Don Jarrold
3440 Marentette Ave
Windsor, Ontairo N8X 5C2
[email protected]

Don Jarrold & I talked at the beginning of May & we set up a time to see one of his houses for rent the following day.

I set aside time for him, called him late in the afternoon like I said I would, & there was no answer.

I left a message for him to call me back, still nothing.

An hour later I called again, left another message saying I wasn’t happy with him not picking up as I had scheduled my day just for him.

I even e-mailed him & still nothing.

When I had e-mailed Don that entire week, I never had a problem getting a response from him.

When I re-posted my ad on Kijiji looking for a house for rent, he had no problem e-mailing me asking “what kind of price are you looking to spend.”

So, I guess Don likes wasting people’s time & price is all he cares about.

I’m glad I figured out what kind of a person he is, I can just imagine how he would treat his tenants as a landlord.

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