The Healthy Nuts
2109 Ottawa St
Windsor, ON , N8Y 1R8
519 252 5558

The Healthy Nuts health food store in Windsor Ontario is a NUT!

I just moved here from the GTA area, & was looking for a good health food store I could purchase from.

I called the store & the girl (clearly not the owner) was very nice to me.

Then a few weeks later, I call again to ask about a product, & the owner (pretty sure it was her, I think her name is Marcella) doesn’t answer.

I think I have the wrong number because I wrote it on a sheet of paper, & so I start searching all around the net. She of course doesn’t come up in the search listings under anything, including her own company name.

Even 411 didn’t have her listed, so I try the number again, 519 252 5558

This time she picks up the phone & in a VERY RUDE way says “what do you WANT?” when I say “oh, I thought you guys were out of business.”

I pause & say “excuse me????” She says, “I’m busy with customers, do you want me to call you back?” I said, “not if you aren’t going to be a nice person.”

She makes a noise, puts the phone down, doesn’t say I’m sorry, just one moment, nothing. I hear her laughing in the background.

Why do most of the owners of health food stores act like mean spirited people? This has been my experience with the majority of health food store owners, & I guess Marcella is no different.

It’s a shame that people who open a store that is supposed to help people with their health & lifestyle are nasty individuals.

Marcella just lost my business, but based on her attitude, I know she won’t care, because people who are mean don’t care about their customers, they just care about the money & their ego.

This is my experience with The Healthy Nuts in Windsor, Ontario.

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