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Motley FoolMotley Fool Expose Wall Street – 703-838-3665 – 2000 Duke St 4 Alexandria, VA 22314 –

Motley Fool Expose Wall Street has been harassing me non stop on the phone since around the beginning or mid of February 2017. I didn’t try to track them down right away because I thought telling them to remove me from their list would do the trick.

Every time they called from this number 310-695-1878 and it said Inglewood, CA.

I knew it was some Filipino call center who:

  • either didn’t say anything after I would say, “hello, hello,” This happened numerous times.
  • they would answer,  give me their sales pitch, I’d tell them to remove me from their list (sometimes screaming) and then they’d either say they would, or hang up on me. Some were even downright rude which surprised me, because as stupid as Filipinos are, they usually aren’t rude.
  • they also refused to give me a manager, refused to give me the phone number to Motley Fool, refused to give me their website, or anything that would allow me to track these harassing calls down.

Finally on March 16th I tracked down the phone number for Motley Fool (703-838-3665) and asked to speak to the manager. I did find it suspicious that their phone number wasn’t readily available.

I got Andy O’Sullivan on the phone and he claims it’s not them, that he knows nothing about it, but will get their lawyers right on it. He sounded really irked almost as angry as I was. I gave him all the info he needed to get started.

Within a day or two I got another call from their cheap Filipino sales call center, and this time I recorded it just for Andy. I called and left a message for Andy O’Sullivan on his voice mail. Never heard back from him.

On March 20th I got another harassing phone call. At this point I was starting to get suspicious as to why Andy hadn’t called me back. If Andy O’Sullivan was telling me the truth and he REALLY didn’t have anything to do with the harassing phone calls, then why wasn’t he calling me back?

I called Motley Fool again and was passed through to Andy’s voice mail again. I even had the girl at reception take my info down. I told him that if I didn’t hear from him again I was going to contact the FTC. AGAIN never heard back from him.

I then put my phone number on the DNC list. That stopped the calls for two months until just yesterday on May 15, 2017 when they started back up again. I’ve already gotten two phone calls since then.

I just filed a complaint with the FTC against Motley Fool. I hope this solves the problem.

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  1. Motley Fool called me AGAIN and this time they are using a different phone number literally one day AFTER I reported them to the FTC

    208-494-1663 (Grandville, ID)

    I hung up the phone on her.

  2. Motley Fool has been harassing me every day now since I posted this using both numbers. Today I got harassing phone calls from them 3 times.

    I’m going to file another complaint with the FTC.

  3. I filled out a report with the BBB against The Motley Fool & this is the response I got back:


    Our apologies for not calling you back, as Andy was on vacation. We want to reiterate that we are definitely not calling anyone in this manner. If you do receive a call from us, we will always identify ourselves as The Motley Fool, tell you where we are located, and if you ask us to stop, we will honor that request. Knowing that there are bad actors using our name to harass folks over the phone is extremely annoying, and we are looking into all available options to try and bring them to justice.

    If you have additional information, or receive more calls, please don’t hesitate to inform Andy, or anyone on his team, and we will add it to the file we are compiling to try and make this stop. We also encourage you to contact your Representatives and Senators, as this kind of telephone fraud is extremely hard to stop under the current laws.

    Our deepest apologies once again, and rest assured we are doing everything in our power to stop the unlawful use of our name in this manner.

    Marthe LaRosiliere”

    A few things:

    1. I am NOT calling Andy again. He’s already ignored me twice. This is NOT my job to help this company for free. I tried to help them before & look where it got me.
    2. What are the odds that Andy has been on vacation since February, making that a VERY long 3 month vacation. That’s a lie if I ever heard one.
    4. Why didn’t he ever call me back twice now?
    5. If they were IN FACT trying to stop this, why is it taking them 3 months with no results? In fact, the increase in phone calls every day is terrible.
    6. Why would ANYONE hire a telemarketing call center to pretend they are another company?

    I can see this happening if they are out to get THE MOTLEY FOOL, but for 3 months straight???

    Just today I got 5 phone calls & this time I answered. The Filipino on the phone was a complete moron (a child would have more brains) & he kept hanging up on me & calling me back & saying the same thing over & over again. I finally ignored the last phone call.

    I even told him I’m recording this & they will be reported to the FTC & police & he STILL called me back.

    I am now going to add to my blog post every time I’m harassed by “The Motley Fool.”

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