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If you sign up for this stupid service, you will get billed for text messages through your cell phone carrier.

To unsign use the number above.

They don’t even tell you that you are going to get billed or that you will be receiving text messages, one only finds this out AFTER entering in their cell phone number.

Good Luck!


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  1. My daughter phone had the same problem. I had to apply extreme pressure to get the cell provider to reverse the charges. Initial requests met with refusal, and I had to threaten to close the account which I would have done if they failed to reverse charges.
    If you google short code programs with the code used when the sender forwards these texts you can find out which company is sending them. It can get expensive if you do not act quickly ($35.00 for one month) and the cell companies really fight hard to get you to pay. You have not idea it is happening until you get the bill. Also you do not need to open the text message to get billed. It is automatic.

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