Complaints to FedEx

FedEx ExpressHere are my complaints to FedEx. Really it’s about FedEx in general.

So I just want to make it clear that FedEx wasn’t always like this. In fact, I remember back in 2015 being very impressed with the service that FedEx gave compared to UPS.

I moved overseas and I won’t say where, but once when I had an issue with the local FedEx hub around 2016/2017, all I had to do was call FedEx US and they would contact the FedEx hub here, and I would get a manager or someone who would call me back and apologize right away.

Today is September 25, 2021, and in the last year since the scamdemic started, the FedEx hub here has been extorting people for money. They claim that we owe customs and duty because the packages are over 4 kilo. There is no such law here. If the packages are over $75 USD, then you do have to pay duties and taxes. If they are under $75 US D, then you don’t have to pay any duties or taxes.

The only reason I hadn’t been going with DHL With my package forwarding company, is because DHL’s costs were $10-$15 more, and I was already spending over $50 with My package forwarding company who has also gone down the drain in the last 1-2 years.

During September, there were a lot of holidays here and I tried to get my package to me before the holidays started because after that, everything would be closed for a whole month, with the odd day being open.

FedEx customs cleared my box on September 14th. The value was less than $75.

That’s when FedEx here tried to extort me for money wanting an extra $41 USD. The last 2 times that they tried this with me, I complained and they waived the fees. That was in the last six months prior.

I asked to speak to a manager and they told me I had to email and it would take 24 hours. I emailed. I got a response within a few hours, but I don’t think it was the manager. The guy kept going on about how I owe These customs and duty fees, and I’m not to get my package until I pay it.

Back in May 2021, I did reach out to other expats here, and they had also been extorted, except that they paid these extortion fees Where is I didn’t.

I also complained to FedEx US at the executive services department and the woman there didn’t seem to care. She just Went on and on saying I owe duties and taxes, not understanding what I was saying. I kept telling her these are not fees from the government. She refused to give me a case number and I doubt that she did anything to move it up the ladder even though that department is the highest you can go to get help from FedEx US.

So I spoke to the executive services department at FedEx US on September 20, 2021. Even though my package cleared customs on September 14, 2021, I had been waiting for a manager to call me and then there were the holidays. That was the reason for the delay.

First, dealing with the switchboard At FedEx US has always been an issue. On this day I called before 9 AM EST and I left a message for the executive services department. By 9:30 am I called again and left another message with a completely different switchboard operator. This time I didn’t tell the switchboard operator what the issue was and that was the call that got returned to me, not the other one. This made it clear to me that some of the switchboard operators don’t do their job.

I spoke to Angela Had the executive services Department, and she also had difficulties understanding what I was saying, so I’ve come to the conclusion that the executive services department of FedEx employs complete morons.

She was nice, but it was clear to me her brain just doesn’t work. I don’t care if she’s never dealt with international customers before, all it should take is me explaining things once, maybe twice, and the other person should understand me when I talk. I’m a very clear speaker.

I told her that FedEx here was closed on Monday and Tuesday, and they wouldn’t reopen until Wednesday. She told me she was going to contact them By email.

On Wednesday I called and had nothing but problems with the switchboard. Over and over again I left messages and no one would return my call. Finally I had to be very stern and use threats Of my attorney in one of my calls. Then in my next call (I was already at around 3-4 calls in total) I asked to speak to the manager of switchboard and they played games switching me around to someone’s voicemail and I left a message.

Eventually Angela returned my call.

Imagine my shock when I find out that Angela had never even emailed the FedEx hub here on either Monday OR Tuesday. By the time she had called me back, it was 8:40 pm my time And FedEx here was closed.

Had she called me back at 9 am her time, FedEx here would have still been open. Not only that, why would you wait until the day that they’re open to email them instead of just taking care of it right away? I couldn’t lose my temper with her because I just needed to get my package.

Another HUGE example that she has no brains.

