork better NOT give her my money.

    Not only that, a document that would take someone around 15-20 minutes to read (assuming they can read English fairly fast), she was billing me 3 1/2 hours.

    I just want people to see what Upwork says about disputes, and guess what, when I phoned up and was talking to one of the good customer service people at Upwork, she didn’t even know that this is what Upwork says about their disputes. They say this…

    “Disputes only address the hours billed for the specific week, not the quality of the freelancer services or their work product.”

    It’s the same similar verbiage for any other work, meaning flat rate.

    So if the freelancer lies about the quality of their work, meaning they don’t really know what they are doing, but they lie and say they do know (graphic design, website coding, security, etc.), Upwork can say you STILL have to pay them even if you didn’t get what you were supposed to get.

    I had one of the Pakistani scammers who was supposed to code my community platform. He was supposed to add new features. He even asked me for more money and I gave him more and then he couldn’t even log into WordPress for two weeks.

    I wanted to get rid of him, but my website coder (geek to geek) wanted to give him another shot.

    I knew this guy didn’t know what he was doing. It was my fault for listening to my website coder.

    He gets in there, didn’t backup the site, put his code on the site and it broke custom code that had already been done and STILL didn’t give us the features we paid him for.

    He disputed my refund request and all he did was forward files over and to me it sounded like Upwork was going to give him my money just because he forwarded over files. I mean the files could be ANYTHING, ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? And this even though he broke my site and didn’t do the work.

    By the way, he couldn’t even tell us where his code was. There should have been one file with the code and he had no idea where it was and Upwork’s dispute mediator was so clueless, they couldn’t see that if someone can’t even log into WordPress and then can’t even tell us where the code is, that they are an IDIOT and LYING.

    Be very very careful with Upwork, I just had another Pakistani, this time a graphic designer who did one banner for me. It was so so, but good enough, so I paid him. I gave him 2 very tiny download of video tasks.

    I was waiting on him, I wasn’t feeling well, it was the middle of the night my time, so I went to bed and I wake up to him complaining that I never paid him. It hadn’t even been 24 hours and he was complaining about $2.

    I said you are too impatient and he proceeded to talk down to me (I find a lot of these guys don’t respect women) not even apologizing for his behavior, so that’s when it was obvious this guy was too full of fear and impatient and I said this isn’t working for me, I’ll pay you for the 2 videos when I have a minute and that was it.

    He had started working on a banner as well, I gave him changes, but he never made the corrections.

    Then he started harassing me non stop for the money both on Telegram and on Upwork, so I had to block him.

    He also asked for the $5 even though it says right in the introduction doc NOT to do that because it will screw everything up. It’s a placeholder, I pay them by bonus when the task is done and for my good VAs, they bill me once a week.

    Everything he was doing pissed me off, I asked for the $3 back and he refused and filed a dispute asking for the money for doing the banner even though he didn’t complete the task nor did I get the source file.

    He then went into my Telegram group and started lying that I wouldn’t pay him and I had to block him.

    Even after the dispute was underway with mediation, he went into the facebook group where he had to download the video, and did the same thing, called me a liar, said I don’t pay, no one should trust me, etc. He was finally blocked on there.

    Then he got his friend or brother to do the same thing in my Telegram group and I later found out that this guy had come to me for work on Telegram (I had no idea where he came from) and had also tried to get work from me on Upwork, but hadn’t read or follow the hiring ad’s instructions.

    Instead of Upwork doing anything about him, they started attacking me saying I was asking for their contact information before hiring them – NOT TRUE.

    It turns out that after I hired some of my staffers, I would just give them the intro doc so they could read it over and get back to me with the information whenever they came online. This would eliminate sometimes 12-23 lost hours, but I did that BEFORE they accepted the offer because I just assumed they would be accepting it. The odd one didn’t, but if they didn’t, they wouldn’t read the intro doc anyway.

    The green button says HIRE FREELANCER, so that’s what I’m doing.

    I was furious that once again they were making me out to be a bad person when I feel I did nothing wrong. The BIG BROTHER controlling viciousness at Upwork has increased exponentially in the last year.

    I lost so much of my life and dealt with tons of stress because of that freelancer and Upwork was going after me, so I was dealing with both of them at the same time.

    Upwork has also gone after me two other times.

