Review for Kaspersky antivirus

Review of KasperskyThis is my Review for Kaspersky antivirus – What I liked and didn’t like about it and whether I will end up buying it to protect my computers.

So I wrote on Tech Spot’s forum hoping to get suggestions on which anti-virus program to go with.

Unfortunately like most of these guys, they didn’t read what I wrote or understand it because some even suggested ones I already said I used and why I ditched them.

So I decided to try and search myself and I ended up trying out Kaspersky Internet Security antivirus for the free trial, and WOW.

Their software found viruses & trojans that NO OTHER AntiVirus program found.

That’s ESET, both the one I paid for all these years, and their online scan, Avast, and Bit Defender. I’m sure Malwarebytes (paid version) wouldn’t have found them, but I don’t remember the last time i used it because you can’t run two of these types of programs at the same time.

Then there’s all the programs that the computer forum guys recommend that I’ve been using every time I reach out to a computer program to help me with my computer because I KNOW something is seriously wrong with it.

They were okay years ago, but now they are morons. Every time I reach out to them even going back 3 or so years, I have issues with them.

I’ve dealt with them on Bleeping Computer, and recently on Major Geeks.

Popular names of course, but they don’t even read what I write or they had me deleting software I DID need because they didn’t bother to even look up if the software is legit and if it was a false positive. Even my website coder who is not a tech support guy figured things out they were clueless about. That’s how I learned they were giving me the wrong info and harming my computer. That was the guy on Major Geeks, I had issues with Bleeping a couple of years ago. Arrogance, they don’t know what they are doing, but they still try to make it seem like it’s my fault.

And these computer forums almost always use the same software like Farbar, Hitman, RKill, etc. , AND they didn’t find these viruses/trojans that Kaspersky found either.

The negatives about Kaspersky is their tech support is from the Philippines, so they don’t understand much of what I’m saying, and they miss answering questions. The software was developed in Russia.

Also, the Kaspersky antivirus software is very very very slow.

It literally took almost 20 hours to scan my entire computer (yes there’s multiple drives), and that was without it scanning my Thunderbird e-mail which it did scan the next time it did a full scan a couple of days later.

I’ll see if it finds anything this week when it does a full scan again.

Even resolving the viruses/trojans (there’s no way to delete them until their software lets you) took forever to do. So you have to be in front of the computer for about 2-3 days to tell it what to do for each e-mail it found when it finally pops up to ask you.

I didn’t want to let it have full control and delete things until I saw what it was going to delete.

Also, for the scanning of mail as mail is coming in, it doesn’t tell me what e-mail account it found the viruses in and I need to know that.

Also, their window where you tell it to resolve what it finds is very very small and you can’t make it into a full screen or drag it to expand it.

They also don’t have a scrollbar that slides down. It does slide, but the data doesn’t slide with it. You have to slide it, let it stop, and only THEN will the data slide. smh

I don’t use a crapy toxic mouse, so my mouse doesn’t have a scroll wheel on it and I shouldn’t have to have one just to scroll.

All and all, it takes forever, but I’m hoping that’s only because I’ve had viruses for so many years that now that it’s cleaned stuff out and it will be faster in the next full scan in 2 days.

Also, if you don’t shut off the software’s ability to do things on its own, it will update software that you don’t want updated.

I use an old version of some software for specific reasons and it updated it without asking me first. It took me minimum an hour to get my computer back to the way it was. And of course, their tech support just ignored me when I said that.

It is annoying constantly trying to get me to buy it and use this other software they have, oh and I almost forgot… yesterday when I clicked on an e-mail, it found a site, “Owler” who’s SSL wasn’t updated. I didn’t know if I should allow it to continue or what, and when I tried to investigate who Owler was (I must have signed up a few years ago), I couldn’t.

Kaspersky had locked down my entire computer so I had no internet access even though I could use the computer. I didn’t know what was going on because my other computer was working fine and even restarting my modem didn’t help.

I finally figured out it must be because of that Kaspersky popup that I left sitting there and I was right. So that wasn’t cool.

I do plan on buying it once I’ve gone another week using it, so I hope it lives up to protecting me and my computer. I STILL can’t believe that the other anti-virus programs never found even 10% of what Kaspersky found.

We’ll see if it finds anything on my phone.

I hope this helps you, and I will update you if my review changes.

I just noticed that the sale they had on has ended, so if they don’t give it to me I won’t be buying it. At this time I don’t want to pay their expensive prices.



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  1. So I KNEW that dealing with Kaspersky antivirus’ tech support was going to be a HUGE stressor for me since they are all Filiipinos who are very low IQ no matter which company I deal with and this has been no exception.

    I am overseas, so I keep getting the price in EURO and I want it in USD so I wrote them.

    Not only that, on the US site there was no discount, I was only getting it from the link from the task manager icon.

    Then I saw that the names of the features were different (or missing) and so I pointed that out and I just realized now they ignored me.

    PLUS, on the US link they gave me it forces you to buy a 2 user account of 5 devices, NOT the 3 I need. WOW.

    When it was clear they didn’t know how to solve this problem, I asked to speak to a manager.

    They ignored me and we are now going on SIX e-mails I’ve sent them and I’m WASTING my time.

    On one of the links (I don’t remember which), their site brings up an error page along with the page that it goes to. I told them that (it happened every time I clicked on the link) and they were clueless telling me how to X out of a site as IF I’m a child and don’t know how to click on the X, but that was NOT the point, now was it.

    After I pointed that out AGAIN, they ignored me.

    They gave me another US link this time telling me I have to get 2 users (WHY???) Why should I have to pay for something I don’t need???

    And that link they gave me was not found.


    Look how hard it is just to purchase! It’s been 4 days.

    Oh, it’s actually 7 e-mails because at first they wanted me to contact their affiliate management company just to get information about the currency and devices LOL

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