Review for Malwarebytes

Review for MalwarebytesThis is my Review for Malwarebytes.
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So I must have paid for the lifetime subscription of Malwarebytes years ago and when I ditched Kaspersky, you can read my review about them here, and couldn’t come up with any other anti virus software that doesn’t kill my CPU and memory, actually FINDS problems, their tech support isn’t full of EGO, and where the tech support understands ENGLISH, I went back to Malwarebytes.

You can’t have both malwarebytes and anti-virus on the same computer because they will conflict.

Well I’m sick of Malwarebyte’s low IQ support as well. Mind you, they are usually fast at responding to tickets (one time though it took them 2 weeks to respond), but they have NO IDEA what they are doing.

So I’m finally going to write up a review of Malwarebytes.

This is about their software, but, as my website coder said, NONE of these terrible anti virus software programs have these very basic features that would help the customer and I question why that is.

I’ve complained to malwarebytes twice already at least about not being able to add files or folders to the whitelist easily, and nothing has changed. THEY DONT CARE about their customers. This should be BASIC features they implemented decades ago.

  1. Their software doesn’t tell you what time zone they found the supposed infection in.
  2. Their software doesn’t give you a button that would just whitelist the link to the file or folder on my computer, so I asked, and my website coder said it’s easy to code because I thought maybe it was too difficult and that’s why they don’t have it as a feature.
  3. They give you a stupid “eye” icon that shows you the path when you mouse over it, but AGAIN, no way to even COPY the link, or click on it to even go to it on your computer and then copy it from Windows Explorer.
  4. And to get the full path you have to go to another tab instead of them just giving you this information in the area where they found the file in the first place. WHY MAKE IT SO DIFFICULT? Why make the customer struggle?
  5. Their software got removed from my computer even though I never removed it and the tech support guy didn’t even acknowledge that when I mentioned it.
  6. Now all of a sudden it’s scanning when the scan wasn’t the time it’s set for. We even checked, it never scanned at the right time.
  7. I’ve had to email Malwarebytes more times in the last year than in all of the other years combined.

Lastly, once again (this isn’t the first time), the tech support guy didn’t know his job/software. I was unable to get the whitelisting of qBitorrent to work, and every time I would launch qBitorrent, malwarebytes would go crazy, so I had to shut it down wasting my time and stressing me out.

I wrote them and said this never happened before. It started to happen after I reinstalled malwarebytes.

He told me over and over again that this is how malwarebytes works because the torrent software has different IPs showing up. I even told him 3 times that I had no issues before. He ignored that part.

Finally I got my website coder on the phone and he showed me how to fix it.

WHY does my website coder know more than the tech guys at malwarebytes???

I just want to say that Malwarebytes has never (if memory serves) found something legitimate on my computer. It finds false positives all the time, but nothing that helps me, it ONLY makes more work for me because I have to whitelist files all the time.



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