Low End Talk has a bunch of immature little kids there


I went on the site to bitch about Web Hosting Talk (WHT), as I was bullied on there. When I asked the bully to stop, he wouldn’t & so I contacted Web Hosting Talk.

The WHT mod stuck up for the bully & claimed “I” (yes you heard me) was bullying the bully. When I realized this person was very disturbed, I asked him to stop contacting me. He wouldn’t stop citing it was his job.

I was furious & found Low End Talk as I saw people on there also complaining about Web Hosting Talk. I posted what happened, but also wanted help with hosting questions, providers, etc.

The next thing I know, some of the Low End Talk people (including the owner/mod) start spying on me. First they go onto WHT to find the thread & post it on my Low End Talk thread. Talk about CREEPY. Then they also stick up for the bully. Then they start bullying me. This went on for 3 days.

Then this Jarland mod who I’m sure is the owner of Low End Talk starts searching for me online. Then he proceeds to give out my full name to the entire thread, posts a link to a site that has lies in it, then calls me a troll & a scammer.

Then I created a ticket asking for someone to delete my account. Jarland responded & he refused. I asked him to delete the thread. He ignored me & closed the ticket.

See ticket

Obviously Jarland likes to play games & cause drama & spy on people & feel all powerful by holding your wwwlowendtalk.com account hostage.

Clearly I was THE OP of the thread, there’s no other reason for him to keep the thread or my account OTHER THAN he likes to control others, & wants to cause me harm.

If anything happens to me in the next little while, we know who is responsible, as I don’t trust him or anyone else on that site. I have a strong feeling they are all black hat hackers.

Oh & the one hosting company I did contact that advertised on their site didn’t even have a phone line that rang. I tried to call it twice & each time there was no ring tone.


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