    1. I wrote a hiring ad about someone helping me with Uber support and that I would give them my login so they could deal with horrific Uber.

    Upwork (the spy for all companies online) said that goes against Uber’s T&C, so I was violating Upwork’s Terms and conditions. I had NEVER EVER heard of such a thing in my entire life and I’ve been online full time since 1996.

    Then I just wrote up a hiring ad for a junior social media person to post my links on my platforms and in other groups. I put Quora along with Twitter, MeWe, etc. and once AGAIN, Upwork somehow KNOWS what the T&C are for Quora and said I violated them.

    I’ve posted links in Quora groups many times with NO ISSUES although they are a communist site. They have deleted many of my TRUTHER LINKS saying I am spamming. YES, since telling the TRUTH is considered a terrorist act, that also falls under spamming.

    Be very careful with Upwork, they are the Gestapo police for ALL companies online. I am just not going to post names of companies anymore because I have no idea what the T&C for every single company online is nor do 99% of the people online.

    We are going to experience tons of problems with freelancers now because people aren’t getting work, companies are shutting down, so there is going to be more and more scamming.

    And Pakistanis now dominate the low scale just like Filipinos did years ago. SMH

  57. So I called Upwork and got a guy named Mohammed and I’ve NEVER gotten a muslim before when calling Upwork.

    Now maybe it’s because it was 5:30 am, but normally I only get Filipinos and the odd American.

    I was calling to report Muhammad Ali from Pakistan because almost ALL Pakistanis are terrible.

    This piece of shit freelancer from 2018 contacted me asking me for work. The job he did was from 2018 for only 1 hour.

    I wasted time trying to jog my memory and see what had transpired because I had no who he was and why I had paused the job, but it was clear that there was no communication between the two of us (one sentence each in the message area where we approve or offer the job), and he must have done a poor job, otherwise I wouldn’t have paused it and he would have contacted me soon after I paused it asking what was going on.

    He asked me twice for more work listing off all the things he can do ad I said no, I have no idea who you are and clearly something happened back then. I see no communication and I don’t pause jobs for no reason. Plus why did it take him this long to reach out to me? The moron sends me a screenshot of what I had already seen.

    The next day (today) I ended the contract and since I didn’t know what happened, he got just around 4 stars which is pretty good.

    Then HE proceeded to give me 1 star clearly because I wouldn’t give him work.


    I tried to flag him and Upwork said flagging isn’t available. I’ve NEVER gotten that error message before.

    I tried to click on the ? mark to create a ticket since they removed the ability to email about a month ago, and I kept getting this error message that I don’t have permission.

    So I called Upwork.

    This moron Mohammed was first sticking up for Muhammad Ali after he read our conversation. He said he’s allowed to ask me for work. I never said he wasn’t allowed to ask me for work, that was NOT what this was about. He’s a moron.

    Then he said they aren’t allowed to remove feedback. He said over and over that the feedback can be removed if Muhammad Ali removes mine. LOL, THIS GUY IS A MORON.

    WHY THE FUCK would Muhammad Ali remove a 4 star feedback and just out of the blue remove it LOL

    I started raising my voice explaining to this low IQ moron that the ONLY reason he gave me 1 star is because I wouldn’t give him work.

    If he didn’t like me, THEN WHY DID HE ASK ME FOR WORK???

    Then after I told him I can’t flag him, he says there’s another way to flag. He wanted me to flag the messages.

    I said why would I do that, he didn’t say anything wrong. What he did that was wrong was to give me 1 star for no reason at all.

    Then I started to complain about WHY freelancers are allowed to remove bad feedback, but clients can’t?

    This is not the first time I have been given 1 star by a freelancer who asked me for work and I said no.

    Then something happened and we got disconnected & I have no idea what he’s going to report.


  58. Once again UPWORK changes things on the site so it’s harder to use.

    This is all part of the digital prison and Upwork is an evil corp, no doubt about that. If you want the link, email me.

    1. They took away the messaging layout they have had for the last 10-15 years, and made it so NOW it takes 2-3 clicks just to message a new freelancer who bid on my job.

    Before you didn’t have to click on anything other than “submit.”

    Also, now I can’t see what they wrote once I go into their NEW messaging layout. Before I would just scroll up and look, now I’d have to copy EVERYTHING I’ve already written, close the popup box and then read, and then go back and start writing again.

