In My Opinion Wells Fargo is Terrible

Wells Fargo is TerribleBased on my experience as a customer, Wells Fargo is terrible. From now on, every time I have an issue with them, I’m going to post it here.

So here’s the most recent story…

I wanted to change my e-mail address due to getting lots of spam. You would think this is a simple process right? NOPE, think AGAIN!

First I changed it with Clear XChange which I thought oversaw the “SurePay” program where you can send money from one bank account to another. Turns out, they don’t oversee Wells Fargo, they oversee the other bank I was transfering the money to.

I had started with this SurePay program about 1 1/2 years ago, and after a short time, I was allowed to send money expedited within one business day. I was very thrilled and happy with the service.

With it was very simple, they sent me a verification code through e-mail, I entered it on their site and my new e-mail address was changed.

When I went to change it in my account within Wells Fargo, that’s when ALL the drama started and I proceeded to lose minute after minute of my life. In the end I’ve probably lost close to three hours of my time & the problem is STILL not resolved.

  1. I was on the phone with Ashton, a Wells Fargo customer service rep when I told him there were issues changing my e-mail address. I kept getting an error.He had to put me on hold a 2-3 times and finally he came back with a ridiculous reason why IT said it wouldn’t work. That it’s being used at another bank. Umm, sooooo???? You can’t have the same e-mail address at two different banks? LOLIt’s not being used at another bank & I think in the end it was because I had created one that said [email protected], but of course they couldn’t figure that out.So I finally used a gmail account. Almost 40 minutes had gone by when all of a sudden I noticed in the SurePay area my “expedited” option was no longer available. I started getting very upset and in true form, Ashton came up with another ridiculous reason why it wasn’t giving me that option… “because it was the weekend.” I told him that I’ve sent money MANY times on the weekend & the day of the week doesn’t matter. Expedited doesn’t show or hide itself based on the day of the week. Where do they hire these idiots from?

    I asked to speak to a manager & instead of just being professional & passing me off to a manager, he had to be insecure, use his ego & tell me that the manager is going to tell me the same thing he just said. I said no they won’t.

    Based on YEARS of me asking to speak to a manager, they NEVER tell me the same thing the employee says. They are usually much smarter.

  2. Then I get Laquita. I think that’s how you spell her name. While she wasn’t rude, she had absolutely NO sympathy for what I was going through & told me the reason I no longer have that option is because I changed my e-mail address & now it’s going to take another $250 of transfers plus a month from the date that I send the final amount totalling $250 to get that feature back. That the account isn’t attached to my NAME (why would it be attached to my name, that would be TOOO LOGICAL), but rather to my e-mail address.I was FURIOUS that not only didn’t Ashton tell me this, but that it doesn’t even say this in the account area. In fact Ashton had been trying to enter in my e-mail address for me & it wouldn’t work.I was raising my voice at this point telling her to get it back for me, that this is unacceptable. No she can’t do that, this is how it’s done. I eventually hung up on her she made me so furious.
  3. In the meantime I hadn’t yet transferred my money which I needed to do.Then I called 3 more times because when I tried to send the money it wanted a cell phone to text a verification code, & I’m overseas right now, so of course I don’t have a US cell phone.I got one guy I didn’t like at all as his attitude was unsympathetic & he wasn’t trying to solve the problem AT ALL. His attitude was it is what it is & you can’t change anything.Then he gives me ridiculous options like “use wire transfer.” I said SURE, if you guys are going to pay for the wire transfer fees every time I do a transfer, I have no problem using that. Of course they aren’t going to do that.

    Then I had to call back again (we are now upt to 4 calls) & spoke to Robert. He said there’s no way to do an e-mail verification, you can ONLY do a text verification. <sigh> He even suggested I try to use an online texting service which I do have, I just didn’t think it was going to work.

