Rapid Mold Removal LLC Review

Rapid Mold Removal LLCHere is a Rapid Mold Removal LLC Review.

I’m writing this on behalf of Becky Webb.

“It happened dec. 29th. We’ve been pursuing a refund since then. It’s in Lexington KY. Rapid Mold Removal.”

I looked up their address and they are located at:

2607 Eaton Rapids Rd
Lansing, MI 48911-6310
(800) 269-1909

Here is her review:

“My sweet son has suffered for the past 3 years with Lyme disease, making him very susceptible to mold illness and all the horrific symptoms that go with it. In the past 2 years, we have lost 2 homes and everything we own…twice.

When we purchased our current home, just to be safe, we tore everything out to the stud. Re-did insulation, flooring, every. Single. Thing. But a toilet got installed incorrectly and filled the walls in our bathroom with mold. 😞 We got the kids out and went to a hotel until Rapid Mold Removal could come remediate. The “team” they sent was 1 person. He called a few hours in to let me know he’d already gotten 2 bedrooms cleaned…but he hadn’t removed the mold yet

When that happened, I sent my husband to go through the steps they were supposed to be following. He assured us he would re-clean.

He called the next day and told us all the mold had been removed and that the whole home had been thoroughly cleaned. We came back home and I immediately noticed cardboard and debris on the basement floor. I ran upstairs and there was still visible mold on the wall he was working on AND on the other side of the wall. There was also drywall debris all over the floor.

I grabbed the kids and went back to re-book the hotel. We had to make an emergency call to my son’s specialist and start him on a steroid taper. This was a Friday night and I couldn’t even get a hold of anyone from the company, not that I would trust them to come back in the first place.

I’d already paid $4,800 in advance, and immediately challenged the charge, but it still went through. I called the company all the way up the chain, but they refuse to help. I don’t even want to go after them for the hotel and doctor, I just wanted my money back since I had to pay a different company to do the work (and decontaminate everything that Rapid Mold Removal, LLC had messed up). They won’t even return my calls or emails.

I know $4,800 doesn’t seem worth it, but that would cover one of my son’s IVIG treatments and we need it back. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. I am so tired of these places taking advantage of us.

This is a sick child they are messing with. Absolutely terrible.

I have included the pictures showing the debris and visible black mold.”


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