    It took 2 emails for support to figure out what I was saying, and this is my second time complaining about this.

    Then they actually expect me to screw around with my screen settings JUST FOR THEM. Their royal highness UPWORK who controls everything now and makes things much harder to do and wastes my time.

    She wrote: “I fully understand what you mean now about your difficulty of getting back to the proposal’s message when responding to freelancer’s proposal as the pop up covers the main proposal’s message. At the moment, this is how the system is designed but as a work around, you may want to zoom out your browser and set it to 67%. This make the screen a bit a smaller and the proposal’s message at bank will have more space to show even the window where you can enter your response popped up, please see screenshots”

    I bow down to evil UPWORK.

    Yes I’m anal about sites and programing working properly, but that’s because I HAVE A BRAIN and when a site changes things to make it harder for us, it’s either one of two things:

    1. They no longer care about you as a customer.
    2. They hired a new set of programmers and they are even more braindead than the last.

    If management doesn’t review their work and get someone to test the ease and flow of a site or program when they’ve made new major changes, that means they are one of the above.

    Also, NOW they are forcing us to see tips in the messaging area on how to interview a freelancer as IF I haven’t been interviewing for the last 28-30 years.

    I can’t turn it off, only click a link that says I will see it less and then in a few days it shows back up again stopping me from doing my work in a speedy and efficient manner.

    This is to stop our flow so they can control us even more and get zombies used to being MORE of a slave than we were before.

    If you are concentrating on something and then THEY (whoever they is) stops your concentration, that’s called CONTROL.

    Now you have to get your flow back and remember what you were doing.

    That’s it for now even though I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting.

    Oh, the constant RED ERRORS I get (usually 2-3, sometimes 4 one after another), every time I search a freelancer’s name in the messaging area to make sure I don’t invite a freelancer I’ve spoken to before and then lose an invite.

    My guess is that if I didn’t talk to them, it throws that error, but it should just say “not found” and NOT be RED!!!

    Oh, the first time they said (get this) that I have too many messages. LMAO. I told you, they do NOT know how to code properly, let alone word the messages a customer sees to tell them what’s going on.

    I’ve complained about this TWICE, and they DON’T CARE. In fact, in ALL of the years I’ve been with them, Odesk and Elance, they have NEVER EVER listened to me.

  59. As usual they don’t know what they are doing and everything is a mess.

    1. First there was another freelancer who tried to scam me by turning on the timer when work hadn’t even started yet.

    I won the dispute because he disappeared, but then on Upwork’s new dashboard there are these boxes for each job you have open that show if you have any new bids, f you hire someone, etc., and on the far left (first thing) it shows the dispute.

    It doesn’t say it was settled, it makes it seem like it’s still pending and it’s very negative energy to see that every time I look at that dashboard and I’m sure it’s done on purpose. Why would they keep it there and mark it in red otherwise.

    I asked them to remove it and they said…

    “By design, all the contracts will be shown on your dashboard whether there are disputes or not. In the meantime, we do not have a way to re-arrange the dashboard.

    In the meantime, I will coordinate with our technical support team regarding this matter.

    We appreciate you taking the time to share with us your feedback and suggestions. We always value insight from our users as you help to make Upwork a better platform for all.

    I have forwarded your comments to our management team for consideration. Thanks again for reaching out and using Upwork!”

    It’s the same thing over and over again, they lie and say we care about your feedback and then do NOTHING to fix it.

    2. Now they send out an email saying they are allowing full time jobs now and I also have a freelancer account so they wanted to know if I wanted a full time job.

    I clicked on the button in the email that says “I’m not interested” and it takes me to a page that talks about a profile.

    I thought ok, maybe I should open it on Chrome because normally I use Brave, but since Upwork is such a memory and CPU hog, I started keeping it open only on Chrome. Well I got this.

    Of course their site is too stupid to know I’m logged in as the client.

    I switch over to my freelancer account and try to edit my profile and I can’t.

    Then I try to open a ticket and ONCE AGAIN, I’m stopped by their evil AI that doesn’t want to help, it wants to gatekeep and stop us from speaking to live human beings or even create a ticket.

