Basically, I worked at a Union site for Securamerica in Downtown Boston, was at the site 12 years, 3 for Securamerica. I had an excellent work history ,never late in 12 years, did not take a sick day in 2 and a half years, and was well like by the building tenants and visitors and never was disciplined, yet in May of last year, the boss Robert Taylor, asked to see me at their office. When i got there, he stated ,the Building management wanted me removed from that site, I asked reason, and he just stated my job was being eliminated and a new job was created and they felt i was not a good fit, yet they gave to a kid with less than 1 year experience. Mr. Taylor stated he did not need to show any proof, whch i know he was lying, because i worked for the client before Securamerica got the contract in 2012, and never had any issues. Mr. Taylor told me to collect unemployement while they would try to locate another site, There were several problem employees, who were late every day and were suspended and had mutiple displinary write ups, yet they were not removed and are still there. I waited several months and filed a grievance and during this whole ordeal, they ruined me financially as i was in limbo for several months and could not apply for other jobs or i would lose my grievance. This caused me to get in debt, thousands of dollars ,because unemployment was small and i had to charge everything for 10 months. Also , my bank accounts were wiped out and they did nothing to help. They just tossed my out for no legitimate reason. Also,Securamerica is owned by a Mr. Frank Argenbright, whom was running security in the airports until 2001 ,when he lost his license, he hired convicts and embezzled millions of dollars. I want this story told because i did nothing wrong but treated like a criminal .


John C.

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