Why Facebook Sucks

Facebook SucksWant to know why Facebook Sucks?

So I’m not going to detail all the reasons one should stay away from Facebook,


  • Them purposely creating a site that keeps you addicted to staying on Facebook which is why so many people can’t pull themselves off of it, especially if they are very insecure, and need constant validation from others.
  • Spying on all of us.
  • Selling everything we DO to the highest bidder including working with the government to shut down free speech (NOT HATE SPEACH).
  • Selling everything our friend and family do too.
  • Giving the government information about us that is private.

Rather, I’m going to give you other reasons why Facebook sucks.

As I come across ALL the problems with Facebook that have been ongoing for me since around February 2018, I will keep adding to the list via comments, and I encourage you to add to the list as well so others don’t assume I’m the ONLY one having issues with Facebook and they understand why Facebook sucks.

Note: this is all done on a regular PC, not a cell phone. People using the Facebook app may experience problems I am unaware of.

Reasons Why Facebook Sucks

  • You search for something in a Facebook group and it doesn’t show up.
  • They changed the messages you get from people who aren’t on your friend’s list. Before you could just go to the “message requests” tab (it was called “Other” before), and they would be listed there.

    Imagine my SHOCK when I one day clicked on the “Filtered Messages” link which is ONLY located at the very end of ALL of the messages that show up in this area.

    I had a TON of messages dating back YEARS, so I guess it’s not something new, but it’s very very misleading.

  • Now I just found out that there may be ANOTHER issue where you actually have to accept the person as a friend in order to see their message. I only figured this out when I accepted someone’s friend request, and suddenly their message appeared.This only happened the one time so far, but there’s no way to say one way or another if it’s an ongoing issue.It’s just another item to add to the list of why Facebook sucks.

    I never accept friend requests unless I know them somewhat or they are from the same Facebook group as me. Even then, in business groups it’s too easy to get spammed, so I never accept people.

    How am I supposed to see what they say unless I add them first?

  • This has happened to me twice now… I get a new member to my Facebook group, I approve them, I go to welcome them (Facebook has a way to welcome new members without you having to type) and they aren’t listed as new members, plus the notice that I have a new member is still showing up.

    I have to re-approve them and then finally it goes through.

    It just happened again this time with me denying 8 people. I “declined all,” went to the discussion button and it still said I had 6 pending members.

    I had to refresh the page to get it to clear.

  • I respond to someone’s PM (Private message) and 15 minutes later I see a notice that I have a new PM (the red dot.) I go to look and there is no new message. MY message to the other person is highlighted (NOT theirs) and the red dot only goes away when I click into the PMing windows. NUTS!!!
  • Me and someone new had a PM conversation yesterday and suddenly today I get a NEW PM from him with no thread of our previous conversation. After deleting tons of spam within my Facebook notifications area, I finally see the thread, but I was unable to see it until I opened up “all messages” in a full browser window instead of using their shit Facebook PM window.
  • Facebook recently started allowing you to join groups with either your personal account or your Facebook Page.Of course because they are such a POOR company on a limited budget, they can’t afford to hire good programmers.

    I just asked to join a new group, I chose my personal account and it didn’t show me the group’s pre-screening questions. It’s a good thing I saw that there were questions waiting otherwise I never would have been approved.

  • April 6th, 2019.

    So Facebook was down worldwide around March 14th, 2019 and then they finally got back up after 2-3 days.

    We thought the drama with Facebook was over, but it’s not.

    On April 6th, 2019 my inbox started to fill up again because I had been subscribed to the “down detector” thread back in March when Facebook went down.

    It’s NOW April 30th, and I’m STILL getting e-mails, so I’m going to start adding what people are saying here, because I can’t find ANY articles online stating that Facebook is having problems.

Now whether these are only problems when people use their mobile or tablet I don’t know. I asked people to start stating what device they are using, but so far no one is. Only the odd person mentions it.

Note: people are using both their PC and mobile, so it’s happening on both.

I myself had issues last week when every link I clicked on in my notifications (or in my news feed) went to a page asking me to approve or decline friend requests. Then 1-2 hours later it was fine.

It’s now June 18, 2019 and I am STILL seeing e-mails from people not being able to use Facebook properly.

Here are the complaints from people regarding Facebook

And if you think this is ONLY related to personal matters, think again. Facebook is causing problems for business owners too. Issues with their ads, and obviously if people can’t even get INTO Facebook or use it properly, how do you know you aren’t wasting money on your Facebook Ads?

Rather than me have to do more work putting quotes around every single comment, note that these are all from other people and each number is a new person.

  1. Facebook now? A piece of a big SH!T! Totally unuseable! Newsfeed is dead ads just waste the money! Can anybody say anything good about facebook? I dont think so!
  2. One (sponsored) story in my feed. Reloading doesn’t help. Facebook is terrible and everything is terrible. Have a nice day.
  3. Forgot my password. Used the recover password function to send a code to my email. Email never arrived – Tried it 6 times – never came – now I am locked out. Anyone else having this issue?
  4. blank feed page – not useable
  5. Mine won’t let me finish updating or something? Can’t even get in… ???
  6. Newsfeed not loading anything new since this morning.
  7. is anyone else having trouble with there news feed. I keep getting the welcome to facebook message and nothing else on my news feed. does anyone know if this is facebooks problem or mine i tried everything. clearing cookies, changing password, relogging in i even reported it like 5 times to facebook since friday and still does not work
  8. I’ve been getting only two or three news articles on my feed and then nothing. Also, Facebook has been freezing up on me today.
  9. ok so its not only me thats getting this issue i hope they fix it its been like this for 2 days
  10. My Facebook has been a mess for 2 days now. Newsfeed not loading, blank pages, freezing up.
  11. My page is jumping all over the place…anyone else?
  12. I can’t even view my newsfeed
  13. I can’t log in in my computer but in other pc and in my phone i can, someone else with the same problem ?
  14. Is anyone having uploading issues? With pictures and where you want to put them in albums?
  15. I can’t even access Facebook.
  16. Is anyone’s news feed messed up
  17. It’s not bringing up the latest its only bringing up like a month ago or 11 hours ago
  18. Day 3. Very frustrating.
  19. Can’t log onto FB with anything now.
  20. I can’t log in in my computer but in other pc and in my phone i can, someone else with the same problem ?
  21. No videos loading or playing
  22. FB’s news feed is getting this AGAIN: “Welcome to Facebook Get started by adding friends. You’ll see their videos, photos and posts here”
  23. 10 minutes ago the newsfeed stopped after maybe 10 comments
  24. Did this same thing for several days 2 weeks ago
  25. scheduling posts is not working and is interminable the past few weeks…..
  27. Newsfeed is OLDnewsFEED i Poland AGAIN since yesterday! i confirm that fact – but this is just one of several dozen FB problems for a month!
  28. activity log search not working. June 18, 2019 Yuma, AZ
  29. My Facebook and Instagram account has been banned for no reason? What the hell man? The support won’t respond and I have sent like 14 messages to them.
  30. same problem as i faced for about 3 days. facebook said my account was disabled my instagram too. But i didnt do anything wrong.
  31. I want to create an Ads Manager account but it’s not working, when i hit the ”Next” button nothing happens and returns to the main page
  32. My email notifications have stopped working as of 9:20pm Central time last night. Anyone else?
  33. With the latest update i can’t see nobody in “People you may know” , what is this s**t again ?

And if you think this is only happening in one country, think AGAIN. It’s a worldwide issue including in the US.

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