So I joined the Facebook Group a couple of weeks ago

And I didn’t say much on the Facebook Group, as I didn’t even know what the group was all about at the time. I was just posting my disdain for all government to other people’s posts about Hilary and Trump.

THEN someone in another facebook group I’m in mentioned and said the site or group is a fraud. He didn’t give me a link, so I went and did a search. Sure enough there were articles saying the owner had been arrested for committing fraud. That he had created bogus news and got paid by companies for doing that.

Being that is a group that is supposed to fact check everything that comes their way, I posted a question about what I read. I wasn’t trying to troll, I wanted to know, as anyone with any brains would want to know.

People in the facebook group said it was BS and sent me two links. I read them over, said okay and I thought that was the end of it UNTIL I realized I hadn’t gotten any notices to that thread in two days.

I went onto the Facebook group and sure enough, my thread AND my comments from a week earlier about Trump and Hillary were ALL deleted.

Looks like the admins for the Facebook group are power hungry assholes. Either that, or maybe there is some truth to what was written and they don’t want people within the group to catch wind of it. Why else would THEY delete a perfectly innocent legit question.

What? People are ONLY allowed to ask if somehting is true or not if it DOESN’T pertain to

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