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What’s the story of Tim Horton’s of Canada Franchises

So I often root for the little guy. Not that I think the little guy is ALWAYS right because they aren’t, but often money & power crush the little guy & I’ve heard on more than one occasion that large Canadian corporations have soooo much power, that the media OFTEN doesn’t tell the truth to the public, so a lot of terrible stories get swept under the rug.

I won’t go into details, other than to say I’ve heard stories about Home Hardware, & it didn’t surprise me when I started to read about this franchisee of Tim Horton’s (Timmy’s) who was clearly upset as to how they were treated.

Everyone in Canada LOVES Timmy’s. I’d say it’s because of hockey since I NEVER liked their coffee back when I used to drink coffee, but others love their coffee. I always preferred Country Style, but Country Style was small & if I’m not mistaken, only in the Toronto area.

The arrogant “screw you” attitude I often got from Tim Horton employees in various different locations always made me cringe when I had no choice but to go into Timmy’s. I’ve even been in locations where they couldn’t even speak English.

Then a few years back I read this article about Tim Horton employees, so again, when I came across this other horrific story about how a franchisee lost everything, this new blog doesn’t surprise me. That coupled with the fact that no one has heard about this story makes me believe it’s true. I’ve come to believe over the years that the Canadian media hides the truth from the public, & only certain stories are told. Not that this isn’t true in the US, I just believe it happens a lot more in Canada that in the US.

These franchisees say they have been threatened by Tim Horton’s, so I wonder if I will be threatened, but I’m the type of person who believes the truth should be told so others are made aware of how companies treat them.

I don’t expect companies to be perfect all the time, but this story sounds very horrific to me as people come to Canada, believe they can start a business & they will be protected. Forget about where you are from, everyone should be protected from bully type corporations.

Here’s just the one post of the story. If you want to read the rest, please go to their site & while this post is dated November of 2012, it is NOT the first post of their story. I first heard this story back in May of 2010.


Tim Hortons; A Look From The Inside

November 24, 2012

steam_coffee_beans_drinks_desktop_1600x1200_hd-wallpaper-834338.jpgAfter careful consideration upon receiving a letter from the lawyers at Tim Hortons we have decided to take a different route to expose the truth of what is happening to Franchisees and the resulting court cases that have happened. To the average Joe, what do spread sheets of financials really mean?? Most ordinary people see a bunch of numbers and don’t understand or care what they mean. What we want to do here is make it as cheap as possible to help anyone interested in purchasing a Tim Hortons franchise to get the real truth and obtain the proper information and questions that need to be asked. The post below will be the easiest and cheapest way to conclude whether the purchase of a Tim Hortons franchise is the right one for you and your family.

If you pass all stages of the initial offer to purchase a Tim Hortons Franchise and receive the pro-forma (breakdown of sales) and the contract, take the contract to a contract lawyer (if possible) or regular lawyer and point out the clause in the post below and remember that the contract is personally guaranteed. We can supply additional information, court documents and court transcripts that back up the facts of how Tim Hortons operates once you sign the contract and what they can do.

Promissory notes, Gag Orders, Bullying, this is what in fact is happening and the documents show it. What this site will do is provide information to shareholders, potential franchisees, current franchisees,  and individuals who seek the truth about big business and Tim Hortons.

We wanted to show the documents and the truth but received yet again another letter stating what Tim Hortons will do to my family if we proceed in letting the truth out. We do not want to jeopardize our freedom anymore but we also must not be afraid to help and warn others. The 2 paragraphs below dictate why my family cannot move forward in our lives;

The "letter"

So essentially Tim Hortons has prevented anyone from moving forward. Should one day I generate a large amount of cash, Tim Hortons can decide at anytime to enforce the judgement against us. We cannot move forward so we must let the truth out! Tim Hortons has decided to not release my family from the contract, even though the lawsuit is over, everything is done…..we cannot move forward so they left us no choice but to expose the documents to help others make an informed decision on their business purchase and not just a bunch of Lies from Tim Hortons. remember the person selling you the store is getting a large chunk of the purchase. It is Tim Hortons job to prey on your excitement and to assure you nothing bad will happen. Take a look around the site and ask yourself if this is a company you would like to be apart of?? Tim Hortons thinks the truth can be hidden behind confidentiality agreements but in this day and age of social media….that will not be the case.

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