Complaints about Pay Pal

Pay PalHere are my complaints about Pay Pal, but make note that this is not my first time complaining about Pay Pal. I’ve had issues with Pay Pal since 2003. They are a very terrible company and because they are owned by the evils, they have a monopoly worldwide.

It’s no accident that there’s no real competition for this type of service. In fact, I once had a conversation with one of their new competitors many years ago, and they got their merchant account taken down and they had a strong feeling it was because of Pay Pal. Things were never the same for them after that.

You can go to many other sites and read the hundreds of thousands of complaints about Pay Pal.

They didn’t have at least two major class-action lawsuits in the billions for no reason.

I’m surprised I haven’t written about them before, but it may just have been to keep my account safe.

It’s really hard to do anything online without having a Pay Pal account because most companies ONLY pay their affiliates through Pay Pal which isn’t right, in my opinion. Also, when you pay many freelancers, most won’t take money any other way, which is stupidity. And many small companies only use Pay Pal to take money for their products or services, which means they will lose out on a lot of customers.

Onto my complaints about Pay Pal

  1. The biggest issue I have with Pay Pal now is that they ONLY use 3rd world overseas call centers and these people can’t understand English, waste my time over and over again, and this stresses me out to no end.
  2. A few months ago I did a change of address and when I wrote back from the new e-mail address through regular e-mail, they couldn’t figure out who I was and kept telling me to write from that e-mail address which of course I was doing. Even if I go to my settings page the new e-mail is clear as day right there. Turns out their system was broken.

    Pay Pal makes BILLIONS every year and they can’t get their website to work.

  3. I asked for the executive office because it was clear I was dealing with a moron from regular support and they couldn’t figure that out either.
  4. Pay Pal’s bank statements are terrible, so when I go to do bookkeeping, it’s very stressful and wastes tons of my time. I have to use 2-3 different types of statements from them just to understand all of the transactions. I wasted an hour with someone from the executive office (American) and even she couldn’t figure it out completely. She had to get back to me.

  5. Today I had the same issue I had the last time I dealt with them. I go to start a ticket regarding a question, and once AGAIN, they have hidden the option for the regular ticket system.

    They force you to either use their terrible live chat feature where no one is there whenever you write back so it’s back and forth with long wait periods, or you can call. Last time without any notice before the issue was resolved, one of the assholes there closed the live chat after we went back and forth for days. And since there’s NO ticket number, when I open a new live chat, I have to repeat the SAME fucking BS all over again. Guess what, the same thing happened again today. I think they got angry at me because I said I wanted someone in the US. Thank gawd I found the e-mail I used last time. Let’s see if someone actually gets back to me.

I’ll keep adding to this whenever I have issues with Pay Pal so I can at least relieve some stress.

And here’s their Terms of Service rating which of course is horrific.

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  1. So on 09-28-20 I tried to find the spot to submit a ticket, because as you know, I HATE dealing with their terrible live chat feature.

    Once again, NO spot to submit an actual ticket, so I started a live chat to complain about that & tell them what the issue was, which was that I’m overseas & they changed something on the site so now I no longer get English. I was getting it before, but now no matter how many times I click on English in the footer area, it keeps giving me the foreign language the next time I go to the site to log in.

    So every time I spoke to someone in the live chat, they never understood anything I said & they kept redirecting me to the contact area saying that’s where I go to submit a ticket even though there’s NOTHING there. Only live chat, sometimes the phone & community, & that’s it.

    Then I demanded someone in the US call me & I even mentioned the last girl’s name I spoke to which was Crystal. This was back in June. She had told me if I ever had an issue, to just ask for her.

    Instead of having her call me, they got someone overseas who called, it went straight to my VM & he left a message.

    I went back into the site & asked WHY they didn’t have an American call me & you know what they did?

    They CLOSED THE LIVE CHAT because they were angry I wanted an American.

    So now I had to start the process all over again because their live chat does NOT allow the next person to read the previous live chat conversation.

    Right now I can’t get BACK to that live chat messaging area because it’s missing from my dashboard (sigh). I can only see it when they message me & there’s a notice telling me there’s a message.

