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tier.netSo Tier.net is a hosting company and yes, my review is very old from back in 2018, because I wrote it up, but forgot about it until now 2020.

When I was looking for a new hoster going through my excel file I found them.

I never reviewed them back in July of 2018 probably because I was so stressed due to what tier.net did to me, that I needed to find another hoster quick. You know moving hosting companies isn’t easy unless you have just one domain. So I was probably tied up for a few weeks finding a new hoster and then moving.

So when I screen hosting companies, I have tons of questions that I ask every hoster, and with tier.net it was no exception.

I made sure my adult sites (no nudity) was okay with them, and I was told by Evan Kamlet that it was fine. It’s one of the very first questions I ask in my first set because there’s no point in me wasting my time if that’s not okay with them.

Asking the questions takes days. I have at least 25-30 questions, so this was a whole process over 8 days, and I’m telling you this because time is money and when I ask questions and I get positive responses, my assumption is that all is going fine with the hosting company.

At the end, the pricing was fine, so I decided to sign up.

I even paid for 6 months upfront to get a better price.

They were supposed to start the CPanel transfer, when the next thing I know, I go to do live chat with him (Evan) to ask him a question, and he responds on the live chat and says they are canceling my account.

I was in total SHOCK!!!

What’s worse is that he wouldn’t tell me why. Something about how they don’t want to take a chance I will abuse them.

I have no idea what they were talking about. Abuse them? LOL why would I abuse them?

Then before I could even find out more details, Evan runs away from the live chat like a little child.

That was the last time I heard from them and my assumption is had I not gone onto live chat to ask him a question, they would have just ignored me and never even told me that they were canceling my account until I reached out to them to find out what was going on. That’s what immature unprofessional mean spirited companies do.

I’ll repeat again, I did NOTHING to them. I asked all of the questions any good company would ask, I paid, the payment went through fine (I saw it in the pending transactions on my online banking), they were supposed to do the transfer and then this happened.

TERRIBLE COMPANY in my opinion!!!

So let’s talk about this past month May/June 2020.

I went to write this up on Trust Pilot because I know that Trust Pilot will get a lot more views than my post here, but of course tier.net has to act in the same similar manner they did back in 2018.

They immediately flagged my review and lied and said I abused them or something similar.

And unfortunately Trust Pilot only allows you to write a review if it’s in the last 12 months, so Tier Hosting gets away with no review that can be easily found.

But as you can see, they are still lying and playing games even if it is 2 years later.

And I like how the owner hides behind his staff (Evan) and isn’t enough of a man to face me himself.

Tier.Net Technologies, LLC is their LLC, and their phone number is 888-518-0288 and their e-mail is [email protected] and [email protected] and [email protected]

So there’s my review of tier.net.

Oh, and so far so good with my new hosting company.

I haven’t had to contact them in over a month now which is a GOOD sign LOL

It really IS hard to find good hosting companies, especially if you aren’t the typical mainstream company.

I’m going to give it another 2 or so months, and then I’ll start promoting the hoster I’m with now if all is still well.

I hope you find this review beneficial.

All the best

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