On Thursday I called the FedEx here hoping that they had gotten Angela’s email, and would say yes, we are going to deliver your package, but that’s not what happened. I finally got a guy who admitted that it’s not a government charge, it’s FedEx charging these fees. I told him do NOT return my package. Even Angela said that she wanted to make sure they were NOT going to return my package. She cared about that more than the extortion fees.

Again I asked for a manager to call me and he said he would Pass that along, but if I don’t get a call today, then I would get a call on Sunday. Friday they are closed.

I got no call on Thursday.

On Friday I called the executive services again, and again I had issues with their switchboard playing games. This Antoinette chick is very rude, and she put me through to regular support.

Then I called back and she answered and hung up the phone on me. I called back and got someone named Genesis who I’d spoken to on Wednesday and I said I want your manager, I do not want support. She put me on hold and I ended up getting the customer advocacy team which had nothing to do with the manager of the switchboard operators. sigh

After wasting more of my time telling this woman what the issues were and then of course finding out that they are lower on the scale than the executive services department, she put me on hold to go try and find Angela. That whole conversation took 30 minutes of my life.

I finally got Angelo, and when talking to her, she wasn’t clear as to what was going on. She was saying some other person had written them or was reaching out to them.

Again, she’s a nice woman, but she’s just not smart. I told her that FedEx here isn’t open today and she said she was going to email them again. And guess what she says… AGAIN she was going to wait until Monday to email them. I said why are you going to wait until Monday, why don’t you just email them now? So she emailed them while I was on the phone with her.

OMG, I can’t believe I have to tell people how to use their brain and DO THEIR JOB.

She still wanted to hear their side of the story, and she doesn’t seem to be appalled at all that we are being scammed by FedEx in the country.

I asked Angela if she was going to look into this whole mess to stop this appalling behavior not just for me, but for everyone here. She says we will have to take it on a case-by-case basis. WTF? Why would you need to take this on a case-by-case basis? This is fraud. FedEx here is lying to everyone and saying that it’s customs and duty fees when it’s not.

In the meantime, I had filed a BBB report because I had never heard back from Angela that 2nd day which I guess was the 21st. This is when switchboard was playing games with me.

At one point Angela asked me, can you just pay the fees and we will reimburse you?

I should’ve taken her up on that, but I really didn’t think that they were going side with FedEx here for extorting me And I’m one for doing the right thing, not just thinking of myself all the time.

I had also said that I wanted my money back for the shipping because obviously I did not get my package in 3 to 4 business days. I paid express instead of the cheaper shipping rate.

On September 27, I lost my temper with her because she kept calling The extortion fees duties and taxes. I said to her do NOT call them duties and taxes, only the government can charge duties and taxes, not FedEx. FedEx is a private corporation.

I gave her my email address and she said she was going to look into if there are any fees, and then get back to me through email. I never got an email.

On September 28th I called again, she asked me if I got her email. I said no, and then she went to go find my email. She had misspelled it.

I told you, she should not be in this position.

She was getting anxious now because she had emailed FedEx here 3 times, and they still hadn’t responded back to her. A few days earlier,I told her they won’t be open until Thursday the 30th, but then I found out that they were open on the 29th and I told her.

So we arranged that on the 29th she was going to call me first thing at 8:30 am CST because she’s CST. I told her about all the issues I was having with switchboard, and then all of a sudden I find out that there’s a direct line to their department. Had she told me that before, no of course not.

Now remember, I have spent every single day dealing with FedEx mainly in the US, and also where I’m living. This was countless hours and tons of stress that I’ve had to go through.

Today the 29th I had to be around specifically for Angela, which meant I could not make any other calls or do anything else.

I didn’t hear from her by 8:40 am, so I called and she said that she’s been trying to call, and it just goes to their voicemail.

Did she ask me if I had any other alternative phone numbers because she was calling specific internal phone numbers, no she didn’t. I ended up suggesting it and I gave her the phone number to customer service here and she said she would get back to me. The next thing I know, I got a call from the manager here.