    So I can’t see how many times I opened the live chat with them. I think maybe 4-5 times.

    I even told them what the issue was at least 1-3 times & they didn’t understand that either.

    I finally decided to e-mail the executive office (I had their e-mail from last time) from my primary Pay Pal e-mail address & the robotic CS rep said that I wasn’t writing from the correct e-mail & that I had to sign into Pay Pal just to message.

    Then WHY have an e-mail address if you can’t use it?

    I got angry & said you have NO TICKETING system.

    Then he writes a generic message on how to contact them which of course takes me right back to the area where there’s ONLY live chat.

    I had enough. This has been going on now for 2 1/2 weeks & I’ve wasted so much of my precious time.

    Why can’t Pay Pal hire people who are in the US and UNDERSTAND ENGLISH???

    At the very least I should be able to ask for someone in the US and get someone in the US, not have to go around in circles over & over & over again & have my live chat conversation closed.

    I finally decided to file a report AGAIN with the BBB because that’s the ONLY way I got results last time – sigh

  2. So I filed that Pay Pal complaint with the BBB, and I literally got a call within 1-2 days from an American supervisor. He called three times but I wasn’t feeling well and I was sleeping in bed. The next day I logged into Pay Pal to see what he wrote and I responded back, but based on his response, it sounded like he was NEVER going to talk to me again.

    No response from him, just the low IQ overseas with no brain cells. It’s now November 6th, 2020, and I have been trying to get the morons at PayPal to get Kevin to call me again ever since.

    You would think that Kevin would have been attached to that ticket or live chat, but that would require brains on the American side as well.

    I am furious right now.

    So once again I’m dealing with these MORONS who don’t even understand English, keep telling me they can help me with their BS script…

    “I’m happy to assist you regarding your concern I can understand how difficult it is been for you blah blah blah blah”

    I start screaming, no I want Kevin not you, and this has been going on ever since October 27th.

    Then finally someone says that they’re going to get someone from that department to contact me & stupid me thinks they are going to contact the US side.

    After several days went by and no one even responded to the live chat or the ticket, I wrote yesterday asking what is going on. Why is no one calling me, & here’s the response I get (get this!!!!)

    “I apologize if this is taking too long. I can see that your trace is still open and we are still waiting for your banks response.

    OMG, my issue is not regarding a trace, & it’s not regarding the bank.

    They don’t even know what my issue is about because they would have had to go back to the very very very first fucking instance when I initially wrote to them, but that’s neither here nor there because last week I said I ONLY WANT KEVIN.

    They are soooooo stupid.

    This whole thing is me trying to get their site to load in English because I’m overseas right now, & it was loading in English for years until a few months ago.

    No one understands ANYTHING there, no one can answer this simple question, at one point they sent me to the fucking department that deals with businesses who have Pay Pal set up on their site. After wasting time there creating an account, then creating a ticket, they told me I had the wrong department. sigh

    That had NOTHING do with me.

    So I’m going to have to file another complaint with the BBB, because I cannot stand this. Over and over and over and over and over again & no one there understands English.

    I am absolutely livid.

    Kevin should have called me the following business day, not just given up!!!

    He should have ALSO put himself on the live chat/ticket so he would be notified when I responded AND he would have kept track of what the little brain cells were saying to me.

  3. Here’s what they wrote back even though I’m responding WITHIN their site.

    See what I mean how stupid they are.

    “Thank you for contacting PayPal Customer Support.

    Thank you for your email. For privacy and security reasons, in order to address your concerns, please contact us from the email address that is registered to the account, which you wish to discuss.

    Thank you for contacting PayPal.

    Dan Mark

  4. Once again their instructions in the -mail I get every month when I am paying through a subscription is WRONG!!!

    “To change or cancel your agreement with Corbett James, log in to your PayPal account, go to Profile, and click My money. Update your agreement in the “My pre-approved payments” section.”

    And when I tried to search in their search field, NOTHING.

    I also wrote them this from their site. “Your search feature in that area finds NOTHING. Not payments, not pre-approved, not my money, NOTHING.”

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