So here is my complaint about Mailbox Forwarding

Mailbox Forwarding is a company that gives you an address, & allows you send all your mail to them. They will then scan it & send it to you as a PDF. You can then download it, shred it, or have it forwarded to you.

When I first started with Mailbox Forwarding (, I did have issues with being able to get in touch with their support.

At the time they had a phone line that actually ran & took messages. Years ago they closed that down & their message just says to e-mail them.

I got really nervous & scared & then about 4-7 days later they apologized & all proceeded to be fine for years.

I’ve given them my business & money for just over 6 years.

It’s now June 2016 & I’ve had ENOUGH of them.

Around March or April of 2016, I got “attitude” (I’m assuming from the owner) when I was trying to get something forwarded to me. I had purchased several items from different companies, & needed them snail mailed to me.

The communication wasn’t good. Instead of waiting patiently until I gave the go ahead to send me my items, they rushed to send it out.

I was getting confused with the pricing because I got one price via the tickets & one via support who I was actually e-mailing.

Frankly, the high price shocked me. I’m not talking about their service charges for the forwarding, I’m talking about the USPS costs.

In the end when I finally got the package, I saw what the problem was. They did NOT take the items out of the box & repackage them into one box. This meant it was heavier than it needed to be & they could have used a smaller box. I even tried to get them to use a smaller box, but like I said, the communication was faulty.

When the owner (they don’t give you any names there which has always made me feel like they were hiding something), started accusing me of not trusting them & he thought I was talking about their fees & not the USPS fees, I gave him a piece of my mind.

He ignored me.

I let it go, but then fast forward to May & June, there were MORE issues with Mailbox Forwarding.

It all started when my hosting company changed their server & increased their security. I stopped getting any e-mail notices from Mailbox Forwarding when I got mail, when it was scanned, even when I submitted a ticket.

I didn’t know what to do & was getting very very upset when 2 weeks went by & I couldn’t get in contact with ANYONE at the company. I thought they had gone out of business, but then I noticed the mail was getting scanned.

I wasn’t even able to change my account’s e-mail address to see if a gmail one would work, but a few days later, I figured out I could use a gmail e-mail to create a ticket, so I did.

That’s when things really went downhill.

Whoever I was talking to (remember they never give you names, so you have no clue who are talking to) first started telling me they hadn’t gotten any tickets from me since 2013. I’m like WTH are you talking about?

I’m thinking there’s something MAJORLY wrong with this company or I’m going insane as I KNOW I’ve written several tickets to them in the last 6 months.

It turns out (get this) that the way their ticket system was designed was soooo archaic & inept, that I’m not even sure it was something that was normally created back in the 90’s.

I already knew their ticket system was terrible because you can never go into your account & view tickets. The only way to get them, was to know the ticket number. If you didn’t know that, you were screwed & had to have the system send you ALL your tickets from here to eternity.

The ticket system NEVER sent you what you wrote, so you would only know which e-mail link belonged to which ticket by the subject line & of course that’s ONLY if you memorized what that subject line was about.

Then I learn that they ONLY tracked tickets by the person’s name, NOT by their account number & NOT by their e-mail address. LOL

When I told my website coder this he was floored.

So what had happened, is that I used to put my first & last name into the name field. Then I guess I stopped & started only inserting my first name, & so this guy couldn’t even find the 2 other tickets I created because of COURSE there was more than one person with my first name.

If I thought their ticket system was infantile before, this REALLY had me furious & I told the guy that it’s archaic & needs to be changed.

Remember, my anger & frustration had been building up for 2 weeks at this point since I hadn’t heard from them in all this time.

Plus to me it really sounded like he didn’t care about finding my 2 tickets.

Then he refused to read or address all of what I was saying in the ticket about their server issues. Then I started getting REALLY pissed & I agree, talked down to him a bit, but I do that with ANYONE who can’t read simple English & address all points in an e-mail/ticket.

I feel Mailbox Forwarding has NO clue what they are doing with their site. They must have gotten really cheap programmers to program the backend years ago, & now it’s all starting to fall apart. And this has nothing to do with their ticket system which I put up with all these years, these were other issues.

My hosting company said THIS was the problem, “in order for emails to be received in a shared environment, “” must be pointed to a valid IP address. In order to correct this issue, you will need to contact MailboxForwarding’s support team and have them address this issue.”

The owner had to then flaunt the fact that he had 2 degrees & he’s not stupid. Umm, I don’t care how many degrees you have, if you can’t address a simple ticket, you ignore what your customer is saying, & it’s clear you don’t even want to fix the problem, then, in MY OPINION, that person IS stupid.

He kept trying to make it seem like everything was okay because he was getting other people’s e-mails. I can’t stand it when people try to avoid fixing problems by citing what OTHER people are experiencing. I’m having problems & I COUNT as a customer. What did he think that I was making this ALL up & had nothing better to do with my time then lie about it???

He also admitted he had no technical experience, but INSTEAD of talking to his IT department or ANYONE who does understand what the issue is, he then proceeded to… (you guessed it) IGNORE ME.

THEN a few days after that (I had to keep logging into my account to see if there’s any mail because obviously I wasn’t getting e-mail notifications), I log in & see TONS OF MAIL in there going back to probably the beginning of my account. Clearly they were now having site issues, not just IP or ticket issues.

I took a screenshot (I should have saved the screenshot), created a new ticket simply saying you now have site issues & AGAIN I was ignored.

A few days later I click on the link to go to the ticket & they had deleted it. Can you believe that???

When a company starts deleting tickets, then you KNOW it’s time to cut & RUN!!!

I did manage to find 2 other companies that provide the same service within that price range AND they both have phone support AND their site looks like it was created by professionals. In fact the one I did sign up with said they are redoing their site to add more services.

I quickly had to switch from Mailbox Forwarding, but it cost me a lot to do that because you have to get the USPS form notarized & now I have to spend hours changing my address all over the place.

I will be canceling my Mailbox Forwarding account before my next billing period.

What irks me is that after YEARS of giving them my money & being a nice customer, this is how they treat me.

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