Defender Shield Review

Defender ShieldWhile I didn’t buy this Defender Shield from Amazon, I did buy it directly from Defender Shield’s website. I also bought their earbuds.

I even called before I purchased to ask which earbuds they felt would be best for me because I have never found earbuds that I like.

I eventually did order and then all the problems started.

  1. First, off they made a mistake on the packing slip and didn’t put down the full address, so the package almost got lost. I could tell by their e-mail response that they didn’t even care that they made such a mistake. This should have been a foreshadowing of what was yet to come.
  2. Their case won’t protect your phone if you drop it.
  3. The way they designed the case is stupid, in my opinion. They expect you to use their sticky square on the back of the inside of their case. This is where you stick your phone.

    So you have this somewhat nice case with nice stitching, and then you are expected to use a little ugly sticky pad to stick your expensive phone onto?

    This means that if you have to take it off or take out your battery or SSD card, you wilil probably get glue stuck on your phone, and then you have to use another sticky square to replace it.

    This also means having to clean off any glue residue.

  4. The earbuds I purchased felt high quality to me, but the right one kept popping out of my ear.
  5. The girl I spoke to on the phone (a so called manager) was condescending and arrogant from the minute I started speaking to her. Her name was Anna.

    I’m overseas right now, and I can’t ship the items back. I even said I would ship them back when I get back to the States in several months. I can tell you that MOST companies have been very kind to me and have worked with me on this.

    First, she didn’t even try to work with me to resolve the refund issue regarding the case issues.

    Then I said I was going to try the earbuds out and let them know if that needed to be refunded too.

    When I e-mailed back to say that the right earbud constantly pops out of my ear, suddenly I was told that if I used the products I couldn’t get a refund.

    Of course she NEVER told me this when we talked on the phone.

    LOL, how in the WOLRD would anyone know if the products are any good WITHOUT trying them out?

    After I wrote that part in the e-mail, she ignored me.

    I’m pretty sure she did this on purpose so she would have an excuse NOT to refund me.

    I called my credit card company to dispute the charge. I just spent over $100 and I can’t afford to just throw that money away.

This guy Daniel DeBaun who is either the developer or founder of Defender Shield read my e-mails on 08-10-18. I never heard back from him either.

[email protected]

This other EMF protection device I found you just stick in between the case and your phone so your phone is protected from falling, plus you are protected from EMFs.

I will be buying that soon.

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