    I go around in circles typing ticket to get it to let me. It wants to know what the issue is, I tell it, it tells me how to edit my profile as IF I don’t already know how. I click on the button that says no, I need more help, then it asks me if I want to add info to a new info to an existing ticket and does NOT give me the option to create a NEW ticket. Then we go around in circles over and over again.


    I then call and had press 1 because they closed down support for freelancers. WOW

    I spoke to Maria who had to start the ticket for me. 8 minutes of my life gone just on that call, not including wasting my time with the fucking AI BOT. Again people, this is the DIGITAL SLAVE PRISON. This is all done on purpose.

    She said yes, even if my profile is private it should allow me to edit it.

    Then I called back to speak to her because I wanted to talk about that dispute box, but now she’s not picking up and it’s almost 8 minutes again of me being on hold. sigh

    I hung up and called again and it took 7 minutes for her to pick up. In the end after I make my case over and over again she said the same thing, that it’s by design.

    I said Upwork wants to stress us out, that’s what it is and they are too stupid to see that.

    She said that’s the most recent dispute which of course means that it will stay there UNTIL another dispute happens and then that one will be replaced and you and your subconscious will see it and create negativity forever.

    It doesn’t even say that it’s been cleared, nothing. It just makes it seem like the dispute is still pending even though it’s not, with a RED button to make sure you feel that negativity.

  60. Well, if you had ANY doubts about whether Upwork was part of the evil collective, THIS should put that to rest…

    Two days ago I go to Upwork, and they are now INCREASING the companies/clients flat rate contract fee from $3 to $5 on March 21, 2024.

    This will force micro, small and some medium companies to take a HUGE HIT, and lose money and eventually go out of business which has been the plan all along. This is to destroy our WORLDWIDE ECONOMY so the entire world is DESTROYED.

    Remember, this is part of WWIII. This is no accident or just a greedy company (well there’s that too) trying to take advantage of the war and the fact that a ton of companies are no longer making the money they used to.

    They started this BS flat rate contract fee less than a year ago in June or July 2023. Not even a YEAR later and it’s almost DOUBLE.

    I have no idea what I’m going to do now. I now have to tell any potential freelancers that I won’t be able to pay them until their invoice is $40-45 and before I couldn’t even get anyone to bid on a $10 job and I would have had to pay $3 PLUS their 5%, NOW I will have to pay $5 on a $10 flat rate job.

    I will lose tons of freelancers, and I’ve barely had any freelancers bidding on my jobs in the last 4-5 months. I never had this problem before and all I’m getting now are brain dead freelancers for the most part.

    When the freelancers are forced to pay 14-16 connects for a low paying job like the only ones I can offer, they won’t bid.

    I have done nothing but waste my time trying to look for freelancers, and now this.


  61. More evidence Upwork is part of the evil collective.

    ANY site that changes it’s interface and the way they have done things for years or even DECADES has to be part of the war against us.

    Today I went to go decline some freelancers on a job, and the drop down menu I’ve been using for decades has CHANGED. None of the options are in the order they were in before.

    So now I have to stop and read every option just to find the one that was ALWAYS at the top.

    This not only wastes my time, it stresses the mind and body out which is what the evils want to do, which is why you are seeing a HUGE increase in every company changing their software, adding in MORE slave demands such as frustrating cloudflare road blocks to getting into a site and requiring OTP (one time passwords) either to your email or forcing you to use a toxic cell phone even if you don’t have one.

    Plus they are increasing their prices to force micro and small businesses to close or lay off staff.

    This is the takedown of the WORLD’S ECONOMY.

  62. Upwork (without notice) raised the contract fee to $10 when it was supposed to increase to only $5 from $3 on March 21st, and it’s not even close to being the 21st.

    I couldn’t hire at least 2 staffers because that’s when I found out that they increased it, when I went to hire one out of two.

    I never took a screenshot of the banner that was across the top of the site back on in February (see above), but I wrote down the details.

    Upwork also ignored my ticket.

    Their FUCKING EVIL AI BOT wouldn’t let me open another ticket, so I had to write on an open ticket, and that means it was already assigned and I should have received a response.

    So now they only allow one ticket opened at a time. PEOPLE, THIS IS THE DIGITAL PRISON.