Of course he use the excuse that it was a holiday here and I said to him no, there’s been days that you’ve been open during the holidays. Of course he ignored me which is what they do over here.

Over here they do nothing but scam and lie.

He broke down what the fees were, and he even made a mistake at one point giving me the label to the wrong fee. I told him that he already said I paid the fee for the box being over 4 kilo which is when he changed his mind and said this charge is a handling fee, and this one is a fee for putting the box in storage because it’s over 4 kilo.

I knew they weren’t customs and duty fees. What they are, are extortion fees just like I’ve been saying all along.

They can’t even get their lies straight. From the beginning, I was told by their customer service people and even in an email, that I was being charged because The box was over 4 kg, and now he was saying it was because it was over 5 kg.

It’s all just a scam to get more money and FedEx US is going along with this which I’ll explain in a minute.

Then there was another fee about dangerous goods.

I’ve been charged extra dangerous good fees by my package forwarding company for shipping essential oils in the past. An extra $12.50.

Now all the sudden here they’re charging extra fees to store the box in a specific area. I was furious. Essential oils are not dangerous goods, and when my package forwarding company first started charging me this fee, I called up FedEx and the dangerous goods department, and the guy who’s been working there for 25 years, had never heard of such a preposterous thing. He said if it was car engine oil he could understand it being labeled as dangerous, but not essential oils.

I then had to get the manager to email Angela back Right away thinking that she was going to empathize with me. He didn’t want to do it until tomorrow, and he said he wasn’t going to phone her. I said no, email her now she’s waiting.

I called her immediately when I got off the phone and she said that she saw that he was going to call me because she got in touch with someone through the numbers I gave her.

Once I broke down what the fees were, she literally asks me, “well those are legitimate fees, so are you going to pay them or is the box going to be returned?”

I was in total shock. She went from being sympathetic for three weeks, to now completely siding with the extortionists.

My logic which is pure 100% logic, is that I already paid for shipping, and obviously the box was over 4 kg when my package forwarding company weighed it, and I paid for the shipping for the weight of the box. So why do I have to pay more money once it arrives to its destination? Of course they never could answer this question.

Before she wanted to help me to get my money back and not have to pay fees now She didn’t even take a breath before saying that the fees were legit and then asking me if I wanted the box to be returned when she told me several times before she wanted to make sure they were going to return the box. Why would anyone want to return items that they just paid money for On top of the huge shipping costs?  Only a complete low IQ moron would even suggest such a thing.

She had told me before that she was new to international type situations, but this entire time she’s been working with the international department. At no time did the international department say to her, yes we are aware that FedEx here charges fees because a package is over a certain weight.

This whole time she knew what these fees were for because I told her over and over again that they were charging me because my box was over 4 kg.

Once again she said this is over her head, and I’m going to have my associate call you because she’s in the international department and she knows more than I do.

Why didn’t I get a call from this girl before?

A few minutes later Shelby was on the line along with Angela. I could tell right away that she had a brain, but despite her having a brain, she said these are the charges that FedEx over here is charging and there is nothing we can do about it.

Had this been told to me 9 days ago, even 8 days ago, or even 7 days ago, I would’ve had my box already by now.

Remember, that Angela had said that she was going to reimburse me for my shipping charges, so I asked Angela, “are you there on the phone?” She said yes. I said are you not going to reimburse me for my box being late and she says no, because you didn’t pay for it, your are package forwarding company did.

So somehow she figured out that I didn’t directly pay for the shipping even though I paid for the shipping, but she never even mentioned that the whole entire time after she said that she was going to reimburse me for the shipping costs.

I was just absolutely beside myself. I was just about to hang up the phone when Shelby pipes up and says you can get them to do an investigation and ask for the money back. Angela was so stupid she didn’t even suggest this herself.

I would’ve done this, except for the fact that I didn’t think that it would fly because they would just blame me for not paying the fees and the fact that it was a holiday here.

So I asked Shelby, do you think I’m going to get my money back?

