Review about truelancer

truelancerThis my Review about truelancer which is a freelance job board. They are located in New Delhi, India.

So I reached out to truelancer on August 31, 2023 to ask some questions about fees when hiring a freelancer, etc. Here is their email address – [email protected]

This Nancy Singh person responded back to all of my questions and was really nice.

Well that positive experience ended there.

I was very busy for 2 weeks, so I didn’t get a chance to sign up. When I did, I got a white page and nothing would work on their site and when trying to login, it would say I wasn’t a user.

I emailed Nancy back on October 6th and she didn’t respond. I emailed again on October 9th, again no response.

Then I went to their facebook page and I saw that they block you from messaging them. I see they now turned it back on probably due to what I said.

I had to comment on their post, no response. Other people said they were also having a problem getting in touch with them.

Finally on October 14th she responded back to me and said that there was no account with that email.

I tried to sign up again and this time it worked, BUT they are forcing us to use a toxic cell phone, so I got angry.


I won’t go into all of the reasons why a cell phone (mobile phone) is toxic to our health and society.

Since the war started in March 2020, it’s being used to track, trace and control us even more with EVERY company in the world. If you want the information, just email me.

Actually sorry, they were tracking us (they can even take pics of you with your iPhone – link) and listening in on every conversation even before the war started, it’s just gotten worse. And here’s a link showing you how they are already enslaving us digitally.

Anyway, I was livid that it wouldn’t work, but I went back in trying to bypass the cell phone demands and eventually had no choice but to put in a cell phone number that I did have. I didn’t want to use it because I’m not in the US right now and I wanted it to show me as being in the US.

I posted a job and pressed submit and right away I’m BLOCKED saying that there’s a problem. I’m like WTH???

I wrote to her demanding to know what was going on and she said “Sorry for the inconvenience caused. You need to register your number to create your profile.” Sure, register my landline, do NOT FORCE ME TO USE A CELL PHONE.

On their facebook page I found out that someone else also got blocked by their terrible truelancer website. I also noticed that they are now tied to evil facebook. This literally just happened, which speaks volumes. They clearly sold their soul to the evils.

I just got this email with Nancy lying about me…

“Your Truelancer Account is permanently blocked for violating Terms of use of service.
You have been found posting SPAM jobs on the website. Do not create new accounts as they shall also be blocked and terminated.”

These people are obviously very low IQ and very dysfunctional.

I posted ONE JOB and that job is NOT SPAM and I’ve posted it on 2 other freelancer job boards and YET, somehow truelaner knows more than everyone else and accuses me of being a spammer. I’ve NEVER EVER been a spammer in ALL of my years full time online since 1996.

Once when I wanted to reach out to businesses to let them know I have services for them, I was so torn between emailing them because I would be considered a spammer, that I didn’t know what to do. I had to make sure that I would only email them once.

I will be posting my terrible experiences with truelancer on several sites so others can see how terrible this company is. Out of the BLUE they just accuse me of being a spammer AND never once did they discuss whatever they think I did in a mature manner.

Would a spammer email back and forth and ask questions? NO, OF COURSE NOT, they would just spam.



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