  4. Then I had to call back a 5th time. This was because even after I entered in one of those phone numbers for the online texting services, the number wouldn’t show up under the drop down menu. That’s when I got the ONLY person who seemed to be smart & had empathy for my situation – Erica.She explained they had been having technical issues for days unable to add new phone numbers to that area of the account settings. She opened a case.
  5. The following day (Monday) I called the Executive Office & spoke to Lucy. She seemed nice enough & told me I’d be notified via e-mail when the number had been added. Well I was never notified, but I was in my Wells Fargo account on Tuesday, & I saw that the number was there. The message Lucy said I would get came through the Wells Fargo message area that I can NEVER find unless I try to create an e-mail to them. Only then can you see the list of messages.And they don’t send you an e-mail telling you there’s a message waiting for you, so unless you log into your account day in & day out, you have no clue that there’s messages there waiting for you.I tried to get the system to send the verification code via text, but it didn’t come through. I tried it a second time on Wednesday (today) & again it wouldn’t. I was furious & responded to the message within Wells Fargo saying it’s STILL not working, & had to run some errands.Later in the day I called Lucy again. She was on the phone, & when she called me back, she was clueless.

    a) I know I told her I was going to use the online texting services because I told her I was overseas & didn’t have a US cell phone number. Never ONCE did she tell me it wouldn’t work. I got upset at her because now she wasted 3 days of my life & I STILL can’t transfer money through SurePay. She is claiming I never mentioned it.

    She’s also now telling me it’s going to take upto 10 days to add the phone number. I’m like WTH?? Why would it take 10 days to add a simple phone number?

    b) I gave her a friend’s cell phone number & she put me on hold. I thought she was going to enter it into my account, but when she came back after keeping me on hold for 15 minutes, she asked me which numbers I wanted to remove. I said both, they are both online texting services.

    I had told her in my voice mail message plus when she first called me that I was in the middle of eating & I knew with her slow response time I was going to be on hold forever. I wanted to enjoy my meal, so I told her to call me back when she added the number & to tell me when it would be added. Do you think I ever got a call back??? NO, I NEVER DID.

So now I have to call back tomorrow (Thursday), waste MORE of my time dealing with these IDIOTS & I STILL can’t transfer money using SurePay which is much easier than bank to bank transfer. Erica had been smart enough to suggest the bank to bank transfer to me as an alternative when I spoke to her on Sunday, but it takes two business days, so really you don’t get it until the third business day.

When I went to do a search for complaints against Wells Fargo, I saw TONS of websites dedicated towards trashing Wells Fargo & a rating of one star.

I’ll be back!

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  1. So nothing was solved with Wells Fargo. The girl, Lucy, from the Executive Office had no clout at all. The IT department clearly doesn’t know what they are doing having programmed the SurePay program to ONLY accept e-mail addresses as someone’s identity, NOT their name. It doesn’t even make logical sense.

    I said maybe you should change your tech team & she just ignored me repeating the same thing over & over again that there’s nothing they can do.

    It felt like I was talking to a child.

    In Canada there’s a way to send money via e-mail address & even there you can change your e-mail address & never have such issues.

    Now I have to wait for a long time to get this expedited status back & I will be canceling my Wells Fargo account soon.

  2. So back in September 2017 I needed to track down a debit card ending with a certain 4 digits. My books were being done for 2016, and my bookkeeper couldn’t find the transaction or card number & while I remembered the last 4 digits, I couldn’t find the card either.

    On October 3, 2017, I sent a message to both of my banks which included Wells Fargo, to ask if they had that card number on file. I was told no.

    This started to weigh on me that I didn’t know where this debit card came from.

    I called Visa to get them to give me the full number, but I got a Filipino call center & was told to call Equifax & the other 2 credit bureaus.

    After wasting over 45 minutes of my time calling each one & ONLY getting an IVR, no actual human being, I gave up.

    I searched all my bank statements, but of course, they don’t put the debit card on the statement, only the account number.

    Over a month later after a lot of stress over this issue, I then tried to call an old bank to see if maybe they were the ones who held the card, but I was almost sure they weren’t.

