is a scam site In My Opinion is a scam site in my opinion.  Almost all of the reviews on trust pilot are clearly scam reviews since they are all 5 stars.

Matt Barrie, CEO
Neil Katz, CFO
Peter Phillips, VP Eng
Chris Koch, Deputy CFO

Assuming the information is up-to-date. I don’t have time to check. is the worst freelance job board I’ve come across, and I’ve been hiring staff from job boards since around 2004.

Every time I talk to their support, they don’t understand ANY ENGLISH. I’m still waiting for them to fix a bug they had where I couldn’t message a freelancer I wanted to hire even though I was speaking to her before. I was just about to hire her when that happened.

I thought she blocked me and I told them that and gave them screenshots, but they said it was a bug.

I lost the freelancer and it’s been over 2 months since I reported it. I give them a screenshot twice, then they wanted a video. THEY ARE IDIOTS. They are so lazy they don’t even read the ticket thread.

They said they fixed it and I STILL couldn’t message her.

Their ticket system on their site is terrible. The messages in the thread going back and forth between me and their abhorred tech support wasn’t even in chronological order.

I initially tried to reach out to their live chat, but they thought I was a FREELANCER, not a client. That’s how stupid they are because  they don’t understand English. That’s when I said forget their live chat. is an Australian company actually that launched in 2009, and here is their address – Freelancer is headquartered in Sydney, Level 37, Grosvenor Place 225 George Street, Australia.

I had an account but I never used it. Over the years when I would go and try the site, I would get so upset by the low IQ support and freelancers they had, I would say forget about it and leave.

This whole time I thought it was an Indian company because of the millions of Indians on their site and their support is out of India, but it’s NOT.

I just posted a job for a WordPress developer to create a small plugin for me and I experienced these horrific freelancers who are using AI to compose their application which includes text copied from my hiring ad. At first I thought they were just copying my text so they wouldn’t make mistakes, but no, that wasn’t it.

Some even copy the whole ad into their application and don’t say anything else. LOL

Most just ignore the hiring ad and spam generic responses, many of which have nothing to do with my hiring ad at all.

Other spammers use different accounts with the same pic and/or response. I got a lot of those.

Some even put down that they want to help with elementor or my travel plugin LOL – no travel site or company and I never mentioned elementor.

The rest can’t even understand what I’m saying when I tell them that they disrespected me because they didn’t read the hiring ad or follow the instructions, and spammed me a generic response.

They ask me what I mean or say they never disrespected me. SMH

This girl Grace O. @GraceOmollo begs me for the job over and over again no matter how many mistakes she makes. I give her chance after chance, get her to read the office manual and then ask her for a flat rate price on redoing a book which requires copying text from a PDF into Word. That was the task she wanted to do.

Two days later I realize she never got back to me. Then I can’t find her on Telegram. I finally found her. She deleted our ENTIRE conversation (that’s how fucked up these people are) and then deletes it and blocks me on so I can’t communicate with her. I probably lost at least 1-2 hours dealing with her. No explanation for her dysfunctional behavior. Damm, when I went to look at her profile page, I just realized she put down that she lives in New York, Kenya. She’s black and looks Kenyan, but I’m pretty sure there’s NO New York in Kenya. SMH

This piece of shit moron Laksh K. @ShrineWeb reports me for me telling him that he disrespected me and didn’t read my hiring ad or follow instructions so I’m not going to hire him. That’s how low IQ these freelancers are and the amount of freelancers who blame me for their mistakes is ridiculous.

Then I go to hide the bids and as usual, has tons of bugs on their site, so that doesn’t work or I have to do it many times before it takes.

With one of the applicants, their site pasted my response to the freelancer in the chat area 2-3 times. WOW

I was trying to find others who are livid about the shit company this is and came across this from 2017 regarding’s terms and conditions. WOW

“I found their EULA, and it has some crazy stuff in it. For instance, they can terminate your account becase:
… 8) to manage any risk of loss to us, a User, or any other person; or

9) for other reasons.

And if they terminate the account they can keep all the money they owe you. Also, it claims contractor aren’t their employees. Instead they are “unsecured creditors”.

There’s also a bunch of stuff about how they can pass chargebacks through to sellers, and if you already withdrew the money, you have to deposit it back into your account.

It looks like the business model is to force skilled laborers to work under pseudonyms so that Freelancer has complete ownership of the contractor’s reputation and professional credentials. I’m shocked that this is a thing!

The Eula claims on one hand that they’re not a party to the contracts, but they go to great lengths to make sure the contractor and the employee don’t share their real world identities with each other (they even audit the contents of the files produced as part of the job, eavesdrop on audio/video/text chat/emails/etc).

I think this forces them to become a payment intermediary, which means they do have to deal with lots of thorny issues.

Welcome to the sharing economy, I guess.”

The sharing economy is ALL part of the evils’ NWO (new world order) agenda to take down the entire world. Just one piece, not the whole piece.

That’s why they created terrible site like airbnb, uber, fiverr, etc.

Here’s a long thread of people complaining going back to 2007 and 2010. It shows that the site itself steals people’s money. I think I read both freelancers and clients lost money due to the site, but the freelancers lost more.

Now knowing what I know about freelancers, most lie and say they did the work when they didn’t, or they did such a terrible job that whatever they did wasn’t worth even $10. But, I once did some freelance work many moons ago and there are plenty of clients who scam too. I remember that shocked me at the time.



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  1. Well I have no choice but to use this terrible site to hire freelancers, so now you are going to see a ton of what I have to go through using this company.

    Of course this is ALL part of the evils destroying Humanity and our Economy. They ONLY hire the lowest IQ people to do the work so we waste time dealing with zombies than doing work, studying the Truth, relaxing, working on our issues, etc.

    Their support is still as BRAIN-DEAD as they were years ago or last year.

    I’m talking to Dakota in live chat and she can’t answer just the most basic of questions.

    I hate it when the robots always send me links to pages because they know nothing and are too brain dead to answer my simple questions.

    What I need to do isn’t how things are normally done, but still, she should know the answers and she doesn’t.

    Do you know how long I’ve been in a live chat with her and she STILL hasn’t answer my questions????

    Let’s see, it started at 1:14 am and it’s now 2:36 am.

    I ask some questions and she doesn’t answer or I ask and the gives me some answer that has nothing to do with my question.

    She must have disconnected me because every message after that said NOT DELIVERED.

    I finally had to end the chat and waste MORE TIME getting someone new called Hope.

    Of course it takes her forever to respond as well. sigh

    She didn’t answer the first question about whether you have to fund a budget. The second question about whether it’s less expensive in fees to use ACH than credit card she didn’t understand. sigh

    I was waiting and waiting and waiting and then she disconnected the chat asking if I was still there. 20 minutes gone from my LIFE.

    Trying NUMBER FUCKING 3!!!!!!!!!!!

    Kelvin – I was furious and he had no empathy at all just said “I see, how can I help you.” I told you, ALL ROBOTS.

    Then he said I stopped responding that’s why they disconnected. I said no I didn’t, I was waiting for THEIR response. Their live chat is broken. I figured that out on the first live chat.

    3-4 times this control freak told me I shouldn’t use the transfer option to pay freelancers even though I finally figured out (because they are morons there) that it’s just like the bonus feature on Upwork that I used for years.

    He’s arrogant and I don’t like this guy at all, but he was fast in responding.

    Their live chat software SUCKS. When I used the scroll wheel on my mouse, it would jerk back down so I couldn’t even read the responses and their scrollbar (there’s two which I hate) was so tiny, I could barely grab onto it.

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