Mate1 the dating site

I complained to them several times that not allowing people to exchange e-mail addresses was taking away our freedom. Yes I was being melodromatic, but I started my journey online via dating sites, & although I haven’t been using them in a long time, never before did a dating site block the members from exchanging e-mail addresses.

Like dahhh, how the hell are we supposed to get to know the person.

I won’t be held hostage by a dating site. My personal communication with another member is personal & once the introduction is made, I should be allowed to communicate with them via e-mail.

So after getting no response back from my first e-mail to them, months (maybe even a year) later I decide to write them again because it was annoying me.

A lot of people on Mate1 are net illiterate & they couldn’t understand why I couldn’t get their e-mail address, so I’m sitting here wasting time trying to explain when I shouldn’t have to.

This time Mate1 replies.

They started spouting their Terms & Conditions & I said I don’t care about your Terms & Conditions, because I don’t. Who the hell reads them anyway? People who have no life, & are paranoid, that’s who. I ask you, do you read the Terms & Conditions on a dating site??? LOL

It’s all the same anyway, don’t spam, don’t stalk, blah blah. I mean I don’t do that anyway, so why should I be forced into reading it unless I’m paying for a membership which I never am, so it doesn’t matter to me.

So they wrote back still claiming they are blocking e-mail addresses to prevent fraud online.

I find this very ridiculous. Like I mentioned before, not one dating site I belong to won’t allow you to give out your e-mail address, ONLY Mate1 –

They claim many other dating sites don’t allow this. Maybe others have changed their rules, I haven’t encountered that yet, although dating sites seem to have died down a bit.

Maybe it’s my ad, I don’t know, I haven’t been receiving a steady response from dating sites for probably about 3-4 years now.

So on Mate1 I’m being forced to call people before I’m ready to make that call just to get in touch with them. This is how Mate1 polices their dating site.

So guess what they say…

” However, as you have made it clear that you don’t “care” about our policies, we must therefore conclude that you are certainly not abiding by them and as such your profile is being closely monitored to ensure that you abide by them. If we continue to find that you are abusing our Terms and Conditions, we will have no choice but to remove your profile from Mate1.”

LOL, so now I’m being policed because they illogically assume that if I don’t read their Terms & Conditions, I must not follow them.

Makes sense to me, everyone online must be a spammer or fraudster, how about you?, Are you a spammer & fraudster when you sign up for a dating site?

I am looking to meet new friends & this is how I’m treated, like a criminal, &, my private conversations are being read by their staff.

This Mate1 dating site is clearly paranoid, or mean spirited, & they live in a constant state of fear & assume everyone who disagrees with them must be a criminal.

LOL, I mean dahhh, no criminal, spammer of fraudster takes the time to e-mail the company they wish to spam/defraud.

Very intelligent LOL

Don’t get me wrong, I know all about fraud, but if you fear fraud, it will come to you. If you feel your dating site is a place of social interaction that is peaceful & loving, you will get people like that on your site.

Most of the people on Mate1 don’t read the profiles, they are just sex starved morons who site there viewing pic after pic after pic.

Not that other dating sites are like that, but I get TONS of responses that are generic, maybe 1 out of 20 or 30 actually have something to say & actually read what I have to say & listen.

All in all, I have come across a few nice people on there.

Anyway, end of rant & disclosure about my experience

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