    They weren’t.

    More time wasted.

    Then I called Visa again & this time had to go through 4 different people until I got a manager in the US who would help me.

    He opened a case even though no one else wanted to & I told him that I think I’m going to call Wells Fargo this time & just double check.

    Sure enough once I got someone who knew how to do her job properly, she said YES, that this was an old card that was cancelled. I remember now that Wells Fargo got hacked or something & they had to reissue new cards back in February 2017.

    She said that she found it through my statement because they put the card number (the last 4 digits) in the transactions for the statements. I said no you don’t, but sure enough, I went to go look & they do. I hadn’t looked at the descriptor for each of the transactions, I had been looking at my current debit card number.

    So I had wasted ALL this time (over a month) & was stressed over nothing.

    She passed me through to the complaints department to file a complaint against this girl who told me that wasn’t their card.

    I had to wait for the complaint to be created, & this all took me another 30-45 minutes of my time.

  3. More proof that Wells Fargo is terrible.

    So I finally closed down down my Wells Fargo account in November 2017.

    Shortly thereafter I found out that because I had to use a friend’s cell phone JUST to get my Sure Pay back up & running due to JUST changing my e-mail address, they had added HIS number to my account. You can read the drama above & because of that incident, plus many other smaller incidents I decided to close down my Wells Fargo account.

    These are their idiotic methods of jumping through hoops just due to an e-mail change.

    Fast forward to the other day, I filed a complaint because someone in the message center gave me the wrong information about a debit card (see post above).

    When the person who called me the following day to follow up on the complaint, instead of calling me, they called my friend’s cell phone, & he got upset at me.

    In fact he thought that the call was a scam & that he was now on a scam list.

    I called the Executive office to tell them there was a scam in play, & had the misfortune of having to deal with Aviana (Avi for short) who was a condescending bitch the entire conversation until I lost it on her. She continued to claim she was being professional, then continued to talk down to me.

    I did swear once (I really don’t care) & said this is WHY Wells Fargo has such a bad reputation due to people like you that they hire, so she hung up on me.

    She also lied to me when I asked for her manager. She told me this is the highest level (which it is) & made it seem like there was no manager above her.

    I called back, got someone who was VERY nice, & did pass me through to the manager.

    He claims that he listened to a call that proves the other girl who was dealing with my case DID call my phone number first & I didn’t answer.

    I got NO call, no missed call, no message, nothing, & maybe she did call, because the odd time my VoIP line doesn’t work, but I have a feeling she called the wrong number. Especially if he’s saying she left a message because I get an e-mail if a message is left & of course I got nothing.

    I had to jump through MORE hoops just go get my friend’s number removed & it was taking FOREVER with this manager.

    I NEVER approved that number being put on my account. I thought it was a one time SMS code only for verification purposes.

    Not only that, when he gave me a summary of the complaint, the woman who wrote it down had it all wrong. I even tried to explain to her in detail & she told me TWICE that she understood the issue.

    Well clearly she did NOT!

    I wasted over an hour of my time calling twice dealing with Aviana, then the manager, as he had to figure out why the girl who handled my message center question could NOT find my debit card.

    In fact he couldn’t even find it himself initially even though the woman who did find it earlier said she found it.

    Turns out Wells Fargo is to BLAME.

    Get this…

    They do NOT put your debit card numbers in a spot on your account. Instead, they put the numbers on your bank statement with every transaction (the last 4 digits.)

    My bookkeeper said this is dangerous, & sure enough, my other bank doesn’t do this.

    So because the girl in the message center area never looked at my bank statements from many months ago, she never saw the card there.

    I can’t even blame her because I myself never would have looked there, but then again I don’t work there & had I known they don’t store the card numbers anywhere else, I probably would have looked there.

    Wells Fargo – CRAP service & CRAP software/procedures.

    I’m glad to finally be done with them. From the minute I call them every time, it’s obvious to me that they hire the lowest quality workers.

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