    I will never be able to hire a freelancer on Upwork again. The moron on the phone didn’t know anything and just read a script. He didn’t even know it was now upto $10 ($9.95), so I asked for a manger.

    He put me on hold for at least close to 12 minutes, only to tell me that someone would call me in 24 hours.



  63. So I didn’t have a chance to update what happened with Upwork since my last update.

    It took just over a WEEK for someone from Upwork to get back to me. While she gave me a credit for my troubles, I lost the chance to hire freelancers.

    It turns out it did only went up to $5, but it said… “upto $9.95,” so you don’t even know what the fee is going to be until AFTER you hire someone and that would look really stupid if you try to hire someone and then tell them, “sorry, I can’t hire you now because of Upwork’s new fees.”

    On May 17, 2024, my Upwork account was BANNED. Remember, I’ve been with them since around 2004.

    The reason you ask?

    Here’s what they said.

    Again, proof POSITIVE that they are an evil corp.

    “your Upwork account is now permanently blocked because you asked talent to develop misinformation, or information that is intended to or reasonably likely to mislead the audience, which is against Upwork’s Terms of Service.”

    I asked for proof that I asked anyone to spread lies. They refused to give me said proof based on (wait for it….) “Safety and Security.”

    Every time you hear that phrase, you KNOW the evils are behind it.

    CENSORSHIP. UPWORK IS DOING EVERYTING TO STOP THE TRUTH FROM COMING OUT and I know this is a new term in their terms and conditions, because I’ve been a die hard Truther since the war started in March 2020.

    The low IQ pieces of shit wasting time customer support at Upwork first said they ended all of my existing contracts. They didn’t. I had to call to ask where my money was because they were supposed to return it to me and they still haven’t.

    Then just like an AI robot, every time I wrote to them, they just kept repeating the same thing over and over again about why I was banned, how they took another look (I never asked them to, I knew this was it for me because I know that Upwork is EVIL and works or the evils who are doing all of this to us.), and whatever else they repeated over and over again.

    I called them a whole bunch of names, low IQ, you work for evils, you support the evils and their destruction of the Human Species, etc.

    I still have some access to my messages. They went back and forth blocking me because of course now that they ‘ve banned me, of course I’m not going to follow ANY of their “rules,” so I tried to get freelancers to do the work outside of Upwork.

    Then they gave me the messaging area back saying I could still work on contracts that were already active (that’s new, they never said that when they first banned me). Then they must have reset something because out of the blue it said I created new team rooms when of course I didn’t, I don’t even know what a team room is.

    They are completely fucked up over there, but I’m not surprised.

    Almost every single company I deal with now has hired the most low IQ 3rd world country people so no one can even understand my English and all I do is waste my time going around in circles.

    Again, this is part of the evils’ plan.

    The more time you waste dealing with these companies, the less time you have to either work, relax, or study the Truth.

    Some freelancers all the way back to 2017 contacted me asking me if I created a room.

    Freelancers will be slaves and follow all of the evil Upwork’s rules and starve because they won’t take a job outside of Upwork.

    Oh, and they will ALL trust nazi Upwork over me because that’s what brain dead people do, they worship any HUGE company or someone with money over one person, even if the huge company is evil and the one one person is a good honest person and tells them the Truth.


    Today I saw this. This is the 3rd fucking TIME they are increasing the contract fee in less than a year. This time they won’t tell you what it is because it will depend on your account.

    Once again, this is the evils’ way of tearing down ALL BUSINESSES online in order to destroy our worldwide economy.

    “Note: The contract initiation fee is subject to change due to business and market conditions. Starting June 19, 2024, this fee can vary up to $14.95 USD. This fee amount will be displayed before you complete the transaction.

    When you start a new Marketplace or Project Catalog contract, you pay a one-time contract initiation fee of up to $9.95 USD. We charge this fee when you make the first payment to a freelancer.

    You’ll pay this fee for each new contract, even if the contract is with a freelancer you’ve worked with before. The fee can vary, depending on factors such as account history and hiring activity.”

    Remember what I said about the word “Initiation” in one of my previous comments.

    Freemasons and those part of the illuminati ALL have to do initiations including killing someone you know, raping children, and child sacrifice which is killing a child.

    They record EVERYTHING and then hold it over these people’s heads so they do whatever they tell them to do otherwise they will release the footage to the public.


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