Forums for cell phones users

cell phone forumsHere’s my experience with two forums for cell phones users.

So I went to ask a question (the same one) on these two forums. Link and link.

I asked what app people recommended for recording someone when they are standing next to you and you are using your cell phone. I use an Android.

A day later I find out that I’m LOCKED OUT and called a spammer. WOW

And this wasn’t by one of these forums, but buy both.

Then they tell you to contact the administrator, but of course there’s NO LINK to the admin anywhere in that paragraph or on the site.


This just one more examples of how so many people are either deranged zombies or AI robots. Remember, the death jab is turning people into transhumans, which means they are not really human anymore. sigh

If asking a simple question about a cell phone app means I am a spammer, then you people need to take the death jab over and over again.

Please, you are harming society with your braindead BS.



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