Shelby didn’t answer, but Angela said we can’t tell you if that’s what’s going to happen but it’s worth a try.

FedEx just killed me. I haven’t had this much stress in I don’t know how long. And I’ll bet you anything that the FedEx hub over here won’t even get a slap on the wrist for not responding back to her emails, because had they responded back to her first email, this would have all been rectified around 4-5 days ago.

I mean it wouldn’t of been rectified, but at least I would’ve known where I stood.

Oh and one other thing, I asked Shelby where it said on the FedEx site that I have to pay for extra fees and she was going to tell me, but then we got sidetracked and I forgot to get the page from her.

I said we should be told this before we even shipped out, and she said what we don’t have any way of knowing if there’s going to be fees.

I even asked her which other countries charge these fees because I’m curious now if other countries also extort their customers, and she says we don’t have that information.

I’ll repeat again, if they knew about these fees, Angela would’ve been told this from the very beginning, because she spoke to Shelby or whomever in the international department on that day that I told you about above.

And Shelby had read my BBB complaint which stated that the FedEx here had waived the fees twice before so she was trying to make it seem like I already knew about these fees and I said yes, if these were legitimate fees, they never would’ve waved them twice before. Of course I didn’t remember about the fees because it’s been so many months since I last shipped, and I in the back of my mind, I must’ve just figured they would wave them again.

I asked her at least once, so you’re going along with these fees?

And by the time I got off the phone with her, FedEx here was closed, so I couldn’t even phone up to pay the fees and get my box for the next day.

And to follow up, the BBB complaint has been ongoing and I’m finishing off this Review about FedEx US just as I told the BBB to close the case even though I don’t accept their resolution.

FedEx US just kept going around in circles not proving anything other than that I got my package. And in this last rebuttal from them, they once again called them government charges and  apologized in a fake manner about everything that it’s caused and how they value me as a customer. Yeah right. ALL LIES.

And I complained about and July and her complete ineptness, and they didn’t bring that up at all. I don’t know who was manning the BBB complaint, but they clearly don’t understand anything I said or what happened, and I’m not repeating myself over and over again, and dealing with this anymore.

I lost almost 3 weeks of my life and tons of money due to FedEx.

The decision is yours whether you want to deal with FedEx..

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  1. FedEx keeps responding back to my BBB complaint with the same BS lies.

    Here was their last response…

    “This is in response to your inquiry addressed to the Better Business Bureau.

    We understand your dissatisfaction with the handling of the shipment traveling on package tracking number 283531694185.

    According to FedEx Express Terms and Conditions for International shipments:

    Duties and taxes:
    A. In order to complete clearance of certain items through customs, FedEx may disburse duties and taxes as assessed by customs officials on behalf of the payer and assess a surcharge for doing so. For all shipments, FedEx may contact the payer and require confirmation of reimbursement arrangements as a condition to completion of clearance and delivery, and at our sole discretion, require payment of duties and taxes before release of the shipment to the recipient.
    B. FedEx only provides estimates of customs duties and taxes through the Estimate Duties and Taxes feature on FedEx Global Trade Manager at Final duties and taxes may vary.
    C. In the event the accuracy or propriety of duties and taxes assessed on a shipment is disputed, FedEx or its designated broker may review the shipping documents tendered with the shipment. If FedEx determines that the duties and taxes were properly assessed, the shipper agrees to pay the duties and taxes.
    D. In the event we disburse duties, taxes or other fees to a customs agency, including the U.S. Merchandise Processing Fee, on behalf of the payer, the payer will be assessed an ancillary clearance service fee based on a flat rate or a percentage of the total amount disbursed. This ancillary clearance service fee will vary depending upon the destination country.

    Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience you have encountered. We value the trust our customers place in us, and we look forward to serving you more satisfactorily in the future.


    They keep calling the extortion fees duties and taxes when they aren’t. They keep supporting the scam over and over again.

    I just ignored them because I’ve already lost over $200 of my time, energy, sanity and money to FedEx US. They are a terrible company.

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