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Review of magickalspot
This is my Review of and I don’t give a shit if she puts another curse on me. She’s a complete bitch with no empathy and has the NERVE to say the following to me.

“Ok so this is the second time I’ve had to inform you that your spell takes TWO weeks to manifest. Not one week, not one week and 3 days but two full weeks (which is the 23rd). This was a long and rambling email that honestly didn’t make a lot of sense and is totally irrelevant to the casting you requested. It seems you’re expecting this removal ritual to solve all of your problems. It doesn’t work like that, and I’ve explained that to you already.

At this point you’re being disrespectful of my time and not following the instructions I clearly gave you. Please do not contact me again about this until the FULL TWO WEEKS HAS PASSED (AFTER NOV 23rd). At that time you may request a free recasting. You were given these instructions in that document. If you continue to harass me you will find yourself permanently blocked.”

I just wasted $200 USD on Tina from Italy (she lives in the states) from Nothing has changed. I ordered her package to remove curses from me and protect me.

First she said there’s no major curses on me which is NOT TRUE. Anyone with half a brain would be able to see I have a HUGE curse.

In this second email I was very polite to her and just gave her more evidence that nothing has changed. Had I known that nothing would change, I never would have thrown away $200 that I don’t have.

These people prey on people’s suffering, plain and simple.

She also lied saying she told me it wouldn’t fix all the problems in my life. Never ONCE did I ask her to fix all of the problems in my life. Her last response after my first email to her was… “This was just cast a few days ago. It says in the document I sent you that it manifests in 2 weeks.”

She was correct and I apologized to her a week ago. I was so stressed, I never read the document she sent me. It still hasn’t been 2 weeks (she is correct about that), but I’m about to be homeless and everything is being blocked (this is what has been happening before) and so far whatever she claims she did has not fixed one thing.

I don’t care what she did, either she doesn’t know what she’s doing, or she didn’t do anything. It’s one or the other. She also told me she didn’t find an big curse. I became suspicious of her when she said that. I’m not a melodramatic person. I know what’s going on here and she’s not skilled enough (or at all) to understand what PURE EVIL is.

If by some miracle things change by the end of the 2 weeks, I’ll revise this review of, but her response to me is also what I want  you to see. I emailed her a total of 2 times. If you consider that harassing, then you and I have a BIG difference in opinion.

And the very fact that she says I’m harassing her and she’s going to block me. WOW, JUST WOW. She threatens someone who is clearly in a lot of stress. GOOD FOR HER.

And that I was rambling? LOL If she can’t understand English which it appears she can, then she’s just a bitch like I mentioned. It’s ALL about the money. I wouldn’t trust any 5 stars on her site. She gets ZERO stars from me.

We aren’t even talking a little bit of money here, but a lot.

Yes it was a longer email I just sent her because I was citing proof that there’s something still wrong. That’s what I do, I provide PROOF, I don’t just write a few things.

Here is all of her social media links and site.


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  1. Update: I never contacted her again, so no recasting was ever done, but it doesn’t matter how many times you do something if you don’t know what you are doing.

    The very fact that she said I had no curses on me says everything.

    Plus, she was a nasty person to me, so I wouldn’t want her doing anything for me again.

    Things did let up a bit right around the 2 week mark, but within a month now I’m being attacked again.

    When she was supposed to do the new moon I paid extra for, I received nothing from her. Who knows if she ever did anything which is more proof.

    Unless I hear from her, I won’t update again.

    Please be very very careful with these people. More & more people will be reaching out for help, & I would hate for them to lose money or be treated in this manner when they are under a huge amount of stress & seeking help.

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