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So just before January 25, 2019 I was going through which I have been a member of for years. It hasn’t helped me one bit, but to be honest, I wasn’t really doing much with it, as it seemed scammy to me with EVERYONE wanting to connect, but never actually talk and network.

I decided to find out the details of their paid service because I had paid for another business social media site and thought maybe this would be better.

When I clicked on some contact page, it wanted me to arrange a meeting, so I set up a meeting through their Calendly and Ryan O’Connor was mentioned, but when I got reminders, Tom’s name was in the e-mail.

On January 28, 2019, I waited and waited for almost 30 minutes and no one from called me.

I finally got upset and wrote back asking why there is no meeting.

I was ignored.

I even called their phone number twice and no one picked up and I think (don’t quote me) that I left a message. I assume they had a VM system, so if they do, I did leave a message. If they don’t, why wouldn’t a company have a VM system?

They didn’t return my call either.

That pissed me off, so after waiting a few days because who knows, maybe he was sick, I finally went to their Facebook page and wrote a review there.

I only realized now that they got Facebook to delete it calling it spam.

I read someone else’s review saying that he got ripped off monetarily.

Facebook is a TERRIBLE company that supports censorship, blocks comments that are NOT spam (they call them spam) and now they remove real legit reviews.

Do you think I ever heard back from anyone at or Tom Offerman?




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